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Leaders In Love (William Adama/Laura Roslin) #11: Laura got to Taste the Man who stole her Heart and shared her Soul

Welcome to the 11th William 'Bill' Adama ♥ Laura Roslin Appreciation Thread

made by chasin' the wind

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made by Brilliant Disguise

  1. Because they trust each other
  2. Because they danced together
  3. Because they got stoned together
  4. Because they love each other
  5. Because they miss each other
  6. Because they are there for each other
  7. Because they kissed
  8. Because they share a love of books
  9. Because he left the fleet to find her
  10. Because she knows what is best for him
  11. Because they find an inner peace when they are with each other
  12. Because they make each other laugh
  13. Because they are each other's soulmate
  14. Because they are addicted to each other
  15. Because he sang to her
  16. Because they got high together
  17. Because they have their own song
  18. Because they joined hearts
  19. Because you would be a fool to cross them
  20. Because Ronald D. Moore is a shipper
  21. Because one cannot live without the other
  22. Because they are each other's strength and weakness
  23. Because they are husband and wife
  24. Because they made love
  25. Because she wanted him to live his life
  26. Because their chemistry is Hotter than Hot
  27. They kissed in front of the crew

made by chasin' the wind

Adama: You would rather that we run?
Roslin: Yes! Absolutely! That is the only sane thing to do here - exactly that, run. We leave this solar system and never look back.
Adama: You can run if you'd like. This ship will stand and it will fight.
Roslin: I'm going to be straight with you here. The human race is about to be wiped out. We have fifty thousand people left and that's it. Now, if we are even going to survive as a species, then we need to get the hell out of here and we need to start having babies!
Miniseries, Part 2

Adama: Please excuse me for keeping you waiting. I was called in the engine room, it'll just take a moment.
Roslin: It's all right. Some time I'd like to borrow a book or two. I only brought one with me on the flight to Galactica.
Adama: What book?
Roslin: "A Murder on Picon." I have a weakness for mysteries.
Adama: Ever read "Dark Day"?
Roslin: Edward Prima. I am embarrassed to say it's one of those classics I've never gotten around to reading.
Adama: I think you'll enjoy it. (hands it to her)
Roslin: Thank you. It may be a while before I get this back to you.
Adama: It's a gift. Never lend books.
Roslin: Well, then, thank you for the gift.
(She smiles. He leaves)
S1 E2 'Water'

Adama: Madame President, good evening.
Roslin: I thought you hated these things.
Adama: It's colonial day, where else would I be? I'm a patriot.
Roslin: You really are, aren't you?
Adama: Doctor ... interesting choice.
Roslin: I figured, the devil you know.
Adama: Politics. As exciting as war, definitely as dangerous.
Roslin: Though in war, you only get killed once. In politics, it can happen over and over.
Adama: You're still standing.
Roslin: So are you.
Adama: And I can dance! (the two start dancing together)
S1 E11 'Colonial Day'

Commander William Adama: (after being reunited on kobol, the President and the Commander sit down by a campfire to talk) You interferred with a military mission and you broke your word to me.
President Laura Roslin: It's the secound part that really bothers you isn't it?
Commander William Adama: Laura I forgive you.
President Laura Roslin: Thank you Bill... I didn't ask for your forgiveness.
Commander William Adama: Well... you have it anyway.
Commander William Adama: I didn't come here for this. I didn't come here to nim gaze or to catolouge our mistakes. We made a decision to leave the colonies after the attack. We made the decision. It was the right one then and it's the right one now. Because every moment of every day since then is a gift.
President Laura Roslin: From the gods...
Commander William Adama: No, from you.
S2 E7 'Home Part 2 '

Commander Adama: What can I get you?
President Roslin: A new body. Perhaps, one of those young Cylon models from the Resurrection Ship.
Commander Adama: I can't see you as a blonde.
President Roslin: You'd be surprised. (Laughs)
S2 E11 'Resurrection Ship Part 1'

