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Sweethearts (David/Donna) #10: Because even Donna's grandmother shipped them.

w e l c o m e t o t h e 10th

d a v i d s i l v e r & d o n n a m a r t i n

a p p r e c i a t i o n t h r e a d

"I had such a crush on Brian when we first started. He’s just so cute and I’m so proud to get to work with him. And to have that bond over the years has really helped connect our characters to each other."- Tori

"He was the most in love with the David and Donna storyline. Because that was two people really growing."- Brian (about Aaron Spelling)

"Ultimately I just want her to be with David. I wish I could see where their lives go after the show is done."- Tori

"Brian and I bonded instantly because we were both the same age."- Tori

"I'll be like, 'Oh, that's so cute, I love that scene with Donna and David.'"- Tori

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001. They were each other's first love, first date, first relationship, first kiss, and first Valentine.
002. Because they were in drama class together.
003. Because they played Romeo and Juliet together.
004. Because they were already fighting like a married couple before they went out.
005. Because of their cute married couple-esque fights.
006. Because she defended David to everyone even before they started going out.
007. Because Donna was the main factor of David joining the group.
008. Because she was happy to be going to dance with the best dancer at West Beverly
009. Because of their hott first kiss at the Christmas Dance.
010. Because they shared at least one kiss throughout each 10 seasons.
011. Because he wanted to invite her over for Valentines Day.
012. Because they looked for Color Me Badd in the Bel Age Hotel together.
013. Because of how protective and caring David was of Donna after she found her parents having an affair in the hotel.
014. Because afterwards. he picked her up and took her to The Peah Pit to cheer her up.
015. Because his affair with Nikki didn’t mean anything.
016. Because David was happy and relieved to get a postcard from Donna in Paris reassuring him that she still loved him.
017. Because we saw them grow the most as a couple.
018. Because Donna became a stand in DJ for David in higschool when he had to take extra classes to be able to graduate with her.
019. Because they agreed to become a DJ team for their highschool radio show.
020. Because she always supported his music career. him to stay when he was about to run away.
021. Because Donna convinced Steve to give David another chance and hear out what the studios were doing with his music.
022. Because they were roommates in season 4.
023. Because of how much David supported ecause Donna was reluctant to have a seperate radio show without David.
024. Because of their cute kiss in the pool.
025. Because of he brought her flowers the morning of their anniversary.
026. Because they had an anniversary dinner.
027. Because David bought Donna expensive perfume for her birthday.
28. Because Donna reached out to David when he was doing drugs even though he pushed her away.
029. Because Donna forgave him even after he dumped her on her birthday.
030. Because they fought about Rocky 2 like a married couple parenting a child.
031. Because she was proud of him when he performed with Babyface.
032. Because Donna was eventually able to forgive David after he cheated on her, and become friends with him again.
033. Because they bonded about their bad Halloween nights while he was handcuffed to Clare's bed.
034. Because of how much David supported "Donna Martin Graduates."
035. Because Donna ran to David's room in Oregon after Ray banged her head against the door.
036. Because he saved her from being raped.
037. Because he accidentally called Clare her name.
038. Because she helped him search for his mother in Oregon.
039. Because he admitted to still being in love with her in the "Un-real World" episode of season 5.
040. Because David helped Donna look for her parrot on New Year's Eve.
041. Because they were always more than just friends to each other.
042. Because most of their other love interests were jealous of their history.
043. Because David took care of Donna when she got drunk on the Queen Mary.
044. Because she always felt safe with him.
045. Because they had four rounds of a relationship before finally getting back together at the end of the series.
046. Because Donna put up with David talking down to her and taking his anger out on her when they lost their video jobs.
047. Because they were always there for and comforted each other.
048. Because Donna was there for David when he was dealing with bipolar disease.
049. Because Donna comforted David after he betrayed his dad at Erin’s custody hearing.
050. Because she was there for him when he was dealing with his bipolar disorder.
051. Because Donna chose David over Cliff because her heart was with him.
052. Because of her surprsied her with a romantic dinner at the After Dark.
053. Because he sold Valerie out of the After Dark for her.
054. Because her grandparents looked just like them.
055. Because she lost her virginity to him.
056. Because he pretended to be with Valerie just to make her jealous
057. Because David promised Donna's grandmother he’d always take care of her.
058. Because they tried to be supportive of each other while they were in different relationships.
059. Because Donna was David's date to a Valentine's Party he had to -attend.
060. Because of the hott kiss-fest they shared while she was having problems with Noah.
061. Because he wrote a song for her.
062. Because they became best friends after she broke up with Noah and he broke up with Gina.
063. Because staring at her while performing would cure his stagefright.
064. Because David purposely wrecked his relationship with Camille because he subconsciously wanted to be with her.
065. Because he gave up his job offer in New York so he wouldn’t have to leave her.
066. Because he knew even in highschool that he wanted to marry her.
067. Because she let him kiss her and he never wanted to stop.
068. Because he carved "I love Donna" in the sand" for her.
069. Because they proposed to each other.
070. Because Donna and David + pizza in bed= Hotness.
071. Because they wanted their kids to look just like each other.
072. Because of their sweet and deep wedding vows.
073. Because he couldn’t picture a time when he wasn’t in love with her.
074. Because they both cried saying their vows.
075. Because Tori was a David/Donna fangirl.
076. Because Aaron Spelling was the most in love with their pairing.
077. Because they are the relationship of the show.
078. Because he picked her a four leaf clover.
079. Because Steve and Felice set them up on a blind date with each other.
080. Because they called each other whenever there was a good horror flick on.
081. Because they called each other 3-4 times a night.

