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The Honeymooners {T♥L} #52: Buddy Garrity ships it now; all arguments = invalid


Welcome to the Timothy Riggins ♥ Lyla Garrity Appreciation Thread
Tim Riggins was the town bad boy, a womanizer and alcoholic in the making at 16, a womanizer who also used girls to do his schoolwork, a tough guy, the true strong and silent type. To the outside world, it would appear that all he cared about was getting drunk, getting laid, and playing football. But in reality, there were two people who meant more to him, his best friend and the star QB, Jason Street, and Jason's girlfriend, Lyla Garrity. Lyla was the captain of the cheerleading squad, daughter of one of the most prominent families in town, a beautiful Christian girl planning to spend the rest of her life with Jason. The three friends had already spent most of their lives together, it was all they knew. The whole town expected Jason to go all the way to the to the NFL, and Tim's only ambition was just to sit back and ride Jason's coattails, then settle with Jason in Texas at the end of his football career. Whatever feelings he had for Lyla were kept hidden until tragedy brought them together, when Jason injured himself in the first game of his senior year, ending up permanently paralyzed. Lyla offered her support to Tim as he avoided dealing with his pain over the accident, but she needed help herself. She was still trying to be the perfect girlfriend and stay optimistic, in denial about Jason's condition. After Jason blew up at her about how this was affecting him, she ran into Tim and blew up at him for not visiting Jason and helping her. It was an emotional outpouring that ended with her sobbing in Tim's arms and then grabbing his face and kissing him as if she were dying of thirst and needed his saliva. After that night, Lyla told Tim she didn't have feelings for him and that nothing would ever happen between them again. But when he showed up in her bedroom to tell her he couldn't stop thinking about her, she turned into an animal in heat once again. what happened between them was wrong but it was the product of the confusion and suffering of two friends who cared for each other. And it was undeniably d a m n h o t .

"why won't you help me?"

Tim was happier than he'd ever been seen before with Lyla, but the guilt over betraying Jason was eating away at her. She broke off the affair, only to have Jason witness their g o o d b y e embrace. He confronted Tim and Lyla and it wasn't long before the whole school knew. Lyla was tormented by catty girls at school, and devastated over losing Jason. He was still the one she wanted, even though the experience had shown she needed Tim. And Tim still needed Jason's friendship, but he wanted Lyla too, and all he cared about was fixing things for her. Tim convinced Lyla not to give up, and even urged Jason to forgive her, helping in part, to get them back together. He caused himself unhappiness to save Lyla from it, proving for the first of many times that his love was t r u e .

In the next school year, Tim and Lyla were ready to start over fresh. After a failed engagement, Jason and Lyla had broken up for good. Lyla had learned that they couldn't get through anything and that their childhood dreams were not meant to be. She became born again, trying to use religion to find the sense of belonging and security that she had been missing the previous year. Tim had returned to his old ways, even worse than before, having spent his entire summer in a drunken stupor. But even with all the sleeping around he was doing with other girls, now that Lyla was free and available, he was sure to let her know she was still the only girl for him, still his "number one". Lyla still didn't want to be more than friends with Tim, both because she was trying to lead a clean Christian life and because another reason she had become more religious was because she still felt great shame over hurting Jason by being with Tim before. The idea of being with him again scared the hell out of her. However, Tim did fill an unofficial boyfriend capacity while they rebuilt their friendship. He helped her the night her father got drunk he could barely stand, he helped train a former delinquent turned football player at her request, and he even went to church with her once as she tried to save him as well. When Tim went down to Mexico with Jason and got worried by his planned risky stem cell surgery, he called Lyla for help, thinking her history with Jason could make the difference in changing his mind. Tim ended up convincing Jason not to get the surgery himself, and on the way back to Texas all three of them stopped for a drink. First, Lyla danced and kissed Jason, for old times' sake, then she and Tim danced together. And when she kissed Tim, it affected her so much she had to stop and go pray. The bond between the trio of friends was still strong but the dynamics had shifted. Jason was Lyla's past, Tim was now her present. Unfortunately, by the time Tim decided to start seriously courting Lyla, she had another boyfriend. When he got her flowers only to see her kiss another guy, our h e a r t s broke along with his. Tim declared his love for her and dared to say she didn't feel the same way if she wanted him to move on. She did say exactly that, but Tim didn't move on. He knew as well as everybody else that she wasn't telling the truth, and in time he would be able to wear her down with his endless love and irresistible charm.

"i gotta go pray now."

