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Devil's Cry 02-17-2010 02:18 PM

Helo & Athena #8: Athena risked it all to save her family

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Season One Moments

Helo: "Sharon? What are you doing here?
Athena: "Can you walk?
Helo: "Yeah. Yeah, yeah, I think so. What are you doing here?"
Athena: "Just move, mister."
(As they walk away another #6 appears flanked by a Cylon, and they just watch the "humans" go.)
(S1 E1 '33')

Athena: "This is it".
Helo: "A restaurant."
Athena: (checking her transciever thingy) "We're almost on top of the signal."
Helo: "I don't get it, how does a military-coded signal end up coming from in here?"
Athena: "Let's find out."
They start searching the place.
Helo: "Nothing... is that thing working?"
Athena: "I checked it three times. This thing says we're right on top of it."
Helo: "Of what?"
Athena: "What...? Helo..."
)She’s gone down some steps and found a door. They open it and enter. It’s a fallout shelter. And no one’s there.)
Helo: "You're frakking kidding me. (laughing) Food... medical supplies. Whoo! Hey, hey, wait a minute, the signal."
Athena: "Oh... (finds it) disaster beacon. It's been set to go off if there was an attack."
Helo: "Some poor slob goes to all the trouble of building a fallout shelter, stocks it, has a beacon, the whole plan. Then what? What happens to him?"
Athena: "Let's just call ourselves lucky and leave it at that."
(Helo takes a food package, opens it, and offers the crackers inside to Athena..._
Athena: "Gahh...!" (...and she bites.)
(S1 E4 'Acts of Contrition')

Helo: "It's okay. "
Athena: "Helo, how did you know... I was up here ?"
Helo: "Shh. Okay, can you, can you walk ?"
Athena: "I think so.!
Helo: "Come on. Okay, okay. Now we're even."
Athena:" I think we should go."
Helo: "All right, okay. Come on. It's gonna be all right. You're gonna be just fine."
(S1 E6 'Litmus')

Helo: "Call it."
Athena: "Heads."
Helo: "Heads, you win. You sleep, I watch."
Athena: "No, you're the one who needs sleep."
Helo: "I couldn't sleep if I had to listen to Tyrol read the flight manual."
Caprica Boomer; "Okay."
Helo: "Truth is, if something happened to you I wouldn't know how to deal with it."
Athena: "I feel the same way."
Helo: "Back on the ship, I, uh... look, I knew what was going on. I mean, between you and the Chief."
Athena: "I think everybody did."
Helo: "And I respected it, your feelings, his, but... I would have given anything to be him. Hey, I'm not trying to put you on the spot, here. I don't wanna step into what you two have. You feel the way you feel and I have to respect that—"
(Athena kisses Helo)
(S1 E7 'Six Degrees of Seperation')

Helo: "Hey, hey, what's going on?"
Athena: "We gotta go, now. I saw the Cylons, they're headed this way. We gotta travel fast, even faster than before. "
Helo: "Why? What's different?"
Athena: "Everything. Just trust me."
Helo: "I do."
(S1 E8 'Flesh and Bone')

Season Two Moments

Helo: "She’s with us."
Athena: "You’re the father of my child, Helo. I’m not gonna lose you."
Helo: "Where is she?"
(S2 E5 'The Farm')

Helo: "Kara! For the love of gods! Sharon--this Sharon saved our lives back on Caprica. Tell them! Tell them!"
Athena: "I know how to find the tomb of athena! Do you? Kobol's a big planet! You don't find the tomb, you don't find Earth!"
Helo: "Listen to her, for gods' sakes!"
Athena: "Listen to me!"
(S6 E6 'Home Part I')

(Helo and Boomer have a race to see how can reach a ledge of the hill first. Boomer wins.)
Helo: "Okay, you're king of the hill."
Athena: "Queen of the hill, thank you very much. We should take shelter until the storm passes."
Helo: "Sounds good. After that?"
Athena: Then we start the tough part. (pause) Let's go."
(S2 E7 'Home Part II')

Athena: "So Cally kills Sharon... and the old man gives her 30 days in the brig."
Helo: "30 days for murder."
Athena: "They don't see it as murder, Helo. That's what I'm trying to tell you. That's what you're not hearing. To him, to the president, to all of them. Cylons aren't people. I'm not a person to them. I'm a thing."
Helo: "I won't just stand by and let them kill you like the other Sharon. Okay?
Athena: "I believe you, Helo. I do. But if we're gonna have any future together, any at all... I'm gonna have to take matters into my own hands."
Helo: "What are you talking about?"
Athena: "Do you love me?"
Helo: "Yes."
Athena: "Do you trust me?"
Helo: "Yes."
Athena: Then don't ask me what I have to do."
Helo: "Sharon, what the frak are you talking--"
Athena: "Trust me. Trust us."
(S2 E7 'Home Part II')

