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Old 01-22-2009, 03:30 PM
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Beauty & The Beast {S♥C} #168: She hurts him 'cause she's afraid what she'll do if she doesn't

{ your fear, it moves me, your weakness I taste, I breathe you, but I hate you, you course through my veins }

Welcome to the
Gabriel "Sylar" Gray & Claire Bennet
appreciation thread # 168

the shippers;

1.Elusive One
2 potostfbeyeluvr
3. zietke
4. Sark and Draco Lover
5. lauratillnoon
6. simplyinfatuated
7. samira_86
8. ana_beatriz1984
9. loveloveme
10. Mushkah
11. paire_gal21
12. Calgaryfan2006
13. lauriedavis
14. LHScott
15. heroeslover
16. solace
17. *~maggie~*
18. BlondesHaveMoreFun_x3
19. naleyforever
20. twnty7
21. GodBlessTheFreaks
22. *Diamond*
23. Kaylee123
24. Chattia
25. Sin*
26. alliebabe
27. LucyHyde
28. panic729
29. Elenwyn
30. minihpluver
31. nandamdo
32. TulieMajulie7
33. PGGF
34. dr snaps
35. dark_rose

the characters;

the journey so far;

the quotes;

Sylar: And yet, here I am, alive and well and as soon as I get out, I'm gonna collect one more ability from your daughter. Sweet, innocent...
Mr. Bennet: That's enough.
Sylar: Ripe, indestructible.
Mr. Bennet: I said that's enough, Gabriel!

1x11 - Fallout

Sylar: A Cheerleader, huh?
Sandra: Co-Captain by Junior year
Sylar: Wow...
Sandra: Although not so much these days, after some horrible event at the school
Sylar: I heard about that, that must have been hard on poor Claire!
Sandra: you are awfully interested in my daughter
Sylar: well ever since I seen what she can do, I guess you could say I'm a fan...she's really quite gifted!
Sandra: Oh, you've been to a game?
Sylar: Yeah, I guess I have.
Sylar: I really just couldn't get over those irrestitable... talents of hers.

Sylar: I'm special. Just like Claire... well, different but you catch the meaning. It's a shame I'll have to kill her. Maybe I'll kill you first. I really haven't decided yet.

1x14 - Distractions

Nathan (Sylar): I thought you were dead. You have no idea how important you’re for me, Claire.
Claire: I’m not important, I’m just a waitress.
Nathan (Sylar): We both know that is not true.

Claire: Sylar...
Sylar: I have waited a long time for this.

1x20 – 5 years gone

Sylar: Hello, Claire.

Sylar: I bet you been wondering where I've been since you saw me last, huh? Let's just say I took a little... Detour from my career path. Spent a little time south of the border but... It's all behind me now, like a long night after a bad taco.
Claire: No. I saw Hiro Nakamura kill you. I was there.
Sylar: And yet here I am, fully recovered. Well, not fully. That's actually why I've come.
Claire: What do you want from me?
Sylar: Same thing I did last time I came for you. I want what you have, Claire. I want your power.

Sylar: I know you're scared. I would be too... All alone in this house with someone like me. A man you barely know. It isn't exactly a fair fight, I admit. But I don't want to fight you, Claire. I just want what you have.
You see, I lost everything that made me special. Lost... But now found. There's a whole shopping list of abilities right here. But I'm going to start with the best. And once I have yours... (Claire stabs him).

Claire: What are you doing to me?
Sylar: I'm looking for answers before I bleed to death.
Claire: Funny... I'm looking for answers too.
Why don't I feel anything?
Sylar: No nerve endings. An amazing bit of machinery, this... and how much of it do we actually use? 10%, maybe 20%. Imagine the answers we'd have with 100%. Why is there evil? How many angels can dance on the head of a pin? How do we make love stay?
All these answers, they're all... They are all here.
Claire: Are you going to eat it?
Sylar: Eat your brain? Claire, that's disgusting.
There it is.

Claire: Wait.
What about me? Aren't you going to kill me?
Sylar: Poor girl... There's so much about yourself you don't even understand. Your brain is not like the others, Claire. You are not like the others. You're different. You're special. And I couldn't kill you, even if I wanted to. You can never die. And now, I guess, neither can I.

3x01 – The second coming

Sylar: She can't die. You really don't understand her, do you?

Meredith: Why do you wanna stop bad guys?
Claire: I told you. To help people.
Meredith: That's what you keep saying. But I don't believe you.
Do you know what waterboarding is, Claire?
Claire: No!
Meredith: It's a method of torture. You're not drowning but your body tells your mind that you are. You think yore gonna die. Trapped, you panic. Does that remind you of anything?
Claire: Stop it! Turn it off!
Meredith: Is this how it was with Sylar, huh?
You're indestructible but you couldn't get away, right? Well, that must have made you feel trapped. Helpless.
Claire: Please stop! I can't...
Meredith: Why do you wanna stop bad guys?
Claire: To help people!
Meredith: I don't believe you. You tell me why.
Claire: To hurt him, okay! To hurt him for what he did! Like he hurt me.

