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Danneel♥Jensen #3:Bc we all have something that digs at us at least we dig eachother.

By only dreaming

This is a thread for Jensen Ackles and Danneel Harris. Jensen and Danneel have been friends in real life for years, and are in Ten Inch Hero together. They met on the set of the Plight of the Clownana which Jensen produced with one of his friends, and in which Danneel had a small role. She was dating someone way back than, but she was single when they started filming Ten Inch Hero. Now they're together and very happy! ♥

So if you like these two together, join in posting!

By sarah11650


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Jensen and Danneel at a Ten Inch Hero screening.
(Elizabeth H. was manipped out) Original pic

Newest fan sitings:

The Aslyum Convention:

"I loved all the guests. I got to see them leave yesterday as I was waiting outside to be picked up. Jensen was the only one to say bye to me, because I spoke to him! He walked out with Danneel Harris! I was gob smacked, I love her on One Tree Hill. Sadly I didn't speak to her, I wish I did!"
- ilovesam at LJ

"Hi everyone. Right, the girl that Jensen brought to the con is Danneel Harris from One Tree Hill. And yes, I am certain. She was very nice, very beautiful, and they are very happy together. The convention was amazing and we look forward to having Jensen back in the UK again next year."
- Kellbelle at imdb

"Jensen says he has a girlfriend and he mentioned her more than once at the convention, and she was there with him! I saw her, they were holding hands, and it is Danneel Harris!"
-jael001 at the CWLounge

"I don't remember the exact question, it was either which woman would he like to have Dean end up with or what woman would he like to have a love scene with, something like that, but his answer was that it would have to be his girlfriend because he'd be in trouble otherwise, something like that anyway, and he definitely used the word 'girlfriend'. In the first panel he mentioned his girlfriend too, can't remember what context though."
-jael001 at the CWLounge

JD in Japan at the Spider Man 3 premiere:

Danneel attending Jensen's play, A Few Good Men, in Texas:

"If anyone still needs proof, Danneel was there at opening night of A Few Good Men, sitting with Jensen's family. So she's met his family which to me makes it a pretty serious relationship as from what I've heard not all of Jensen's past girlfriends have made it to the Meet the Parents stage."
spnfan2007 at IMDb

"And Jared was all "Hey girl!!" BIG KISS ON THE LIPS when Danneel came up."
faninohio at TWOP

"I ran into Danneel in the ladies room and even though I didn't realize who she was, I knew she was somebody because she didn't even look like a real human being, she was so gorgeous."

"We started to walk around to the front to see if the doors were open just when HE drove up. I recognized Danneel immediately since she was facing us on the passenger side. They sat in his vehicle for a few minutes and started to walk toward us. It was about an hour before show time and Jensen was obviously in a hurry. He looked at us and then looked at Danneel and she made this face as if to say "you don't have time." He walked by us, nodded like a "hey, what's up" kinda thing and smirked. It was like an "I'm sorry," grin, and walked in. OMG he looked SO HOT in his baseball hat and jeans and a lot smaller than what i was expecting. TOOFREAKINADORABLE! She was really tiny and pretty too."
hearts_stars_xo on LJ

"Danneel was over in the next section talking to a guy that I later found out was Jensen's assistant. [I think i heard her call him Chris] She kept staring, so much that it was making me very uncomfortable and I just knew she was talking about us to him. She started coming in our direction and I'm thinking, "no, she's not coming over here. She's just walking by." Then the next thing I know, she is directly in front of me in the next aisle. She said, "were you waiting outside earlier?" And I'm thinking, "oh crap. We're in trouble." And I immediately said, "Yeah. I'm sorry if i was rude." She said, "oh no, thats not it. Jensen asked me to give these to you." and handed me 3 autographed programs!"
hearts_stars_xo on LJ

"I said, "thank you so much!" and she said "not a problem" and walked off. That was SO sweet of him to do!! I guess he felt bad about not being able to talk to us outside and the fact that he thought of us just warms my heart! I also thought it was really nice that Danneel gave them to me herself. For 1, she could have easily gotten his assistant to do it. 2, we just happened to get lucky and be sitting in the next section over. It might have taken her a lot longer to find us and she could have given up and we would have never gotten them. She went to a guy sitting behind us and asked, "are you Robert?" and he said he was, and she said "there's someone backstage that wants to meet you." I have no clue who he was, but dang it, Jensen wanted to personally meet him. Gah, so lucky! Then she gets on the phone, starts giggling, says something like "I'll see you in a little while, I love you." Hmm, I wonder who she was talking to ."
hearts_stars_xo on LJ