Helo: "Do you have actual memories of being with the chief before the cylon attack?"
Athena: "Yeah. I'm sorry. You asked."
Helo: "Do you still love him?"
Athena: "Helo. You're the father of my child. You're the first in my heart. And nothing is ever going to change that."
Helo: "All right, we have to get to this. Dr. Baltar said it's some sort of cylon logic bomb. Do you see anything?"
(He shows her a clip board with lots of code.)
Athena: "Can you flip?"
(He flips the page. Boomer is captivated by the code.)
Helo: "Sharon? Sharon, what's wrong? Sharon!"
Athena: "I need to talk to Commander Adama. Right now."
Helo: "Why?"
Athena: "It's a cylon virus, all right. It's been learning your systems, testing, adapting, finding weak spots."
Helo: "For what?"
Athena: "So they can turn Galactica's systems against you. Crash you into other ships, detonate your weapons stores, suffocate the crews."
Helo:" What about you, the baby?"
Athena: "I'm a liability to them, a mistake. Helo, this logic bomb will run its course in a matter of hours. once it does, the cylons will be on top of us. They're gonna kill us all."
(S2 E9 'Flight Of The Phoenix')

Season Three Moments
by Fade to Black; caps chosen by crazy diamond

Sharon: "Uh, no, Boomer was… She was someone else. "
Helo: "Listen up. We need a new call sign for Lieutenant Agathon. "
(S3 E6 'Torn')

(Galactica: Agathon quarters.)
Helo: "How?"
Athena: "Cottle said it had something to do with carrying a half-human child. How the fetal blood cells enter the maternal circulatory system, causing the mother to create antibodies … whatever. I'm immune!"
Helo: "Oh, my Gods."
(They kiss passionately.)
Athena: "Our baby... saved my life. She's gone forever, and she saved my life. Hera kept us together."
Helo: "Share this."
Athena: (going for his trousers) "This. You mean us? Together? You mean us?"
Helo: "Them, them. I mean them."
Athena: "Who's "them?" (Her smile drops as she figures it out.)
Helo: "They're gonna execute the infected prisoners. But not until we jump into a Cylon region with a resurrection ship present."
(Athena begins to cry.)
Helo: "The infection's gonna spread everywhere."
(S3 E7 'A Matter Of Salvation')

(Galactica: Agathon Quarters.)
Helo: "They'll be coming for me. You or me." (He laughs and turns his back. Athena stares.)
Helo: "Seems like they're always coming for one of us... I'm not a traitor. I love my people. I love this ship. Besides you, the first thing I wanna see on any morning are the lights in that CIC. I did what I thought was right. If it was a mistake, fine. I can live with that. It's you I can't live without."
Athena: (holds him) "I'll always love you, Helo."
(S3 E7 'A Matter Of Salvation')

Helo: "He's a tough little frakker, I'll give him that. He's springing like he's got it in for me."
Sharon: "Stay off the ropes."
Helo: "All right."
(S3 E9 'Unfinished Business')

(Galactica: Agathon Quarters)
Athena: "Hera's alive. I'm her mother, and I'm going to get her."
Helo: "Sharon, baby, listen to me, okay? We could take a Raptor, we can fly to the baseship ourselves. I don't -- I don't care anymore."
Athena: "We can't."
Helo: "We'll find another way. We will."
Athena: (quietly) "There is no other way."
Helo: "Don't ask me to do this, Sharon."
Athena: "Listen to me. You have always been the strong one. You believed in us when no one else would. (She comes around to look at him.) I'm begging you to do this. Find the courage to do this for both of us, okay?"
(Helo takes her face in his hands, she begins to cry and throws her arms around him.)
Athena: "I love you."
Helo: "I love you too."
(He moans and looks into her eyes, and begins to cry. He shoots her in the abdomen and catches her, drops the gun, and begins to scream.)
(S3 E12 'Rapture')

Season Four Moments
by Fade to Black; caps chosen by crazy diamond

Athena: "We are running on fumes, Anders. In two days we are gonna be overdue for our rendezvous with the Fleet. We gotta do something before she takes us all down with her."
Helo: "Are you talking mutiny? Because that's sure what it sounds like. You want to tear this ship apart, then keep riling up the crew making your crazy-Starbuck cracks. Otherwise, I suggest you both shut the frak up."
Athena: "Starbuck is leading us into a trap. Cylons are gonna capture the freighter, they're gonna have nav data straight back to the Fleet."
(S4 E5 'The Road Less Travelled')

Athena: "Are you really gonna do this?"
Helo: "I don't have any choice."
Athena: "Yes, you do."
(S4 E5 'The Road Less Travelled')

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