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Anti-Kelly Taylor Thread

T h e 20th Anti-Kelly Taylor T h r e a d

Because enemies and boyfriends (who occasionally turned into enemies) were her biggest collections.

credit to: InsideOfLove

+ haters list +
01.) cartiergurl01
02.) -Miranda-
03.) Jordan23
04.) The truth hurts
05.) CharlieXScene
06.) yulan
07.) PiCkLeS4dAwSoN
08.) Leneoth
09.) Unfaithful
10.) SmashinglySweet
11.) GrhmLz
12.) Jadoo
13.) Browneyes1980
14.) Undeniable
15.) SweetGirl07
17.) sabriras
18.) angel_wings05
19.) *Dominique*
20.) ChiltonYale
21.) Swamy
22.) tweety78
23.) Romain
25.) charmingbrenda
26.) 4brathan&brucas
27.) claudypritz
28.) semmanclana
29.) CheEsecAKe&BRUCAS
30.) The.Rebel.
31.) ~carnival-heights~
32.) SmashinglySweet
33.) ric88
35.) lovder&mer
36.) brendadylan1984
37.) *Lucie*
38.) stormsoflife
39.) :Kat:
40.) Denise
41.) brendawalshrocks90210
42.) Leyton 4ever
43.) liltashaque
44.) NtnLilo
45.) Jilda
46.) genki
48.) Samii
49.) Musicchild
50.) Banana Pudding
51.) Leyton 4ever
52.) toxicgurl169
53.) nuzizister
54.) breaking silence
55.) Stacie18
56.) Ruby Slippers
57.) Caris leogirl (except for S1-2 and S7-8)
58.) awakeningjenny
59.) tinkerbell56
60.) WalaBridget
61.) donnaanddavidx3 (except for S1-2 and when she's with Brandon)
62.) ellen-cheerleaderx
63.) Nikkycoly
64.) MissSullivan

+ bitch!face of the moment +

+ reminders +
PBF (Perma Bitch Face)
Annoying baby talk
Squeaky/lispy voice
Permanent victim
Damsel in distress
Holier than thou attitude
Consistent cheater

+ nicknames +
Darth Taylor
Protected Panda
Smelly Tailbone
Captain Hook
BlondeNess Monster

+ quotes +
Steve: She is the biggest bitch at West Beverly High. I should know; I went out with her for a year. She's lousy in bed, she's got a nasty personality…

Donna (to Kelly): It must be tough having people around you that care.

Kelly: I'm sorry, okay? I’ve been a real bitch.
Donna: That's an understatement.

Kelly: Tell me something, do you get a rush out of testing yourself? Or is it just a test for your friends? Keep us on our toes.
Dylan: Yeah, that's right because it's all about you.
Kelly: I'd like to know what it is. Risking everything just to feel something.
Dylan: Look, just for the record, I didn't volunteer to go out playing Russian roulette, okay? I was sitting at home watching the tip-off of the Laker game when Noah got kidnapped.
Kelly: What?
Dylan: So I laid down a lot of cash and, oh, incidentally risked my life to get him back. And you know what? It wasn't fun, it wasn't sexy. I wouldn't try it at home, kids.
Kelly: Dylan, I had no idea.
Dylan: Oh, that's okay. The real bright spot was as my life flashed before my eyes, your lectures went a lot quicker.

Kelly: I feel like such a loser.
Brandon: You're not a loser.
Kelly: Don't say that- I am.

Kelly: Who am I to blame Valerie for sleeping around? Let she who has not sinned cast the first stone. I've sinned as much as anybody. I slept with my best friend's boyfriend. I slept with my boyfriend's best friend.

Matt: I said no.
Kelly: And you blamed me.
Matt: Let me tell you- my whole life I wait for my brother to reach out for me. And when he finally does- what do I do? I turn him away. Why? Because you asked me too.
Kelly: You act like I told you not to give him a kidney or something. They can find another donor; they can adopt.
Matt: He asked me for this. Like it or not, you are the reason he's not gonna get it. Unbelievable. You talk about responsibility. How 'bout you take some?

Kelly: Look, Dylan. I know we didn't have the easiest time together. But at least when you were sober, you had more dignity than the guy I found licking salt off the neck of a glorified hooker. What, did you do that to humiliate me? To pay me back for falling in love with someone else? Because if you did, it worked. I was humiliated.