Commander William Adama: How are you feeling?
President Laura Roslin: I could sleep for about a year, but... but you, however, do not have that luxury, because you have a new job. Billy.
Billy Keikeya: Took a little while to find that jeweler.
(hands a jewellry box to Roslin)
President Laura Roslin: Thank you.
President Laura Roslin: Rumor has it that I know very little about military protocol, but I do believe... that... someone who commands more than one ship is called an Admiral.
(hands the jewellry box to Adama, who opens it)
President Laura Roslin: Congratulations, Admiral Adama.
Commander William Adama: Thank you, Madam President. Thank you Billy. I, umm, never gave up hope, I just... stopped trying to get these a long time ago.
President Laura Roslin: Just goes to show you, Bill. Never give up hope.
Commander William Adama: Same goes for you, Laura.
(Bill Kisses Laura)
S2 E12 'Resurrection Ship Part 2'

(Roslin explaining to Admiral Adama why his floor is covered with torn-up pieces of paper)
Roslin: Oh. Sorry about the mess, it's, um, a bit of a ritual. Superstition, really. I used to do this before testifying at committee meetings, this is what I'd do. I'd take a, I'd memorize a talking point, then tear up the card (throws the pieces into the air) and let the pieces fall as they may. It helps.
Adama: Yeah, my father used to break pencils before he went into court, then borrow one from the clerk. Break preconceptions, work with what you have.
Roslin: You know, I like that. Let me see, I like it. (takes one of Adama's pencils, breaks it) Ooh. That's good.
Adama: Feel better?
Roslin: Yeah. But what happens if the moderator doesn't have a pencil?
Adama: Then you're pretty screwed.
(Roslin stares at him for a second, then starts giggling uncontrollably)
S2 E19 'Lay Down Your Burdens'

Roslin: I’d like to propose this. You seem hell-bent on paying some kind of penance for whatever it is you think you’ve done. So instead of resigning, why don’t you get up and walk out of here, meet me on the port hangar deck tomorrow evening for this ceremony, and let me pin a frakking medal to your chest?
Adama: I can’t.
Roslin: It’s not for you. It’s for them. Stand up there, acknowledge your fleet, and give them what they need. A hero. That’ll be your penance, even if it kills you.
S3 E8 'Hero'

Roslin: Didn't expect to find you playing in the sand.
Adama: It's not sand. It's alluvial deposits. This used to be the river mouth.
Roslin: And you just had to take off your shoes and play in the alluvial deposits. How romantic.
Adama: That's a nice color on you.
Roslin: Thank you.
Adama: It's good to see you, Laura.
Roslin, patting his shoulder: You too, Bill.
S3 E9 'Unfinished Business'

(Galactica: Ringside)
Roslin: There you are.
Adama: Hey. How are you?
Roslin: My father was an avid fight fan. I adored my father, so I love a good fight. [Dualla works on Lee while Starbuck wraps her hands.] I heard about your so-called dance. Accidentally, I might add.
Adama: Don't take it personal. This is sort of a private tradition.
Roslin: Tradition?
Adama: There's a lot of frustration aboard warships. Arguments become grudges, then end up being feuds. This allows them to let off some steam out in the open so everybody can participate. Rank doesn't matter. As long as you throw your tags in the box, everyone's fair game.
(The current match ends.)
Tigh: Next up is Hotdog! Hotdog, get your butt up here and pick a partner.
Roslin: Did you throw your tags in there?
Adama, laughing: No. No. I wish. All the frustrations that I have...
S3 E9 'Unfinished Business'

(New Caprica: Near the dancefloor.)
Gaeta: we'll have the infrastructure to deal with any unforeseen -- excuse me for just one moment. The finance minister just came by, and I should really…
Adama: go ahead.
(Gaeta runs off; Adama and Roslin chuckle.)
Roslin: Oh, my Gods. I didn't think he'd ever leave.
Adama, pulling out their joint: He's a good kid.
Roslin: Hmm. Indeed.
Adama: You say this stuff grows around here?
Roslin: Mm-hmm. In the mountains north of here there's this little stream that comes down into this lake the water is so clear it's like looking through glass. I'm thinking of building a cabin.
Adama, finishing the joint: That's good.
Roslin: Mmm, it is good.
S3 E9 'Unfinished Business'

(Galactica: The Match.)
(Roslin stares, and flashes to herself and Adama snuggling behind the dancefloor on New Caprica.)

