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Juliet & Juliet [SA] #38: Because they both have dirty minds!

38 th
S P E N C E R & A S H L E Y ;
a p p r e c i a t i o n t h r e a d

the shippers;
001. breath we drew
002. Centerfinn
003. the echo fades
004. satisfy the crave
005. Parallax
006. LeilayRuti4Ever
007. L. Diamond
008. Wilpen
009. metal heart
010. Misery
011. snuggle17
012. mjgchick
013. Katiesocks
014. ~*Nikki*~
015. Zutfan05
016. say something
017. Hot Rod
018. same old story
019. Johnnie
020. *Lethe's Bramble*
021. xxCrashIntoMexx
022. MineyMouse14
023. jjlover01
024. lalatina15
025. khirea
026. FlutterBy
027. alwaysbeenyou
028. BGFan
029. own worst enemy
030. CrazeePinkee
031. jadorexme
032. howmuchforhappy
033. randomalien13
034. breaking silence
035. KerBear
036. Casandra
037. MissAndieWitter
038. xLaley Lovex
039. Beautiful Blur
040. ThisLullaby
041. goddessoffaith
042. froggiepopple.
043. thegoodbyegirl.
044. Lenschn.
045. autumn_hope.
046. Elyx.
047. Jbs88.
048. naceprettub
049. EverPotter
050. MBfan19
051. beckyjo
052. bethanygaleottifan
053. Jwood379
054. shellyw9
055. Wolf Spirit
056. jambammd
057. btas12
058. Myrissa
059. Shadowgirl17
060. I'mTeamLeyton
061. x-Jenzy-x
062. Only Hope
063. rummagingforanswers
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073. DashboardC Luver
074. agentcmk
075. laurendbs
076. ~Lost and Found~
077. ^Elle^
078. whoknewBrowniescudBsoHot
079. DoctorPolaroid
080. Kitty_Pryde
081. revolution.
082. eternalnoob
083. rockchick5791
084. *Jory Lynn*
085. kiss paradise
086. gizzie_fan
087. |..|PuNky..~//]
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100. KellAndSteve4Ever
101. buffy4ever
102. iocaste
103. fembizarre
104. MrsCullen
105. Hogglebee
106. McAwesome
107. Hermione Weasley
108. naturellebella
109. missquadros
110. Verexoco
111. silver_dixon
112. loveslullaby

the reasons;
01. Because Ashley wants Spencer and doesn't want to hurt her.
02. Because they ditched school together at the beach.
03. Because they are in love.
04. Because Paula couldn't even tear them apart.
05. Because they ran away together.
06. Because when it comes to being right and protecting Spencer, Ashley will protect her.
07. Becuse Spencer came with breakfast in the morning.
08. Becuse Ashley made a "I Love You" sign twords Spencer.
09. Because Spencer dumped an old friend for Ashley.
10. Because they look out for one another.
11. Because Spencer took care of Ashley, after she was used by random bar girl.
12. Because Spencer comforted Ashley when her father died.
13. Because they held hands.
14. Because Ashley was Spencer's first girl to sleep with.
15. Because they both loved the sex.
16. Because they went to prom together.
17. Because Ashley tried to make Spencer's day special.
18. Because Ashley waited outside in her car for an hour to see Spencer.
19. Because Spencer didn't want to lie about her and Ashley anymore.
20. Because when Aiden tried to kiss Ashley, she turned him down because she was with Spencer.
21. Because Ashley's not easy to be with, but Spencer's willing to take that chance.
22. Because Ashley offered to go in with Spencer while she told her mom about them.
23. Because Ashley loves Spencer even if she loves Kelly Clarkson.

their story;

S e a s o n O n e .---------------------------------------

Q u o t e s .
S: I’m confused. I don’t understand.
What are you? Gay, straight, all of the above?

A: I'm not into labels.

S: I just thought you were being -
A: Jealous? Well, I was jealous. You know, like in a friend way.

S: I mean, maybe it’s the privacy and intimacy
that keeps special moments special.

A: No, you're special. That's why I love you.

S: I wish I could have a new first time with someone
I really do love, who gets me. Maybe I will.

A: Look, I'm sorry! I screwed up! I just didn't want you to feel bad and
I guess I didn't know the right way to make you feel better.
What you're feeling ... the whole gay thing, it's ... It's so important
and so ... scary. And that's why I wanted today to be special
for you. It's kind of like the last day of the old Spencer, you know?

S: Getting people to like me in high school is hard enough.
Screw it, I don't want to be gay.

