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Adam&Eve [ZQ/KB] #187: B/C they like to lick and suck hard. ROCK ON!!!

{ Welcome to the Zachary Quinto & Kristen Bell appreciation Thread }

01-13-07: InStyle Luxury Suites at The Four Seasons Beverly Hills
02-10-07: "Paw-Fect Match" Valentine's Super Adoption Day
04-05-07: Kristen Hosts Evening for Invisible Children Party
06-26-07: "Sicko" Los Angeles Premiere
06-27-07: Kristen and Zach out!
07-00-07: Kristin V's wedding
07-26-07: 2007 Comic-Con International
08-16-07: In Style Summer Soiree
08-21-07: Hayden Panettiere 18th Bday Bash
09-14-07: Heroes Pre-Emmy Party
09-15-07: Entertainment Weekly's 5th Annual Emmys Celebration – Inside
09-16-07: 59th Primetime Emmy Awards
09-27-07: Declare Yourself's The Power of 18
09-27-07: Les Deux club
09-30-07: Bowling For The Arts "Celebrity Games"
10-05-07: Hollywood Most Wanted Art Show
10-19-07: Scream TV 2007 Awards
03-05-08: 16th Annual A Night at Sardi's
05-11-08: Out in New York Candids
09-13-08: The Re-Opening Of The Mark Taper Forum
09-14-08: On The Set of Heroes
01-11-09: The 66th Annual Golden Globe Awards "InStyle/Warner Bros." After Party

01. Because Kristen said to Zach that if they were serious, she would love to work with you guys.
02. Because they are bad and bad hotness
03. Because they rode together on a train
04. Because she'd love to work with him
05. Because there was a "later on"
06. Because they spend so much time together
07. Because obviously they love posing together
08. Because they can't get enough of each other!
09. Because we know it was Zach who got her a spot on Heroes
10. Because is it really a coincidence that Zach and Kevin look alike?
11. Because they attended a wedding together, foreshadowing anybody??
12. Because they make a Paw-fect match
13. Because they were together on Valentine's Day
14. Because "somebody" made it happen
15. Because a "three-hour train ride back" sounds really good
16. Because they're both mysteriously missing from Hayden's birthday pics..
17. Because they are friends
18. Because he likes to think he had something to do with Kristen getting on the show
20. Because he thinks about her
21. Because he thinks Kristen has a real following in this world
22. Because he's very excited about having Kristen on board
23. Because they both love dogs
24. Because they are back in black
25. Because they may have gotten dressed up together
26. Because even their black clothes look bad hotness
27. Because a villain pair dances too
28. Because they shake together
29. Because grey and blue does look great on a red carpet
30. Because they are rocking the dance floor
31. Because their relationship really is forbidden!
32. Because Kristen didn't know if Zach believed in love at first sight so she introduced herself again
33. Because he is Kristens innermost thoughts
34. Because he fell for her
35. Because she thinks Zach is attractive
36. Because they said they love each other
37. Because they have known each other for 10 years
38. Because they held hands
39. Because he keeps her safe in the crowd
40. Because she thinks he's the kindest, gentlest, most giving person
41. Because she wants to spend on and off screen time with him
42. Because he's the person she most wants to work with
43. Because even Adrian ships them!
44. Because they shared some cake
45. Because they both can sing.
46. Because they sing together in their spare time
47. Because they always light up when they see each other
48. Because Masi should have quit the band so Kristen and Zach could do a duet
49. Because they both attended a Catholic school
50. Because Heroes boosted both of their careers
51. Because Kristen watches his back - that's what friends are for!
52. Because everyone knows they're tight
53. Because they performed together!
54. Because he talks about her to everyone
55. Because Zach was on the pool side at Jack's party thinking of Kristen
56. Because they have a lot of livin to do together
57. Because they both love musicals
58. Because they are both big goofs
59. Because Kristen loves goofy geeky guys = Zach
60. Because both their hockey teams are in the playoffs
61. Because they always seem to have their own little game
62. Because Vol 3 means more filming time for Zach and Kristen
63. Because they got each other's back
64. because they are kids at heart
65. because kristen cant wait to finish her Heroes arc to work with Zach again
66. because they have similiar movie taste
67. because they are sci fi fans
68. because kristen loved making zach blush about him being in star trek
69. because they are so proud of each other
70. because zach loves to mention that he knows kristen to fans
71. because they are hockey fans
72. because they love to be next to each other
73. because even though they are far away, we know they are just a text msg away
74. because even kristin loves zach and kristen
75. because they both love to make funny faces
76. because they are doggy lovers
77. because they are making a difference in the world
78. because zachary has his army and now kristen has her squad
79. because everyone at the eclipse went 'aww' at the zach and kristen ew stuff
80. because kristin had to mention the fanbase for them
81. because filming heroes gives them more time to hang together
82. because they both have backgrounds of music and theatre
83. because kristen needs to influence zach to do comedic movies
84. because they love to taunt each other in their own way
85. because kristen wants to be evil just like zach
86. because sylar and elle are so much alike which makes it perfect for them
87. because kring better not kill kristen or zach will make kring suffer the consequences
88. because kristen loves working on heroes because she loves working with zach
89. because their emmy dance was something out of a fairytale
90. because kristen loves to behind zach
91. because kristen maybe short but zach doesnt make her look short somehow
92. because kristen loves to make zach blush
93. because no one does a party like zachary and kristen
94. because they dont even need to say anything to each other, they just know
95. because they both surprise each other
96. because kristen being on heroes made the highlight of the year for them
97. because doing a musical segment makes them one step closer in doing a musical together
98. because zach wants to do broadway and he can do it with kristen
99. because we love the way they smile at each other
100. because they were the secret relationship no one knew