3x03 – One of us, one of them

Claire: No, this was my house. You took everything from me.
Gabriel: Claire, I never meant for you...
Claire: Shut up!

3x04 – I am become death

Sylar: Let go of the girl!
Claire: Sylar. Dad, what is he doing here?

Sylar: Stand back. Last warning.

Sylar: Are you okay?
Claire: Peachy.

Claire: Who are you to talk? Bringing him here? Tell me you're not working with him after what he did to me.
Sylar: Claire, you hate me. I understand. When I touched your hand, I could feel the pain that I caused you. And I never meant for you...
Noah: Shut your mouth now.You don't get to talk to her. Ever.

Sylar: She doesn't believe a word you're saying. She knows exactly what you did back there, why didn't take down Stephen Canfield when you had the chance.
Noah: Nobody's talking to you.
Sylar: Claire finally sees you for what you are... a user. Isn't that right, Claire?
You used her to try to find that poor man. Then you used him to try to kill me because to you... I'm nothing but a monster. He doesn't see our humanity, Claire. He never will.

Noah: Claire, wait. You're not gonna listen to him, are you? The man is a deranged sociopath. He's a killer.
Claire: He's a monster.

3x05 - Angels & Monsters

Claire: when Sylar attacked me, he saw something. He took off the top of my head. He said I was different from everyone else, special. I didnt understand what that meant till today. I think im the catalyst.

3x09 - It's coming

Sylar: What if Claire could see you now?
Noah: Shut up!

Sylar: We're taking Claire with us. That's what we came for in the first place.

Claire: Stop! Look, I will go with you, okay? Just please leave him alone.
Sylar: I think this game of cat and mouse is over.

Claire: No!

3x11 - The Eclipse, part 2

Sylar: Arthur Petrelli is dead. No need to go to Pinehearst now.
Claire: Sylar?
Sylar: Don't worry, Claire. Peter couldn't do it, so I did. Just like mommy wanted.
I know I repulse you... Terrify you. You see me as a monster... And yet... you did this to me. And before the night is over, I'm going to prove to you one by one... that you're all monsters... Exactly like me.

Sylar: Think about it... manipulative grandmother. Neglectful father, a mother who abandons her own daughter? All villains, really.

Sylar: And Claire... You and I, we're more alike than any of them. We can't be damaged. I mean... Except for a broken heart. And that's what parents give us, isn't it?
Claire: We're nothing alike, you sick bastard!
Sylar: I'm going to enjoy proving to you just how wrong you are.

Claire: It's dead.
Angela: Doesn't surprise you, does it? He's put us all on lockdown. You're only giving him what he wants. A child starved for attention... Throws a temper tantrum.
Claire: Well, I'd like to give him a good spanking.

Sylar: There is a way to stop this, Claire. You wanna be a company agent, hunt down bad guys... That means making hard choices just like your daddy. And let's face it... You are just like your daddy. Okay, I will allow dad, you, and biomom to walk out of here right now, alive, to live happily ever after. All you've gotta do is take your shotgun, hold it up to Angela's head, and pull the trigger.

Sylar: Is she even worth protecting? She wanted to blow up New York city, murdered her husband. Oh, okay...tried. And most importantly, lied to me, made me believe I had a mother and a family, and then took it all away. But if you're dead set on keeping her alive, you could always just give me daddy.
Claire: Why are you doing this?
Sylar: You should ask your dad sometime about what he and Elle did to me. I could have been a nobody... instead of the monster I became. And now Elle's dead... and very soon your father may be too. It's your choice or fault. All you gotta do is get rid of Angela.
Claire: You hurt him... And I swear I'll hunt you down and kill you!
Sylar: *smirks* From cheerleader to stone cold killer. Who's the monster now?
Claire: *shoots the phone* You are.

Claire: Where's Angela?
Sylar: Well, you wouldn't pick before so... I had to up the stakes. Save daddy... Or is it granny?
Claire: Let me go!
Sylar: Why are you even pretending? We both know you're going after your dad. Even after all the lies he's told you, how he's neglected you.What does that say about you, Claire? That's the thing about the truth, Claire. Stings like a bitch.

3x13 - Dual

scene of the moment;


3x11 - The Eclipse Part 2

People on Sylaire;

“And then - hooray! - came my all-time favourite TV drama line, the one no self-respecting show should ever avoid deploying, given the opportunity:
'What do you want from me?' Claire asked Sylar.
'I want what you have. I want your power.' Which swiftly translated into some dirty, Dexter-ish, deliciously shot and rather disturbingly erotic brain surgery.” – Kathryn Flett