A: You don't have a choice. You are who you are, Spence.

A: So, what about us?
S: Well, when I was kissing Aiden, I was thinking about you.
A: Really? Me, too.

S: I’m glad you came back tonight. I couldn’t have
handled another night without talking to you.

A: Me too. I love ... these brownies.

A: Hey, thanks.
S: For what?
A: I used to think no one cared about what happened to me.
And then I met you.

S: Families are like that sometimes.
A: Most times you're more than just family to me.

S: Aw, now you have me wearing your shade, how convenient.
Just encase we end up in some spontaneous lip lock?

A: Trust me, it won't be spontaneous.

S: I didn't wanna deal with being gay, but I couldn't deal
with not being with you.

A: I'm not easy.
S: That's not what I heard.
A: I meant to be with.
S: I know. But we're already friends, and that's the hard part.
So let's just start there, and see what happens.

S: Did you really sleep with all those girls?
A: Those are just the ones she found out about.
They never meant anything.

S: And that makes it better?

S: You know what? I can't just be your friend, Ashley.
It has to be more than that, or I'm out of your life.

A: I'm sorry. I'm sorry for the 'Come here, go away' trip
I've been putting you through.

S: Okay. Why would you do that?
A: Because I want you. And I don't want to hurt you.
S: I can take care of myself. And with some left over to take care of you.

---------------------------------------S e a s o n T w o .

Q u o t e s .
A: You are so beautiful.
S: Stop. I'm okay. It's just- it's a big deal and I want it to be for you, too.
A: It is.
S: When I woke up this morning and you weren't here next to
me, for a second, I thought it was a dream.

A: I know, I didn't even want to get our of bed. I just
wanted to shut out the world a little bit longer.

S: Are you sure you don't want him all to yourself?
A: Totally. I want him to spend some time with you. You
know, you're the first person I've ever wanted him to meet.

R: So, you must be pretty special for Ashley to invite you
to my second favorite day of the year.

A: She is. She really is.

S: It was such a good night with him, huh?
A: Yeah and it was even better because you were there.

A: I'm sorry for not letting you in. Letting you help.
I'm so bad at this. But, I need you so bad right now.

A: Thank you for completely destroying my fantasy.
S: I could help you with some of your other fantasies, if you'll let me.
A: Spencer Carlin, you're gay?!
S: Only with you.

A: Thank you. Thank you so much for not letting me disappear, be alone.
S: You're not alone. I'm not going anywhere.

S: Why does it have to be so hard?
A: It has to be. Otherwise, we wouldn't realize how important it really is.

A: Grrr. I know it's obnoxiously sweet and all Hallmark-y but still, grrr.
S: I love it. Aww, she's gonna have to stay in here during class though.
A: She can wait for you.

A: Okay, you're upset and hurt. And I'm sorry. I know you think
I was wrong, Spencer, and maybe I was, but here's the thing, I was protecting
you. And when it comes down to having the choice of
being right or protecting you, I'll be wrong every single time. Because it's just who I am.

A: I kinda like you wearing my clothes. Maybe you'll think about me all day.
S: I already do think about you all day. I tanked my history final
the other day because you're all I ever think about.

A: But at least she'd say you have a totally hot girlfriend.
S: Who's so full of herself.

S: God, why does everyone care so much who I'm in love with?
A: Or who I'm in love with.

A: You can try to keep her away from me but you
cannot keep me away from her, Paula.

T: And is your love for Ashley unconditional?
S: Yes.

A: I need her.

Ai: Just, just don't do anything I wouldn't do.
A: Oh, I already did. Twice.

S: Yeah, she's not gonna like it, she's going to have to accept it.
A: What?
S: That I love you.

S: Oh, I love Kelly Clarkson.
A: And I love you, anyway.

S: You're so lucky that I think you're cute and funny or else you'd be a complete egomaniac.
A: But I'm your egomaniac.

S: Oh, you know, can't stay mad at her for too long.
A: It's cause I'm so cute.

S: Oh my gosh, you look like a princess!
A: No, do not start singing.
S: My princesssssssss!

S: I love you.
A: Love you, too.

S e a s o n T h r e e .---------------------------------------

Q u o t e s .
A: I don't know what happened between us.
Okay, I do. I wasn't there for you, again. I wanted
to be but I felt guilty and I didn't call because I still don't know what
to say. But I do know what to say now. The night of the
shooting before our entire world fell apart you told me that I needed to choose
between you and Aiden. Here I am, I choose you. I need you.
Please tell me you need me just a little bit, too.

