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crazy_diamond 03-09-2010 04:55 AM

William Adama/Saul Tigh Friendship #5: Eddie and Michael are Convention Kings!
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made by Imagine*

Adama: Saul, take personal command of the DC units.
Tigh: (Looks incredulous) Me?
Lt. Felix Gaeta: (to Adama) Sir, the stern thruster's still locked open. We need you.
Adama: (Still to Tigh) You're either the XO, or you're not.

Adama: (watching Dualla and Keikeya flirting across the bridge) They better start having babies.
Tigh: Is that an order?

Adama: We're in a shooting war. We need something to shoot.
Tigh: I'll start checking munitions depots.

Tigh: Oh, couple'a hours rack time does sounds awfully sweet right about now.
Adama: You deserve it.
Tigh: Like hell. Truth is, all this has me feeling... well, more alive than I have in years.
Adama: You look that way too. It's good to see you without the cup in your hand.
Tigh: Ehh, don't start.
Adama: But I know there's a whole lot of people aboard this ship that wish you weren't feeling as good as you are.
Tigh: If the crew doesn't hate the XO then he's not doing his job. Besides, gotta make the old man look good.
Adama: I always look good.
Tigh: Did you look in the mirror?
Adama: Seriously...
Tigh: Sir.
Adama: It's one thing to push the crew, it's another thing to break 'em.
S1 E1 '33',

Adama: Months on the run, and what do we have to show for it? Casualties. Deteriorating conditions.
Tigh: This crew needs a rest.
Adama: It's finally hitting them, Saul. Our old lives are gone. The only thing we have to look forward to is this.
S2 E9 'Flight Of The Phoenix' '

Tigh: You know, if people knew how much you've relied on that thing's so called intelligence, they'd be scared out of their wits.
Adama: What about you, Saul? Are you afraid of her?
Tigh: You know, the truth is I don't like the way it's gotten under your skin.
S2 E16 'Sacrifice'

Adama: You did it. You brought 'em home.
Tigh : Not all of them.
Adama: I'm sorry.
S3 E4 'Exodus Part II'

(Tigh knocks on Adama's door.)
Adama: Come in. (They stare at each other for a bit.)
Tigh: I heard you won a medal.
Adama: Yeah. They give 'em out for anything these days. Good behavior, attendance, playing well with others.
(He finally looks Tigh in the eye.)
Adama: I need you back in the CIC. It just ain't the same without you in there intimidating the inmates.
Tigh: No. No no no. That's not what I came here to talk to you about.
Adama: Okay. So why are you here?
Tigh: I don't know. Nothing.
Adama: You wanna tell me what happened to Ellen?
Tigh sighs: I could use a drink.
Adama: Me too.
(They sit down and begin to talk over drinks.)
S3 E8 'Hero'

Tigh: The last batch of passengers kicked up some trouble. Yeh - you get these people to the other side and they think there's a diner and a chef waiting to take their order.
Adama: When are they gonna learn? They gotta process the thing first, for frak's sake.
Tigh: Try telling that to a bunch of empty stomachs.
Adama: I hear they're still eating paper. Is that true?
Tigh: No. Paper shortage.
(Both begin laughing hysterically)
Adama: Not a good sign.
S3 E10 'The Passage'

Galactica Corridor
Adama: The weapons hold. How the frak did you see that?
Tigh: To be absolutely honest with you, Bill... I didn't. What can I say? We got lucky.
Adama: Well, let's get a Raptor up to those coordinates that that Cylon gave us. Maybe we can get lucky again.
Tigh: (leaving) Sir.
Adama: Tigh? Thank you.
(Saul nods.)
S4 E7 'Guess Who's Coming To Dinner

Tigh: "Who the hell do you think you are hitting a one eyed man?"
Adama: "For a one eyed man you got one hell of a punch. I think you loosened my bridge."
S4 E8 'Sine Qua Non' (deleted scene)

Tigh: This is a frakking joke.
Adama: You're the only man I can trust to command this ship.
Tigh: Well, maybe you're crazy enough to pull a stunt like this, but you can't be crazy enough to leave me in charge. In case you forgot, my last term at the helm was a complete disaster.
Adama: That was a long time ago. You're not the same man you were. You're not even the same man that came back from New Caprica. You've found out a lot about yourself, been tested in ways I can barely begin to imagine. You're ready. Besides, don't count on this being permanent.
Tigh: What if it is?
Adama: (handing off his Admiral's wings) Put these on. Then you lead the people to Earth, the best way you can. The Fleet has stayed here too long already.
Tigh: (pacing) Any other last orders?
Adama: Just one. Give Athena back her daughter. She needs her family. We all need our family. Take care of this one.
(They embrace.)
S4 E8 'Sine Qua Non'

Adama: Ah, Ellen. Yeah, you know, Ellen was smarter than I gave her credit for.
Tigh: Don't go there, Bill.
Adama: Smarter than me. She knew from the beginning that there was something wrong with you.
Tigh: What?
Adama: That's why she went around frakking half the Colonial fleet.
Tigh: Shut your mouth!
Adama: Searchin' out, tryin' to find a man who had real blood in his main vein.
Tigh: Shut your frakking mouth!
Adama: She came on to me once. Like a dog in heat. I could smell. I could smell it. She smelled so good.
(Tigh puts a gun to Adama's head)
Adama: Go on, do it. Do it. Do it! (puts a gun to his own temple) Or I will. Go on! Go on! Do it. Go on.
Tigh: Oh my Gods. That's why you came here. To do this. You haven't got the frakking guts to do it yourself. (removes ammo from gun) I'm sorry, Bill. This is one time I can't help you.
S4 E11 'Sometimes A Great Notion'

Adama: Colonel, you go with them.
Tigh: Come too far to walk out on you now Bill.
S4 E13 'The Oath'

Tigh: (Adama is watching the cylons plug Samuel Anders into Galactica's systems) "You know, it's still not too late to flush 'em all out the airlock"
Adama: "It'd take too long."
S4 E20 'Daybreak part II'

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