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92. Talkative One
Our Top 5 Kristen & Zach Events

Our Top 5 Kristen & Zach Video Moments

+ top 5 moments video! +

On Zachary and Kristen
"I know that she's friends with Hayden [Panettiere] and I know that she's friends with Zach [Quinto]. I saw Zach the other day and he was very excited about her coming on board." - Jack Coleman

"Last summer, after the HEROES panel at Comic-Con, two of our writers, Joe Pokaski and Aron Eli Coleite were riding from San Diego to LA on the train. Sitting in the same car, they saw Zach Quinto and Kristen Bell – who, as it turns out, are old-time best friends." - Greg Beeman

"She hangs out with Zach all the time" - Joseph Loeb on Heroes Unmasked 2x08

"And there are people on the show who are really good friends off the set, like Kristen and Zach and now they have a storyline together and so you get wonderful chemistry" - Allan Arkush

"I really loved the scenes between Zachary Quinto and Kristen Bell. I've always like Elle, but some of her dialogue has been terrible and her spunky rebellion was boring. I liked seeing her vulnerability, and I thought she did great playing off of Zach." - TVGuide

"Knowing that Kristen Bell and Zachary Quinto are good friends in real-life and that he's part of the reason she got this role, it makes these scenes that much more enjoyable." - BuddyTV

J: "These two are so great together, you know they're really close friends, and they've got this wonderful chemistry, and are just very at ease with each other."
A: "Yeah, it was particularly fun to work with them. She's a real team player. For someone who's been a lead on a tv series, she really knows how to make everyone around her seem better."
A: "With the pie line. And there's one more thing about this, they were just so terrific together, their smiles back and forth."
A: "They were so good together, I never used the coverage til much much later."
J: "But that's, you know, their chemistry together, is great."
- Heroes 3x08 Commentary

Zachary on Kristen
"I think that Kristen has a real following obviously in this world and then in television in general so I'm sure that she was somebody that they've talked about along the way. We were at Comic-Con at the same time this year and we came back on the train with a couple of the writers and they ended up talking about this new character that they were going to have on the show. She was sort of talking to them and she forged her own relationship with them and I think that also had something to do with it." -

"Kristen and I have been friends for years. We actually decided to take the train back from July’s Comic Con. And as we were waiting in line for the train, we ran into HEROES writers Joe Pokaski, Aron Eli Coleite and Michael Green.” Elaborates the watchmaker, “Turns out they were actually writing scenes for the character that would become Kristen’s. So it was really interesting to get a text message from her a week later saying — Hey, some really great news. Call me when you get this, or I can just tell you when I see you on the set of OUR show."

