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Old 11-18-2008, 03:05 PM
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Sylar/Elle #206: Sylar can take what he wants, and what he wants is Elle.

Sylar and Elle Appreciation

"The Dark Forces Of Heroes. All We Need Are Our Bad And Bad Hotness"

We reached 100 reasons before Sylar and Elle had scenes

Credits: britnik

Villain + Vixen = Bad and Bad Hotness

Sylar vs. Elle ~ The Game Is On

Credits: simplyinfatuated

Love is their battlefield

"I’ve been waiting for someone like you....
....There’s a curse between us, between me and you"

"My heart’s a graveyard baby
And to evil we make love
On our passion’s killing floor"

"Breathe your life into me...I'm falling, falling faster"

"It's In Your Eyes, What's On Your Mind
I See The Truth That You've Buried Inside"

"That's enough of all your taunting
Seems I can't remove you from my mind
Don't you know sometimes
I wish they'd kill me for wanting you"

"It's tearing me apart too
How'd it get this far
Playing games with this old heart
I've killed a million petty souls
But I couldn't kill you"

"We are one and the same..Only with different names
Your blood runs through my veins..I learned to love by hating "

thank you.
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Old 11-18-2008, 03:06 PM
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Season 2 Episode 11: Powerless
Elle: Sylar!!

Season 2 Episode 12: "Untold Stories"
Elle: Yea its good. I'm really close like seconds away from catching him!

Elle: Dad, dont worry I'm so on it

Elle: I just missed him...

Season 3 Episode 2: The Butterfly Effect
Elle: i'll own it daddy. I screwed up. Sylar got away

E: I can stop him

E: I will find him and figure out where he will strike next

E: Dad, I have been thinking about it. we dont need to look for sylar. he is on the hunt for more powers. on level 5, he will have an all you can eat buffet

E: Sylar is in the building...
E: My dad is dead. Sylar killed him.

S: look at what your daddy use to be able to do.
E: you killed him
S: i've killed a lot of people Elle. You're much to blame for that as anyone maybe even more so.

E: I..We caught Sylar

Season 3 Episode 8: Villains
E: "Are you alright? Say something."
G: "Forgive me."

E: "Everything is going to be ok."
G: "No it isn't. I've done something unforgiveable."
E: "Everybody does bad things. You think I haven't felt exactly how you're feeling right now? Maybe if you talk about it, sometimes when you talk about it.."
G: "I can't. A man had something that I wanted and I took it, at a terrible price."
E: "I know it seems hard to imagine, but you're gonna get through this. Because you're not a bad person."
G: "You don't even know anything about me."
E: "I know what I see. A man who deserves a second chance. The rope broke; you can't tell me that's not a sign."
G: "I don't even know your name."
E: "Elle."
G: "Elle. Well look at you Elle, just showing up out of nowhere. Like an angel."
E: "An angel with a broken watch."

H: "Cute Meet"

E: "Hi. Do you like pie? Oh, that rhymed, didn't it."
G: "Come on in. I'm really glad you came Elle, I wasn't sure you would."
E: "I've been thinking about you, and wondering how you've been since.."
G: "Better. I'm great, actually. Thanks to you. I've just decided to clean up this place, all this clutter, filling my head with bad thoughts."
E: "What's this?"
G: "It's just uh.. it's just a list of people like me."
E: "Nice single guys like you? Maybe I should take this list.."
G: "I'm sorry Elle, there's.. there's something you should know about me. I have a kind of a power. Um, an ability, that's out of the ordinary."
E: "I don't understand."
E: "Oh my god."
G: "The other people on the list, they can do things too."
E: "Wait, there are others?"
G: "What kind of pie did you bring?"
E: "Peach."
G: "That's my favourite kind."

E: "I can't believe you can just lift your finger and move things. It must feel amazing."
G: "It does. But it can be.. overwhelming too. Like a drug that you can't get enough of."
E: "How many others are there like you?"
G: "With abilities, I don't know. To be honest I don't wanna know. I have a kind of problem. I guess you could say I'm like an addict, I have this overwhelming hunger to covet the powers of others. But somehow since the other day, since.. since meeting you. I feel like maybe I don't have to be so special. Maybe I can just be Gabriel again."
E: "But you are special Gabriel. You're special just the way you are."

H: "Special just the way you are. I was afraid you were about to burst into song."
E: "I was just trying to win his trust."
H: "Well we're stalling out here, we need to kick it into high gear."
E: "I don't think he's going to kill again. I really think we should look into someone else on this list."
H: "No, we're sticking with the plan. Mr Gray is a killer, we know that, the only question is will we witness the act or will he do it in a dark alley somewhere."
E: "But what if you're wrong, what if his suicide attempt was a wake-up call?"
H: "You like this guy. Aw, isn't that adorable. You think he's sweet, is that it? What about this one, Trevor Zedlan."
E: "I'm not gonna do it."
H: "We need to seem him kill."
E: "I am not going to do it!"
H: "Alright, if that's how you feel. Here, go ahead, go on. New York City, you could.. I dunno, become a waitress. We have orders Elle, if you don't follow orders you're not an agent, if you're not an agent, you're on your own. Your father has been training you for this since you were four years old. Come on, lets introduce Mr Zedlan to Mr Gray.

