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Crystal Clear 12-19-2018 11:03 AM

Bandits /BrendaღDylan\ #126: I don't care how hard being together is, nothing is worse than being apart.
Welcome to the Dylan Brenda appreciation thread
"brooder meets feisty girl; when it came to teenage angst and passion, these two certainly took the cake."

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Losing My Religion. Oh life, it's bigger It's bigger than you.And you are not me. The lengths that I will go to. The distance in your eyes. Oh no, I've said too much.I've said enough. That's me in thecorner That's me in the spotlight. Losing my religion.Trying to keep up with you. And I don't know if I can do it.Oh no, I've said too much. I haven't said enough. I thought that I heard you laughing. I thought that I heard you sing. I think I thought I saw you try. Every whisper.Of every waking hour. I'm choosing my confessions Trying to keep an eye on you
Like a hurt, lost and blinded fool, fool.Oh no, I've said too much.I've said enough.

Consider this, Consider this, the hint of the century. Consider this, the slip that brought me to my knees, failed what if all these fantasies comeflailing around.Now I've said too much Oh life, it's bigger. It's bigger than you. And you are not me. The lengths that I will go to.The distance in your eyes.Oh no, I've said too much. I've said enough.

Losing My Religion. Oh life, it's bigger It's bigger than you.And you are not me. The lengths that I will go to. The distance in your eyes. Oh no, I've said too much.I've said enough. That's me in thecorner That's me in the spotlight. Losing my religion.Trying to keep up with you. And I don't know if I can do it.Oh no, I've said too much. I haven't said enough. I thought that I heard you laughing. I thought that I heard you sing. I think I thought I saw you try. Every whisper.Of every waking hour. I'm choosing my confessions Trying to keep an eye on you.Like a hurt, lost and blinded fool, fool.Oh no, I've said too much.I've said enough.

Consider this, Consider this, the hint of the century. Consider this, the slip that brought me to my knees, failed what if all these fantasies come flailing around.Now I've said too much Oh life, it's bigger. It's bigger than you. And you are not me. The lengths that I will go to.The distance in your eyes.Oh no, I've said too much. I've said enough.

• • •

E! True Hollywood Story: Beverly Hills 90210

Shannen: We're a gutsy show.We're not shying away from these controversial issues that we should be dealing with, because we're speaking to like millions and millions of people out there that are gonna be watching our show.
Luke: Mhm.

Shannen: [Looking over at Luke, who is off screen]Luke and I were pushing the uh, sex issue(laughing), we're sort of wanting it to come very fast. But...ooh, that didn't sound right(laughs again)

Soap Opera Magazine Interviews: November 1998

SOM: Would you ever like to see Dylan and Brenda (Shannen Doherty, who's currently starring on Charmed on the WB network) receive some on-air closure?
LP: I don't want them to ever get married. I don't think that Dylan will ever get married again. In terms of having some kind of closure, yes, I think that's something viewers would like to see. That door is always open.

SOM: What are the chances Shannen Doherty will make a return to the show before it goes off the air?
LP: Heres the rule in the world of Aaron Spelling: Nothing is impossible. Everything can be done. I would say that its up to Shannen. Ive never been able to read her mind or speak for her. I can tell you that I care about the girl a great deal. I imagine at some point theyll ask her. Can you imagine the ratings on that one?

Luke & Shannen;


"During that episode, broadcast on May 2nd, 1991, Brenda and Dylan sneak out of the srping dance to consemate their relationship. After this turning point, viewers couldn't wait to see who slept with whom from week to week."

"West Bev's Romeo and Juliet tragically split when Dylan (Luke Perry) cheated with Kelly while Brenda (Shannen Doherty) was in France, but memories of their dangerous, romantic surfing trips to Baja persist."
The Hottest Young Couples on TV (TV Guide)

"In a February show, love-bunnies Dylan and Brenda celebrated the Sideburned Guy's 90th day of sobriety by attending an AA meeting — Brenda's first. Afterward, she said happily, ''That was kind of intense and fun at the same time'' — it was a sweet, funny moment."
TV Review (

"Beverly Hills, 90210 heartthrobs Dylan (Luke Perry) and Brenda (Shannen Doherty) will get busted when her parents find out they've spent all day-and all night-together in Baja California. By coincidence, this will happen during May ratings sweeps."
Flashes: March 13, 1992 (Entertainment Weekly)

"The gang celebrates their 20-year high-school reunion where finally, the actors can portray characters closer to their own age! I would especially love to see Brenda – played by Shannen Doherty – travelling from London to L.A. to film a movie… you see where this is going, don’t you? She bumps into Dylan, who is married to Kelly, and the two reminisce about old times. This leads to a heated love triangle, and Brenda and Dylan fans get their prayers answered."
TV Shows That Would Make Great Movies - 5. Beverly Hills, 90210 (TV Guide)

"Chuck and Blair (phenomenally played by Ed Westwick and Leighton Meester, respectively) cemented their status as the most incendiary, riveting teen couple since Dylan and Brenda."
Yahoo! TV Blog, December 12, 2008 (Tim Stack, TV Experts Pick Their Favorite TV Moment of 2008)

"I’m sure that with the new 90210 set to premiere this fall, many of us who grew up watching the original series have been thinking about the decade-long series. I was in the seventh grade when the series first premiered and I recall thinking that Brenda and Dylan’s relationship was like the most important thing ever."
Blend Television (Kelly West)

''Moreover, her[Shannen's] costars have gone from vilifying her (as Gabrielle Carteris did when she was quoted as saying, ''What goes around, comes around'') to speaking on her behalf. ''I'm saddened by the whole situation,'' says Luke Perry.''
Entertainment Weekly, March 4, 1994