"I'm Kristen's inner most thoughts" -

"I love you" -

"She's always got my back.." - E! Online

"She and I have been friends for a while and ended up taking the train back up together" - Heroes Unmasked 2x08

"Well I just love Kristen all around. I love working with her. I love hanging out with her. I think she has a really great energy and a novel actress. So any time I get to work with her is a good time." - MovieWeb

"Crossword puzzles. I can get through to Wednesday, maybe Thursday of the New York Times' puzzles. Kristen and I do them." - People

"No, she just has to deal with the fact that I'm a lot better. Just kidding. Sort of. " - People

Kristen on Zachary
"I said to Zach, "Hey, if they were serious, I would love to work with you guys." And somehow, somebody made it happen" - Ausiello Report

"Zachary Quinto is attractive" -

"I love you" -

"I have been friends with Zach for almost 10 years now. I adore him and glad im finally gettting to work with him" -

"I would like to most interact with, and this is for two different reasons, for on and off camera reasons, with Zachary Quinto. Zachary Quinto has been a good friend of mine for almost ten years now. I’ve always wanted to work with him… he’s the coolest thing because he’s so unpredictable and so downright evil. It’s almost hard for me to watch because it’s the polar opposite of Zach’s personality; he’s just the kindest, gentlest most giving person. I would love to see him and Elle face off one day, I think that would be unbelievable." - Kristen & Kring conference call

"One day in the car, Masi Oka [Hiro], Zach Quinto [Sylar] and I decided to start a band. It could be like the Heroes all put on a talent show!" - TVGuide

"I was just watching his back. That's what friends do!" - E! Online

"I have a lot more interaction with him [Sylar], which is great for me, because Zach Quinto is a very dear friend" ~ TVGuide
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video clips


Zach and Kristen EW Clip Part 1

Zach and Kristen EW Clip Part 2

Zach and Kristen EW Clip Part 3

Heroes Finale Fiesta!

Who's Been Naughty or Nice

Adrian's Vids

Zach and Kristen dancing at the Emmys

Zach and Kristen eating cake


Zach and Kristen outside Hayden's 18th birthday party

Zach and Kristen outside Le Deux club

Zach and Kristen leaving the Scream Awards

Heroes UnMasked 2x08 Part 1

{ Zachary & Kristen - 100th Soundtrack ~ Disc 1 / Disc 2 / Disc 3 (Part 1 | Part 2)}

Evan's Volume 1 Mixtape

Zachary & Kristen Wishlist

01. Kristen/Zach joint photoshoot.
02. Kristen and Zach musical or just singing together.
03. Kristen and Zach kiss.
04. Candids of Kristen and Zach hanging out.
05. Kristen and Zach attending a new event together.
06. Zach and Kristen to take their dogs out for a walk together.
07. Another vid of them from Adrian.
08. Another new interview of both of them together.
09. Kristen commenting on Zach's Spock!Brows
10. Both Zach and Kristen attending eachothers movie premieres.
11. Kristen and Zach playing with bb guns.
12. Kristen introducing Zach to the VM cast and partying like rock stars.
13. Ryan and his wife and ZK going out on double dates.
14. New Vol 3 Sylar and Elle Previews
15. Zachary and Kristen Behind The Scenes of Vol 2 or Vol 3
16. Gag reel of Zachary and Kristen on the set of Heroes
17. Zachary and Kristen working on a movie together
18. Zachary and Kristen traveling the world together (ie going to the same conventions together)
19. Zachary and Kristen wearing similar clothes
20. More personal information about Zachary and Kristen's relationship
21. More behind-the-scenes pics from Greg Beeman.
22. More on set Heroes candids of them from paps
23. Zachary and Kristen Do Something interview + behind the scenes
24. Zachary and Kristen Unscripted interview

