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Old 06-13-2010, 06:48 PM
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Modern Fairytale [NateღJenny] #400- I want to save you; I need you, save me too ♥

"If you ever want to talk about anything, I' m h e r e."
"I really appreciate that."
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"If you ever want to talk about anything, I' m h e r e."
"I really appreciate that."
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"If you ever want to talk about anything, I' m h e r e."
"I really appreciate that."
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gif/pic spam

gifs credit to their respective makers. The first two for specifically made for this thread by Susan.

"If you ever want to talk about anything, I' m h e r e."
"I really appreciate that."
...Ace & Nancy...

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by (l-r) Alex, Mandi, and Shu
{more 400th icons here}

400 fics

There For You
by Andrea
Jenny wasn’t sure if she could hold him true to that since Nate seemed to be lost in a sea of drinking, drugs, overdosing and girls but her heart fluttered at the sentiment nonetheless. It felt nice to be missed and she’d missed Nate too, a lot. There had been many times when Jenny first arrived at Hudson that she wanted to pick up the phone and call Nate or send him a text or an email just to talk. Jenny had always felt the most comfortable around Nate and always told him things that she couldn’t tell anyone else and he always understood what she was going through.

Last year, when Jenny had first started going on her downward spiral and being roofied and nearly raped and going crazy, Nate had been by her side the whole time. Even after he kicked her out of his suite at the Empire after attempting to kiss him and being caught by an angry Serena, he was still there for Jenny and still being the good friends they always had been.

Now it was Jenny’s turn to be there for Nate. She owed it to him.

“You’re not so bad yourself.”

“You don’t mean that.”

“I do. Look, you apologize. Don’t beat yourself up over what happened with Serena. It was never meant to work between us.”

“I shouldn’t have done it.”

Nate looked down at her and sighed. “Friends forgive. It’s forgotten.”

“Just like that?”she asked.

“Just like that. Now, are you going to tell me what happened? Why was Blair going off on you like that?”

“It’s, ugh, long story,” Jenny said. For some reason she couldn’t bring herself to tell him what had happened. She knew he’d discover the truth eventually, but right now all she wanted was the comfort his arms.

“Are you sure you don’t want to talk about it?”

“I’m sure,”she said before laying her head back on his shoulder.

"I also realized that I had let a good thing go away. You wanted what was best for me, Jenny... and what was best for me was you." Nate pauses and takes a breath. "We've both made mistakes. But letting you leave would be the biggest mistake. Stay with me here."

Jenny's heart is breaking. "But I'm afraid. I'm afraid of losing who I've become, I'm afraid of going back to old habits..."

"Then we'll help each other." Nate insists, and he takes her hands carefully. "I need you with me."

"But there's nothing..." Jenny begins to speak, when there's the sound of a train in the distance. Nate follows her gaze and looks over his shoulder to see that her train is pulling in.

“But if you don’t feel that way anymore, then please…just tell me.” Nate pleaded searching Jenny’s face, getting lost in her eyes. Frowning, Jenny looked down shaking her head. How could he even think that?

“Nate, nobody has ever compared to you. And honestly I don’t think anyone ever will.” Jenny whispered looking into his eyes, watching as he smiled weakly. You have no idea how much I care about you, how much I…” Closing her eyes, she bit her lip nervously. “But I cant do this anymore, I cant keep fighting, and hoping that maybe on day, I’ll be yours, I’ll be the girl.”

“Jenny you're already that girl...I don’t want anybody else. I want you. Only you.” Nate murmured, stroking her cheeks gently. These words. These words that he’d just said to her now, had been the ones she’d been waiting for him to say for the past 3 and a half years, but hearing them finally say them to her, made every nerve in Jenny’s body shake, she had no control over emotions, no control over the pace of her heartbeat, she was in way too deep with Nate, and a part of that scared the hell out of her. Nodding her head, Jenny inhaled deeply before pulling away from Nate. “I have to find Liam…,” Jenny whispered looking at the door.

“No Jenny…” Nate tugged her on arm.

Thread Favorites

by Dalal

Nate pulled an inch away, his eyes taking in her face. He touched the corner of her lip with their entwined hands, his thumb stroking it softly. "What do I mean to you, Jenny?" He asked quietly, softly, sweetly, vulnerably. If her heart had repaired itself it would have broken, but it was still just ashes. Jenny closed her eyes for a moment, breathed in, breathed out, opened them again.

The moments passed and he took in her eyes that had turned cold once more. "Tell me what I mean to you, Jenny." Nate said again, his voice demanding and assertive and even alarmed now. His grip tightened on her hand.

"Nothing," she found herself responding, and the bottles that held her memories of him were cast out to sea.

There was a moment and then his hand dropped hers. "Hope you're warm now," he said in a hoarse voice, stepping away from her, turning, and leaving without another word.

She felt the cold air hit her body like a tidal wave.

Can't Stay Away
by IsisIzabel

Jenny looked into his eyes, less than an inch from her own. Her breath hitched slightly, staggered by the intensity of his gaze. “It seems like I’m always thanking you for something.”