"Went on a hunt for Jared even though i knew he probably wouldn't be there two nights in a row. Ran into Danneel instead. I wanted to get a picture, but she was on the phone again with Jensen and I didn't wanna interrupt. I know it was Jensen on the other end, cause she was all giddy again and said the same thing she did earlier. Along the lines of "I love you, I'll see you in a minute." Some girl walked up to her and talked her ear off. I didn't wanna interrupt their convo either, but then the girl said "can you sign this?" and Danneel started digging in her purse for a pen. I always have a Sharpie with me, so I walked up and said, "you can use mine." That's when i asked Danneel if it'd be ok if I got a picture. She said "sure," put her arm around my shoulder and smiled. She leaned over to look at the pic after it was taken. I thanked her and she said "no problem." I know none of you want to hear it, but she's really, really gorgeous in person. Jensen and her are too pretty for their own good!"
hearts_stars_xo on LJ

"During intermission, I did see his girlfriend, Danneel Harris, both in the restroom and in the drink line. She looked very pretty and seemed kind of shy. Once I realized that she was there, I saw her in the audience at the end - she was very cute, clapping so hard for JA."
brighette on LJ

Here's a pic of her back, shes the one in the boots next to Jared.

JD at The Whiskey Bar in LA

OMG its Rachel from one tree hill, WOW shes the girl with the 50 wristbands WOW!!! We couldn’t really talk, as she was right next to us, infact our butts were touching – yep im butt to butt with Rachel from one tree hill. Kay motions for me to say something but I don’t really know how, I mean we’re at a quiet bar so it’s not like im going to cause a scene or anything. But I don’t get the chance as Kay taps her on the shoulder ‘hey, do you play Rachel on one tree hill or do you just look a lot like her’ OMG I cant believe she just did that without giving me any warning.
‘Hey, yeah Im Danneel, nice to meet you’ Let me just say how pretty this girl is, very naturally beautiful and shes got such a warm kind of smile. Her hair is no longer the redish colour it was in the season final of tree hill, its dark brown, it suits her and looks like it may be her natural colour, its very shinny. Shes also very tanned and is wearing a white tank/jeans with wooden sandals.

This is how the rest of the convo went down:

Kay – “I really wasn’t sure whether it was you”
Me – “I think its your hair, its a lot darker right?”
Danneel – “Yeah it is, Iv had it like this for some weeks now”
Me – “suits you”
Danneel – “thanks”
Kay – “we love the show by the way, great job”
Danneel – “thank you so much. I love it”
Kay – “Have you started filming for next year yet?”
Danneel – “not yet but soon”
Me – “ aah so you going to be back I take it?”
We all start laughing now.
Danneel – “I’ll be back, yeah”
Kay – “so you having a good night?”
Danneel – “yeah thanks, good, how about you 2?”
Me –“yeah, we’re just doing the regular bar tour thing”
Danneel – “sounds perfect, it’s a good night for it”

She never stopped smiling and is so friendly. She was getting served at the bar when we started chatting to her and didn’t mind talking to us at all, well if she did she didn’t show it. Just then two guys came up next to her. Wait a minute.. it's that guy off that show! That was my exact thought! The guy was Jensen Ackles and the show was Supernatural, wow, I don’t watch the show but I've seen trailers and stuff so I recognised him. I really thought he had lighter hair though, It looked quite dark, it was definitely him though and hes HOT and tall! He was saying something to Danneel while the other guy was getting the drinks she’d order, Jensen then looked up at the two of us (we were still just stood there looking at them, ha!) “Hey” was our reaction, oh im laughing at the memory, he kinda jokingly acted shocked and took at little step back “hey back” he said as we started laughing.

