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Forever & Always [Rufus H. ♥ Lily H.] #78: Because they have the greatest chemistry on- and off-screen.

Forever & Always [Rufus H. ♥ Lily H.] #78: Because they have the greatest chemistry on- and off-screen.

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If roses are meant to be red and violets to be blue
Why isn't my heart meant for you? [/left]

My hands are longing to touch you, I can barely breathe
Starry eyes that make me melt right in front of me.

REASONS, why we love RUFLY so much
1. Because she was a groupie and he was almost famous.
2. Because he remembered her tattoo especially that little heart shaped one.
3. Because he never should have let her let him go.
4. Because she was looking forward to seeing him.
5. Because he wrote a song about her named Rosewood.
6. Because if she’s in his life he’s never gonna get over her.
7. Because they never forgot about the night in Saya Lida.
8. Because he remembered her dress being blue.
9. Because he babysat her when she needed him.
10. Because he thought it was almost fun spending time with her.
11. Because she’s in his dreams and one in particular.
12. Because Allison has better taste than she does.
13. Because the kiss at Eleanor’s party was unexpected.
14. Because beauty fades though he thinks hers has done a remarkable job of with holding.
15. Because he thought Bart should feel how it is to lose her, cause he knows it’s no fun.
16. Because they didn’t know what they were to each other.
17. Because she didn’t want to be in his way.
18. Because they were both scared in a good way.
19. Because it wasn’t the was her in it.
20.Because fate led her to him during her wedding rehearsal dinner.
21. Because he didn’t get out of her way when she asked him to.
22. Because she couldn’t resist throwing herself in his arms and kiss him.
23. Because 20 years has gone and he still makes her nervous.
24. Because those 20 years counted for everything.
25. Because they love each other.
26. Because you never forget your first love.
27. Because he calls her LIL.
28. Because he's the only person who could say: "Since when, Van Der Woodsen?".
29. Because he has been missing her.
30. Because they love each other, but they sacrificed each other for their children anyway.
31. Because kisses between them are full of passion and feelings.
32. Because before her wedding Lily and Rufus... You can think Yourself what I mean :-)
33. Because Lily calls to Rufus if she needs advice.
34. Because Rufus is more attractive than Bart.
35. Because Lily is more beautiful than Alison.
36. Because they needed a second chance.
37. Because Lily can laugh with Rufus and she can just be herself when he's with her.
38. Because both hate Lily's mom, CeCe.
39. Because their phone conversations have more passion than other couples face to face.
40. Because Lily knows what true love is since she met Rufus.
41. Because everyone can see that Rufus finds Lily so damn hot and attractive.
42. Because they could never be just friends.
more later

Memory all alone in the moonlight I can smile
at the old days I was beautiful then.

I remember the time I knew what happiness was
...Let the memory live again...

I Can't Break It To My Heart by Lyrilium
Always Be My Baby by mesmerized
Top 10 Season 1 Moments by mesmerized
Speechless by Lyrilium
All Rufus & Lily Kisses by Kyllee
Funny Rufus & Lily Moments by Kyllee
Mr. & Mrs. Humphrey - Comes in waves by Addison Rose
Lily and Rufus - Fighting For Nothing by Addison Rose
Lily and Rufus - All This Time by Supsi85
Lily and Rufus - Find a Way by Supsi85
Lily and Rufus - One Day by Supsi85
Lily and Rufus - Shattered by Supsi85
Lily and Rufus - It's All Coming Back To Me Now by Supsi85
Lily and Rufus - Come Back When You Can by Supsi85
Lily and Rufus - Make You Feel My Love by Supsi85
Lily and Rufus - Broken by Supsi85
Lily and Rufus - Breakdown by LuTiMegi
Lily and Rufus - When You're Gone by LuTiMegi
Lily and Rufus - Hurt by LuTiMegi
Lily and Rufus - It Could Be You by LuTiMegi

Rufus & Lily Soundtrack

Their Story ~ So Far
"Are you still the same guy you were when I took this photo?"
“What? You took that photo? You weren't even at that show.”
“Oh, excuse me. If I remember the first song was about me, the
second one was about your motorcycle, and then there was the one
about that surf town, what was it?”
Saya Lida.”

The Beginning
Lily was a groupie from the Upper East Side and Rufus was the guy who was almost famous. There were so many things that should have kept them apart, but they met and then something extraordinary happened- they fell in love. He was the great love of her life and she was everything to him. There was nothing predictable about them, nothing anyone could really understand but they were extraordinary together.