Brandon: You told Darth Taylor?

Clare: I was so shocked when Toni called.
Kelly: I know. Doesn't that seem a bit pushy? When she hardly even knows us.
Donna: Oh, come on. She's just trying to be nice. You're just jealous because she likes Dylan.
Kelly: Am not.
Donna: Are too.
Kelly: Am not!

Kelly: I must be a glutton for punishment.

Clare: Oh, big tragedy. Kelly Taylor has to spend the night on Spartan sheets.
Kelly: I can rough it with the best of them. That's just not how this weekend was built.
Clare: Okay, I'll make sure there isn’t a little pee under your mattress, alright?

Donna: Why are you trying to ruin this for me?
Kelly: Somebody has to. Donna, you're just being stupid.

Donna: How dare you side with David after what he did to me?
Kelly: You know, I'm not siding with David. I'm just saying I can understand the kind of pressure he was under.
Donna: Oh, you would.
Kelly: What is that supposed to mean?
Donna: It means you're just like Ariel. You'll do whatever it takes to get the guy that you want.
Kelly: Get a life!
Donna: Yeah, I will. Just stay the hell out of mine, okay?

Kelly: I choose me.

Brandon: I've been busy this summer.
Dylan: Yeah, so's Kelly from what I hear.
Brandon: No kidding. I met the loser coming out of her bedroom this morning.
Dylan gives him a priceless expression.
Brandon: So much for I choose me.

Kelly: I can't believe that you and Brandon would ever actually came to blows. And all because of me.
Dylan: Yeah, you're just lucky Sanders was there. It would've gotten really nasty.
Kelly: Joke all you want, but I am flattered.

Colin: You know you're really a selfish bitch. You know that?

Brandon: Why are you mad at me?
Kelly: You don't know?
Brandon: No, I don't know.
Kelly: The night of the fire Brandon. I needed you and you weren't there. I can't forget that!
Brandon: I'm not asking you to forget it.
Kelly: You know, you always thought that I was mad because I thought you were off sleeping with Emily Valentine, but it wasn't it. It was you!
Brandon: Me?
Kelly: You. The person I needed most in this world was not there for me.
Brandon: You know what, Kelly? I have apologized to you about this until I was blue in the face. I can't change it, can I?
Kelly: No, you can't.

Jack: So, what do we have here? Typical California girl. Blonde, into the important things, like clothes, make-up, WAY too much make-up.

Andrea (about Kelly): Oh no, here comes Svengali.

Brandon: What's the matter, Kel? You don't approve?
Kelly: Don't let me stop you. It's all a little lame but have your fun.
Brandon: Oh wait, Kel. Come on back! Hang out with us guys. Oh, that's right! You don't like guys anymore!

David: Um…can I ask you a question? Does torturing him [Noah] make you feel better?
Kelly: A little, yeah.

Kelly: Brandon, I can help you win. I know everyone!
Donna: Or how to glom onto everyone, right?

Steve: She doesn't care about you! She may pretend to, but the only person that Kelly really cares about is herself.

Steve: Maybe Kelly Taylor can't have everything she wants.

Donna: Get off your high horse, Kelly.

Kelly: No, I don't want half of your jelly doughnut. I want my banana!

Kelly: I'm just a stupid blonde bitch who's not really worth it.

Kelly: Let's just say it's not enough that I'm happy. My enemies have to be miserable.

Kelly: In the fire, when the flames came through the door, everything stopped for me. I could hear my own thoughts, and I was thinking ‘Please God, don’t burn my face. Burn the other girl if I have to, but don’t burn me.’

Kelly: Finley hired me on as his research assistant.
Brandon: Great.
Kelly: I consider that a miracle after the meeting you had with him.
Brandon: You heard about that already, huh?
Kelly: Everybody has. What were you thinking?
Brandon: What was I thinking? Kelly, I got ambushed. As soon as the guy heard I talked to Dean Whitmore, the guy went crazy.
Kelly: Why would he do that?
Brandon: Because he’s paranoid.
Kelly: I would be too. You all stabbed him in the back.
Brandon: Wait a minute. Now I’m a member of ‘you all’?
Kelly: Brandon, you are as much a part of the CU establishment as any other extern.
Brandon: Extern? What is that? Finley speak?
Kelly: Yeah, it’s his word for people that don’t have a clue. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some phone calls to make.
Brandon: Hold on a minute. You’re the one who wanted me to talk to the dean in the first place. You gotta start taking some responsibility here.