previous threads. . .
#1: Because Zach may have been the guy that made it all happen
#2: Because Kristen wants to play a baddie like Zach
#3: Because we want Syelle for S.2's Bad and Bad hotness
#4: Because Kristen said "Zachary Quinto is attractive"
#5: Because they've adored each other for 10 years
#6: Take my hand, hold it tight, I will protect you.
#7: KB in a Peter Petrelli/Lex Luthor sandwich = jealous Zach!
#8: His favorite sin is lust & his favorite sinner is Kristen
#9: Because Kristen wants on and off camera time with Zach
#10: A thread for every year of their friendship!
#11: Because the interview ended once Zachary saw Kristen
#12:Kristen thinks Zach is the kindest, gentlest, most giving person
#13: Because Kristen's great news for Zach was being on the same show
#14: Because Kristen may just get her on scream time with Zach
#15: Because people marry their best friends
#16: B/C they would be the leads and do a duet in the Heroes Musical
#17: Star Wars and Star Trek.. we love our Sci-Fi nerds!
#18: B/C Kring loves the BFFs giving them on screen & off screen time
#19: Because they are going to heat things up on 12/03/07
#20: She was watching his back, because that's what friends do.
#21: B/C they are going to take over the world with their cuteness
#22: Because they're tight, and everyone knows it!/
#23: Because they are talked about too damn much
#24: Because they are our caffeine addiction
#25: B/C more Zachary and Kristen action is on our Christmas List
#26: "It's true she always has my back" ~ Zachary
#27. B/C they are our energizer bunnies...they keep us going...
#28. Be part of The Wild Party starring Zachary and Kristen..
#29. our imagination is starting to run wild.. we need to go to rehab
#30. B/C Kristen will be watching the Star Trek teaser trailer for Zach
#31. The longer they are apart the more we miss them
#32. Because Kristen got Zachary saying and doing some crazy thing
#33. B/C hello Kring, where is our Kristen and Zachary gag reel?!!
#34. B/C wherever zachary is, kristen is never far behind
#35. our imagination is starting to run wild.. we need to go to rehab
#36. we checked into rehab..and it still hasnt helped our depression
#37. Because Zachary wants Kristen to be his valentine
#38. B/C Zach loves having Kristen all to himself

#39. B/C when they are apart, they are just a phone call/text away
# 40. Because our dreams of a duet may finally become reality!
#41. because nothing no one can stop us now
# 42. because our dreams duet did become reality
#43. because they got lot living do
#44. Because 5 months of waiting was worth it
#45. B/C Kristen maybe joining Zachary on stage again
#46. B/C Kristen is everywhere to Zach, he really can't escape her!
#47. Because the snake & the apples need to be touched
#48. B/C Kristen will do whateva it takes to come back & film with Zach
#49. B/C its almost time to party up the thread Z/K style
#50. 50 threads of laughter, hugs, and friendship!
#51. B/C their party is just getting started
#52. Because they made us love musicals even more
#53. Because we want a zachary and kristen unscripted interview
#54. B/C they sing Spring Awakening in the car all the time
#55 Because they are the only ones who know how to woo each other
#56. Because Kristen loves her junk Zachary
#57. Because they dont do sadness; they need the blue wind
#58. Because Zach will be thinking of Kristen on the Heroes set
#59. B/C Zach will be waiting for Kristen to return to the set
#60. Because we want Zachary and Kristen to both be at the upfronts
#61. Because we know they will hug each other at the upfronts
#62. B/C Zach loves the way Kristen touches his body
#63. Because their story is being told in 'Made of Honor'
#64. It's fate. Detroit vs Pittsburgh. Who will get bragging rights?
#65. B/C Kristen bets her dollar that Zach's team will lose.
#66. B/C all zach wants for his bday is kristen
#67. B/C Zach and Kristen are planning a family
#68. Because there is nothing like a Zach and Kristen hug and touch
#69. Because Zachary is Kristen's most valuable player
#70. B/C we know Zach will get Kristen involved in his prod. company
#71. B/C Zach wants to see how much Kristen can bend
#72. B/C its dancing with the stars zachary and kristen style
#73. B/C Zach will throw Kristen the best bday bash ever
#74. B/C they are still in a secret relationship
#75. Kristen is back in LA ~ It's time for them to bond now
#76. B/C a hug from Zach will be Kristen's best bday present
#77. B/C zach made sure kristen's b'day was fab!
#78. B/C Zach reminisces about their magical train ride together
#79. B/C we need more dirt on zach and kristen!
#80. B/C Fate will give z/k another chance to be together soon
#81. B/C we hope to see them singing together soon!
#82. B/C We want pics of Zach and Kristen on set
#83. B/C the only show we are interested in is The ZQ and KB show
#84. b/c it's time to unmasked the world of zach and kristen.
#85. B/C it's about time they take their friendship to the next level