“You know, I even remember the black dress I wore that night.”
“Really? “Yeah.”
“You know, I think it might actually have been blue.”
“I thought you said you didn't remember me being there?”

Getting Lost
But then it all fell apart. Lily's mother blackmailed her into leaving him, Rufus thought she left him for someone else and before they knew it, everything they'd loved was gone. Rufus got married and had kids. Lily had a string of marriages, two children, and the financial security her mother had blackmailed her with. In spite of everything, they always knew that something was missing.

Fate Intervenes
Rufus's son met Lily's daughter and things started to look up for them again. Dan and Serena didn't know anything about their parent's shared past but their romance brought them back together.

“Well, our kids were bound to meet, it's a small island.”
“Are you sure it's not some ploy? Using my daughter to get back to me now that your wife left you?”

They'd been separated for so long but now, they had a reason to come back together. But it didn't all happen at once. Rufus's marriage was coming undone and Lily was involved in a relationship with Bart Bass so first, they had to become friends again.

"Thanks for babysitting me. And thanks for being such a great friend.”
“Yeah, it was almost fun.”

Rufus and Lily spent more and more time together and began to remember all the things that had made them so happy when they were younger. There was Elanor Waldorf's party, when Rufus kissed Lily to help her make Bart jealous and Thanksgiving when they acknowledged that they're feelings were far past being simply “old friends”.
And then there was the débutante ball, when Rufus and Lily realized all their regrets from the past and found themselves falling in love all over again.

"If I had known you hadn't actually left me for...for him I...I mean maybe."
"Listen don't...don't say it. Don't even think it."
"I can't help myself. I never should have let you let me go."

At Christmas Rufus told Lily he missed her, Bart proposed and Lily decided to accept. But when she saw Rufus they wanted to try again. They were going to go away together and figure things out and they were scared together. Everything seemed like it was all going to work out. Then Serena begged her mom not go through with it, not to mess up her relationship with Dan by having one with Rufus, and Lily agreed. She wanted to do what was right for her children.
So she didn't go and somehow, Rufus understood.

“You packed light.”
Please, try to understand
“I think I do. I'm just sorry.”
“So am I.”

Even after they found everything had fallen apart all over again, Rufus and Lily were still there for each other. Rufus came to Lily for advice about Jenny and when Eric was outed, the first person Lily called was Rufus. Through it all, their friendship, and all the love and understanding that came with it, stayed firm.

“We make quite a team.”
“We always did.”

After that there was Lily's upcoming wedding, and all of the hopeful possibilities that came with it. The possibility that they might find each other this one last time and Lily wouldn't go through with it, or that Rufus would crash Lily's wedding and whisk her off so they could be happy together forever. We came close. Lily went to Rufus's concert and there was a moment when he was singing when you could just see everything falling into place for them. They shared a kiss and spent the night together and the next day was Lily's wedding. Rufus showed up at the last minute. He offered to send everyone home, to call it all off for her and Lily made her choice. She chose Bart and she got married and even though it meant leaving Rufus, it was incredible because something truly amazing happened- he let her go.

“Here we go. Are you sure about this?”
“Ask me again and I'll change my mind.”
“I love you Lily.”
“I love you too Rufus.”
“Then have a great wedding.”

Their Story - Season 2

During the summer Lily was on her honeymoon with Bart, while Rufus toured. He obviously still wasn't over her but he eventually started dating again. When returned from her honeymoon, Lily went to see Rufus at the gallery. They went to Repoman together. Lily felt lonely so she came back one night intending to do movie night.

“Bart is in Beijing doing business, as he did most of our trip. The kids are living their own lives, and my life is in an empty house or in a crowded restaurant – and I don't know which one makes me feel more alone. I need a friend, that's why I came to see you yesterday.”

Rufus told her off. He told her to live with her choice. For awhile they stayed apart living their separate lives.

“I'm sorry, Lily. I really am. But I can't be your friend. You made your choice to be Mrs. Bass. You need to go do that. We both need you to go do that.”

One day Jenny dragged Rufus on an errand she had to do as Eleanor Waldorf's intern. Before he knows it they end up in Lily's apartment with Lily dressing up in Serena's dress.

“I'm sorry for the intrusion.”
“It's no bother. I'm always happy to see you.”

Lily advices Rufus about Jenny, and it seems like they're friends once again.

