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Old 09-20-2007, 12:13 AM
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Heroes - Generations/what were they up to, speculation and wonder

I'm such a fan of this show. At the beginning it reminded me of Lost with all the twist and turns and intoducing of new characters. BUT, there is more you can do when the character can actually travel around the country and globe.

The older "heroes" are such a big mystery. When I found out that they knew all that was a HUGE shock. But it keeps me wanting more. I find myself thinking about what all they can do and why.


- We know they knew about the bomb "six months ago" but howHow could they have known and planned it.

- What are they abilities? I'm so interested in this one. I'm sure their going to be really good ones too. But WHAT could Angela's be? Peter has been around her forever.....what ability does he do that isn't from one of the others.

- Do you think she even has one? Obviously Charles had one, how else would he have known invisible Peter was standing in front of him. And that was in the past and that was future Peter......what could him power be.

-If Charles had a power, why didn't Simone have one.

- Do the children ONLY have powers when BOTH parents have them?(i.e. Claire, Micah, Molly, etc) If that's true then Angela has to have one and so did Peter and Nathan's father.

- I wonder if his power was dangerous. Why would he committ suicide if he had some extraordinary ability.....or did he really committ suicide.

- What do you think Hiro's dad's power is? I think he has a future ability or Issac's but better. That's why he knew what Hiro was doing because he'd already seen it.

- What is the deal with the older ones? Why did they need to set a bomb off so they could "heal the world?".....

Ranting, I know....but these old people are so interesting. Heroes is a goldmine and hopefully the writers are smart and creative enough not to flush it like the Lost writers are doing to their show

(I hope this thread stays alive and unmerged, I love this board I do but it moves way too quick for me and I hate leaving for class then coming back to realize that my last post was in a thread on like page 3)

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