"Though I'm thrilled with the prospect of Luke Perry joining the party, my heart would sing if he ended his guest arc by running off with Brenda."
Zap2it (Korbi TV)

"New 90210? How can you top Brenda and Dylan? I don’t see it happening." (Zac Lee)

"In the 1980s and 1990s, the super-coupling plot trend spilled over into primetime, catering to both ends of the demographic spectrum. Dynasty's Blake and Krystle were king and queen of the midlife crisis party, while Beverly Hills 90210's Brenda and Dylan were lip-locked - and longing for eachother - back at the prom."
SOAPnet (Jason Bonderoff)

''Just take one hit. You don't even have to inhale.'' -Peter (Luke Perry) to Wendy (Shannen Doherty) in their '60s fantasy, on Beverly Hills, 90210
SOUND BITES: Funniest Lines from week April 2 to 7

"When it comes to love, are TV writers a bunch of cynics? It sure seems that way. From “Beverly Hills, 90210’s” Brenda & Dylan, to “Dawson’s Creek’s” Joey and Dawson, to Buffy and Angel, and everything in between, TV writers never give audiences what we want: a happy ending for the two lovers who we are told early on are “soulmates” and “meant to be.”

"On “Beverly Hills, 90210,” in the season 4 finale, Brenda Walsh tells the love of her life, Dylan McKay “I wont be away forever, give me something to come back to,” which leads the audience to think that there’s hope for the show’s “It” couple, but in the series finale 6 years later, Dylan ends up with Brenda’s friend, Kelly Taylor. So what’s the point of making these shows about these couples?"
Fundamentals of Interactive Journalism (Lee Hernandez)

"Too bad Luke Perry is incapable of “re-imagining” his role on the spinoff. Brenda Walsh and Dylan McKay, back together? That would have been gold."
TV Guide (Chloe Tse)

"Also, Brandon (Jason Priestley) shepherds a Little Man Tate-like prodigy (Benjamin Smith) around California University's campus, and the ever-troubled Dylan (Luke Perry) agrees to undergo dream therapy. Though Brenda probably still enters Dylan's nocturnal unconscious, don't expect Shannen Doherty to pop up in a dream sequence."
The Week, April 14, 1995

"But, for me, the real "get" would be a Shannen Doherty-Luke Perry twofer. Wouldn't it be awesome to have those two show up — straight from London or wherever they shipped Brenda off to — newly married and shoving their contemptuous passion in Kelly's smug face? I bet Kelly wouldn't "choose me" then!"
Luke Perry: No to 90210 Nuevo, June 27, 2008 (Mickey O'Connor)

"Then Dylan and Brenda begin to date in a charismatic romance that feels like the stuff of legend;"
Beverly Hills, 90210: Television, Gender, and Identity(E. Graham McKinley)

"When Brenda (Shannen Doherty) tells Dylan she might be pregnant, even though they have used a condom, he responds, "I'll do everything I can to help and support you. It's my problem, too." This is a pretty mature and dreamy, ideal reaction."
New York Times

''As for the tantalizingly tormented relationship between Brenda (Shannen Doherty) and Dylan (Luke Perry), 90210's producers, who obviously recognize a good plot hook, are giving nothing away.''
The 1991 Fall TV Preview: Thursday, Entertainment Weekly

Did you have a favorite character growing up?
Dylan McKay, obviously. Every girl's fantasy, right? And I loved Brenda too.
Oh, good, you’re a Brenda girl, not a Kelly girl.
Kelly stole Dylan, so...
Thank you! I was waiting for them to get back together forever, and then she was gone and it's a sad, sad story. Dylan and Brenda should have been together forever.
“They both had this careless air of cool, you just kinda wanted to be their friends. And of course my favorite storylines were anytime those two got back together.”
Shenae Grimes, on favorite characters being Dylan and Brenda

''The O.C.'''s first budding romance, between bad boy Ryan and good-girl-next-door Marissa (Mischa Barton), echoes the naughty-and-nice Dylan-Brenda hookup. And Luke Perry endured endless comparisons to James Dean, a name that's come up almost as much as Russell Crowe in reference to McKenzie."
Orange Alert, September 1, 2003, Entertainment Weekly

""Isn't It Romantic?" is another major step in the development of "90210" from earnest family drama into a melodrama with a continuing story. The biggest demonstration of that, of course, is the big leap forward in the relationship of Brenda and Dylan. While there was chemistry before, this episode establishes them as a couple, and gives them both a solid emotional connection; Brenda is feeling something close to love, and hitherto cool customer Dylan reveals his pained and lonely side." (Rich Heldenfels)

"She was as whiny as he was James Dean-wannabe cool, but who didn't begrudgingly root for Brenda (Shannen Doherty) and her hot '90210' bad boy (Luke Perry)? The two were a match made in teen TV heaven."
Greatest TV Couples of All Time - AOL Television - 19. Brenda and Dylan

"For a while, her antics on the show with Luke Perry made them America's No. 1 couple, the subject of endless gossip and national fascination."
FHM Article on Shannen

The whole "Beverly Hills 90210" gang (except Brenda and Dylan, whom I like to imagine were off somewhere, making out on his motorcycle) got together Friday night to celebrate the DVD release of Season 1 of the show that launched their careers back in 1990
People Magazine