E: "This ziti smells terrific."
G: "Can't wait."
E: "Hey have you ever been to that little theatre down the street? I saw that they had some sort of artsy spoken word thing there tonight."
G: "Maybe we should stop by later."
E: "Mm, maybe we should. Oh, I invited someone to join us, I hope you don't mind. It's open!"
T: "Yeah um, I'm Trevor, we spoke on the phone?"
E: "I'm Elle. And um, this is Gabriel. I thought you two should meet. Trevor has an ability too."
G: "An ability, I don't understand."
E: "Don't be mad, but I got Trevor's number off that list you had. I really think it's important for you to get to know people like yourself, I mean, alcoholics can't do it alone. Trevor, why don't you.. show us what you can do."
E: "Wow, that is so cool. Gabriel, isn't that special? Wait here, I have a great idea."

E: "Oh, I love that, don't you love that?"
G: "It's great."
E: "It's so special. Let's see it again"
G: "You think he's so special? I bet he can't do this." [TKs Trevor against the wall]
E: "Gabriel."
G: "I think you need to leave now."
E: "Gabriel, don't! Please."
G: "How did you.."
E: "You don't have to do this."
G: "Who are you? Get out."

E: "We can't do this, Bennett we have to make him stop!"
H: "This is incredible. He actually exposes the brain."
E: "Oh my god."

H: "Don't beat yourself up, we've done invaluable work here, those tapes will be studied and analysed.."
E: "We created a monster, we set him loose on the world."
H: "I wouldn't worry too much about that, I get the feeling we'll be tracking down Mr Gray again soon."
E: "That's not the point! He had a soul, Bennett, he could have been saved."
H: "We're not missionaries. If they had wanted us to bring him in that would have been the assignment, it wasn't. We follow orders Elle, we're agents, that's what we do. Now excuse me, my ride is here."

Season 3 Episode 9: It's Coming
Elle: You!!
Sylar screams AAHHH!!!!!!!!!!

Elle: I will kill you son of a bitch! you murdered my father
Sylar: Yes I did.
Sylar: Im not going insult you by saying im sorry. You deserve so much more Elle. You deserve vengeance. I'll take whatever
you got.

Elle: Murderer! Murderer!
Sylar: I didnt want to kill him. I didnt want to kill any of them. You know that. You saved my life remember Elle. You know the pain I feel over this. The urge. But Im not going to let it control me. Not anymore.
Elle. I'll kill you.. I will swear to god I will kill you..I will swear to god I will kill you.
Sylar. I understand. You need to let it out.
The anger. The betrayal. You can take it out on me. I can take it all.
Elle: Go ahead. Kill me. Please..

Elle: Kill me. Take my power. Thats what you want. Kill me to make the pain stop.
Sylar: I want to make it stop but Im not going to kill you.
Elle: Please just do it.
Sylar; Im sorry. I want to be a good person.
Elle: You are a monster like me.
Sylar: Your father made you do this way just like my mother made me.. We were never good enough for them Elle. You never meant to be this way. You wanted to be normal. You just didnt know how. You saved me life once Elle. You gave me the will to live. Don't you see I owe you?
Elle: I only saved you so we could use you like a lab rat
Sylar: You were just following orders but i forgive you. Now you need to forgive yourself.
Elle: the pain its gone

Elle: No one has ever done anything like that for me before.
Sylar: You forgave yourself Elle. We are all at war with ourselves. Thats what it means to be human. The trick is how to be inside.
Elle: Wanna try?
Sylar: Clearly I dont have it figured out
Elle: Let me show you a few tricks. You aim. You go like this...Thats good. This time loosen up. Give it some attitude. Some English....That's really good. Keep it up. You will be a gunslinger in no time.
Sylar: Thank you. It's amazing.
Elle: Thank you.

On Sylar and Elle
"Sylar and Elle Square Off! See, there is a Santa Claus! Elle tries to do her dad proud by stepping in to save the a most inopportune time for Mohinder and his newfound abilities." - Watch With Kristin

"We finally see Kristen Bell and Zachary Quinto together on screen (in case you haven't heard, there is quite the fan faction for these two) and sparks fly!" - Watch With Kristin

"And there are people on the show who are really good friends off the set, like Kristen and Zach and now they have a storyline together and so you get wonderful chemistry" - Allan Arkush

"Oh to be young, psycho and in love" - Greg Beeman

J: "These two are so great together, you know they're really close friends, and they've got this wonderful chemistry, and are just very at ease with each other."
A: "Yeah, it was particularly fun to work with them. She's a real team player. For someone who's been a lead on a tv series, she really knows how to make everyone around her seem better."