Brandon: You know, Kelly. I did have a life before you.

Brandon: You know Kel, if I’m such a bad person then don’t move in with me.

Donna: Okay, truthfully- you don’t have letters, pictures of old boyfriends?
Kelly: I don’t know. Maybe- somewhere.
Donna: Dylan?
Kelly: Now that is different. We were special.

+ reasons +
01. Because she's no saint as almost everyone treated her.
02. Because she was the most selfish and bitchiest character on the show.
03. Because her selfishness was her most consistent personality trait throughout the show's run.
04. Because everything was and always had to be all about her.
05. Because, when questioning Kelly’s attitude or problem with someone, there’s always a simple answer: "Kelly’s a bitch."
06. Because she highlighted Brenda’s hair and when it came out hideous, instead of apologizing to her, she walked away and snickered.
07. Because she hit on Dylan right after he got with Brenda.
08. Because she called her best friend dumb.
09. Because she made her mom's wedding and pregnancy all about her feelings.
10. Because she was bitchy to David even when he was helping her or looking out for her.
11. Because she cheated with her best friend's boyfriend, and lied to said best friend about it for months while "innocently" fighting about it.
12. Because she chose a relationship with Dylan over her friendship with Brenda.
13. Because she had the audacity to act offended about Brenda calling her a bimbo when she went out with Dylan a day after D/B broke up.
14. Because she told Brenda not to shut her out after she betrayed her.
15. Because she cheated with her best friend's boyfriend, then cheated on him with his best friend, who happened to be the twin brother of the best friend she stole the boyfriend from.
16. Because "I choose me." Enough said.
17. Because of her petty, unjustified, and infuriating jealousy/hypocrisy.
18. Because she made Dylan's dad's funeral all about her.
19. Because she didn't really choose herself. She chose Colin.
20. Because tried to change Dylan instead of accepting him.
21. Because she couldn't handle Dylan at his worst.
22. Because hypocritical****tyjudgmentalbitch is her middle name.
23. Because she picked a fight with Dylan during Thanksgiving at the Walsh's just because he went there instead of her house for the holiday.
24. Because of the bitchy gleam she had in her eye when she met Valerie.
25. Because she judged David and blabbed to almost everyone in the group about his drug addiction.
26. Because she was jealous of Dylan's new found family taking up his attention instead of being happy for him that he finally had a family.
27. Because instead of trying to work out her problems with Dylan, she cheats on him with Brandon.
28. Because she judged Valerie for two-timing Steve with Dylan when she did the same thing more than once.
29. Because she still referred to Dylan as her boyfriend when she was with Brandon.
30. Because she called Dylan a bastard when he was in a coma.
31. Because Kelly was bitchy to Valerie when she asked to use her notes, and then was insincere when she apologized.
32. Because she snitched on Valerie when she found out she was smoking pot.
33. Because she cheated on both Brandon and Dylan with each other.
34. Because she went out with Dylan less than 24 hours after he and Brenda split up, and jumped into bed with Brandon less than a week after she and Dylan broke up.
35. Because when she was burned in the fire, all she could think about was saving her looks instead of saving her life.
36. Because she wished for Allison to get burned in the fire instead of her.
37. Because of her God awful cult storyline.
38. Because whenever she's a victim everyone fawns all around her instead of certain other characters who might have been victimized even worse (*cough* Valerie and Gina *).
39. Because she was jealous whenever any of her exes moved on even though she might have been doing the same.
40. Because every guy she dates has to pine after her for long periods of time.
41. Because she didn't even apologize to Valerie for her psycho friend Tara vandalizing her car when she found out it was her who did it.
42. Because of how she told off Dylan for not considering her feelings about getting engaged to someone else after she had chosen herself.
43. Because she only decided to be the bigger person with Valerie after she found out she was sexually abused by her father.
44. Because, most of the time, the majority of the characters never called her on her crap. And, if they did, she would always make up some self-righteous excuse.
45. Because of how she immaturely modeled her wedding dress for Brandon to show him what he could have had after their almost-wedding.
46. Because of her God awful, too short haircut in Season 8.
47. Because her apology to Gina about sleeping with her boyfriend was incredibly insincere.
48. Because Kelly wanted to kill Valerie when she went out with Colin even though she broke up with him, he pursued Valerie, and she didn't owe Kelly sh/t.
49. Because she instigated all of her rivalries with Brenda, Valerie, and Gina.
50. Because Gina got kicked out when she talked publicly about her rape, but no one stuck up for Gina when she was indirectly blamed by Kelly for her father’s death.
51. Because of her "soul searching" walks on the beach.
52. Because of only being there for Dylan during his addiction's when it was convenient.
53. Because of her blinding Perma!BitchFace!
54. Because she made Matt being a surrogate for his brother all about her.
55. Because Kelly had the audacity to ask Gina to her face if it was her fault her father died.
56. Because she was committed to Matt, but while with him, proposed to Dylan and contemplated them having a relationship.