“Then I guess it’s a good thing I don’t mind helping you.” He chuckled softly under his breath. He inhaled deeply. She smelled sweet, utterly feminine scent as it filled him, consumed him.

“I guess so,” Jenny agreed, her gaze dropping to his lips unconsciously. She licked her own lips tentatively. Before she could give her sense of reason a chance to stop her, she closed the distance between them, pressing her lips to his.

The kiss was every bit as sweet as the one nearly two weeks earlier, but there was more to it. It wasn’t reckless and driven by a series of chaotic events. It was more about them being together in this moment. There was more control, and more need.

She needed this.

My Only Offer
by Pulpvintage

She studied Nate closely, her voice faint with disbelief, “Are you mad at me?”

“I’m not mad, Jenny, I just thought-”

That she still had feelings for you?

Nate ran the tip of his tongue over his lips that had gone paper dry.

“I just thought you were a lot smarter than that—” He turned away from her, “I mean, God, you only knew the guy for a day, hell, not even-”

“How could I have possibly known, Nate? I had no idea!” Jenny exclaimed incredulously with open hands, and Nate bit back a cruel laugh.

“Really, Jenny? No idea at all? It didn’t seem just a little weird to you that some stranger who’s never spoken to you, never uttered a word to you in your two years of attending Constance, all of a sudden, starts speaking to you after what happened? Takes you out to lunch the same day? It never occurred to you to ask yourself why some guy with six silver spoons up his ass would be interested in someone like you if not for a way to spend the night?”

At his words, Jenny nodded slowly, bit down at her bottom lip hard, her legs suddenly shaking, her shoulders lurching forward as a rebellious sob escaped the corners of her mouth.

Nate instantly felt regret seize him by the neck like a hand.

by Iceprincessforever

"Jenny!" Nate panicked; the sound of sirens approaching in the distance reached his ears. At that moment he realized that he had never heard a sound more beautiful.

"Hold on," he begged; as he intertwined her blood soaked fingers with his. "You'll be alright. I promise you. You're going to be okay. Just stay with me."

She looked at him; comprehension evading her.


Her eyes bore into his. They were filled with a reliance that he had come to know so well. The emotion in her eyes had taken him aback. Had her faith in him returned?

Her eyes fluttered closed.

He was not going to let her down. Not this time.

Join nj_fairytale for all your NJ fanfic needs!

Featured Videos:

Anywhere But Here {SafetySuit} by Prettylila14 {watch}
Best Not To Think About It {Athlete} by Daniela {watch}
Bigger Than Love {My Favorite Highway} by Alex {watch}
Breathe Me {Sia} by Emma {watch}
Check Yes Juliet {We The Kings} by Caitlin {watch}
Circus {Britney Spears} by Ginny {watch}
Come On Get Higher {Matt Nathanson} by Jessie {watch}
Consquence {The NoTwist} by Lois {watch}
Crazier {Taylor Swift} by Martina {watch}
Dare You To Move {Switchfoot} by Sweetiepie1019 {watch}
Halo {Bethany Joy} by Daniela {watch}
Heartbeats {Jose Gonzalez} by Louise {watch}
How To Save A Life {The Fray} by Daniela {watch}
In Love With a Girl {Gavin DeGraw} by Alex {watch}
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Intro (Diverse) {The XX} by Four2ohhhhhhhhh {watch}
I Promise You {Selena Gomez & the Scene} by Mandy {watch}
It's All Over But the Crying {Garbage} by Kem {watch}
Look After You {The Fray} by Ashley {watch}
Love Story {Taylor Swift} by Martina {watch}
Never Say Never {The Fray} by Sandra {watch}
On Fire {Switchfoot} by Sami {watch}
Pieces {Red} by Tracy (with Chuck/Blair and Dan/Serena) {watch}
Reasons to Sing {The Crash} by Kem {watch}
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So Contagious {Acceptance} by Ashley {watch}
Stolen {Dashboard Confessional} by Joanna {watch}
Street Map {Athlete} by Martina {watch}
Until We Bleed {Kleerup ft. Lykke Li} by Daniela {watch}
We Are Broken {Paramore} by Meghan {watch}
Whatever It Takes {Leona Lewis} by Emma {watch}
You Found Me {The Fray} by Alex {watch}
You're Not Sorry {Taylor Swift} by Mandy {watch}

the 400 s o u n d t r a c k s
Compiled by: Susan
Art by: Lexi
Download: Here
About the Soundtracks:
The second half of Season 3 was quite the journey for NJ fans. There's has definitely been both highs and lows in NJ's relationship and with the fans' relationship with the show. There is a definite sadness in their relationship because they're not together at this moment, not even physically as Jenny as left town for a normal life in Hudson. However, what always remains is the depth that Nate and Jenny care for each other. Even if they were with other people, even if they were mad at each other, and even if they were lost and confused, they've proven time and time again they will always be there for each other; they will always save each other. No matter what happens their relationship will always have that tinge of innocence that nothing can ever take away. I hope these mixes help to convey the unique connection Nate and Jenny only have with each other...and with their fans.
Keep Rocking NJ Fans!
- Susan