#86. B/C they have matching hats
#88. B/C Zach and Kristen know how to rock on hard!
#89. B/C everyone can see the wonderful chemistry they have
#90. Because Kristen was destined to be on Heroes to have her moments with Zach
#91. B/C Zach has a secret stash of sexy Kristen pics underneath his bed
#92. B/C manips are good but a real photoshoot with them would be even better!
#93. b/c Zach only wants Kristen ~ She's everything!!!
#95. b/c zach needs to lay all his love on kristen
#96. b/c Zachary loves Kristen's wonky eye
#97. b/c We're Leaving Syelle in Our Dust!
#98. B/C Zachary and Kristen belong together!!
#99. "I love Kristen all round. I love working with & hanging out with her" ~ ZQ
#100 . B/C any time is a good time with Zach and Kristen
#101. She has a really great energy and is a novel actress
#115. b/c "any time i get to work with her is a good time" ~ zq
#116. b/c Zach wants Kristen to go all Little Mary Sunshine on him!
#117. b/c any kid would be lucky to have zach and kristen as their parents
#118. B/C They're Barackin' the Vote
#119. b/c Zach and Kristen wants us to do something and vote!
#120. B/C no one can campaign like Zach and Kristen
#121. b/c Zach needs to sing Kristen a sweet lullaby
#122. b/c Kristen got Zach so hypnotized, so mesmerized
#123. b/c Zach and Kristen are having phone sex right now!
#124. B/C Zach is the guy who will demand Kristen for a rematch after he loses
#125. "Zach is a very dear friend" ~ KB
#126. b/c Kristen wants Zach to beam her up
#127. B/C Zach knows Kristen xoxo him
#130. b/c We're holding onto hope that we'll get new pictures soon
#129. b/c Zach has a picture of them in his trailer
#130. Wonky Eye Meets Crazy Eye Meets Energy Hands Meets Spock Hands
#131. b/c they will sex up a heroes commentary and it would be the best EVER!!
#132. b/c zach wants to getaway with kristen to bora bora
#133. b/c kristen will show off her sexy lingerie to zach.. leaving Zach breathless wanting more
#134. b/c Kristen loves that Zach is bringing sexy back
#135. b/c Kristen will be Zach's halloween treat #136. B/C they are going to save the world and go green!
#137. b/c we cant wait to see more of them sexin up our tv screens
#138. "They're really close friends, and they've got this wonderful chemistry" ~ Jack
#139. "They are just so terrific together" ~ Allan Arkush
#140. B/C of Syelle heating up onscreen, KB gets to see Zach's keys offscreen!!! (To practice)
#141. b/c zach and kristen got all snuggly and cuddly behind the scenes hehe
#142. b/c our fantasy of them kissing is finally going to happen on screen
#143. b/c we're going to get all the z/k goodies tomorrow!
#144. B/C they need to make out more often
#145. B/C Zach hangs out with Kristen in her hot tub
#146. b/c they are thankful for their friendship
#147. B/C Zach and Kristen stuffed each other at thanksgiving in front of their entire family *eek*
#148: Beeman, if you're reading this, give us kinky z/k pics!
#149. b/c they are aggressive like tigers. GRRR. Bye Bye Shirt!
#150. Zach's first TV sex scene was with Kristen ~ It was the HOTTEST SEX SCENE EVER!!
#151. B/C they must have had an awesome time filming their sex scene! .
#152. B/C even when they dont attend the same events, their clothes always seem to match!
#153. b/c Zach's keys dazzle Kristen
#154. B/C Zach got weepy when they filmed their final scene
#155. b/c they have the best sexual chemistry for best friends
#156. BFF's for 10 Years and many years to come
#157. Santa, we've been good this year, please give us the video of Z/K performing at A Night of Sardi's
#158. B/C they know how to project their voices to give us sexy hot voiceovers that make us want more!!