+ past threads +
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McBitchy (A-KT) #3: "I choose me." Enough said.
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+ some of her victims +

+ brenda +

Kelly: Well, we all have our crosses to bear.
Brenda: Or our legs to uncross.

Kelly: Brenda, how can you wear that costume?
Brenda: Well, Kelly, you put one arm through one sleeve and one through the other.
Cue Kelly looking owned.

Kelly: I am not a bimbo, okay?
Brenda: Whatever you say, Kelly. But I was always taught that if it looks like a duck and walks like a duck…
Kelly: Go to hell.

Brenda: I have no desire to spend my free time with that lying, conniving you-know-what.

Kelly: Brenda, I know I was a bitch right when you needed me the most and I really feel bad.
Brenda: Good.

Kelly: Coach all you want. It’s a free country.
Steve: Well, not according to Brenda.
Kelly: I know. She acts like she has some special claim on the lead.
Steve: Which is ridiculous when you consider the fact that Laura's the one with the resume.
Kelly: Unlike me you mean.
Dylan: That is not what he said, Kel.

Brenda (about Kelly): Yeah, she pretends to be your friend.

Brenda: No time for socializing.
Donna: You mean, no time for socializing with Kelly.
Brenda: You said it, I didn’t. Although she did hit an all time low when she pulled out her lost child of an alcoholic act at rehearsal. She was crying so hard, I thought we were all gonna drown.
Donna: Yeah, well, it must have been pretty painful for her.
Brenda: Yeah, it really hurts being the director's favorite.

Kelly: Every time you call, he runs. Whether it's Palms Springs in the middle of the night or jail, he runs! He's not your boyfriend anymore!
Brenda: And obviously you’re not my friend anymore.

Kelly: This has to be the most idiotic thing that Brenda's ever done.

Kelly: I don’t wanna be great at it. I wanna forget about it. Crying on cue is not my idea of a good time.
Donna: Then why are doing it? I mean, it’s just a college play.
Kelly: I don’t know. Maybe the only reason that I’m hanging on is because Brenda told me I should forget about it.
Donna: So it is Brenda.
Kelly: And when Dylan sides with her, it drives me crazy.
Donna: Well, no one said you had to be a martyr. Just back off World War III.
Kelly: Hey, I’m not the one who came howling in here.
Donna: Look, Brenda is not a threat to you. It’s more like the other way around.
Kelly: That’s the way you see it.
Donna: No, actually that’s the way she sees it. She told me. She says she's still screwed up about losing Dylan to you. And now with the play- I mean, think about it. Who's under attack?

+ valerie +

Valerie: He came by here to tell you he still loved you, didn’t he?
Kelly: I don’t have to answer that. I don’t have to answer anything you ask me!
Valerie: Kelly believe me, you’re the last person I’d come to for help. I may loose my club. I may loose everything I’ve worked for. Please if you know anything...
Kelly: I hope he runs and runs.

Nat: He’s a snake.
Kelly: Well, you ought to get along with him just fine Valerie.

Valerie: She doesn’t care about anybody, but herself.
Kelly: I certainly don’t care about you, Valerie.

Kelly: Poor Valerie- alone again.
Valerie: Don’t worry Kel. I was just thinking I’ll wait for your new guy and go after him.