"Dylan is Brenda' s sometime boyfriend. Brenda and Dylan had sex once, at the end of this year's school session. Brenda thought she might be pregnant but wasn't. She decided she wasn't ready for sex. She decided she wasn't for Dylan. They're now in romance limbo, pining and unsure. While network types wrestle with just how much controversial sex is enough-but not too much-in the season to come (now that more advertiser eyes are watching), eight trillion teenagers understand Brenda and Dylan. Totally."
Beverly Hills, 90210: Top Of The Class (Entertainment Weekly )

"Moreover, the series has floundered creatively and has no irresistible Dylan-Brenda couple to root for."
Los Angeles Times, about the 90210 spin-off

"Brenda and Dylan's unzip code has kids tuning in to Beverly Hills, 90210 — and their parents freaking out."
100 Most Memorable TV Moments - 99. BRENDA AND DYLAN DO IT (5/2/91

"What event defines the 1990s for you? Was it the day the Dow Jones industrial average crossed the 10,000-point mark? Bill Clinton’s admission of an inappropriate relationship with a White House intern? Or was it that fateful prom night when Brenda Walsh lost her virginity to Dylan McKay?"
When Teenage Angst Has Its Own ZIP Code, August 29, 2008 (The New York Times)

"The relationship arc between Dylan and Brenda is given precious little screen time over the course of the first season, but it resulted in one of the most mature and optimistic depictions of teen sex ever shown on television."
Marisa Meltzer,

"Truthfully, with the exception of Luke Perry - who has no plans to come back - I don't think the idea of anyone returning makes me nearly as excited as Shannen's did."
It's All About Doherty, NY Post, July 13, 2009

"I was so excited by Dylan's call that I didn't even mind that he never made an appearance, because he called Brenda before Kelly."

"Now Rosario Dawson has further endeared herself to me by telling a reporter that as a child she obsessed over "Beverly Hills, 90210" -- even going as far to send Luke Perry a love letter, and Shannen Doherty a hate letter."
NY Post, July 13, 2009

"After two weeks of (lame) Beverly Hills, 90210 episodes, things are finally starting to heat up! Having aired almost 15 years ago, I forgot how preachy 90210 was in its infancy. With all its morality lessons, early 90210 episodes felt less like MELROSE PLACE, and more like 7th Heaven (not a good thing).That said, today’s episode featured the memorable first date (and kiss!) of Dylan and Brenda. Only 90210 could manage such an unforgettable first date. In a span of 44 minutes, Dylan transforms from loner bad-boy to Brenda’s steady boyfriend.So excited for more Brenda/Dylan madness - the spring fling, the trip to Tiujana, it just gets better and better. Too bad they don’t have a good ‘Brangelina’ name, I don’t think ‘Brylan’ really works!"
~ REWIND: Brenda & Dylan TheTVAddict

"He was moody. He had a drinking problem. He looked like a TV version of James Dean. And yet we couldn't resist his on-again-off-again relationship with Brenda, the clueless new kid from Minnesota. We even forgave him for hooking up with Kelly while Brenda was out of town ... sort of."
11. Dylan McKay -AOL Television's "Top 20 TV Bad Boys

8. BRENDA WALSH and DYLAN MCKAY, BEVERLY HILLS, 90210, 1991. Prom night deflowering made it to TV, and unlike the movies, 90210 had no knife-wielding maniac stalking the halls-just anxiety, fear, self-doubt, and even some actual passion. The result: TV's first depiction of teen sex that didn't sound completely like a public-service announcement.
~ Entertainment Weekly: The Best Sex Tv's Ever Had

9. Brenda Walsh and Dylan McKay (Beverly Hills 90210)
"I think almost anyone that watched the show was secretly rooting for the two of them. Through the course of the first season alone they explored the issues that come up when friends like the same guy, what it is like to date your brothers best friend, a father against the relationship, losing your virginity, and a pregnancy scare. This was a great teen couple and their relationship, during that period of time, gave you a look at what it is like to be young and in love.
-Michelle Moore-Barrett, Associated Content

Valentine's 14 Favourite TV Couples By Tania Hussain
12. Brenda and Dylan (Beverly Hills, 90210): Brenda and Dylan were the epitome of high school love; the sweet and thriving good girl and with the brooding James Dean-ish guy made not only for great ratings with the teen demographic but were a match made in TV heaven. The two of them loved each other no matter what and despite not ending up together much to Kelly Taylor’s doing, the two of them will always have a place in each other’s hearts for one another. Afterall, in The CW version of the new 90210, Brenda and Dylan got back together briefly.

Valentine's Day on a Budget? No Problem! 7. Donate blood together, and don't tell your special guy or gal you stole the idea from Dylan and Brenda on 90210.
"Remember that Beverly Hills 90210 (the original one...the good one) episode where Brenda and Dylan plan a nice romantic Valentine's Day but before they get on with the festivities, he takes her to go and donate blood? You, too, can be like them!"

