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~AppleJacks~ 04-12-2007 10:54 PM

FanForum Music Awards 2007
Dear Posters,

Fan Forum began hosting the Second Annual Fanforum Music Video Awards. These awards are open on all TV Show boards, and to all posters and we hope you will all enjoy them.

To make the process as smooth as possible we have compiled a list of rules and guidelines to read before submitting your videos. Please read these carefully.

How The Awards Will Work

1. Videos submitted will be judged by the Moderators of the TV Show board submitted to, Or an assigned replacement judge.
2. Moderators of the boards will be allowed to submit to their own boards but judging will be done fairly by all judges.
3. Judges will choose ONE video for each TV Show to win the Best of that TV Show award and will go onto the second round.
4. In the second round the selected video from each TV Show will compete and be judged as the best of each category, Best Angst, Best Romance, etc. The videos will be put into categories at the time of the judging, by the judges. Posters do not decide which category they want to enter their video in.
5. Second round winners will then compete in a final round and ONE video will be chosen as Fanforum’s Best TV Show Music Video.

Rules For Submitting Videos

1. You can only submit up to FOUR videos in each TV Show.
2. Please only submit your own videos, not those of other people.
3. Slideshow videos are not accepted.
4. Videos must be online throughout the judging time. If we can't download it, we can't judge it. This is why we recommend using something like megaupload, SendSpace, or YouTube. Please don’t use YouSendIt as files expire after seven days there.
5. Any videos submitted in the Music Video Awards 2006 cannot be re-entered.

How to Submit Your Videos

Videos should be submitted on this thread using the format below:

Title of Video:
Download Link:
Fanforum User Name:
Song Title & Artist:
Short Description:

Entries will close on the 12th of May so be sure to submit before then.

If you have any further questions, feel free to ask them here, or in a PM.

Thank you,
Sarah and AJ

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