“Another storyline where the acting shines is the encounter between the series' two breakout stars. If you had any idea of how this scene would go, you were wrong. Between the special effects, the writing and the acting, fans will definitely be talking about their scenes together. We also get a very logical introduction to some new heroes that will definitely be cropping up later in the series. My only complaint is that while Sylar can use his telekinesis -- yes, I did say use his telekinesis-- to close doors and throw people against walls, apparently a wooden slatted pantry door that even my weakened nerd muscles could probably kick through can apparently hold Sylar off. Maybe he inherited the Golden Age's Green Lantern's weakness against wood? But that is a minor complaint in the midst of what could be Quinto's and Panettiere's best acting to date.” - Remy Minnick

“Sylar has one fatal flaw. He can be hurt. He can die. So he goes after Claire, because she’s the one thing he wants to be: indestructible” – Hayden Panettiere

"This volume of Heroes began with Sylar scalping Claire and taking her power, and ended with Claire jamming a shard of glass into Sylar's skull and taking his power. All's fair in love and war, and our little Claire-bear is a fighter after all." - Kristin from E!


the top 5;

the soundtrack;
Send big files the easy way. Files too large for email attachments? No problem!

2.Sylar & Claire #2: B/C Sylar wants to devour Claire
3.Sylar & Claire #3: B/C Sylar is gonna bang into Claire this season
100.100 Threads of the Tale as Old as Time and Brain Sex!
101.b/c Sylar is the only one that can make Claire purr.
102.'Cause I will wait a lifetime and I would wait for you.
103.Because he gave Claire a braingasm = True Love!
104."He said I was different from everyone else, special.
105.Because we need our Sylaire fix before we go crazy!
106.Because Sylar wants Claire bear all for himself.
107.B/C Sylar will realize he's on the wrong side when he sees Claire again.
108.because Sylar doesn't want to see Claire hurt.
109.Because Claire is the love of Sylar's life.
110.Because the Devil always falls for the Angel
111.Because it always comes back to Sylar & Claire
112.From the physical to the emotional, they feel everything together.
113.Because Sylar Needs Claire
114.Because is it December 15 already?
115.Because even if you think i'm special, i'll only be when you will be with me
116.B/C only on Heroes could the Boogeyman land a Cheerleader
117.B/C we're patiently waiting for the end of the Volume (not really).
118.Because we knew it. Thank you, Noah!
119.Because now there is nothing in the way of Sylaire!
120. Even if you cannot hear my voice I'll be right beside you dear.
121.B/C Sylaire has all the makings of an epic love story.
122.Because Claire's wish is Sylar's command
123.Because it's no longer incest, the object of his obsession is now attainable.
124.Because he's gonna enjoy proving how wrong she is.
125.B/c they're going to have a showdown of epic proportions!
126.B/C Bonnie has found her Clyde
127.Because he takes her breath away. Literally.
128.B/C Sylar got Claire up against the wall & made little Noah
129.B/C wherever Sylar stands, Claire's the one
130.because Sylar sucked the life out of Claire and brought her back as his
131.Because they are alike and they can't be damaged.
132.b/c Claire wants to spank Sylar and he'd like that.
133.All we want for Christmas is Sylaire scenes in Volume 4
134.B/c they will continue the cat and mouse game next volume.
135.You want your independence but you won't let me let you go.
136. Like Kristin said, all is fair in love and war
137.Because they even have eye sex through a camera!
138.because Sylaire was the heart and soul of volume 3.
139.B/C Sylar's is the only candy cane Claire wants
140.Because all Claire wants for Christmas is to spank Sylar.
141.B/C Claire is the only blonde Sylar will be with for Christmas
142."One of the highs this year: Sylar finally getting his hands on Claire" - Press Play
143. B/C Claire secretly wants Sylar back in her life.
144.B/C Claire feels Sylar inside her
145." this is suddenly a Sylarquin Romance here." - TWOP
146."Because Sylar's been after her from the beginning." ~ Zach
147.Sylar and Claire wish you a Spanking Happy New Year!
148.Sylar and Claire wish you a Spanking Happy New Year!
149.Because 2009 is the year for Sylaire.
150.150 threads of mutual obsession, handholding, spanking & hot brain scenes!
151.B/C there's a thin line between love and hate.
152.B/C they leave each other dirty messages written in blood
153.Because she's his ultimate goal and pursuit. Zach's words, not ours.
154.Because Hayden knows Sylar wants Claire
155.B/c Sylar is Claire's number 1 stalker/fan
156.Because "You and I, we're more alike than any of them".
157.If you could learn to forgive me, then I could learn to feel
158.B/C No One Makes Claire Scream like Sylar
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Post away
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oo tftnt loev the title hehe

so i went and saw alot ;eek:
Ho Merry Ho

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You're welcome. And yeah, Ellie came up with the title

I'm glad
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oo cool hehe

but um i dont get why ppl are excited about
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I think it's just that we're finally getting something new
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oh ok
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Hey Sylaire fans
Chrissy 🇨🇦
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hey chrissy
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Hey, Chrissy!
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theres my king soa re u workin on anythign right now haha
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Hey Drama Queen and Lucy
So what is going on?
Chrissy 🇨🇦
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just weird spoielrs hahha
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The title, I'm in love with it

lips so sweet
hard to beat
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