Valerie: Poor Steve.
Brandon: He told you, huh?
Valerie: Yeah, more than I wanted to hear. Let’s face it, if he wouldn’t have spread those rumors about Kelly somebody would’ve.

Kelly: Valerie’s a bitch.

Valerie: I can’t think of anyone else who wants me dead except you.
Kelly: You’re crazy and you’re paranoid.
Valerie: Yeah, right. Like you haven’t had it in for me since I took Colin away from you.
Kelly: You did not steal Colin. I dumped him and you were the only one low enough for him to crawl to.
Valerie: You’re a bitch, you know that?

Kelly: You really know how to fix things, don’t you, Val? Wherever you go, a disaster seems to follow right behind.

Valerie (about Kelly): She seems to be enjoying my suffering just a little too much.

Valerie: Well, ladies I gotta get back to work.
Kelly: Her pimp must have paged her.

Kelly: Valerie, you are a class act. At least, you return the things you steal. I need you to come over to the Walsh house later.
Valerie: What you replace your key or lost it in the divorce?

Kelly (reading Valerie’s card): I love you Brandon. Like a sister so when I tell you marrying Kelly is a bad idea-
Valerie: Uh, you might wanna give me that.
Kelly: I’m saying it for your own good. You should want more.
Valerie: I’m sorry I said that.
Kelly: So you gave Brandon the idea to call off the wedding.
Valerie: No. I didn’t. I didn’t. He just wanted my…opinion.
Kelly: Valerie, you are such a bitch.
Valerie: Well, let me explain.
Kelly: Don’t even try.

Kelly (about Valerie): I hate her so much.

David: Well, she’s pretty hurt. Everyone’s abandoning her and you seem to be the ring leader.
Kelly: Poor Valerie. Always the victim, right?
David: Well, kicking her around isn’t gonna help anything.
Kelly: Don’t defend her.
David: I’m not. You don’t understand.
Kelly: That she’s completely damaged and inhuman. Yes, I understand David.
David: But you don’t understand why.
Kelly: And I don’t want to.

Kelly: I talked to Kelly and he told me everything about your father.
Valerie: So you stocked up on pity and decided to bring some over? Look for another charity case. It’s not gonna be me.
Kelly: This is not about pity, Valerie.
Valerie: Whatever it is, I don’t need it. And I certainly don’t need you.
Kelly: What you do need is a friend. And I’m really trying to be one here.
Valerie walks to the door and opens it.
Valerie: Goodbye.
Kelly: I’m not leaving until you agree to let me help with dinner.
Valerie grabs the turkey and throws it out.
Valerie: What dinner? Just go.
Kelly: Fine.
Kelly walks out of the house.
Valerie: Don’t trip over the bird on your way out.
Valerie slams the door.

Valerie: You know, when Brandon told me you were hard on new people, I didn’t take him seriously enough. You’re dangerous.

Valerie: Just get off my case.
Kelly: You know Valerie, one of these days your insidious little personality disorders can get you in big trouble. I just hope I’m around to enjoy it.

Valerie: So have you talked to Brandon lately?
Kelly: That’s none of your business.
Valerie: He seemed like he was in a really good mood this morning. Happy. You know, like a huge burden had been lifted off of him.

Valerie: How long are you three saints gonna beat this dead horse? Forgive me for I have sinned, okay?
Kelly: Yeah, you have.
Valerie: Excuse me miss holier than though, didn’t I hear about a little summer sublet with Dylan while Brenda was across the pond?
Kelly: You don’t know what you’re talking about.

Valerie (about Kelly): Well, the queen sure likes her subjects to grovel.

Valerie (about Kelly): God, I hate her.

Valerie (to Kelly): God, I hate you.

Kelly (to Valerie): You are such a bitch.

Brandon: Wait a second? Are you saying that Kelly was high?
Valerie: I don't think it, I know it.
Brandon shakes his head.
Brandon: You know? You're just like everyone else. You can't believe that little miss perfect can do anything wrong.

Kelly: You know, I am really trying not to be mad at you for letting her stay.
Brandon: You know Kel, it is possible that Val’s the victim here.

Kelly (on Valerie): But everytime I close my eyes I can see him kissing her ad it tears me up inside. You know what it makes me want to do?
Tara: A big fat line?
Kelly: No. It makes me want to kill her.