"When Beverly Hills 90210 was in its first generation, Dylan gave Brenda some clues about his Valentine's Day plan: warm, red and close to your heart. Despite having bags of money, he wasn't buying the hoopla. Instead he took Brenda to donate blood together. The brooding bad boy wasn't one to join the pack, or risk tacky romance. And teddy bears the size of obese children, for instance, run that risk."
National Times, The little things are the keys to romance, February 12, 2010

Top 5 des couples nunuches de séries tv[/B] A premičre vue, cette vidéo semble la plus cucul et la plus mal jouée du monde. "So you're Brandon's sister, huh ?" "Yeah, I'm Brandon's sister." Mais je peux te jurer qu’ŕ l’époque Beverly Hills 90210 était LA série et Brenda & Dylan le seul, le vrai, l’unique couple qui devait durer pour toujours (Kelly si tu me lis…). Alors forcément, du haut de mes 13 ans, je gloussais bętement dčs qu’ils se parlaient dans le couloir du lycée (oui bon c’était de mon âge) et je m’étais juste effondrée quand Brenda avait quitté la série en laissant Dylan dans les bras de Kelly.. ~
Number 5 : Brenda & Dylan Forever

"Well, before we move on to Jillian, um, Reagen had two suggestions she wanted to add, she was not able to make it for this podcast, but she said 'Somebody better have these two on their list', so in case you don't I'm reading them off. Brenda and Dylan and Joey and Pacey. She had multiple exclamation points afterwards."
Daytime Confidental Podcast: Top 5 Primetime Soap Couples

Dylan Mckay & Brenda Walsh
(Luke Perry and Shannen Doherty of Beverly Hills 90210)
They're everything you never experienced in high school.
Entertainment Weekly's "Love Is In The Air:" Sexy Couples February 14, 1992

"I have Brenda and Dylan from 90210. I just loved it. Dylan, that bad boy, reckless, dangerous loner and the good girl, twin Brenda Walsh, they were so cute together. She softened Dylan a little bit, her love softened him. I really, I enjoyed them. I especially enjoyed them when Jim tried to break those two up and Brenda moved in with Dylan, that was just too hood. I was like "Ooh I would do that, and my mom was like 'the hell you will.' So, there you have it."
Daytime Confidental Podcast: Top 5 Primetime Soap Couples (Jillian)

“BH90210, on the other hand, boasts TV’s all-time best couple, (Brenda and Dylan); the best high school hangout, (The Peach Pit), and epic, generation-defining episodes like "Donna Martin Graduates."”

"There is a romantic scene between Dylan and Brenda that left the Brenda/Dylan fans wanting more."
Portrait Magazine, Got TV?: Top 10 TV/Film Proms

“Doherty has filmed scenes for a total of four episodes (two down, two to go). She’s currently pitching a new show and didn’t want to commit to doing more. She is reportedly open to doing more in the future however. If Dylan returns to Beverly Hills, you can just bet that Brenda will be back as well. Stay tuned!”
TV Series – 09/17/08

"And Shannen's big smile is a mankiller: it's easy to understand why Dylan McKay fell so hard for her!"
Jeff Rovin, author of Luke-Mania! Jason-Fever!, 1991

“I watched the original show when I was growing up and started to watch the new series to see how similar or different it was. It doesn't live up to the Brenda and Dylan days, but as a new series, it does have an edge to it that leaves viewers wanting more.”
Review On The New 90210 (Veronica Ouellette)

"Not only do the actors want each and every episode to be as good as it can be, but both Luke and Shannen obviously don't mind in the least having to go through it al over again. The chemistry they have together is real and very exciting."
Luke-Mania! Jason-Fever!, 1991[ (Jeff Rovin)

‘And yay! Brenda's a mommy! I hope that isn't their way of writing out her character though! Also, she should be the one with Dylan's baby!!!! NOT KELLY!!!! Sorry, I still get a little worked about that.”
Television Reviews, 90210 Season Finale: Dreams CAN come true! (Krista Navin)

"The most satisfying twist to many longtime viewers was the off-screen reunion of lovebirds Dylan and Brenda."
Gen X TV: The Brady Bunch to Melrose Place, 1999 (Rob Owen)

“Dylan and Brenda’s relationship is one of the more heartfelt teen love affairs ever to be illustrated on the small screen, with all the drama and significance of your first boyfriend.”

“Brenda (Shannon Doherty) and Dylan (Luke Perry) made an awesome couple that faced common relationship problems that many teenagers face, namely a parental figure that wants to keep them apart. But despite their trials, they made it work. That is, until some backstabbing on Kelly and Dylan’s part saw to the eventual breakup between Dylan and Brenda. Where Brenda held the line and stood up to Dylan, Kelly just let him spiral into chaos.”
11 Couples That Should Never Have “Gotten Together”, #11 Dylan and Kelly, Dec 27th 2010 (Caryn K. Hayes)

“Since 1991, when Brenda lost her virginity with Dylan at the spring dance on Beverly Hills, 90210, teenagers have been having sex on television. At the time, the subject matter was so controversial that the 90210 writers created a pregnancy scare in the next episode, which caused Brenda to realize she wasn't ready for a sexual relationship. Yet Brenda and Dylan did conceive that night at the dance: Their child is the teen soap—and where there are school-age children, there are virgins about to be deflowered.”
Virginity Lost, (Kate Aurthur)

”It was a classic story of the 'good girl' and the 'bad boy' falling in love. Dylan(Luke Perry) and Brenda(Shannen Doherty) were the it couple at Beverly Hills High, and it brought a lot of drama with it. Dealing with the social issues of the time, the story line of Brenda and Dylan brought up controversial issues such as safe sex. Unfortunately our starcrossed teen love didn't last, but whenever you hear "90210" you always remember Brenda and Dylan.”
Most Memorable TV Couples Of The 90s, Feb 3 2011 (Associated Content)

"Spelling approached her earlier this year with the idea of returning to 90210, which in its ninth season is already about two cycles past its prime. Doherty declined, although she says she might make a special appearance for a season finale."
Time Magazine

“Call us romantics, but we think it’d be so cool if these old school lovers got it back together for reals. Their careers have gone similarly, he’s been doing TV cameos too, and he even went full-frontal on HBO’s prison drama Oz. Dylan and Brenda were hot on screen on the original 90210 and you know they still carry the torch for the years they spent together. "
Shannen Doherty: Straight To The Top Of The C-List,

“The vast majority center on Brenda and her on-again/off-again love affair with local bad-as Dylan McKay (Luke Perry). They’re breaking up, they’re having sex, they’re fighting with each other, they’re moving in together – this little couple is really put through the ringer this season, and while this writer found most of their interactions to be redundant and one-note, I can understand why they remain at the epicenter of the series.