“By the way – no matter what you wear, you look fantastic.”

Lily continues taking on the role of his Jenny adviser in the following episodes. She stops Rufus from turning Jenny in, and helps tackle the situation when Jenny secretly lives at her place and wants to become emancipated.

“Jenny needs to be with family.”
“She is. She's with mine.”

When Lily gets in a fight with Bart she turns to Rufus on Thanksgiving.

“Hey, what are you doing here?”
“Oh, I don't know. It's Thanksgiving and I couldn't think of anywhere that felt more like home.”

Rufus helps Lily arrange the Snowflake Ball which also brings them closer and drives her further away from Bart. At the ball they dance romantically and have a heart to heart about her leaving Bart.

“Tell me something, Rufus. Something you shouldn't.”
“I let you go on your wedding day because I was afraid I couldn't give you what you needed. I wasn't sure what I needed. And I have regretted it every day since.”

Then Bart dies in a car crash. They meet in the park before the funeral, and Rufus tells her that he is here for her and that he wants to be with her.

“Lil, I'm waiting for you this time. Six months, six years, I'll be here.”

Lily calls him later to ask if he wants to come away with her over Christmas. They agree that they don't want to wait.

“We're going to be okay this time, Lil.”
“I know we will.”

Except they're not. Cece felt it was time to reveal Lily's biggest secret; her and Rufus have a love child. Lily gave him away when he was a baby. Rufus goes to meet her on the train station but this time he is the one who packed light.

“Just tell me one thing. Is it a boy or a girl?”

Both heartbroken, they obviously don't go away together, and Rufus uses the vacation trying to find the child. He is told that he has to get some information from the mother, so he goes to Lily even though he is furious with her. She won't tell him anything, but tells him how sorry she is. She eventually comes back to him though.

“I understand why you gave him up. It's that you didn't tell me-”
“Rufus, please.”
“I don't hate you, Lil. As much as I want to. And neither will your kids. But you've had 20 years to make peace with this. It's going to take me some time.”
“What do you want to know?”

They decide on going to Boston together to look for the love child. They don't have much success because it's a closed adoption. But the agencies offers to contact the adoptive parents. Rufus gets the call that they don't want to meet them, and Lily puts a hand on his trying to comfort. They decide they might as well go home. When Lily is almost packed, Rufus announces that he doesn't want to go home. The adoptive parents might change their minds. They have a big fight about the importance of meeting their son.

“Why not, Lil, it's another day! Is that too much to ask?”
“Yes. Yes it is, because this whole search has been so excruciating, I don't want to go through it anymore. I don't want to spend another day, yet another minute, trapped in this hotel room, scared that you're going to hate me forever...when I'm still in love with you.”

With that Rufus says “Lil” and walks over to kiss her passionately. After that they're in bed, legs intervened, talking nostalgically about a trip to Paris they took once. They want to go back. Magically, Rufus' phone rings and it's the adoptive father, who wants to meet them. They meet up and get the sad news that their son is dead. They go back to New York and are about to enter the Humphrey loft, both sad.

“I guess the idea of this child always made me feel connected to you. And, I guess, a part of me never gave up on the idea that we would finally come together, eventually. But – maybe we weren't meant to be a family.”

As they walk through the door they see their four children sitting together, having a good time. That assures them that they were meant to be a family. They take each other's hands. They are finally together! The next episode they act like giddy teenagers in love or something, but also have a very awkward encounter with both Dan and Serena (who are still together) and then Eric.

“I would say get a room, but yours is right above mine. Please try to remember that.”

They go to this big event at the opera and Rufus tries to impress her with his knowledge, but Eric taught him about the wrong opera.

“I wanted to impress you and your friends, prove that I could exist in both your world and mine.”
“Oh, Rufus, I don't care what anyone thinks. You exist in our world, and that's the only one that matters.”

Then they make out in the middle of the stairs at the opera, causing yet another awkward encounter with Dan and Serena, who think it's really gross. Lily almost get raped by Bart's brother Jack Bass, but she is okay, and the next morning Rufus and Lily look at themselves in the paper. Rufus complains about his hair.

“If you care about your hair, you're more a part of my world than ever.”

So now they are a real couple for some episodes, but soon enough they run into a problem. Lily finds out that her art dealer, Bex, used to date Rufus. She is mad he didn't tell her, so they decide to make lists. Lists of everyone they ever had sex with, that is. As it turns out, Rufus only has 13 people on his list. Lily therefore only shows him half of her list. He then finds the other half and is mad. Eventually, he comes back with another list.

