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sourburst 11-15-2017 04:51 AM

oh hello :love:

☆Follow☆the☆Stars☆ 11-15-2017 12:15 PM

Great pictures :).

heartღaflutter 12-12-2017 04:45 AM

Ah with Bruce Willis! on the set of Glass!! :D

☆Follow☆the☆Stars☆ 12-12-2017 01:15 PM

Great pictures :).

heartღaflutter 12-13-2017 03:11 AM


Many thanks to the San Diego Film Critics Society. I'm touched and delighted that you've decided to award this to me...I often think that finding an audience and putting bums on seats is the greatest reward you can get in this business but I won't lie,it's always nice to be called out for your work. All the very best to you and thank you for the Nod! James mcavoy. #sandiegofilmcriticssociety @splitmovie #glassmovie
Congrats to James! He was pretty perfect in Split!

LightYears 01-30-2018 06:46 PM

Submergence Trailer with James McAvoy and Alicia Vikander

heartღaflutter 01-31-2018 01:43 AM

Thanks! It looks good! :D :D Nice combination with Alicia! :D

LightYears 04-12-2018 02:20 PM

James McAvoy and Bill Hader Join ‘It’ Sequel – Variety

heartღaflutter 04-13-2018 10:01 AM


I’d like to confirm once and for all that I am in negotiations to be @jessicachastain ‘s new hair stylist. I stepped in for her go to team a few years back and can’t wait to tame that mop of fire for all the mall openings and kids party paid appearances she’s got coming up. Needed a career change and this feels right. I just hope I can cut it. #wetperm #it #jessicachastainsnewhairguy #careerchange


Stalker @jamesmcavoyrealdeal
oh I asked in another thread and here I got confirmation! AWESOME NEWS! :woot:
reunion time for Jessica and James after the Dark Phoenix :D

heartღaflutter 04-22-2018 08:58 AM

James McAvoy Looks Handsome in London for Radio Interviews! | James McAvoy : Just Jared

James McAvoy Joins Elton John & David Furnish for ‘Sherlock Gnomes’ Screening! | Ashley Jensen, David Furnish, Elton John, James McAvoy : Just Jared

☆Follow☆the☆Stars☆ 04-24-2018 09:52 AM

Great pictures :).

heartღaflutter 04-26-2018 01:47 AM

Sarah Paulson, James McAvoy, & Bruce Willis Bring ‘Glass’ to CinemaCon 2018! | Bruce Willis, James McAvoy, Samuel L. Jackson, Sarah Paulson : Just Jared

I so want to see this one :hotpinkie:

heartღaflutter 05-08-2018 01:37 AM

I saw X-Men Days of Future Past last night again! I always enjoy this movie, next week Apocalypse will be on TV! Can't wait!

I am waiting for the Dark Phoenix trailer! Bring it on!

LightYears 06-08-2018 08:28 AM

heartღaflutter 06-08-2018 09:21 AM

Cool! Thanks for the casting news! :D I wonder when we'll get a Glass trailer!

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