What’s intellectually interesting about the Brenda/Dylan relationship (and yes, I did just use the term "intellectually interesting" in a review of Beverly Hills 90210 - bet you didn’t see that one coming) is its most often utilized plot conventions: how does a family keep its kid from getting involved with the wrong crowd? Dylan McKay is sexy, smoldering, and more than interested in getting into Brenda’s pants. So what do you do to make her change her mind about feeling the same way about him?

Yeah, it’s more than a little ridiculous to see pretty boy Brandon try to stand up for his sister in this situation. I guess I should be more open-minded, but I don’t understand how anyone could take Brandon seriously with that bang-heavy hairstyle of his. But it’s all anyone can do. Rebellious girls who grow up with silver spoons hanging from their mouths often grow up wanting to experience the "other" – the anti-rich & famous lifestyle.”, Beverly Hills 90210: The Third Season

"Upset, Dylan starts to get a drink but Brenda stops him — since he has to drive her home. They argue, yell, and finally Dylan breaks down in tears. "Dad just gets to me," he says. Brenda is touched by his vulnerability and pain. They hug and kiss. Dylan takes her home, but they have connected."
Beverly Hills, 90210" Flashback: "Isn't It Romantic?

""Isn't It Romantic?" is another major step in the development of "90210" from earnest family drama into a melodrama with a continuing story. The biggest demonstration of that, of course, is the big leap forward in the relationship of Brenda and Dylan. While there was chemistry before, this episode establishes them as a couple, and gives them both a solid emotional connection; Brenda is feeling something close to love, and hitherto cool customer Dylan reveals his pained and lonely side."
Rich Heldenfels,

"But the record for the longest romance goes to Brenda and Dylan. It was the most intense three years of their lives."
The Best Moments of 90210 (Tori Spelling)

91. BEVERLY HILLS, 90210 “Spring Dance” 5/2/1991
Brenda gives it up to Dylan. If you have to ask what “it” was, you must’ve skipped sex ed.
TV Guide's "TV's Top 100 Episodes of All Time: #100-81

Brenda and Dylan Have Sex After Prom ("Beverly Hills 90210")
They had the classic high-school romance: volatile, passionate, and doomed in the long run. But we were totally invested, and the moment they finally had sex was as good for us as it was for them.
SOAPnet's "100 Reasons We Love TV: Pt. 2

When Shannen Doherty said she was ending her acting run on the new "90210" to work on other projects, we didn't realize that meant unsolicited freelance writing for the new "90210." But sure enough, Brenda Walsh has been noodling over what the show should do about the Dylan McKay situation -- and she's got the answers, whether the "90210" staff wants them or not. Shannen told OK! magazine that Luke Perry "emphatically said no," to reprising his "90210" role despite learning that his character fathered Kelly Taylor's Steve Sanders-looking baby. BUT, she explains, it's no biggie. "[Kelly Taylor] can be a single mom. He's out of her life, maybe she goes and visits him and comes back and says 'I want to raise this child on my own.'"
Shannen Solves Dylan Dilemma By Megan Lynn on SOAPnet, September 26, 2008

Dylan McKay: Heroin Dylan chased the dragon to forget his troubles, but even that high could never chase away the dragon that haunted his dreams: Brenda.
Just Say No! :TV's Most Dazzling, Debaucherous Druggies

If she does return, that's also okay; gone are the days when Perry allegedly refused to work with her. He temporarily becomes a family therapist: "Yeah, there was a time when I kicked her dressing-room door off and said, 'Shan, let's fix things.' And we did. I can work with her fine now. I don't have to get Shannen out of my sight so I can work, no . If she bothers me the day she comes in and she's late, I let her have it. I think that's why Shannen and I have the relationship that we do."
Entertainment Weekly: March 11, 1994 "Luke Before He Leaps" By Lisa Schwarzbaum

''You want Brenda to have sex with Brandon's adorably broody pal Dylan (Perry)? All right — done! Oh, wait — you say that was going too far, too soon? Okay, forget that episode — they'll never do it again. Or at least they'll never talk about it in front of you. ''
TV Review, Entertainment Weekly, '92

Which character on Beverly Hills 90210 would you most want as a best friend?
1. Dylan (Luke Perry)
2. Brenda (Shannen Doherty)

''Pouting pays: Beverly Hills 90210 viewers would rather warm up to dour Dylan and brooding Brenda than eternally optimistic Brandon — though all three have a substantial edge over their West Beverly High pals. There's a marked gender gap here: Men are eager to trade sideburn-grooming tips with Dylan, while women would be happier hanging out with Brenda.''
1992 Entertainment Poll: TV