Valerie: I didn’t realize you were back.
Kelly: Sorry to disappoint you.
Valerie: So, have you seen Brandon?
Kelly: Oh, yes.
Valerie: How 'bout Dylan?
Kelly: I can see you haven’t changed this summer, Valerie.
Valerie: Meaning?
Kelly: I have. The gloves are off. Watch out.
Valerie: Ooh, I’m quaking.
Kelly: Good. I’m not playing anymore. Not with you anyway.

Valerie: Kelly- beautiful, smart, blah, blah, blah. Everybody loves her. Well, maybe not everybody. It’s funny when you think about everything that she has. You know, I think Brandon’s always loved her. Even before they started going out. She yawns and happens to flash some teeth and guys think she’s smiling and just kind of fall to her feet. She said a lot of things that destroyed me, but nobody calls her a bitch. Because she’s being constructive in her criticism. People say I hate her. I don’t, but she bugs me.

Valerie: Who cares what Kelly thinks?

Valerie: Carbon monoxide, toxic fumes- that’s Kelly.

Valerie: Clare, lets face it okay. I mean, if Kelly was here, I wouldn’t be. I mean, I’m not blaming you guys, I know how vindictive she could be.

Valerie (to Donna): Well, you’re a better friend than she is.

Valerie: You know, I can’t believe you wrote those things about them in your journal. You’re supposed to be best friends, Kelly.
Kelly: So you did this? When you stayed in my room, you read my journal?!
Valerie: Well, if you had a better selection of books, maybe I wouldn’t of. No, come to think of it- I would’ve. It was pretty juicy; very impressive.
Kelly: It’s not enough that Clare and Donna like you; they have to hate me. Is that it?
Valerie: Well, it’s just icing on the cake.

Kelly: Valerie does not need people. She uses people.

Valerie: You’d really like to see me fall apart right now, wouldn’t you?
Kelly: Well, it would be nice to know you are human.

Valerie: She’s the kind of woman you gotta watch out for in this town?
Rob: And what kind’s that?
Valerie: Uh, blond, sweet smile, fangs well hidden.

Valerie (about Kelly): Don’t buy into her sweet act, okay? She knows how to put a dagger between the shoulder blades, alright? Believe me- she’s been waiting to make her move.

Valerie: How do you know Kelly really loves you?
Brandon: That’s a chance I’m willing to take.
Valerie: She’s gonna burn you. She’s done it before and she’ll do it again.

Valerie: Did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed? The side without a man?
Kelly: Don’t do this. I’m warning you.
Valerie: I understand. I’m not having a great day myself. Didn’t sleep much last night.
Kelly: You know, I don’t remotely care about what you’re talking about.
Valerie: You know, I don't think Brandon or Tracey slept much either.
Kelly: Why do you do this?
Valerie: For fun. Hope your day improves. Mine has.

Valerie (to Tom): You think she's so great. You think she's interested in you. Kelly and I go back a long way. She hates me as much as I hate her.

Donna: Kel, you know how much Valerie likes Tom, and I- I don’t know, but it seems a little beneath you to romance him just to spite her.
Kelly: That was what I was doing in the beginning, but now I really like the guy.
Donna: Well, is it worth tearing Valerie up to find out for sure?
Kelly: Worth it? Donna, it is icing on the cake.

Kelly: Valerie should come with a warning label.
Brandon: Broken record, Kel.

Valerie: Who cares what Kelly thinks?

Valerie: Well, I know what I'm getting you; a new personality.
Kelly: Merry Christmas to you too.

Valerie: You know, I should just buy Kelly some kitty litter and be done with it.
Tracy: You guys got a really good hate going, don't you?
Valerie: Well, it's taken years to perfect.

Valerie: Why don’t we go check out the hardware section. See if there’s any broomstick’s on sale?

Tracy: Maybe that should be your New Years resolution.
Valerie: Nope. Already got one.
Brandon: Let me guess. Make Kelly’s life as miserable as possible.
Valerie: You know me too well.

Kelly: You do so much lying, you don’t even know what it’s like to tell the truth anymore.
Valerie: No, you just can't deal with how close Brandon and I are.
Kelly: No, I think you got that a little backwards. It’s you that can’t deal with me and Brandon.
Valerie: Then why are you trying to take away the only family I have left?
Kelly: First, he’s your lover and now, he’s your family. I think you have that confused there. Those two things don’t go together.
Valerie: Get out.
Kelly: With pleasure.

