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samira_86 08-15-2011 02:11 AM

[Adrian&Ali] Nathan ♥ Tracy #7: bc they both moved on but the fans never will~

Welcome to the Nathan/Tracy thread! We are huge fans of the relationship between Nathan Petrelli and Tracy Strauss, strained as it may be, no
one makes the White House look as sexy as President Petrelli and his first lady Tracy Strauss.

Feel free to jump right in. We love to talk about our couple!
Nathan Petrelli, ambitious, pragmatic and an aspiring politician
inspired by his father, seeks to one day help the world by occupying
a high position in the government. Nathan made many questionable
choices and did or supported many bad things during his long and
painful struggle for power. In the end, Nathan, upon succeeding in
becoming New York State Congressman, realized how much his efforts
had cost him when his beloved, yet somewhat estranged, younger
brother detonated above the city.

Resigning from office, Nathan went through a long period of depression,
steadily driving his friends and family away, though with time, coupled with
Peter's return, did Nathan resolve to make things right. To this end, he
attempted to reveal the existence of evolved humans to the world, only to
suffer an assassination attempt.

Miraculously recovering, Nathan attributes his healing to an act of God, and
believes evolved humans to be God's servants to His will on Earth. To this
end, Nathan has since accepted the position of Junior Senator of New York,
with Tracy Strauss as his aide. Nathan eventually pledges his allegiance to
his father's plans to synthetically give people abilities, despite his father's
previous attempts to kill Nathan. Unfortunately, these plans fail, so Nathan
reveals the existence of evolved humans to the President, like he tried to
before he was shot. They both agree to have the government capture them
and place them in a facility where no harm can be done.
Tracy Strauss. Born in August 24, 1974, to parents unknown. Tracy is one
of triplets, the other two being Niki and Barbara. However, when
Tracy's parents died in an unspecified accident, the girls were
taken by the company and experimented on. They were each
injected with a formula to give people special abilities and each
given away to a different home. Tracy didn't discover her special
abilities until the age of 32, when she grabbed a reporter by the
arm and being upset, she accidentally froze him to death.

Until then, Tracy had been working as a former political adviser to
New York Governor Robert Malden. Upon Nathan Petrelli's appointment
to Senator, she was hired as the Senator's adviser. But after killing
the famous reporter, Tracy resigned her position as Nathan's adviser,
only explaining that she couldn't do "this" anymore. It was then
revealed to Nathan that Tracy was planning to kill herself, and so he
flew around the district of Washington until he found her on the ledge
of a bridge, ready to jump. Nathan flew in just in time to catch her, and
the two spend the evening together in her apartment. Later Nathan
confronts her about the incident and she confesses the murder. While
she tries to turn herself into the law, however, Nathan takes her to the
company to find some answers, and there they both discover they were
experimented on as babies by Nathan's mother, Angela.

Tracy serves under Nathan faithfully, and even joins forces with his father
because she believes this will help Nathan become president one day.
In fact in one of the futures revealed in the third volume, Tracy is shown
as Nathan's first lady. But Nathan decides to fire Tracy when their visions

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If you would like to be added to the list just ask to be added in the thread or PM the thread starter.

1. ... saving her life when she wants to give up.
2. ... being his path
3. ... finding safety in each other's arms.
4. ... holding her hand while you ride in cars.
5. ... having the same childhood experiences.
6. ... saving his life.
7. ... sacrificing everything for him.
8. ... being his First Lady.
9. ... having a thing for blonds.
10. ... opening up to her about your private thoughts.
11. ... saving his life... again.
12. ... spooning her in bed.
13. ... wearing his shirt after making love.
14. ... showing him your vulnerable side.
15. ... making the White House a little bit sexier.
16. ... picking the desk she likes.
17. ... being one badass, super sexy power couple.
18. ... making evil look sexy.
19. ... making him breathless when you kiss.
20. ... holding hands while you sleep.
21. ... becoming the Jackie O. to his John F. Kennedy.
22. ... accepting he's your hero... even if you're just being sarcastic.
23. ... kicking someone's ass if they threaten his life.
24. ... being concerned about his safety.
25. ... being his voice of reason, even though he doesn't always listen.
26. ... being Superman to her Lois Lane.
27. ... hating his mother together.
28. ... knowing you belong by his side.
29. ... feeling the need to take your clothes off when he's on TV.
30. ... admitting that you think like each other.
31. ... scoring points with the brother in law.
32. ... letting her know, during her hour of need, that you still care about her.
33. ... lying to protect him, even when he hasn't been treating you very well.
34. ... shoplifting with his mother.
35. ... being her last hope.

Got any other reasons?


Parade by Flora

Video Clips

Adrian and Ali being adorable
YouTube - Emmy Night

Fan Created Videos

Heart Swells
I'm With You
Crack The Shutters
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"It’s always been a lot of fun to play opposite Adrian. We just lean on each other, and know what buttons to push." - Ali Larter

"Any time i get to work with Adrian, we always have a great time. We have amazing chemistry, and the writers write for us to be together because they obviously think that chemistry works. I guess Nathan can't get enough of these sisters (laughs)." - Ali Larter

"Ali is one of those girls I knew growing up. She's from New Jersey and is a straight-forward, tough girl with a good heart. She brings a lot of those traits to Tracy, but at the same time, she's playing Tracy quite different than who Ali is. She's been so good and consistent as an actress this year. No matter where we are going, I know she will be able to deal with whatever they throw at her. And she's had to play five different characters over the course of three years. Even though it's the same person playing all these characters, she's found something interesting in each one of them. Whenever we work together, it's always a great adventure and a rewarding time." - Adrian Pasdar

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betty cooper 08-15-2011 07:19 PM

tftnt :yay: and awesome title :gone:

samira_86 08-16-2011 01:22 AM

:P so modest you are

Mazikeen 08-16-2011 08:35 AM

Aww the gif at the bottom of the OP :love:

samira_86 08-17-2011 12:45 AM

best flying scene on heroes :D

betty cooper 08-17-2011 05:18 PM

very and so romantic :love: best tracy nathan moment :love:

samira_86 08-17-2011 11:03 PM

well i liked the sex scene too :D *runs*

betty cooper 08-18-2011 04:52 PM

2nd fav :gone: i wanted it to be dirtier :gone:

samira_86 08-20-2011 01:20 AM

ummm it was hot enough lol gave him a little strip tease

betty cooper 08-20-2011 08:40 PM

he should done one of his own too goneeeeeeeee

samira_86 08-21-2011 02:17 AM

hey we got shirtless adrian lol

betty cooper 08-22-2011 12:23 AM

true :drool: but those boxers gotta come off dude :gone:

samira_86 08-22-2011 01:01 AM

LOL wrong network

betty cooper 08-22-2011 08:34 PM

which was the huge problem with heroes :bawl:

samira_86 08-23-2011 01:44 AM

you wanted actual porn?

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