Bandits (DylanBrenda) #125: "You Stood By Him When No-One Else Did." - Iris
Bandits (DylanBrenda) #124: "One Of The Most Heartfelt Teen Love Affairs Ever To Be Illustrated On The Small Screen."
Bandits (DylanBrenda) #123: "With you the earth was a bed of grass, we slept in it like two seeds."
Bandits (DylanBrenda) #122: Because "I'd love to do scenes with Shannen again" - Luke
Bandits (DylanBrenda) #121: Because Shannen made Brenda and Dylan her TBT.
Bandits (DylanBrenda) #120: Because Luke's favourite couple on 90210 are DYLAN AND BRENDA!
Bandits (DylanBrenda) #119: Because they ARE the poetry of young romantics!
Bandits (DylanBrenda) #118: Because their first time was "the bang heard round the world!" - Rollingstone
Bandits (DylanBrenda) #117: Because they were "America's No. 1 couple, the subject of endless gossip and national fascination." - FHM
Bandits (DylanBrenda) #116: If Charles Rosin wrote the series finale, he "would have brought back Shannen and put Dylan and Brenda back together."
Bandits (DylanBrenda) #115 "This girl could bring out a heart of gold in a bad boy."
Bandits (DylanBrenda) #114: Because she wouldn't be just a girl he knew in highschool. "Not after everything."
Bandits (DylanBrenda) #113:Because They Both Had Fantasies of Marrying Each Other
Bandits (DylanBrenda) #112:In the end Dylan knows Brenda is kid tested, mother approved!
Bandits (DylanBrenda) # 111: "Dylan, stop talking and take off your clothes".
Bandits (DylanBrenda) # 110: You Know Your Couple Is The *Shiz* When Other Shows Mention Them.
Bandits (DylanBrenda ) # 100: One of the Greatest Love Stories To Ever Be Told.
Bandits (DylanBrenda ) # 99.9: "And you open your eyes into mine, And everything feels better."
Bandits (DylanBrenda ) # 99.8: Because their relationship is "far deeper than a box of memories."
Bandits (DylanBrenda ) # 99.7: Because "don't you know? I love you".
Bandits (DylanBrenda ) # 99.6: "Brenda and Dylan are an iconic couple." - Shannen Doherty
Bandits (DylanBrenda ) #99.5: Brenda and Dylan were THE couple of the ’90s.
Bandits (DylanBrenda ) #99.4: Because ain't over till its over.
Bandits (DylanBrenda ) #99.3: Because you've never been out of my mind.
Bandits (DylanBrenda ) #99.2: Because she shared her last scene with him.
Bandits (DylanBrenda ) #99.1: Because he surpassed anything he has ever known before since.
Bandits (DylanBrenda ) #99: Because he burns with the love that he lost when he lost her.
Bandits (DylanBrenda ) #98: "Your relationship with Dylan isn't over. This is just one moment in a very long lifetime."
Bandits (DylanBrenda ) #97: Because they found each other in a town of 15 million, if you include the outlying areas.
Bandits (DylanBrenda ) #96: Because everytime she calls, he comes running.
Bandits (DylanBrenda ) #95:"Don't get any ideas, ok? 'Cause you're taken." *kiss*
Bandits (DylanBrenda ) #94: Because "I still think you should be with Brenda"- Erica.
Bandits (DylanBrenda ) #93: Because they're everything you never experienced in highschool.
Bandits (DylanBrenda ) #92: Because I am never going to dance again the way I danced with you.
Bandits (DylanBrenda ) #91: Because they put bathroom meetings in the map!
Bandits (DylanBrenda ) #90: For never was a story of more woe, than this Brenda Walsh and her Romeo
Bandits (DylanBrenda ) #89: Because "they were supposed to be in Love Letters" - Mama Doherty
Bandits (DylanBrenda ) #88: Because when it comes to Brenda, he can move.
Bandits (DylanBrenda ) #87: Because he would drive all night to get her.
Bandits (DylanBrenda ) #86: Because their chemistry put censors into overload.
Bandits (DylanBrenda ) #85: "Please don't think I didn't care. I did. I do."
Bandits (DylanBrenda ) #84: "The hardest thing I ever had to do was try to stay away from you."
Bandits (DylanBrenda ) #83: Because he went to five hospitals looking for her.
Bandits (DylanBrenda ) #82: "You're making me all that I was meant to be."
Bandits (DylanBrenda ) #81: "It's Brenda. She's very important to me."
Bandits (DylanBrenda ) #80: "Love is not love, which alters, when alteration finds."
Bandits (DylanBrenda ) #79: Because one whiff of her hair made him believe again.
Bandits (DylanBrenda ) #78: Because "There's that voice I missed so much."
Bandits (DylanBrenda ) #77: "Bren, you don't have to convince me. I'm on your side."
Bandits (DylanBrenda ) #76: Because she gave him a better outlook on life and on himself.
Bandits (DylanBrenda ) #75: "I'm counting the steps to the door of your heart."
Bandits (DylanBrenda ) #74: "Time can't erase a feeling this strong."
Bandits (DylanBrenda ) #73: Because Brenda's performance gave Dylan goosebumps.
Bandits (DylanBrenda ) # 72: "Once Dylan's had a woman she stays had."- Luke Perry
Bandits (DylanBrenda ) # 71: Because he'll never give himself to another the way he gave it to her.
Bandits (DylanBrenda ) #70:: "They always used to bust me and Shannen on gropin' each other".- Luke Perry
Bandits (DylanBrenda ) #69: Because they redefined the gentle art of touching.
Bandits (DylanBrenda ) #68: "You're the only one I trust."
Bandits (DylanBrenda ) #67: "The notion always was that we were going to bring them back together."
Bandits (DylanBrenda ) #66: Because their love always bordered on criminal.
Bandits (DylanBrenda ) #65: Because Luke and Shannen understood the subtext.
Bandits (DylanBrenda ) #64: They did conceive that night at the dance: The teen soap.
Bandits (DylanBrenda ) #63: Because even in the darkest times, their love never wavered.
Bandits (DylanBrenda ) #62: Because they are the romance that launched a thousand imitations.
Bandits (DylanBrenda ) #61: Because they were always so subtle, yet so loud.
Bandits (DylanBrenda ) #60: Because they always go out with a bang, not a whimper!
Bandits (DylanBrenda ) #59: Because Brenda always did hang on. But Dylan didn't exactly let go.
Bandits (DylanBrenda ) #58: Because they did not judge each other. They enjoyed each other.
Bandits (DylanBrenda ) #57: Because the schoolyard was their bed of grass.
Bandits (DylanBrenda ) #56: Because they are worth a long distance phone call between Esma and Maria.
Bandits (DylanBrenda ) #55: Because "Trust me, they're meant for each other."
Bandits (DylanBrenda ) #54: Because it STILL isn't over.
Bandits (DylanBrenda ) #53: Their relationship may have been questioned, but their love wasn't.
Bandits (DylanBrenda ) #52: "I'd take another chance, take a fall, take a shot for you."
Bandits (DylanBrenda ) #51: Something always leads me back to you. It never takes too long.
Bandits (DylanBrenda ) #50: She may have been out of the picture, but never out of his heart.
Bandits (DylanBrenda ) #49: Because she loves his butt...urgh his bike.
Bandits (DylanBrenda ) #48: Because she treats his ribs so fine.
Bandits (DylanBrenda ) #47: Because Brenda hooked Dylan's sweatshirt...and his heart.
Bandits (DylanBrenda ) #46: Because they got out of the zip, didn't want to live by the code.
Bandits (DylanBrenda ) #45: Because she didn't have a goddess complex, that's why he adored her.
Bandits (DylanBrenda ) #44: Because "Whatever it takes to get you's worth it."
Bandits (DylanBrenda ) #43: Because they were each other´s strongest weakness.
Bandits (DylanBrenda ) #42: Because S4 DVD's are bringing our sexy BD back.
Bandits (DylanBrenda ) #41: Game of charades. Dylan pointing to his heart? Obvious answer: Brenda.
Bandits (DylanBrenda ) #40: Because they are together even when they are not together.
Bandits (DylanBrenda ) #39: Because EVERY GIRL wanted to go out with him, BUT he wanted JUST ONE.
Bandits (DylanBrenda ) #38: Because "It was easy... I believed in you.
Bandits (DylanBrenda ) #37: Because Dylan saved the last dance for her.
Bandits (DylanBrenda ) #36: They are both into literature. Having their own language of love.
Bandits (DylanBrenda ) #35: "It's hard to love him, but we sure do, don't we."
Bandits (DylanBrenda ) #34: Because they are the supercouple of 90210!
Bandits (DylanBrenda ) #33: Because meeting Brenda = End of loneliness.
Bandits (DylanBrenda ) #32: Because she was the first one who heard about the origin of his scars.
Bandits (DylanBrenda ) #31: Because he gave her his heart for Christmas!
Bandits (DylanBrenda ) #30: Because they were there for each other when no one else was.
Bandits (DylanBrenda ) #29: Because they were close friends. The closest.
Bandits (DylanBrenda ) #28: Because with her he could forget just about everything.
Bandits (DylanBrenda ) #27: First loves, Romeo & Juliet, Bonnie & Clyde, They're so meant to be.
Bandits (DylanBrenda ) #26: "Married with children? Well, hey, little lady, we'll take it one step at a time."
Bandits (DylanBrenda ) #25: "If there is somebody calling me she's the one."
Bandits (DylanBrenda ) #24: "I'd cheat destiny just to be near you."
Bandits (DylanBrenda ) #23: "Entwined...All that we are is defined by each other."
Bandits (DylanBrenda ) #22: "For all my life, I'll feel it."
Bandits (DylanBrenda ) #21: "Our love was so comfortable and so broken in."
Bandits (DylanBrenda ) #20: "It always comes around...back to you."
Bandits (DylanBrenda ) #19: "Baby, you're the only light I ever saw."
Bandits (DylanBrenda ) #18: "A place in time still belongs to us."
Bandits (DylanBrenda ) #17: "I'd give up forever to touch you."
Bandits (DylanBrenda ) #16: Because all roads lead back to them.
Bandits (DylanBrenda ) #15: Because no one made him smile like she did.
Bandits (DylanBrenda ) #14: Because she will always be his pretty woman.
Bandits (DylanBrenda ) #13: Because "Do you know how lucky we were to have found each other?"
Bandits (DylanBrenda ) #12: Because of them we learned how sassy classic music can be.
Bandits (DylanBrenda ) #11: Because even The Louisiana Purchase could turn them on.
Bandits (DylanBrenda ) #10: Because Don't Dream It's Over We Didn't Lose Our Religion.
Bandits (DylanBrenda ) #09: True love doesn't have a happy end, it never ends.
Bandits (DylanBrenda ) #08: Because they danced all night. Well not ALL night. *Raises Eyebrows*
Bandits (DylanBrenda ) #07: "Even an ocean between us, I will always love you."
Bandits (DylanBrenda ) #06: "We were so right when we were at our high."
Bandits (DylanBrenda ) #05: Because she's seen that look before, so has he.
Bandits (DylanBrenda ) #04: "Nobody stands between me and my man."
Bandits (DylanBrenda ) #03: Because he loved her more than he thought he'd ever love anybody.
Bandits (DylanBrenda ) #02: Because she will always be the great love of Dylan's life.
Bandits (DylanBrenda ) #01: Because the only one who could save him was a Walsh.

