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heartღaflutter 10-31-2019 06:42 AM

8th Annual Greatest Celebrity In The World Survivor - Congratulations to our Winner Emilia Clarke!! (and runner-up Sebastian Stan!)

ᴡᴇʟᴄᴏᴍᴇ ᴛᴏ ᴛʜᴇ 8ᴛʜ
- sᴜʀᴠɪᴠᴏʀ -

Hello Celebrities fans and members of :ff:! It is that time of the year again where we want to see who becomes the Greatest Celebrity of 2019!

But it's up to you to decide who is the greatest, most remarkable and most deserving celebrity in the world. The past seven years of this survivor have been very successful and I believe this year will be no different. To refresh your memory, here are the winners and links to the past survivors:

1st - Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Winner), Angelina Jolie (Runner-up)
2nd - Emilia Clarke (Winner), Tom Hiddleston (Runner-up)
3rd - Tom Hiddleston (Winner), Chris Hemsworth (Runner-up)
4th- Chris Hemsworth (Winner), Emilia Clark (Runner-up)
5th - Emilia Clarke (Winner), Jensen Ackles (Runner-up)
6th - Gal Gadot (Winner), Emilia Clarke (Runner-up)
7th - Gal Gadot (Winner) Sebastian Stan (runner-up)

- Last Year's Winner -

To help determine that you are invited to submit nominations of who YOU think is the greatest celebrity in the world. We are using O.B.'s original format though with some changes of our own which seemed to work out last year where we had a week long submissions period.
Your submissions isn't purely based on just looks, but also who has the best personality AND talent to go along with their beauty. You may submit up to FIVE nominations. It can be 1 or any number in between, but no more than 5. Come on, you know what to do!

Once again the survivor will be in tournament mode.
The Submission period will run for the course of a week. The celebrities with multiple (a minimum of 2) submissions will enter the tournament. There's only room for 32 celebrities competiting in this survivor. The first 32 celebs getting the most nominations will enter the competition. When it comes down to a tie in the end, the celeb who will enter is the one who got the votes the earliest during submission round. I hope it's clear. If there are any questions, please ask.
It is worth noting that 2 submissions may not be enough to enter the bracket, depending on how much submissions we have, so make sure your celebrity has enough submissions by asking all of your :ff: friends to submit their own submissions too!

Once 32 celebrities have been entered, the nomination round will end and then the brackets will be organized. The celebrities reaching the following rounds will be arranged into their brackets in a way that makes sure the competition process remains transparent as well as unbiased and balanced.

You can submit the nominations with names only or with names + pics/gifs. Submitting with pics will help reduce our search for pics when we set up the thread for official voting once the nominees are chosen, so take that into consideration.

We look forward to all your submissions. Let's make it a great and fun one!

Submissions period will end on Friday november 8th.

Norman and Karen

As usual, a big Thank You to O.B. for starting the tradition!

[You have to vote for each pairing to make sure your vote is eligible]


Chris 10-31-2019 06:55 AM

Looks like fun. Thanks for getting it started.

heartღaflutter 10-31-2019 07:03 AM

Thanks Chris! :D I hope a lot of people will submit this year once again! :D

My Submissions:

1. Kelly Clarkson

2. Emily Blunt

3. Tom Holland

4. Zendaya

5. Jake Gyllenhaal

Elle 10-31-2019 07:04 AM

This looks fun!!!

I'd like to submit Zachary Levi :love:

heartღaflutter 10-31-2019 07:04 AM

It is! Be sure to submit your favs Elle :hug:

Elle 10-31-2019 07:06 AM


Originally Posted by heartღaflutter (Post 99071035)
It is! Be sure to submit your favs Elle :hug:

I edited in my Zach :love: :D

heartღaflutter 10-31-2019 07:08 AM

Great choice! Though you can submit up to 5 of your favs so make sure to submit 4 more!

wickedrum 10-31-2019 08:12 AM

8th now, wow!

Swarkles 10-31-2019 12:02 PM

my submissions:

1. Cobie Smulders
2. Neil Patrick Harris
3. Emma Watson
4. Rupert Grint
5. Sophia Bush

My Kind Of Crazy 10-31-2019 12:15 PM

1. Zac Levi
2. Chris Hemsworth
3. Aaron Tveit
4. Sebastian Stan
5. Keanu Reeves

wickedrum 10-31-2019 03:32 PM

1. Emilia Clarke

2. Tyler Hoechlin

3. Kit Harington

4. Yon Gonzalez


5. Jeffrey Dean Morgan

LxieGrey 10-31-2019 03:56 PM

1. Emilia Clarke
2. Alycia Debnam-Carey
3. Amber Heard
4. Jake Gyllenhaal
5. Chris Hemsworth

edit: thanks for the organization! :flowers:

wickedrum 10-31-2019 04:02 PM


Originally Posted by Chris (Post 99071003)
Looks like fun. Thanks for getting it started.

Always my favourite :ff: event of the year!

in love with you dummy 10-31-2019 04:09 PM

My submissions:

1. Phoebe Tonkin
2. Sabrina Carpenter
3. Ashley Tisdale
4. Tyler Hoechlin
5. Sarah Jeffrey

wickedrum 10-31-2019 04:18 PM

Sarah! :yay:

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