season 4.
donna: david, if you have a problem then it's my problem too.
donna: i'm so proud of him, bren.
david: it really was lonely around here without you.
donna: it's been lonely for me too.
david: yeah, well it’s just one more thing i wish i would’ve done differently. i mean, all along with you. i should’ve been more open. we should’ve talked more-
donna: is that what your therapist has been telling you?
david: no, that’s what I’ve been telling him. i missed you so much.
kelly: well, you two are the only married couple here.
dylan: a role model for an entire generation.
david: he loved our chemistry.
donna: he loved our hostility.
david (to donna): i know you'd never do anything to hurt me.
david: donna if you’re listening. i’m going to try to mend my ways. you’ve made me see the light.
donna (to kelly): i want david back.
kelly (to donna about david): he loves you.
donna: you’re funny and I think that you’re very sexy.
david: wow. what's gotten into you?
donna: oh, i don’t know. just feeling very grateful. i mean, no matter what I put you through, you always stay with me. you must love me?
david: so two years ago tonight. the christmas dance at west beverly. i still can’t believe you were willing to go out with me?
donna: well, i can't believe it either.
david: and then...we got on the dance floor....
donna: and i realized i loved you and i didn't care what anyone else thought.
steve: i still think david's gonna come crawling back donna.
donna: like i'd want.
david: you know donna, now's just as good a time as any.
donna: for what?
david: for me and you to get married.
season 5.
donna: i’m sorry i broke the figurine you bought me last year at the carnival.
david: what that stupid plaster thing? i’m surprised you even kept it.
donna: of course i did. it’s the last thing you ever gave me.
david: i wish i could be forgiven.
kelly: what are you talking about? you never cheated on clare, did you?
david: no, i wasn’t talking about clare. i was talking about Donna.
david (to donna): you know, i couldn’t have gone through all this without you.
clare: you still love, donna, right?
david: you know, i think it’s pretty normal to still care about someone you had a relationship with.
clare: david answer the question.
david: yeah. yeah, i still love Donna.
david: look- ray, you can go back to pushing pumpkins for all i care, alright? I’m just looking out for donna.
david: he better treat you good or he’s gonna have to answer to me.
david: what? what’s wrong?
clare: you just called me donna. that's what's wrong.
david: well, i uh, must’ve been dreaming.
season 6.
donna: best kiss. for me- david.
eric: she’s really beautiful, don’t you think?
david: yeah, she is..
donna: i always like your style. i always felt safe with you.--.
david: even after that little fling i had?
donna: no, not then. but you're just human. i didn't change any of the things i like about you.
david: i'm glad.
donna: well, if i didn’t say it before, thank you.
david: anything for a friend.
donna: you know you’ll always be more than a friend.
david: yeah, I know.
season 7.
david: i just want you to know you can count on me as a friend.
donna: thank you, david. that means a lot to me.
david: thank you, for taking care of me.
david: we still friends?
donna: always.
donna (about david): i’ll look out for him.
david: why do you hang in? i mean, i’ve never done anything for you.
donna: that’s not true. you were my first kiss. you were my first love. those things are priceless. they’ll stay with me always. no matter which way our lives go.
david: well, i want you to know one thing. i’m not crazy.
donna: oh, yeah. then what are you?
david: crazier…about you. i love you, Donna.
donna: i love you too.
david: i wanna thank you. you’ve been like a guardian angel to me.
david: you’re the one i care about. you’re the one i love.
donna: do you mean that?
david: with all my heart.
donna: you know, everyone thinks of david and me like we’re one word. donna and david, david and donna.
david: i can’t stop thinking of you.
donna: i love you, david.
celia: david, donna tells me that she loves you. do you love her?
david: yeah, i do.
donna: i’m terrified.
david: well, don’t be afraid of me. i mean, everything else- sure, it’s understandable, but I mean, our-our relationship is the only thing about finishing school that doesn’t scare me.
donna: and that’s the thing that scares me the most. i don’t what I would do without you.
david: well donna, you don’t have to worry about that.
felice: you should listen to your boyfriend here a little more often. he’s a lot more mature than i’ve given him credit for.
david: thank you.
david: how can anyone not like donna martin?
donna: i don’t know.
david: i know I’m crazy about her.
david: you’re so beautiful.
donna: i love you so much.
david: don’t ever feel threatened by anything anyone has or does, okay? i love you- that will never change.
donna: i don’t care about being fair. i care about david.
david: i’m here for you david and i am never gonna let anything like this happen again.
david: you sure?
donna: more than i ever have about anything. i mean, maybe if we have done this last year or even last week, i might not have been, but i think this is the way it’s supposed to be.
david: why now? i mean, what made you change your mind?
donna: well, one part of my life ended today when we graduated. and now i want to spend the next part with you.