001. They are each other's first love.
002. Because their chemistry was there from the beginning.
003. Because even though he said he preferred blondes, he was checking Brenda out.
004. Because he always made eye contact when he told her loved her, something he didn't do with most of his love interests.
005. Because he actually told her he loved her, another thing he never did with most of his love interests.
006. Because he loved her more than he ever thought he could love anybody.
007. Because she would always love him and would never stop.
008. Because the way they got together was incredibly intense, classic and memorable.
009. Because his mom and sister were on 'Team Brenda'.
010. Because she tried to dye her hair blonde and looked hideous just to impress him.
011. Because even though her hair looked horrible, he flirted with her anyways, and took her to get it fixed.
012. Because "Hey...beautiful."
013. Because "Hey, handsome."
014. Because he spent most of season 4 with her.
015. Because they always stuck by and believed in each other.
016. Because she wouldn't be just a girl he knew in highschool. "Not after everything."
017. Because she sat next to him during his dad's funeral.
018. Because they were close friends after they broke up. "The closest."
019. Because they needed each other.
020. Because at one point in time she was the only one he trusted.
021. Because she professed her love to him during her last scene.
022. Because they had their own song.
023. Because Jason considered their first time was considered the most romantic thing ever done on show.
024. Because she gave him her virginity.
025. Because he went to her after his wife died.
026. Because he knew she didn't sleep with Roy because he knew her.
027. Because he was never afraid to show his vulnerability to her, which was something his rarely showed to the majority of his love interests.
028. Because she was happy for him getting married even though she still loved him.
029. Because he was a surrogate member of her family.
030. Because "" nough said.
031. Because their relationship was never just physical. He was there because he loved her.
032. Because their relationship went beyond and was 3 times more intense than a typical highschool, puppy love relationship.
033. Because she's his real soulmate.
034. Because we all know he didn't call her dorm from France just to wish her good luck.
035. Because even Kelly knew Brenda was the great love of his life. And said that they were "meant for each other."
036. Because she had a fantasy of marrying him.
037. Because he had a fantasy of being married to her.
038. Because she saved him from drinking and saved him from himself.
039. Because "Brenda, what am I gonna do without you?"
040. Because if he can't do it, who can?
041. Because "You can depend on me."
042. Because they would never forget Baja as long as they lived even though it set off the end of their relationship.
043. Because he was the hardest thing she ever had to try to stay away from.
044. Because "I have the best boyfriend in the world."
045. Because her family was the only one he had.
046. Because he always wanted to spend the holidays with her (Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween exc.)
047. Because they're the most iconic couple on the show.
048. Because people who spend their time reading Baudelaire and searching for Balsac's house just have to end up together.
049. Because they shared love for literature and movies.
050. Because he read a poem by Jack Grapes to her.
051. Because poetry reminds him of her.
052. Because for them, the earth was bed of grass and they slept in it like two seeds.
053. Because her mouth made everything possible.
054. Because with her, he was more than he was.
055. Because they burned with love they lost when they lost each other.
056. Because she was the first one who heard how he got his scarbrow.
057. Because she was the first who listened to him.
058. Because when her hormones got mad, he was the first to know!
059. Because Brenda didn't get a farewell party, but she had her own "party" with Dylan!
060. Because Mr. Walsh goes to Washington and Ms. Walsh goes back to Dylan's arms.
061. Because they were planned to have the original happy ending. And even though they didn't, the majority of fans still prefer them.