Roslin: Is this really it, Bill? Is this how we're gonna spend all the rest of our days? Hmm?
Roslin: Maybe we should just enjoy this.
Adama: I am.
Roslin: No, no, I mean enjoy being here on this planet as long as it lasts. I mean, maybe the Cylons come back, maybe they don't, but for now, right now... We've got a break.
Adama: I've got people that want to get off the ship, move down here.
Roslin: Can't say as I blame them. I mean, what are you gonna do?
S3 E9 'Unfinished Business'

Roslin: Admiral.
Adama: Madame President.
Roslin: How are you?
Adama: Very good.
Roslin: I'm sorry, I'm sure this all could have been done over the wireless, but very frankly, I was going a little stir-crazy on Colonial one, and had to get out.
Adama: Deep space pilots call it OBE.
Roslin: What's OBE?
Adama: Overcome By Events. (Roslin laughs)
Roslin: Well, you may not feel that way after you finish this. Tory actually drew up an agenda.
Adama: Baltar again. Hmm. Can't we just give him back to the Cylons?
Roslin: Oh, you know how much I love that idea. Unfortunately, given what little I was able to glean from the Caprica Six, I don't think the Cylons would take him back. So we're stuck.
Adama: Fine. Then try the son of a bitch and be done with it.
Roslin: We have give him a trial, but under what law? Caprican? Picon? Tauron? Do we give him a jury trial, do we set up a tribunal? We don't even have anything closely resembling a comprehensive law library, and this Fleet is not exact brimming with legal talent.
Adama: You bring lawyers into this, they're gonna drag you around for months.
Roslin: Wasn't your father an attorney, on Caprica?
Adama: Yes. And I told you that I didn't get along with him very well.
Roslin: Oh, right. Okay, I need to set up an organizing committee, though frankly, trying to get a room full of legal scholars to stay on task is like herding cats. And so I need to set up a chairman of this committee, somebody who can make a hard decision and who won't get seduced and bogged down by all the legalese.
Adama: Do you have a candidate?
Roslin: As a matter fact I do. I was thinking Lee... Like grandfather, like grandson, perhaps. What do you think?
Adama: I'm not gonna say he's incapable of handling it, but he's never shown any type of interest in law.
Roslin: I know, but here's the thing. We need the lawyers to parse the law, but we really need people who actually know the difference between right and wrong. That's Lee.
Adama: I'll talk to him.
Roslin: Good. Admiral, I was wondering if you'd mind if I stayed on your ship for the rest of the day.
Adama: Please. By all means.
Roslin: This is very difficult for me to say, but I'm going to go to the gym.
Adama: Prepare yourself. on its best day it smells like the inside of a shoe. (Roslin laughs)
S3 E15 'A Day In The Life'

Roslin: I'm glad you stopped by. I have something for you. This was given to me by one of the colonists down on New Caprica. And I forgot about it, but Tory found it in a pile old clothes.
Adama: Blood Runs At Midnight
Roslin: Don't let the title fool you. It's a pretty good mystery. I think you'll like it. And it's not a loan, it's a gift.
Adama: You ever think about the times much on New Caprica?
Roslin: I try to think about the good times, yes I do.
Adama: One particular stands out in my mind. You were wearing your really bright red dress. Said you wanted to build a cabin.
Roslin: It was Baltar's Groundbreaking ceremony. I got a little silly that night.
Adama: You ever wonder what would've happened if the Cylons hadn't have come back?
Roslin: I think given Baltar and the terrain we couldn't have made a go of it. What about you? Do you think you would have stayed on Galactica? Or do you think you would have settled?
Adama: It's pretty hypothetical, isn't it?
Roslin: It is. Until it isn't. (Laughing.) Did I just say that?
Adama: It's worth it just seeing you laugh like that. We've been at war so long sometimes we forget what we' fighting for. Raise our kids in peace, enjoy one another's company. Live life as people again.
Roslin: Like that night on New Caprica, that's really what we are talking about here now, isn't it?
Adama: That, and... Other times...
Roslin: So if the Cylons hadn't come back?
Adama: But they did. We have certain responsibilities.
Roslin: Yes, we do, sir. And uh, I will be back in a few days, and if you'd like, we can... talk more about that night.
(About to leave, she turns back.)
Roslin: Bill? The answer's yes. I absolutely would've built the cabin.
S3 E15 'A Day In The Life'