A: I swear every night that I was
away, it was great, because you were in my dreams, but every
morning I woke up, it sucked because you wouldn't be there. I know
I sound cliché, but it's true.

S: I hate this.
A: I love you. Spencer, I love you.
S: It's not enough.
A: What does that mean?!
S: Look, I just can't be with you and commit to you and
then have you pull away again.

A: I'm not going to. And I want you and only you.
S: You don't know what you want.
A: Stop it.
S: And I don't know if you'll ever know and it's too
confusing and complicated and it hurts way too much.

A: Don't do this.
S: Look, I'm sorry

K: You're just not in love with him
like you are with Spencer.

A: She won't even talk to me, Kyla.

A: You know me, Spence.
You know me even better than I know myself.

S: When I saw you two together, I really wanted to hate you.
But I can't hate you because I still love you.

A: I'm never going to stop trying.
S: Okay.

A: Spencer, I miss you so much.
S: Ash.
A: I know, I know. We're not together anymore.
S: No, but you know, I still like talking to you.
A: Yeah, me too.

S: You totally regret leaving high school.
A: No, I'm not so much missing it. But, I am missing you, though.
S: Yea, me too.

A: Hey, sexy! Looking for a ride?

S: You can really sing.
A: You heard?
S: You were amazing.
A: Well, I wouldn't even be here if it wasn't for you.
S: I'm your biggest fan.

A: You know, chocolate's an aphrodisiac even if it is on a donut.
S: I like to be prepared.

A: There she is.
S: I can't believe you got my mom to go to Pride.
A: I know, I'm amazing.
S: You really are.

A: I guess somethings change.
S: Somethings stay remarkable the same.
A: I loved waking up next to you. I wish it could be like this forever.

A: I could use some pillow talk right now.
S: Mmm, how about a different kind of pillow talk?
A: Spencer Carlin has a dirty mind?

S: What's it like living your dream?
A: Being in the studio tonight was more like a nightmare.
But this, right now, you and me, that's living the dream.

A: I want you to know that I love you.
S: I love you, too.

S: This is gonna be so good.
A: Oh, it's gonna be better than good. It's gonna be outta this world.
S: I meant the food.
A: Oh.
S: Look at you. You are wearing my robe.
A: I know, I always wanted to be naked in the Carlin home
Without being stopped and pulled out by my hair.

A: Fine, keep it on. I just won't do you anymore late night favors.
S: You wouldn't.
A: Oh, I would.
S: Fine, but it'll be your loss too.

A: You're mothering me.
S: Girlfriending you.
A: Semantics.

S: You are seriously, way more talented than any of those people.
A: Thank you.
S: You know what else ... You are also way more hotter.
A: Well, duh.

A: This is so nice having breakfast together.
S: It is, isn't it?
A: Wouldn't it be nice to have breakfast together every morning?

A: I wrote that song for you, for us. I don't wanna give it to her.
S: Let her have it. I have you. Don't I?
A: Yes, of course you do.

A: Do you remember the first time that you realized you were gay?
S: At the beach. How could I forget that?
A: Well, even though we didn't kiss or do anything, I've always kinda considered
that our first date, because ever since then
I haven't been able to get you off my mind.

A: I love you.
S: I love you.

the reminders;
School Dances.
Room Service.
Bathroom Stalls.
Kelly Clarkson.
Slow Dancing.
Teddy Bears.
Earth Quakes.
Video Cameras.
Breaking and Entering.
Chelsea's Studio.
Phone Calls.

the videos;
Lying Is the Most Fun by buffyfan357.
Almost There by buffyfan357.
It End Tonight by buffyfan357.
Into the Fire by buffyfan357.
We Might As Well Be Strangers by buffyfan357.
Beathe Me by buffyfan357.
We Are by buffyfan357.
Season One Review by buffyfan357.
Slow Dancing In A Burning Room by getsitfaster.
My Beautiful Rescue by jaffacake.
I Won't Be Left by kisstheviolets.
When You're Gone by punkergirl84.
Everytime We Touch by aranvic.
If You're Not the One by hersheysmybaby.
the links;
"If nothing else,
I am myself.
That's all I have to give."
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Can't they just stop being the cutest ship ever already?

"She's phenomenal."
"Oh, God, he's just fantastic."
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I already started a new thread!
she's beautiful, she's innocent,
she's everything that's good
in this miserable stinking world.
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