david: how’d I get so lucky?
donna: you waited.
donna: david, do you love me?
david: why are you asking?
donna: humor me, please.
david: yes. donna, i love you more than anything in the whole world.
david (to donna): if it wasn’t for you, i probably would’ve dropped out this year.
david: no matter what, we’ll always have each other.
donna: always?
david: yeah.
david: i just wanted you to know i’m not going anywhere.
david: i want to tell you something.
donna: what?
david: you look beautiful today.
donna: why thank you mr. Silver and i’ll see you in first grade next year.
They kiss.

kelly: well, you two look happy.
david: hey, what can i say? we’re in love.
season 8.
donna (to david): i’m proud of you.
donna's grandmother: david, listen to me. i want you to take care of donna.
david:i care about her. i always will.
david (to valerie): i’ve loved her longer than i've known you. we grew up together, we lived together, and i’m gonna be there for her tomorrow whether you like it or not.
david: donna’s real cool.
donna (to david on noah): it’s not like it was with you and me.
david: the stage fright thing. what i used to do was, i’d focus on my ex-girlfriend and pretend like she was the only one in the crowd.
donna (to david): i’m proud of you.
donna: it was so loving and so romantic and so perfect. and i’m proud that i waited so long. i don’t feel any guilt.
donna (david): just the thought of losing you and not having you near me.
valerie: donna, how do you know its right between you and david?
donna: right like?
valerie: well, meant to be. like you guys belong together.
donna: well, i know we belong together because of the way i feel when we’re not.
valerie: you feel empty.
donna: yeah, completely.
david: remember a few days ago when i said nothing would ever stop me?
donna: nothing is.
david: i can’t jeopardize the relationship i have with Donna over business.
season 9.
donna: you told them we fell in love doing a line dance?!
david: hey, you had my hand on my thigh. i couldn’t think.
donna: really?
david: yes!
she laughs.
david: you know it was a pretty incredible performance.
donna: yeah, well it was familiar territory for us.
david: yeah, it was.
donna: yeah.
david: but that-that was a long time ago.
donna: we’re practically like-
david: like brother and sister although we once slept together.
david leans over and kisses her.