Adama: You got off lucky. A dozen injuries, no fatalities.
Roslin: Thank you. You should've seen Tory's shoulder, I had to help Cottle put it back in alignment. Ugh. You know I am so busy, I hardly ever make it down to this end of the ship. And now I'm gonna be living here for God knows how long, until they repair the bulkheads.
Adama: Well, if the quarters become cramped, you're always welcome in one of my beds. ...In a manner of speaking.
Roslin: (laughing) Do you have any better idea of what happened to your Raptor?
Adama: We're still investigating the situation, but it seems that the tylium was seriously contaminated with impurities. Most likely, it's a problem with the refining process.
Roslin: The hell's goin' on there? That refinery used to be the most reliable ship in the Fleet. Now every day, I start with a stack of messages from the chief -- what is his name?
Adama: Xeno Fenner.
Roslin: Fenner. Complaining about living conditions, and deliveries, and, uh, spare parts ... and compensation, if you can believe that. We're on the run for our lives, and the guy wants to talk about overtime bonuses.
Adama: Well, we've been more than patient with Fenner and his production problems. Two weeks of sitting here waiting for him to get his act together... I don't know about you, but I'm ready to get back on the road to finding Earth.
Roslin: Is that a hint of hope I hear? Has the skeptic suddenly decided that we're on the road to Earth after all?
Adama: Have I ever doubted it?
S3 E16 'Dirty Hands'

Adama: (shaves, cutting himself as the lights flicker) Frak me.
Adama: (answers the phone)] Yes.
Roslin: (on the phone) Yell at me. I don't want to get out of bed.
Adama: Well, you called the wrong number. I was just thinking about going back to bed.
Roslin: You feeling okay?
Adama: Says the cancer patient. Yeah, I'm fine. I just cut myself. How are you doing?
Roslin: I don't want to face them. I don't want to face any of them. I just want to stay in bed all day and sleep.
Adama: I think I stopped the bleeding... If you still need to be yelled at, I think I can give you some volume.
Roslin: Okay. All right, give it your best shot.
Adama: Get out of that bed!
Roslin: That's not your best shot.
Adama: Get your fat, lazy ass out of that rack, Roslin!
Roslin: (laughs) Yes, sir. Okay, sir. Anything you say, sir. Thank you.
Adama: Don't let 'em see you sweat, Laura.
S3 E20 'Crossroads Part II'

made by chasin_the_wind

Galactica: Sickbay, (Dr. Cottle hooks up Roslin's IV.)
Cottle: The nausea should go away in about an hour.
Laura tries to read for a moment, then takes off her glasses, feeling sick. The Admiral sits down beside her, without comment
Adama: Love & Bullets, by Nick Taylo, Chapter One. "It started like it always did. With a body. This one was in the river. I could tell she had once been beautiful, but this a bullet and fast current had taken away from her. All we are, all that we think we are. All that we are certain about is taken away from us. When you've worked the streets and seen what I've seen, you become more and more convinced of it every day. Caprica City had been my teacher, my mistress. From the moment I open my eyes, she's in my blood, like cheap wine."
Laura moans and begins to weep, holding her hands over her abdomen
Adama: "Bitter and sweet, tinged with regret. I'll never be free of her, nor do I want to be."
Adama looks at her and she smiles and continues to listen
Adama: "For she is what I am. All that is, should always be."
S4 E3 'The Tie That Binds'