“That's the only list I need to know. Things that make you happy, or sad, or crazy.”

They apologize to each other, and kiss and make up.

“I don't get it. I mean I know you were married for 18 years, but you were the lead singer of a not entirely unpopular band, and I remember beautiful girls throwing themselves at you every night.”
“It's true. But the majority of that time I was pining for a certain blond photojournalist.”

Now they really act like a family, and they actually start discussing the possibility of moving in together, because Rufus can't afford the tuition at Yale. Jenny is not much up for it, so they drop it.

“I love the idea of our families sharing a place together.”
“One day.”
“We need to find our way, and the kids need to find theirs.”

Rufus continues to worry about money and the future. He decides to propose to Lily and invest in something Lily's company invested in too. He prepares the most romantic dinner for her, intending to propose, but they never actually get to that part. Rufus gets mad at Lily when he finds out that 1) she got Serena arrested for no real reason and 2) she tried to give him money behind his back after the investment didn't work out. He walks away. Rufus mopes around at home, and it's not really clear whether they are actually broken up. She comes to visit him at one point and apologizes. They discuss Lily being like her mother. Rufus advices her to forgive her mother. When she's about to leave she tries to kiss him, but he pulls away.

“I'm glad we can talk, but as for everything else I just don't know where we stand right now.”
“Even after 20 years you're still not sure who I am?”
“It's not that I'm not sure, it's just I think you're still figuring it out.”

From then on they kind of stop talking. At the graduation ceremony they sit next to each other because they reserved their seats together. Cyrus and Eleanor sit behind them and are all about how wonderful a couple they make, and advice them to marry. It's kind of awkward since they're not really together.

“We're just...enjoying the journey.”
“Well, apparently at one point we had a destination, but that no longer seems to be the case.”
“I was going for honest.”

Later at the reception they discuss their situation a bit.

“We both make mistakes, but if we can't accept that about each other – how can we move forward?”

Later that evening Rufus kind of regrets and calls Lily. As he does, he hears her phone ringing from the behind his door. She walks in with beers and some stuff she found in Chuck's room.

Our kids graduate high school today. And I felt...old. And so I wanted to do something young and crazy, and you're the only one I wanted to do it with.”

They get kind of stoned and talk about old days. How in love they were, and how easy it all was.

“I don't want to miss out.”
“No, neither do I.”
“I don't have a ring, so this will have to do.”
“Rufus, what are you doing?”
Marry me, Lil. Marry me. I know that'll make me your...your fifth husband. So?”
“Give me your hand.”

She does, and he puts an old Lincoln Hawk wrist band, now shaped as a ring, on her finger. The perfect proposal. Lily beams and smiles. They kiss and everything is right with the world.

A week later she admires the real ring he bought her, and they kiss.

“It's beautiful.”
“It looks so good on you.”

In the background Eric and Jenny are unpacking the waffle iron. The Humphreys are moving on up, to the East Side!

I can see the pain living in your eyes
You deserve to have so much more

I can feel your heart and I sympathize
I'll never critize all you've ever meant to my life

"I'm scared that you're gonna hate me forever,
When I'm still in love with you.

Quote Of The Moment

Rufus : ...and I promise to eat caviar, without spitting it in my napkin, when we go to dinner at Mayor Bloomberg's.
As long as he knows when he comes to our house, he has to eat my chili.
Lily : And Rufus, I know that our future will be just like us; flawed, and fragmented,
and full of more love than I ever thought possible.
I am so excited for you to be my husband.
And for our children, all of them, to be my family.

She only has eyes for him.






isak and even
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thanks for the new thread.
and yeah hey how are you?
i have not seen you here more in this forum

and have you seen this?

Rufly, Chair Han and Leia Mary and MatthewMulder and Scully, Johnica
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Great Pictures
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Netti, I'm fine. How are you?