donna: have you forgotten how great we are?
david: what?
donna: on the radio in highschool?
david: no. i haven’t forgotten.
caller: here’s the thing, i bump into my boyfriend all the time, and i still get butterflies.
donna: uh, the worst.
caller: do either of you have the same problem with your ex?
david: um, butterflies? no, no. you know stephanie, what i’ve come to realize is that when something’s done it’s done.
donna: done, yeah. over. finished. i mean, it’s not like there’s not any of those triggers or anything. those totally random moments when you remember a look or a touch. when you first fell in love with someone and the bad stuff that just somehow…
she looks at him.
donna: what was the question?
david: oh, i think you covered it.
donna: sorry, i spaced there.
david: yeah, where did you go?
donna: it’s funny. i actually, i went back to this time in highscool when were doing our show. i remember i hyperventilated when were doing the news.
david: and everybody thought that you and i were doing…
donna: yeah, on air.
david: yeah, and i remember you were horrified.
donna: and i remember that you couldn’t be more protective.
season 10.
donna: you said that i had this image of perfection. you’re right. then janet talked to me about needing to accept that that’s not possible. and it’s not even really a good thing. well, she was right too.
david: well, finally my mediocrity’s and asset.
donna: shut up. you’re incredible, you’re loyal, and you’re honest. any girl would be crazy not to fall in love with you.
david: now you’re embarrassing me.
donna: just think, when i first met you, you were this adorable little freshman, so caring and sensitive.
david: okay, you can stop now.
donna: it’s just over the last ten years, we’ve really grown up together, and we had to put up with all sort of obstacles that stood in our way.
david: you know i feel the same way, right? and that my love for you hasn’t changed?
donna: i know. that’s what i’m trying to say, i wanna be totally devoted to you. To us.
david: why donna martin are you asking me to marry you?
donna: yes, david silver. will you marry me?
david: i think i will.
donna: i love you.
david: i love you.
kelly: i hope donna knows how lucky she is.
david: yeah, i think she knows.
donna: do we really get to spend the rest of our lives together?
david: mmm, hmm. if i have anything to say about it.
donna: you know, what?
david: mmm.
donna: i want two kids and i want them both to look like you.
david: yeah?
donna: yeah. don’t you wish we could just rewind the last three years?
david: no, not really.
donna: what? you liked playing the field?
david: no, not really.
she laughs.
david: you know what? i’m glad i did cause’ uh, now i realize how lucky i am to be with you.
donna: aw, that was sweet.
they kiss.
david: thank you. i wrote it last night.
she laughs again.
david: you know what? i do have a problem.
donna: what?
david: well, i kind of want our kids to look like you.
donna: why don’t we compromise 50/50.
david: 50/50, huh? i think that can be arranged.
david: how you doin’?
donna: better now that you’re here.
brandon: you and david were meant for each other. smart guy, david. he chased you until you caught him.
brandon: david, you and donna make the perfect couple.
donna (about david): he was so cute before he got all handsome.--
david (to donna): i’ll help you get through this, okay?
donna (about david): i love David. i know that he’s the one.
kelly (to donna): if you don’t get together with david, i’m gonna have to hurt you.
david: did i ever tell you why i didn’t take that radio job in new york?
donna: no, you didn’t.