Galactica Sickbay
Adama: Am I that late?
Roslin: No, this wasn't a treatment. It was just a blood test. You brought a new book?
Adama: Uh, yes. Something different this time. It's a classic. My favorite.
Roslin: Sea Rider Falcon! I haven't read it in years. I don't remember how it ends.
Adama: I don't either. I never read the ending.
Roslin: You're kidding. It's your favorite.
Adama: smiling sweetly I like it so much, I don't want it to be over. So I'm saving it.
Roslin: brightly Well maybe I should do that.
Adama is shaken by this
Roslin: ...That's a bad idea. Maybe not.
[i]Adama: taking her bag Let me do that for you.
Roslin: Okay, thanks.
Into the corridor. Her arm rests in his
Adama: Baltar's back at home, in the brig again.
Roslin: Desecration of a temple. It's his revenge for what happened to him this morning.
Adama: It was brutal. I have my personnel trying to track down anything on the Sons of Ares. But nobody's talking.
Roslin: The thing is that Baltar knows that there are religious hardliners in Dogsville, but he continues to provoke.
Adama: I just can't have a religious war in this Fleet.
Roslin: Oh please, no. Then the whole damn thing will become our frakkin' responsibility, yours and mine. Seriously,
Bill, we have thirty thousand people left and they're not happy unless they're kicking each other's teeth in. This is what we've become?
Adama: No, it's him. Baltar has an uncanny way of stirring up all the crap.
They enter the Admiral's quarters
Adama: I wonder if he'd be willing to stay in lockdown indefinitely, for his own safety.
Roslin: And make a martyr out of him? No way. Those girly, groupie, sex whatever-they-are, they already think he's a God.
Adama: So we kick him off of the Galactica.
Roslin: No, I want him close. ...I'm going to the brig.
Adama: You want to see him?
Roslin, cutely: I want him to see me.
S4 E4 'Escape Velocity'

Roslin: ...Lee has no idea. He really has no idea.
Adama: Have you heard anything I said?
Roslin: There are pragmatic realities he refuses to face.
Adama: Well, that's a problem, of course. He's doing what he thinks is right.
Roslin: Well yeah, he's Lee. Thing is it probably is the right thing, but... Sometimes the right thing is a luxury. And it can have profoundly dangerous consequences. And yet it's almost as if he doesn't want that to be true... Okay, I gotta stop this, I'm not supposed to get upset during treatment. Will you read the next chapter?
Adama: I must warn you that I'm getting into the part that I haven't read yet.
Roslin: sexy Oh dear. Are you going to be able to continue?
Adama: "Chapter Seven: The raft was not as seaworthy as I had hoped. The waves repeatedly threatened to swamp it. I wasn't afraid to die. He pauses, sadly. I was afraid of the emptiness that I felt inside."
He closes the book, but continues to speak
Adama: I couldn't feel anything, and that's what scared me. You came into my thoughts. You filled them. It felt good.
S4 E4 'Escape Velocity'

Adama's Quarters
Roslin: I need to talk to you.
Adama: Certainly. Come in.
Roslin: Thank you.
Adama: Can I get you some water?
Roslin: Yes.
A bit later
Adama: You really believe that there's something in this horse manure that Baltar's peddling?
Roslin: I don't know. Something is happening here, and I don't really understand it, Bill.
Adama: You both had the same dream, means...
Roslin: What? Talk to me. What's going on?
Adama: Kara comes back from the dead, I let her go off chasing her vision of Earth. Well, she's overdue. Lee turns in his wings. Helo, Athena, Gaeta. Will I ever see those kids again?
Roslin: rubbing his shoulder Bill. Look at me. I'm right here. Right here. We're going to find it.
Adama: Earth?
Roslin: Together.
Adama: I used to think it was such a pipe dream. I used to use it as a carrot for the Fleet.
Roslin: What made you change?
Adama: grinning wonderfully You. You made me believe.
S4 S6 'Faith'

Adama's Quarters
Adama: packing I hear you're keeping Zarek as Vice President.
Lee: I can use the advice. And as long as he knows he's heard, I think I can trust him.
Adama: Don't know if I agree with your thinking, but...
Lee: Well, I could say the same thing about yours.
Adama: The only difference is, you are gonna be President. I'm just getting in a plane.
Lee: Waiting alone in a Raptor, while the rest of the Fleet jumps away, that's not just getting in a plane. That... That sounds a lot like... Well, that sounds a lot like suicide, Dad.
Adama: At least this time I'm only risking my own neck.
Lee: voice cracking all over So I guess it won't matter if as President I order you not to do this?
Adama: I don't know if I ever told you this, but one of my first missions was a solo recon. Being alone in a Raptor in enemy space... I'm not going to lie to you, I was scared. I told myself that I was doing my duty, and ultimately I faced my fear. That's a good memory.
Lee: Why are you doing this?
Adama: Because I can't live without her. And Laura is gonna get to the rendezvous point. I have to believe that
S4 E8 'Sine Qua Non'

Bill is sitting in his Raptor reading Searider Falcon when the rebel Baseship jumps in; he straps in without blinking or taking his eyes off her.
Cut to the Basestar Hangar, where Laura's waiting for him. He comes down from the Raptor and looks at her. She tries to speak, but can't.