Valerie: What are you watching?
Kelly: Heidi.
Valerie: What is she, your hero?
Kelly: No, I think you have her confused with your hero- Heidi Fleiss.
Valerie: No, I don’t admire anybody that gets caught.
Kelly: Oh, really? I would’ve thought you'd admire anybody that got paid for what you give away.
Valerie: You know Kelly, I'm sick of your good girl act, okay? Everybody knows that you're 10 times the tramp I was.
Brandon: No. No, I didn’t tell her. I think she’s sorry and I think she’s suffered enough.
Kelly: And what makes that your decision?
Brandon: Kel, it’s graduation weekend. Can’t we just let thing’s ride?
Kelly: Maybe you can, but I can’t. I can’t believe you’re raking her side again. Brandon, do you want me to move in with you or not?!
Kelly: Well, then Valerie has got to go. You have to tell her once and for all that she has to move out of this house.

Brandon: Guess who I talked to this morning?
Kelly: Valerie’s mom.
Brandon: And yes- she did know about Valerie’s little jaunt to Jamaica. What she couldn’t figure out is why I was calling her to ask her if she knew.
Kelly: Oh well.
Brandon: Oh well is all you have to say. Oh well?
Kelly: What do you want me to say?
Brandon: I don’t know. You were right Brandon. I was wrong about Valerie.
Kelly: No. I was wrong about Jamaica. I still don’t trust Valerie.
Brandon: What has she ever done to you?
Kelly: She doesn’t have to do anything.
Valerie walks into the kitchen.
Valerie: Can I borrow your abnormal psyche notes?
Kelly: I thought you dropped that course.
Valerie: Only in spirit.
Kelly: But you haven’t shown up all semester.
Valerie: Sure I have. I only missed a couple classes. Look it will really help me out.
Kelly: Look Valerie, I work my butt off in that class. Why should I got out of my way for someone who doesn’t even bother to show up.
Valerie: I didn’t think it was that big of a deal.
Kelly: Well, it is.
Brandon: Kel-
Valerie: Look, I’m sorry you asked.
Brandon: You know what? You really go out of your way to be mean to her.
Kelly: I can’t believe you. She uses people and you know it.
Brandon: Come on, Kelly. If Donna asked, you’d help her or me. You’d let me shared your notes.
Kelly: You guys got to class.
Brandon: So does she.
Kelly: Brandon, Valerie is a liar and a user. The sooner you wise up, the better off we’ll all be.

Kelly: Look, I’m trying to say I’m sorry. I know I’ve been a bitch. I owe you one.
Valerie: Yeah, you do. But one of these days- I’ll collect.

Valerie: You know, I wasn’t gonna go to the workshop, but now that you are, it might be kind of fun.
Kelly: It was gonna be.
Brandon: Kelly, you said you’d start being nicer to her.
Kelly: Yeah, I know, I know. But a whole day of Valerie?

Valerie: Nat, c’mon. She’s trying to kick me out of my own home.
Nat: Well, it’s unfortunate, but if she’s gonna be spending that much time there with Brandon then you can see her point, can’t you?
Valerie: No! I was there first. God, I hate this. Everybody is always taking her side.

Valerie: Speak of the devil.
Kelly: Hello, Val.

Brandon: Maybe tonight we should think about the things we have to be grateful for.
Kelly: Like a Valerie free environment.

Kelly (to Valerie): Can’t we have just one day without her making us insane.

Kelly (about Valerie): She is determined to ruin any happy occasion she can.

Donna: Valerie. What is the deal with Valerie? Why are David and Steve treating her with kid gloves?
Kelly: That’s probably because Brandon told them if they don’t she’ll crack, which is a crock.

Valerie: Oh, it’s Martha Stewart coming down from homemaker heaven.
Kelly: Don’t you have a job to get fired from Valerie?

Valerie: I swear, Kelly. If you tell anybody about this-
Kelly: Valerie, why would I tell anybody that a good friend of mine sprays cheap perfume on passing strangers for a living?