david: the more i thought about moving, the more i thought about you.
david (reading donna’s yearbook): dear donna- wow. senior year. i never thought we’d make it. sanders and his jock friends never thought you’d date me. But you did. you let me kiss you and i haven’t wanted to stop since. if you turn to page 72 where my picture used to be-
donna: where you magic markered it out. i can’t believe you did that.
david: you’ll see instead of a really bad shot, is a lie. future goals: a career in the music industry.
donna: that’s not a lie.
david: it’s all i put down because i couldn’t say what i really want. it’s you…forever. someday i’m gonna get you to marry me. without a picture, we could lie to our kids and say i used to be handsome.
donna: you were so handsome.
david: well, at least you think so.
he’s down on one knee.
donna: i didn’t even think you wanted to kiss me.
david: i did, i do.
he slides the ring on her finger.
david: donna martin, will you marry me?
david: so, this is your idea of a date?
donna: well, after ten years, i thought we just skip the dating portion. i’m not very good at it.
david: well, that’s just because you’ve been dating the wrong guys.
donna: well, as my best friend you could’ve told me sooner.
donna: i prefer a card as the gift. you know, maybe the handmade red construction type with doilies and wet glue.
david: you know, that was the first valentine i gave to someone other than my mother.
david: you are going to find someone.
donna: i know.
donna: i hope you know how much i appreciate you being here for me.

First Love
Highschool Sweethearts
Radio VJ's
Valentines Day
Working Partners
First Times
Losers Club
Scary Movies
Pizza in Bed
Christmas Dance

"For The Cool In You," by Babyface
"Spend My Life With You," by Eric Benet featuring Tamia
"We Belong Together," by Gavin Degraw
"You'll Always Be My Baby," by Mariah Carey
"Endless Love," by Luther Vandross featuring Mariah Carey


credit to: 1-4: eiluvial 5-8: Marki 9-10: Brandonobsessor 11- 12:Lori89


credit to: Marki


credit to: CourtzBV

{wedding vows}
"When was it that we fell in love? When we were eighteen? Sixteen? Maybe ten? I don't know. 'Cause the truth is, I can't picture a time when I wasn't in love with you. I always knew you were the one that could look into my eyes and see my soul. I don't question your commitment to us. And I know there's nothing we can't work through. And I accept you as my partner and as my best friend above all others. It's a miracle to find the kind of peace and happiness that you've given me. And in honor of that miracle, I pledge before our family and friends to love and to cherish you forever."- David

"I look at you and I see my best friend. Your energy and your passion inspire me in ways I never thought possible. Your inner beauty is so strong that I no longer fear being myself. I no longer fear at all. I never thought, that I could find someone to love that would love me back unconditionally. And then I realized that although we were often apart, you were always with me, and you were my soul mate. You give me purpose when I feel I have none. Without you my soul would be empty, my heart broken, my being incomplete. I thank God everyday that you were brought into my life. And I thank you for loving me."- Donna

pic of thread.

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TFTNT! Happy 10th!
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Thanks for the new thread! Nice pics.

I can't see the first pic in OP. Maybe it's just my internet connection.

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No, it doesn't come up for me either.

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These are some of the best pics one could hope to see , and I was already blown away by the last post set, where he comes off so much younger.
I was waiting for a call, a call never came
So I made my own way
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TFTNT!...and the new old pics.
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Aw, Rocky. Just imagine a baby in Donna's arms there and it's still a completely fitting GIF.
I was waiting for a call, a call never came
So I made my own way
And I can't find my way back home again ►►

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I agree. Rocky and their baby, Ruby are very cute in different ways.
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They were a sweet couple. They had their ups and downs but they made it through stronger than ever in the end.
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I agree.
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Beverly Hills 90210
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Originally Posted by always protect you (View Post)
They were a sweet couple. They had their ups and downs but they made it through stronger than ever in the end.
Towards the end, I didn't like that David said that he's always been in love with Donna since they were little true.
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Yeah he didn`t meet her before highschool.
~My top ships: Brennan/Booth, Shamy, Penny/Leonard, Buffy/Angel, Willow/Tara, Valerie/David, Kelly/Dylan, Ross/Rachel, Angela/Hodgins, Piper/Leo, Jessica/James~
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