Kay – “We were just saying how much we loved one tree hill and I love your show to by the way”
I didn’t really wana say anything at that moment, its not that I don’t like his show its just iv never really seen it but apparently Kay has so its all good.
Jensen –“Thank you, glad you like it”
Kay – “season 3 looks like its going to be a good one”
Jensen – “oh it is”
At that point there’s a huge bang and we all look over, some drunken guy just fell over a table and it looked rather painful.
Jensen – “ooh that’s gotta hurt”
The guy got up and looked ok, although slightly dazed.
Kay – “so you got any gossip about the show?”
Jensen – laughing “I really don’t, I know nothing”
Me – “you best not say anything to her anyway, shes got a real big mouth”
Aww Danneel and Jensen both laughed at my little joke, ha ha, see I am funny so all you people who deny it can get lost as the stars find me hilarious!
Kay – after rolling her eyes at me “love your t shirt”
Jensen is wearing a red T-shirt with a funky drawing in the centre, he suits red, did I mention the guy is HOT!!!
Jensen –“thanks” he has a cute smile too!
Danneel –“how’d you hurt your hand?”
My hand and wrist is still all bandaged up from the car smash, the fact I have the bandage decorated with black lace and sparkly diamond bits (hey iv been alittle board lately!) often draws peoples attention.
Me – “I was in an accident last month and got alittle banged up, its ok though”
Kay – holding my wrist up “she likes to jazz it up”
Danneel – “funky, I like it”
Aww shes so sweet!
Jensen is still stood there but hes saying something to the other guy about going somewhere later in the night, then the guy starts to take the drinks over to a table were there is 3 other people sitting.
Danneel –“it was nice to meet you”
Me – “you to, good luck with the show, we’ll be watching”
Danneel –“good! I hope your hand gets better”
Me – “thank you”

Jensen then moved towards us and said, “nice meeting you” and we shook hands with him. Then they walked over to the table were the guy went. Nick is stood ready to serve us and is all like ‘were do I know them from’ ha ha!

Danneel really was such a sweetheart, she didn’t have to chat with us but she did and we really appreciated it – who needs Cabo?! Danneel seemed effortlessly cool and very at ease with herself, which kinda draws you to her. And like I said she is really pretty and has a great figure, very tight and toned, she looks like she works out. And Jensen was sweet to, especially when Kay and I were all like ‘hey’ when he first came over ha ha you could tell he was thinking ‘should I know these two’ ha ha, but its not like we are going to get the chance to say hey to him again so we took our opportunity. Both of them seemed really down to earth! We wished we had got pictures but they were being so nice to us, we just didn’t want to ruin it by asking and we were stood at a bar so it just didn’t feel right to ask, plus we only had our phones and both our cameras on our phones are crap anyway.

We chatted with Nick for abit then went and sat in a booth, and yes we did keep looking over to Danneel’s table, we couldn’t help it. It was obvious her and Jensen were an item (after I told a friend we had met them she said they were actually dating, damn we thought we’d discovered some juicy secret) they sat next to eachother and he kissed her on the cheek nearly everytime I looked over and when they left they were holding hands. But it was obvious when they were stood next to eachother chatting to us that they were together, they were looking at eachother and listening carefully to every word the other said, it was blatant Jensen adores Danneel, they make a real sweet pair. They just seemed like a regular couple out with friends, they were all smiling constantly and you could hear them laughing from where we were sat.
jodie473 on myspace(big thanks for sending me this and letting us post it!)


By Antedka

By sarah11650

By sarah11650

By Antedka


Find more of Sarah's icons Here

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By ~Natali~

Ten Inch Hero Site
Ten Inch Hero Blog

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new thread thanks Sarah, love the title and now I really do have to go to bed talk to everyone tomorrow

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new thread.
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Originally Posted by Gracie (View Post)
new thread thanks Sarah, love the title and now I really do have to go to bed talk to everyone tomorrow
Night Gracie
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Hey guys!! I've been lurking lately,had no time to actually post. Today I'm going on my vacation,which means no internet for 3 weeks. Unless I find a way to come at least once.
When I come back,there better be a JD pic here. Love you,guys',have fun!! See you soon!


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Thanks for the new thread Sarah
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Oh that OP looks AMAZING!

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oh look new thread
how nice of me to notice

86 !!! 86 supporters
i just its like WOW
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HI JD supporters

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Thanks for opening!

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You guys are welcome I took some of the older stuff out, so don't be alarmed if you can't see it. As the threads go on, we're gonna weed out older fan sitings/meetings so that the opening post doesn't get to be too much
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New thread! I love this title...and the opening is faboulous.
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Gracie Amber

Anyone wanna recount the supporters list for me? I'm FAIRLY certain it's 86.. but i might be one or two off, since when I started the number hadn't been updated since 75 and I had to recount them.
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