Adama: Missed you.
Roslin: Me too. (They embrace) ...I love you.
Adama: (grinning) About time.
S4 E9 'The Hub'

made by chasin_the_wind

Adama visits Roslin in her Quarters, Roslin is exercising
Adama: If we can sway public opinion towards us or least not against us Lee thinks that Zarek and the Quor'um can be handled.
Roslin: He's probably right. Oh I'm so stiiff
Adama: You sure you're up for this.
Roslin: Yeah, just. I'm just stretching, a little aerobics. Jeez, I haven't felt this good in months. Oo that hurts, it's good.
Adama: When do you have to go for another Diloxin treatment?.
Roslin: Tomorrow.
Adama: Good. Lee thinks, and I agree with him, that you should address the fleet. Make a public declaration, that an alliance with the Cylons is critical for our long term survival.
Roslin: Sure. Not just yet though, I need a little time.
Adama: That's what I told him. (pauses) We need you Laura. I know that you are tired, but we need you.
Roslin: I hear you. I do, trust me, need a little time. (nods her head to the side) Go. Go. (giggles a little)
Adama: Just don't over do it, alright
Roslin: I won't.
S4 E12 'A Disquiet Follows My Soul'

Roslin is running through the ship, she bumps into Adama
Roslin: (out of breath) It's a big ship.
Adama. Do you run the whole route?
Roslin: Half. It's more than I run, long time.
Adama: You're flushed, you look good.
Roslin: Thank you.
Adama: You're not supposed to look good. You're supposed to be in sickbay with a tube in your arm.
Roslin: Changed my mind.
Adama: Like hell. You never intended to go.
Roslin: Caught. Sent me to the brig, I can run there. (smiles)
Adama: Cottle says you're experiencing a moment of euphoria with your body recovering from the toxcities of the treatments.
Roslin: So much for doctor patient confidentiality
Adama: Well the President's health is a security issue
Roslin: My resignation will be on your desk in the hour.
Adama: (stops Laura walking) I'm not going to hand the Presidency over to Tom Zarek.
Roslin: Well a status quo will have to do.
Adama: (grabs Laura's arm) Stop it. Listen, we need you. Zarek's got the Quor'um in an uproar. The press is going crazy, the government spinning out of control. Now, we need you.
Roslin: Take your hands off me Bill. (Laura takes his hands away). I've played my role in this farce. A dying leader will guide the people to the blur, blur, blur, frakkin', blur, blur. I've been there, done that, now what. Is there another role that I have to play for the rest of my life?. (Laura put a hand on Bill's chest) Do you remember what we said on New Caprica?, how we talked about tryong to live for today. You better think about that because maybe tomorrow isn't really coming. Maybe today is all we have left and maybe, just maybe I've earned the right to live a little before I die. Haven't I?, what do you think?, haven't I?
Adama: Yes, you've earned it.
Roslin: I have, well guess what, so have you. (Roslin kisses Adama). Now get out of my way.
S4 E12 'A Disquiet Follows My Soul'

Adama: (on the phone to Tigh): That's Good. Take it From Here Saul.
(Laura grabs the phone off Bill)
Adama: See You in the Morning.
(Laura put the phone down, Bill and Laura are in bed)
Adama: They found the tilium ship. (Bill kisses Laura's back)
Roslin: Hmmm.
Adama: Do You Care.
Laura hums No and laughs
Adama: (smiles) Neither Do I. Goodnight.
Roslin: (smiles as Bill kisses her back) Goodnight.
S4 E12 'A Disquiet Follows My Soul'