By their senior year Tim had f i n a l l y succeeded in wearing Lyla down. The only problem was, that after six weeks together she wasn't ready to acknowledge him as her boyfriend. Despite being told by his brother that he was just "a rebound from Jesus", Tim knew what they had wasn't some fling. He got Lyla to admit that his reputation scared her. He'd still show up to school drunk or hungover, still didn't do his own homework and had never had a committed relationship. So Lyla asked how she could take him seriously when he didn't even take himself seriously. So, that Friday night, in the first football game, Tim played his best to prove he did take himself seriously, but he let Lyla know they could stay a secret however long she wanted. She responded by kissing him in front of everyone, including her father, Buddy. Buddy didn't approve of Tim as a boyfriend for Lyla, but she defended him every time, saying that he was a good guy, that he did have potential. Tim and Lyla overcame their differences together, she wasn't trying to change him, she believed in him and wanted only the best for him. Tim accepted a football scholarship because of Lyla. And when her own future was in jeopardy after learning Buddy squandered her college fund, Lyla turned to Tim. When it mattered, Tim turned out to be pretty much the best, most supportive boyfriend ever. She stayed with him for weeks and he got her out of her slump and promised to be there for her no matter what. When Buddy did find a way to pay for Lyla's college, Tim encouraged her to take it, even though it meant they wouldn't be going to the same school, because as always her dreams and her happiness were what he care about most. Once again, he proved how much he loved her by setting her free.

"lemme get drunk now. i'm on board."

Tim ending up dropping out of college soon after he started, coming home to work in his brother's garage. His brother was expecting a baby with his new wife and kicked Tim out of the house. He was living in a trailer behind the house of lady bartender he'd slept with, having to fight off the advances of her underage daughter. The o n e bright spot was when Lyla returned for a brief visit on her mid-term break. Tim and Lyla quickly picked up where they left off as if no time had passed, making it clear how much they both missed each other. Lyla spent almost all of her time staying with Tim. He didn't beg her not to go, but let her know she could have a place there and make a life with him. When she asked him what he wanted, he just replied "you". When she asked what else he wanted, he could only give the same answer and look away from her despondently. The only thing he'd ever been sure of wanting was to be with her, but Tim knew they were on different paths now. And so they said their goodbyes and Lyla went back to college. But was it their final goodbye? No one knows what the future holds, but one thing is certain, Tim Riggins had never loved a girl like he did Lyla Garrity. and no one could ever take her place. And their history shows that Lyla a l w a y s comes back to him.

"you missed me."
"you have no idea."

201. Banna
202. montana_rosalie
203. PrettyGirlsMakeGraves (Jade)
204. karevlovesstevens85 (Nikki)
205. missygurl88
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66. Because he misses her
67. Because it didn't take long for them to fall back into old ways
68. Because she spent her whole visit with him
69. Because you have no idea how much he missed her. No idea.
70. Because she's all he wants

the moments

top scenes

"look, i know you're not exactly a chatterbox
when it comes to your feelings,
but if you need to talk, i'm here."

"so you're done with me?"

"i don't hate you lyla, it'd be a lot easier if i did."

"you're in love with her."

the moments

top scenes

“i care about you, tim. i care about you and i see
that you’re lost, which is exactly how i felt.”

"are you, in any way, shape, or form,
trying to screw lyla garrity?"

"is this your way of telling her you like her?"

"garrity, i love you."

the moments

top scenes

“please don't make a fool out of me.”
"i won't."

"how many girlfriends do you have?"
"just one, mccoy."

"i only wanna celebrate with you,
'cause i wouldn't be here without you."

"no, the honeymoon is not over.
tim and i are doing great, actually."

the moments

top scenes

"do you miss lyla?"

"you missed me."
"you have no idea."

"thanks for coming back."
"you're welcome."

"was she the love of your life?"
p u s h a n d s h o v e

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"There's so much going on beneath the surface with Taylor
that you're always trying to figure out what he's thinking
or what he'll do next. He's able to pull off this whole
mysterious thing, which is really sexy."
- Minka on Taylor
"Beautiful… beautiful."
- Taylor on Minka

the links
Tim/Lyla @ Taylor's board
Tim/Lyla @ the Couples board
Tim/Lyla @ lj
Tim/Lyla @ fanpop
the fanvids
Best I Ever Had||To Build a Home||Hazy||Come Back When You Can||
What If||The Mess I Made||Find a Way||Somewhere Down the Road||
Never Say Never||I Believe In You||Life After You||Comes and Goes||
All We Are||Burn Your Name||Beautiful||Set the Fire to the Third Bar||
Run||Down||Halo||It's You||Ride||Pride||Read My Mind||Smile||
Airplanes||Please Don't Go||Boats and Birds||Come Around to Me||
The Beauty and the Tragedy||It's My Own Cheating Heart That Makes Me Cry||

deleted scenes
3.01 "I Knew You When"
3.02 "Tami Knows Best"
3.05 "Every Rose has It's Thorn"
3.05 "Every Rose Has It's Thorn" #2
3.12 "Underdogs"
3.13 "Tomorrow Blues"
3.13 "Tomorrow Blues" #2
4.06 "Stay"
4.06 "Stay" #2

in our own words
They just exuded chemistry just having a conversation...I could already sense that he had a soft spot for her, because you could tell he was different with her than he was with anyone else...then after that scene in the rain...WHEW I was a goner. They bring out the best in each other. They have so much passion and chemistry. Lyla makes Tim want to be better, and Tim lets Lyla be herself, and thinks she's perfect the way she is. And it's lovely. I think they could have that cute little happy ending. They both really need each other more than they know.