A: "This is a very tender and intimate scene at the start of the act, and making it seem like she was such a nice person.. and the audience is thinking, well huh, this isnt the Elle we knew, whats she doing here, is this a coincidence?"
J: "Yeah, she was introduced originally last season as such a badass, and she seems so sympathetic and so warm, and lovely and embracing, then you realize that's she's you know.. she's working."
A: "Yeah, she's working. And she's being so kind to him and so understanding, and then explains herself, I just came in here to get my watch fixed, you know."

A: "She's hilarious here."
J: "I know."
A: "With the pie line. And there's one more thing about this, they were just so terrific together, their smiles back and forth."

A: "And the pie, he likes peach pie, it's hilarious, and the little smile on her part."

A: "They were so good together, I never used the coverage til much much later."

A: "Yeah. And Gabriel has never had someone so pretty in his apartment."

J: "But that's, you know, their chemistry together, is great."
- Heroes 3x08 Commentary

"Knowing that Kristen Bell and Zachary Quinto are good friends in real-life and that he's part of the reason she got this role, it makes these scenes that much more enjoyable." - BuddyTV

Kristen on Sylar and Elle
"I would love to see him and Elle face off one day, I think that would be unbelievable." - Conference Call

"Never a professional setting" - E! Online

Kristen on Zachary (Sylar related)
"I would like to most interact with, and this is for two different reasons, for on and off camera reasons, with Zachary Quinto. Zachary Quinto has been a good friend of mine for almost ten years now. I’ve always wanted to work with him… he’s the coolest thing because he’s so unpredictable and so downright evil. It’s almost hard for me to watch because it’s the polar opposite of Zach’s personality; he’s just the kindest, gentlest most giving person." - Conference Call

"I'll take over being evil while you are gone" - E! Online

"He's not gonna take my power pssht" - E! Online

"I am thrilled by the idea that my good friend Zach Quinto (Sylar) and I could possibly have scenes together." - EW

Zachary on Sylar and Elle
"The first time we saw each other in front of the camera. I might have popped the cap up her ass." - E! Online

"Yeah, it's a pretty epic battle. You know, some things go down. There's definitely some special effects elements to it. There's some stunt elements to it. And it's both personal and epic." - MovieWeb

Zachary on Kristen (Elle related)

"Well I just love Kristen all around. I love working with her. I love hanging out with her. I think she has a really great energy and a novel actress. So any time I get to work with her is a good time." - MovieWeb

Picture Of The Moment

Scene Of The Moment

Video Clips

Heroes Finale Fiesta

2x11 Powerless

Heroes 2x12 Untold Stories: Part 1 | Part 2

3x02: The Butterfly Effect

3x08: Villains Part 1 | 3x08: Villains Part 2

On Set Candids

Bishop-Gray Family Soundtrack

Download Musical & Bad and Bad Hotness soundtrack: Disc 1 | Disc 2
Download Dark and Dirty soundtrack: Part 1 | Part 2

Evan's 150th Syelle Mixtape | Evan's 200th Sexy Time Mixtape

The Official List

Future Threads
b/c Sylar got jealous of Elle being with Trevor
b/c Gabriel thought he and Elle were on a date but Trevor ruined it!
"I know what I see. A man who deserves a second chance." ~ Elle
b/c Gabriel made Elle blush and she made him laugh
b/c Noah made Elle do it to Sylar ~ She didnt want to do it!
b/c Elle wanted to go back in and save Sylar
b/c Elle saved Sylar not once but twice!
b/c she cooked for him and they were like a family!
b/c they set a date to go to the theatre later
b/c sylar loves elle's sexual tingling all over his body ~ it makes him feel good

thank you.

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“Does 2 + 2 = 4? No! Because two cats plus two sausages is what? Two cats. Two drops of water plus two drops of water? One drop of water.”
They're like so in love
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I really hope syelle is going to keep going through-out volume 3 ^ 4
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hey guys tftnt!!!!!!!!
Ho Merry Ho
always ursღjasy
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All the icons are amazing. Where can I find some so I can save them and pretty up my desktop a little. pretty please.

FI - 20/06/2014 the date I met Jared, Lana, Sean, Bex, Robbie and Emilie! Best weekend ever.
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wow im surruounded by syelle :lol; squeeeeeeeeeeee
Ho Merry Ho
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Originally Posted by paire_gal21 (View Post)
wow im surruounded by syelle :lol; squeeeeeeeeeeee
Best way to be
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"Oh, I've been waiting 4 years for that!"
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Amy Pond, you are magnificent.
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Hey lauren
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Sunshine loves and will always love her squeepie
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oh yeah it is ;thud: cant belive how much were getting of them still

hey sara
Ho Merry Ho
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Yep, Syelle love everywhere
Chrissy 🇨🇦
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Hey Lauren

Np guys I like being surrounded my Syelle. Everyone should have Syelle icons
thank you.
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