Full Size: Front | Back
Static to the Sound of You and I- General 400th Mix
1. Plumb- Real Life Fairytale
2. Trading Yesterday- Shattered
3. Chase Coy & Colbie Caillat- If The Moon Fell Down
4. Leona Lewis- Stone Hearts & Hand Grenades
5. KiD A- Trampled Youth
6. Parachute- Be Here
7. Dashboard Confessional- Thick As Thieves
8. Massive Attack- Paradise Circus
9. Third Eye Blind- Bonfire
10. Jack's Mannequin- Rescued

Full Size: Front | Back

"The Guy Who Stole My Heart"- To Nate, From Jenny
1. The Pretty Reckless- Superhero
2. Florence + The Machine- Hurricane Drunk
3. Sia- I'm In Here
4. Kate Walsh- Your Song
5. Colbie Caillat- Realize
6. Taylor Swift- You Belong With Me
7. Gavin Degraw- Crush
8. Florence + The Machine- Heavy In Your Arms
9. Colbie Caillat- I Never Told You
10. Sara Bareilles- Between The Lines

Full Size: Front | Back

"The Girl I'm Always Fighting For"- To Jenny, From Nate
1. Landon Pigg- Can't Let Go
2. Jon McLaughlin- Beautiful Disaster
3. Marianas Trench- Beside You
4. Switchfoot- Learning To Breathe
5. Imogen Heap- Speeding Cars
6. Thriving Ivory- Secret Life
7. Train- Parachute
8. The Rocket Summer- Walls
9. Kelly Clarkson- Save You
10. Something Corporate- Konstantine

the r e a l l i f e l o v e

the title s u g g e s t i o n s
Because Jenny has skin as soft as petals that Nate loves to touch with his chin!
I'm under your spell...surging like the sea, pulled to you so helplessly
It's magic, I can you set me free and brought me out so easily
I'm under your spell...nothing I can do, you just took my soul with you
You worked your charm so well...finally, I knew everything I dreamed was true
Because he flirted with Penelope for her
I miss all the little things; I never thought that they’d mean everything to me
It's easier to get mad at someone you love than to do so with the people that you don't
I can’t believe I have to say I don’t know where you are today
Since you've been gone I must move on
Because they always match, on-screen and off!
You couldn't be that man I adore; you don't seem to know or care what your heart is for
I never thought that I was so blind, I can finally see the truth, it's me for you
Because Jenny wants Nate to stand under her umbrella-ella-ella
I used to follow you; never really cared where we would go
I used to listen; you always had just the right thing to say.
You used to walk with me like we had nowhere we needed to go
So, this place is full of broken hearts, I'd really love to put them together again
Shouldn't you be reaching for me, like I should be reaching for you?
Our love is a destiny that the good Lord put into motion
Because Nate doesn't have a heart anymore. Jenny stole his.

the l i n k s
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jennyhumphreys @ LJ
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Other NJ Threads on Fanforum
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Modern Fairytale (Nate & Jenny) Thread Milestones


"If you ever want to talk about anything, I' m h e r e."
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This thread would not be possible without the following people:

Mandy: 400th banner, Story graphic, Testimonials w/manip, Icons, Fanvid
Shauna: Season 3, Part 2 art
Lexi: Fan Mix arts
Lia: Survivor Moments Art
Dalal: NJ's story

Also: Danielle, Kem, Andrea, Naomi, Chris, Marilou, Shu, Naeha, JR, jules, Alex, Emma, Ellen, Karen, Jess, Steph, and all thread regulars new and old for their individual contributions and moral support!

Also to lurkers (come out of hiding!), NJ fans around the world, and most importantly to Chace Crawford and Taylor Momsen, the duo that makes our amazing couple come to life. Thank You!


"If you ever want to talk about anything, I' m h e r e."
"I really appreciate that."
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heart & soul

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oh em gee its ahmazin thanks and well done to all who contributed

lets get this party started
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ITS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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yay! 400 threads!
W I N C H E S T E R .
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400!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We've done good!!
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I'd rather pretend, I'll still be there at the end.
EE: NJ soulmates ♥
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YEAAAAAAA! It looks awesome! I love it! We did it peeps.
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The OP looks AMAZING!
Happy 400th everyone!
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btw: S keeping on without you isn't in the 400th fics section!
Dalal| fanfics| tumblr
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We did it guys!

And it would've been fun
if you would've been the one.
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The soundtrack art is gorgeous! Thanks Lexi!

Susan, all the soundtracks kick ass! I'm so glad we did 3, it's exactly what I had in mind! And you included a few of my recs.

Love the season 3 second half pic spam! Great job Shauna!

Congrats everyone who contributed to the wonderful OP. And congrats to all the NJers. I love you guys. We have the best fanbase and couple. So happy to talk to and know all of you.
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