in Adama's quarters
Roslin: The Colonel's right you know, the fleet is never been comfortable with this blanket Cylon amnesty.
Adama: This coffee is terrible.
Roslin: Sticking Lee in the corner is going to be seen as a shot across the bow, he can hedge it all he wants, but the delegates will see that it will comes straight from you.
Adama: He can handle it.
Roslin: Yes he can, and so can you and I'm not getting involved. (Roslin gets up from the sofa) Lee can take care of himself and you can take care of youself and I'm not getting pulled back in.
Adama: (looks at Roslin)
Roslin: Ah, the ledgendary Adama silence. I can see right through it. This passive agressive pretense that you're ok if I don't get involved.
Adama: (smiles) I don't do passive agressive.
Roslin: Yes you do, you just don't know what it is. (smiles)
Adama: (gets up from the sofa, laughs and walks to Laura) Well, get some rest.
Roslin: Rest. (she smiles)
Adama: I'll try and make it home for supper.
Roslin: (smiles) I'll have it ready.
Adama: (laughs, walks and opens the door.)
Roslin: Cantrell's the key, tell Lee if he can get to Cant....
(Adama looks back at Roslin)
Roslin: I'm not....(shakes her head)
(Adama looks at Roslin thoughtfully and then walks out of his quarters)
S4 E13 "The Oath"

(Adama enters the secondary storage airlock with Lee Kara, and Tigh, Adama sees Roslin waiting, along with Tyrol, Sharon and Baltar)
Adama: It's good to see you Mr Tyrol.
Lee: Forgot this place was down here.
Tyrol: Yeah, everybody did. Got trashed on the raid on New Caprica. Brought it back online for this.
Adama and Roslin look at each other, Adama walks towards Roslin, putting his guns down as he does so. Adama walks up to Roslin and kisses her in front of all the crew)
Roslin: (hugging Adama) I came her because I don't want you to worry about me and I know what you have to do. (Roslin kisses Adama through his hair)
Voice on the radio: This is sector 12, copy
Tyrol: Go
Voice on the radio: Re fire team just went past, looks like they are coming your way.
Tyrol: We got about 2 minutes.
Adama: Mr Tyrol, take them back the way we came. You go with them Colonel
Tigh: Come too far to walk out on you now Bill.
Kara: What are you doing Sir?
Adama: Colonel and I going to make sure the President's raptor gets out of her safely.
(the guards run along the corridor to the airlock)
Sharon: Intitating launch sequence.
Baltar: Admiral, Madam President, please.
(Roslin steps into the Raptor)
Adama: Prepare to launch.
(Adama and Roslin say a silent goodbye to each other and the raptor's doors close)
S4 E13 "The Oath"

Roslin: (laying in bed in sickbay) It must be tough, saying goodbye to both of your women at once. You must feel like we're abandoning you.
Adama: No one's going anywhere. And neither one of my women are dying. They just need a little, and attention.
Roslin: Hera.
(Adama takes Roslin's hand and kisses her)
S4 E18 "Islanded In A Stream Of Stars"

Adama: (in sickbay, reading a chapter to Roslin) and so i walked like the beat cop i used to be. when you walk, you see things in different ways. but when something's out of place, you notice. a cop's eyes always notice. and those eyes were one thing they couldn't take away from me. (Adama looks up and see's Roslin smiling). What?.
Roslin: Open to page 61.
(Adama turns to page 61 and laughs)
Roslin: Don't worry, Cottle won't mind. it's medicinal (Roslin lights up the joint)
Adama: I can't believe you saved this.
Roslin: Do you remember that day?
Adama: Yes. New Caprica. Baltar's groundbreaking. We talked, and talked.
Roslin: About a lot of things. Guess what I'm thinking about right now?
Adama: Gimme a hint.
Roslin: Mountains. a stream running into a little lake. Water so clear it's like looking through glass.
Adama: Your cabin. The one you wanted to build.
Roslin: It's amazing how much I still think about it. You know, sometimes I wonder...what home is. is it an actual place? or is it some kind of longing for something, some kind of connection? you know, I spent my whole life on Caprica. I was born in one house, and then I...I moved to another, and then, this. And then, now. I don't think I've ever felt truly at home until these last few months, here, with you. I know you love this ship. you probably love her more than you love me. Bill, if you don't get us off this ship, you may lose both of us at the same time. Why don't you give us a chance?
(Adama smiles at Roslin)
S4 E18 "Islanded In A Stream of Stars"

