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Madame Regal 11-30-2014 03:54 AM

Colin Firth Appreciation Thread #5
W E L C O M E T O T H E 5th T H R E A D
Colin Firth

The Fans
01. unbreakable clarity
02. nicky83
03. Det.Logan

Previous Threads
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Madame Regal 11-30-2014 03:55 AM

I noticed there was no OP in the last thread so I started one. If you want me to add anything please let me know :)

also a title cause I couldnt think of something good so fast lol

unbreakable clarity 11-30-2014 08:19 AM

Thanks for the new thread, Suz! Add me, please. :flowers:

Gio Gio 11-30-2014 08:36 AM



Shaken but never stirred! Colin Firth jets out of London after revealing he dreamed of being James Bond but got tired of waiting to be asked to play 007 | Daily Mail Online

Madame Regal 11-30-2014 09:50 AM


Originally Posted by unbreakable clarity (Post 79119316)
Thanks for the new thread, Suz! Add me, please. :flowers:

added you :)

unbreakable clarity 11-30-2014 09:56 AM

He's looking really handsome in those airport pictures. :drool: :love:


Originally Posted by Ms. Evil Regalღ (Post 79120452)
added you :)

Thank you. :)

nicky83 11-30-2014 12:18 PM

I love Colin!! Is he going to be somewhere up for the awards this year? I miss him :(

Can I be added, please? :flowers:

unbreakable clarity 11-30-2014 01:04 PM


Originally Posted by nicky83 (Post 79122660)
Can I be added, please? :flowers:

Welcome! :wave:

nicky83 11-30-2014 03:27 PM


Originally Posted by unbreakable clarity (Post 79123660)
Welcome! :wave:

Thanks :D

Madame Regal 11-30-2014 03:43 PM

adding you too nicky :)

Det.Logan 12-01-2014 10:37 AM

Add me please! :flowers:

Madame Regal 12-02-2014 06:02 AM

added you too :)

Det.Logan 12-05-2014 10:17 AM

Gio Gio 12-08-2014 01:18 PM


The Roundup Of The Most Handsome Men At The 2014 GQ Men Of The Year Awards

Det.Logan 12-12-2014 11:47 AM

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