Aww, love the anis. I loved all the bloopers.
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that is great lovefades! whats your name again?
and sorry that this thread is at moment not really active. all members are to busy or away. i need more people sighs. i need people which post here too. something.. sighs.

and i think the rufly love lives espeically through this great chemistry between matt and kelly. you can totally see that they like eachother really much.
(sometimes i think there is more)
Rufly, Chair Han and Leia Mary and MatthewMulder and Scully, Johnica
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aw lily should more smile and laughing please.

just post that again here. god i love it.. danilas wonderful signature

oh and marina if you read that here.. we were here

sighs, if i hear some comments that gg is really a strange tv show, then i must think back on my german Doctor tv show. Sometimes its strange there too. The most things you can not really explain there.
for example.. there is this stable family, father, mother and 2 childrens. then suddenly the daughter becomes pregnant. she does not wanna the child but she gets it. then its everything to much for her and she is run away.. the reaction from the parents there were really..
one season later she was back and made the things right with her family. everything was ok, then suddenly the girl had a horrible accident together with her boyfriend.. end: both died and let back their child
the parents suffered to much because they found boththat was a really cruel and sad moment as they showed it... some episodes later it was clear that their grandson becomes so what like the son for both then.
one season later, the next message: the father had a stormy affair with another woman. ok this affair was finished but later they found out that the woman was pregnant with his baby..
after they experienced that, the next crisis was there, they wanted divorce and then suddenly the another woman died.. she let back her daugther, which was the daugther from this man there too.
now they have 3 childrens.. their own son, their grandson and this girl which would created through this affair.
this family is really crazy and then people keep saying that in gg is everything crazy.. lol but if i look to my german tv show, then i would say its crazy too.. the most things gave no sense you know

just had this cruel mind.. what is if rufly would really get a baby and...
before this, rufus would experiences that his daugther jenny died in a accident and that would give him the rest. he would fall in a big hole and beginning to drink maybe.
he would give himself the fault.. but some episodes later he woudl find out that lily is pregnant with his baby.. and its a girl.. at end they would call the girl jenny..
i mean good would be rufly baby.. but the horrible imagination is, if it would happens so.

and i am not a fan from misscariages, or death.
bart should not die. it gave good drama ok and really good chair moments. but it was to soon.. fact was that sooner or later he and lily would divorce but they let him die.
i am not fan from this.
by me they would be all alive but maybe it would be different there.

before a long time, i just read a fanfiction where another rufly and chair fan wrote that bart was gay and get together with william lol. the shipper name for this was barty and mr V really and in this story lily found her expartner william in bed with bart.. and she was really
but she was already together with rufus there..but this story was really
Barty and mr V

and i have really no idea why the writer made this with the hotel by chair. i mean what was so wrong with both as stable happy couple. they were not boring and everything. they were cute and exiting. and you can write happy couples without that they loose the tension. you must only know how!
so i did not understand this hotel story. and look people always still think on this. its really not fair
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bumping and good morning here
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Good morning, Rufus & Lily fans! I'm Tatiana, and I just wanted to say that I love RL. I just rewatched season 1 last week, and they are so adorable!
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are you this jane feom felicitys forum?

hello i am netty. ok maybe you know me already from the spoiler thread.welcome here
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Originally Posted by lilylovesrufus (View Post)
are you this jane feom felicitys forum?
Yes, ma'am. And of course I know you, dear!
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lol i thought you would be only in felicitys forum lol.. so small is the world ..

and please not Maam lol.. lol i am still no grandmum

lets talk about rufly
i agree with season one. it was their beginning. i loved this adorable banter between both. the first moment where they meet eachother again after all this years. you could feel this tension which laid there in the air.
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Originally Posted by lilylovesrufus (View Post)
lol i thought you would be only in felicitys forum lol.. so small is the world ..
and please not Maam lol.. lol i am still no grandmum

lets talk about rufly
i agree with season one. it was their beginning. i loved this adorable banter between both. the first moment where they meet eachother again after all this years. you could feel this tension which laid there in the air.
Haha, yes. The fandom is much smaller than we think it is.
And sorry! I will not call you that anymore, lol.

Yes, RL was actually the first thing about the show that I was excited by. I didn't really care much for the pilot, but I wanted to know more about Rufus and Lily's past.
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do you know the gg books?
rufly had there no storyline with eachother. it was more that they hate eachother. lily was obsessed from her rich world and she was together with william
rufus was an old hippie and not so hot like the show rufus
lily was often away with her man and not there for her childrens..(ok show lily was not there for her childrens too but that was the past)

what are your fafourite rufly scenes from season one until now?

and lol you can call me netty..
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I read some of the books, but they didn't have any interest for me.

I LOVED RL in 1.05, that's one of my favorite episodes for them, and 1.16. I love seeing them try to be parents together.

1.10 - 1.12 was also wonderful but heartbreaking.
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