Valerie: Let’s face it. Kelly’s not gonna be satisfied until she has the whole clique against me. And you know why, right?
Brandon shakes his head.
Valerie: When I moved here- before I knew you guys were together- I confided in her, and told her that by the end of year my goal was to have you to look at me and not think of your sister.

Kelly: I wouldn’t put it past Valerie to mix business with pleasure.

Valerie: You know, we should call you the terminator. I mean, who else could knock out two guys with one shot.

Valerie: I thought you were just clean from Hurricane Kelly.

+ gina +

Kelly: Was he supposed to exercise?
Gina: Meaning?
Kelly: I was just wondering what the physician said, that’s all.

David: A man died and you were there. Some people are wondering if something else could’ve been done.
Gina: A man died. He was my father and the people who are wondering are Felice and Kelly and everyone else who blames me for his death.

Kelly: Do you need a license to be a personal trainer?
Matt: Kelly.
Kelly: I’m just asking.
Matt: I know what you’re asking.

Kelly: We?
Dylan: Me and Gina.
Kelly: Well, she didn’t grieve long.
Dylan: Hey, don’t do that.

Gina: Fake bitch!

Kelly: I would like the chance to explain, and I’m sure there are some things that you would like to say to me.
Gina: Yeah…there are some things that I would like to say to you.
Gina picks up a lipstick and writes “****” on the bathroom mirror. Then, she sobs and walks out of the room.

Gina: Maybe we should start labeling our things. Mine, yours. That was probably the confusion you had about Dylan.

Kelly: Maybe controlling your pain.
Gina: Like the pain that I feel because I found out my boyfriend slept with another girl in Mexico.
Kelly: I am not going to apologize for that again.

+ hate game +
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+ arts +

credit to: ~carnival-heights~

credit to: sarah01

+ avatars +

credit to: Caris leogirl

+ animation +

credit to: ~carnival-heights~

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YAY for new thread!

Back to the continuation of the St. Kelly elevation. It was such total bull****, and I hate how it was "difficult" for Kelly to make her "choice" while whenever Val was two timing it was like she was the devil incarnate. Soooooo annoying. Further have to say that Kelly having the "golden vajajay of love" angle - that every man (and woman, if you include Allison) just fell in love with her and had to have her - was also extremely lame because she was not especially sexy. Certainly not sexy in the way Val, or even Brenda was. And no, I don't talk about the looks, I know it's not allowed but it's also irrelevant. Sexuality is totally about personality. Kelly's wasn't sexy at all.

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Kelly having the "golden vajajay of love" angle

I never found Kelly to be particularly sexy. Then again, baby voice and perpetual BF aren't exactly known as turn-ons.

Let me know if you guys want a new POTM.
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TFTNT. Esma, that is so irritating. I don't get what was so appealing about her that made every guy,
and occasionally girls, worship the ground she walked on. When Kelly tried to be sexy she was just so over the top.
It wasn't natural. And you're right, sexuality is all about personality. Oh, and I'm not on the list! Can you add me, please?
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new thread!!

thanksss shhaannttiiii

amy and ricky <3
i want you. now and forever.

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I borrowed that "vajajay" phrase from someone

New POTM would be nice. She gave us too many PBFs to ignore them

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There are lots of PBF to choose from.
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YAY new thread, let the bitch fest continue
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Dylan Bren
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Found something that made me log in just to post it... Contributing to recent "Saint Kelly's halo" discussion...


Avi credits: QTPie41184
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That's a great contribution, thanks!
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LMAO. Loves it!

Back to the continuation of the St. Kelly elevation. It was such total bull****, and I hate how it was "difficult" for Kelly to make her "choice" while whenever Val was two timing it was like she was the devil incarnate. Soooooo annoying.
I just loved how Valerie stuck her nose in the situation and let poor Brandon know about the DK bullsh/t that was going down. Hehe. It didn't change anything, but thank god for her.
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omg! thats hystericalll

amy and ricky <3
i want you. now and forever.

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ugh ^^^ those pictures scream bad breath and too much nyquil.

this wh0re is really grinding my gears while im watching season 9. she is soooo beyond rude to Gina. I wish Brenda would have beat the hell outta her.
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Saint Barbie picture? Priceless!

That's what Kelly'd like to have, her own cult. Didn't she join one and nothing could stop her "evolution" to saint afterwards?

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