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Old 07-12-2018, 01:21 AM
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Doglovers (Donna/Brenda) #5: "Brenda, I'd.. I'd even let you share my clothes if it meant that you'd stay." - Donna


B R E N D A & D O N N A ;

a p p r e c i a t i o n t h r e a d

credit to: playgroundDiaries

"Tori and Shannen got along great. They became very tight. They both filled some void for each other."- Jennie

"She might have had issues with other castmembers, but it was never with me. Never."- Tori

"We love each other dearly, and...and we have you never, you know- we go on vacations together."- Shannen

the s h i p p e r s
01. Hell on Heels
02. Caliina
03. Black mamba
04. *Stacy*
05. The truth hurts
06. BrownEyes1980
07. Undeniable
08. playgroundDiaries
09. Ruby_Slippers
10. brendadylan1984
11. 4brathan&brucas
12. yulan
13. charmingbrenda
14. KellAndSteve4Ever
15. Bev90210Fan
16. Majora's Mask
17. ~carnival-heights~
18. KateShephard
19. Scarlet's Walk
20. andbreatheme
21. claudypritz
22. memory91
23. heyitsrachel
24. ChinaTequilia
25. Kelly_Dylan

the r e a s o n s
01. Because Brenda was worried about Donna when she became a bad girl during her learning disability crisis.
02. Because Brenda comforted Donna when she thought she was dumb during her bad girl crisis.
03. Because they were in drama class together.
04. Because they sunbathed together.
05. Because they were the only two girls at the secret poker party.
06. Because Brenda helped Donna go to the bathroom during the Halloween party.
07. Because Brenda was there for Donna after she found out her mom was having an affair.
08. Because Donna covered for Brenda when she was sneaking around with Dylan.
09. Because they went to Paris together.
10. Because they ate brains together.
11. Because they both had fantasies of their boyfriends, their first week in Paris.
12. Because Brenda was proud of Donna when she finally learned to speak French.
13. Because Brenda was worried about Donna when she wanted to model for the Paris photographer and was about to give up her life to be one.
14. Because Donna told Brenda she loved her in French.
15. Because Donna covered about Ric for Brenda.
16. Because they did the electric slide together.
17. Because Donna was the first one Brenda started hanging with when she became social again post-B/D/K love triangle.
18. Because they were in self-defense class together.
19. Because Donna said prom wouldn’t be the same without Brenda, and was adamant about her coming.
20. Because Brenda arrived with Donna to the campout after graduation.
21. Because Brenda danced with David out of a favor for Donna.
22. Because Donna had full custody of Rocky while Brenda had visitation rights.
23. Because Donna was the only one Brenda confessed to about telling Dylan she still loved him.
24. Because Brenda comforted Donna when Rocky died and promised that the labs wouldn’t get away with it.
25. Because besides Dylan, Donna was the only one who stuck by Brenda after she got arrested.
26. Because they danced together while watching David perform with Babyface.
27. Because Brenda was there for Donna after she found David cheating on her.
28. Because Donna told Brenda she was her best friend.
29. Because of their sweet, “I love you’s,” in Brenda’s last episode.
30. Because Brenda gave Donna Mr. Pony to sleep with when she slept over.

the r e m i n d e r s
Drama Class
After Hours Poker Parties
20’s costumes
Bonnie and the Mermaid
Color Me Badd
Sneak Pick-ups and Drop-offs
Paris Explorers
Brain eaters
Dance lovers
Defense Class
Cute "I Love You’s"

p a s t t h r e a d s

Doglovers (B/D) #1: Because Brenda was there for her after she broke up with David.
Doglovers (Brenda/Donna) #2: Because They'll Always Have Paris.
Doglovers (Brenda/Donna) #3: "Prom wouldn't be the same without you."
Doglovers (Brenda/Donna) #4: "They won't get away with this, Donna. I won't let them."

the p o t m

Brenda stands alone. Because she can.
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Old 07-12-2018, 05:24 AM
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Beverly Hills 90210
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Sorry for not being on the board much - too much into the WC and I'm sad England are out but never mind
Fan of Beverly Hills 90210, Fresh Prince of Bel Air and A Different World:
Couples that I ship: Whitley/Dwayne (A Different World), Will/Lisa (Fresh Prince Of Bel Air), JR/Sue Ellen (Dallas), Cliff/Claire (The Cosby Show), Martin/Gina (Martin) Brenda/Dylan and Brandon/Kelly (Beverly Hills 90210), Monica/Chandler (Friends)
Huge Fan of 60s,70s,80s,90s, 2000s R+B, HipHop and Motown music
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Old 07-12-2018, 06:16 AM
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Joined: Feb 2007
Posts: 23,915
No problem. I was also absent last week. Not for the same reasons though

I do not care about the WC, but I am sort of glad Croatia is in the finale. They are the neighbours, we speak the same language and they used to be a part of the same country as Bosnia - Yugoslavia.

Now, some cute Brenda/Donna scenes:


Brenda stands alone. Because she can.
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