#159. "I was working every day with her, and I felt like there was such a great dynamic in that." ~ Zach
#160. b/c we squee everytime we see them!
#161. b/c they would both look so cute wearing HRGs
#162. b/c all we want for christmas is Zach and Kristen under the mistletoe
#163. b/c Today tomorrow forever they will always love each other.
#164: B/C Kristen will be the naughty elf to Zach’s Santa
#165. b/c Kristen will talk about Zach on Craig tonight
#166. B/C 2009 is going to be an amazing year for them! We cant wait for all the randomness!
#167. b/c there is no New Years Party like a Zachary and Kristen party
#168. Kristen always likes to give Zach a booty call. She called him up to wish him a Happy New Year...
#169. z/k aren't out and about because they're busy indoors having several unicorns
#170. Checkmate! Zach just bumped Kristen's Queen with his Knight
#171. B/C nobody shakes it like kristen does for zach *moans*
#172. b/c They need to order up a couple of pints and hit Ten Pin Alley
#173. B/C Kristen has a big influence on Zach. Singing. Tongue. Texting. Swearing. What's not to love
#174. B/C they are rockin the stage in January presenting at award shows
#175. B/C Zach can't help it if Kristen looks like an angel
#176. because kristen blows only zach.....bubbles
#177. Because Zach will play with Kristen’s golden globes
#178. B/C Zach was not only starving for food, but to hang out with Kristen.
#179. b/c zach will never ask for anyone but kristen
#180. b/c Zach will never ask for anyone but Kristen.
#181. b/c Kristen is bound to show up at sundance to support Zach.
#182. Welcome Band from TV's newest members: On vibraphone, Kristen Bell, and on kalimba, Zachary Quinto.
#183: In Kristens wildest dreams Zach plays the hero.
#184. Zach thought the Instyle GG party was the coolest, funnest, and best party b/c Kristen was there
#185. B/C Kristen owes Zach a gig on the Veronica Mars movie
#186. B/C Kristen wants to flash Zach as much as we do

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tftnt the title but... did you mean to put lick?
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u are too dirty jas
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yea i noticed fixing haha
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Ooh I’m in love, ooh i’ll fall in love
deureopji anayeo geudaewa hamkkeramyeon
saesangeun neomu areumdapjyeo
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sorry that was all i got like i said
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u re
Whatever you have done, whoever you have made yourself, I’m here to accept you.
~Janelle and Samira otp~
always ursjasy
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inspired by my icon
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of course
Whatever you have done, whoever you have made yourself, I’m here to accept you.
~Janelle and Samira otp~
always ursjasy
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I love how you come up with kinky titles but yet Lauren's the one giving everyone unicorns
Ooh I’m in love, ooh i’ll fall in love
deureopji anayeo geudaewa hamkkeramyeon
saesangeun neomu areumdapjyeo
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jas gabve me unicorns with ehr icons ;thud:
Whatever you have done, whoever you have made yourself, I’m here to accept you.
~Janelle and Samira otp~
always ursjasy
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*has 3 mor einicorns from title* ;thud:
Whatever you have done, whoever you have made yourself, I’m here to accept you.
~Janelle and Samira otp~
always ursjasy
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ok lauren

13 threads thread!
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