(Bill & Laura sitting by the trees, looking out over the landscape)
Laura: (watching the animals via binoculars). There's So Many. Wait, I wanna see more detail. (put her glasses on)
(Laura and Bill looks at each other and hold hands)
Laura: It's a very beautiful world.., does it have a name?
Bill: Earth.
Laura: (laughs) It's not Earth.
Bill: Earth is a dream. One we've been chasing for a long time. We've earned it. This is Earth.
Laura: Ok then, Earth. (laughs) Fine. I'm having trouble breathing.
Bill: (looks at Laura and then at the animals in the open space) Would you like to get a better look at them.?
Laura: (smiles) Yes I'd love... what do you mean?
Bill: Watch.
Laura: What?, why? what are you doing?
Bill: ([gets up ) Watch me,
Laura: What are you doing?
Bill: Put your arm around me.., can you..
Series Finale "Daybreak Part II"

(Bill and Laura in the raptor, flying overhead, looking at all the flamingo's flying beneath them)
Laura: (smiles) So much life.
Bill: It's a rich contenant. More wildlife than all the twelve colonies put together.
Laura: (smiles and then her hand slowly falls down by her side)
Bill: (looking out the window) Just looking for a quite little place for that cabin. Maybe a garden, I don't have much of a green thumb, but I hope that you do....
(Bill looks at Laura and realises that she had left this world, he takes her hand and kisses it while crying. Bill then puts his ring on her finger and then kisses her hand once again.)
Bill: Right there, I'm going to build it right there Laura..
Series Finale "Daybreak Part II"

(Bill, sitting next to Laura's grave)
Bill: I laid out the cabin today. It's going to have an easterly view. You should see the light that we get here, when the sun comes from behind those mountains, it's almost heavenly. It reminds me of you.....
Series Finale, "Daybreak Part II"

made by Brilliant Disguise

Roslin & Adama by Bear McCreary

made by ChakotaysLover

Future Titles
- Because They Are Mommy and Daddy Of The Fleet
- Because Even The CIC Girls Are Shippers
- Because Their Love Wil Last Forever
- Mary: They Joined Hearts
- David Eick: "If Ron had his way, Adama and Laura would have been in bed in S1 E4"
- You will Consume Me
- You Breathed Your Breathe In Me
- When You Love Someone - You'll Do Anything
- Mary: "They Are Soulmates"
- Because They Reminisced About New Caprica
- Their Hearts Found A Home
- Because She Would Wait For Him..
- Blinded By The UST
- Because Their Chemistry Is Explosive
- The Chemistry That is Roslin and Adama... What a Beautiful Thing
- Because we can talk about them until we are blue in the face and gasping for air
- Nothing but Chemistry, Passion, and Love!!

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True Love. Eternal Love.

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Love the new Thread. Thanks babe!!
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, no worries hun


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I love it s much cause it is Roslin and Adama and it is my favorite thread out of all of them on the WEB
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awwww , won't be surprised if we make that OP 2 pages soon..



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*FanGirl Squeee*

*Big Hug*

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it's a moment

I must admit when I was animating that, I kept watching the clip over and over


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I would too, and I am watching it over and over!!! I love it!!! It makes me want to pull out that episode and watch it.... but I may cry if I watch it so..... lol!!
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yes enjoy the EPICness of it Tari


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I would watch the series again, but I'm so not in the mood to have my heart ripped out and stomped on again. But this series, the actors truly showed us how hopeless their situation was and that even at the brink two people could still find love and happiness together before death could creep in.
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they did

Tari, I'm doing a re-watch and it's great to see the relationship built into what it was..., , just erase the end


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when i get brave enough I'll do a re-watch.
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was thinking of doing some adding touches to the OP, but not sure about it ...hmm in two minds..


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You will do wonderfully if you fiddle with the OP, and it will look great no matter what you add.
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I am ashamed that I haven't posted here in awhile. I would never forget this couple, but I am just to busy...

That animation is acting weird for me

I'm doing a re-watch and it's great to see the relationship built into what it was.
I would love to see it again even the end. It's sad but they found each other and that's all that matters
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