HipHopKingMike 12-19-2018 11:04 AM

TFTNT Gwen :)

Crystal Clear 12-19-2018 11:09 AM

You're welcome!

Wow, the OP is long. :lol: :thud:

Incredibly pretty, too. :angel:

By the way, the title is from the :read: 'Starcrossed' by Josephine Angelini

HipHopKingMike 12-19-2018 01:20 PM


The OP was very long. In fact they had 4 separate posts to cover the whole OP but I've managed to merge them all into one post without losing anything so it makes it easier for users in the future to open a new Bandits thread

Crystal Clear 12-19-2018 02:08 PM

That was very sensible of you, Mike :cheers:

OPs which stretch across more than one post can be very awkward to post :nod:

I remember back when people would reply to a new thread without realizing the OP still needed to be posted :lmao: :spank:

msstock87 12-19-2018 08:27 PM

The OP for them is beautiful. I have always felt nostalgic looking at it.

yulan 12-20-2018 01:16 AM



I remember back when people would reply to a new thread without realizing the OP still needed to be posted
Right, I did it a couple of times :D

Crystal Clear 12-20-2018 02:16 AM

^^ Agreed, the OP is lovely. Great use of pinks. :daisy:


Originally Posted by yulan (Post 95983624)
Right, I did it a couple of times :D


It was very confusing :rotfl: I think people still had dial-up connections back then, and so all these slow internet connections meant that people took up to an hour posting long OPs :thud:

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Very true. Internet in a box! :lmao:

Crystal Clear 12-20-2018 06:12 AM

:nod: Very accurate phrase from Mr David Silver!

I think this is the one scene in Season 3 after episode 2 that I actually liked Dylan again -

yulan 12-20-2018 06:24 AM

Eh, it was impossible not to feel bad for him there. :sad:

I love their reconnection, or an affirmation of their connection in that episode. Amazing.

Although I do not love It's a Totally Happening Life or a whole that phase, I love this scene:

HipHopKingMike 12-20-2018 06:35 AM


yulan 12-20-2018 06:40 AM

And I love this one even more:

HipHopKingMike 12-20-2018 06:45 AM


yulan 12-20-2018 06:46 AM

The way they look at each other, oh my :thud:

Shannen and Luke might have hated each other, but they had a great chemistry. Maybe precisely because of that.

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