Tim and Lyla are both such flawed people making mistakes and finding their way in the world amongst all the emotional drama in their lives. But when they are together, its like nothing around them exists anymore, it's just the 2 of them. They balance each other so well in their personalities, the way Tim is kind of cold to everyone yet when he's with her he just melts and Lyla can truly be herself around him. Plus, who can deny that they're both incredibly gorgeous looking? The very first time they spoke to one another in episode 2 when Lyla approached Tim about seeing Jason. The way they looked at each other was all kinds of perfect.
Jidsy <3

I knew they belonged together since episode 1.03: Wind Spirits. Something just clicked during that scene when they kissed. They have this certain connection with each other. Even if they are two different people from two different backgrounds, deep down in their hearts, they know that they are the same. I mean from their scenes, you could clearly see that they understand each other. And plus, they make each other a better person because they give each other hope. They make each other smile.

When I saw the TV Guide picture of Taylor and Minka with Taylor looking like he was going to bite her shoulder. Before the Pilot aired I knew that Tim would be with Tyra and Lyla would be with Jason, but I am always attracted to the unconventional ships that are probably never going to happen. So the fact that they did happen is great, but that honestly almost never happens to my ships. I really think they could make each other happy and they could bring out aspects in each other that no one else, in the past, has. For Lyla I think Tim could show her a lot more freedom in who she is as a person, whereas with Lyla, Tim shows more of his softer side which wasn't really shown when he was Tyra.
that 70s gurl101

Tim and Lyla have to be one of my all time favorite TV couples. I started watching FNL from the beginning, I remember when the show first premiered and I was so excited to watch it. I didn't come in expecting to be drawn in by TL. They were a complete shock when they happened. They were so different from each other in every way, but they just fit together. She brought out the best in him and he brought out a different side in her. When they were together, I think that's when they were the happiest. They both found a sense of peace together. It couldn't last, but you knew watching them that they loved being with each other. They just got each other, they had an understanding, and they could depend on each other. When they both were lost and at their worst, they turned to each other. They have to be one of the most realistic and natural couples I've watched on television. The word epic is thrown around so much but it really fits for them. He's always going to want her and she's always going to be drawn to him.

To me, Tim and Lyla completely belong with each other. They've been through difficult times, together and apart, but when she came back to him, it was as if they had never left each other's arms. The chemistry between them is a driving force, but there is also acceptance, honesty and love. They enjoy each other's company and even though Lyla pushed Tim to do more with his life, she did it because she wanted him to see in himself what she saw. It's obvious to me that even though they have gone their separate ways, their lives will collide again in the future and they will always be in each other's hearts.

Tim is your typical jock; into sports and has it easy with the ladies, and Lyla is your typical girl; smart, beautiful and talented, but the connection they share is so rare and special. To me, seeing the guy fall hard for the girl is so damn hot. The way he looks at her is unlike anything else. You don't even have to hear him speak to know how much he loves her. I love how he became a better guy from being with her. Their realtionship was hard, it had drama, but it was real and true and everything love should be. The connection Minka and Taylor share was so amazing to watch. They are both so talented and gorgeous, and they made the characters that much more enjoyable to follow. I love Tim and Lyla with all my heart, and whether they show it or not, they will always be endgame to me.

I love Tim and Lyla because they are so different but I think that's what makes them so perfect together. They bring out the best in one another. The way they look at each other, it's almost like they fall in love all over again! No matter what, they always seem to find their way back to each other. They're soulmates and they have a bond that nobody or nothing can ever come between!!

I love Tim and Lyla together because they bring out the best in each other. Tim wins games to try and be better for her, and becomes this responsible and loving guy for her. It's not that he changes who he is, but he just becomes the best form of himself. Lyla loosens up around Tim and relaxes more. Two of my favorite moments for them is when he convinces her to go to the cheering competition in season 1 and when snaps her out of her depression in season 3. It's not just Lyla that brings out the best in him, but by being her steady rock, he brings out the best in her too.

I can never get enough of Lyla and Tim. With chemistry that is undeniable, and a longstanding history together, they are one of the all time great fictional couples. Tim never loved anyone the way he loved Lyla. She was his first love and, most likely, his only. He didn’t fall easily, and he certainly didn’t choose to fall for his best friend’s girl, but how could he simply ignore a feeling that strong? Tim proved that in matters of the heart, he was always a one-woman man. For Lyla, admitting she had feelings for Tim wasn’t easy or comfortable or what everyone expected of her—it wasn’t even what she expected of herself. Thankfully, she couldn’t deny the feelings that existed between them. I think Lyla was one of the very few people who got to see what we all got to see, that Tim was one of the good ones. Quite simply, I think they completed each other. They fulfilled what the other one needed without even having to try. They are epic, in my book.


Tim & Lyla weren't my first choice for a couple to ship on FNL. I actually didn't care for their relationship at first because of how it started, but towards the end of Season 2, I really began to see the love Tim had for Lyla and that he truly loved & cared for her. The Season 3 premiere came around and after that first scene between them in Lyla's bedroom, I was completely hooked! They became a couple who were real and had problems, but worked through them and they were only high schoolers, so they weren't looking at "forever", but just what was best for their next step in the future. I am saddened to think that we might have seen the end of "Tyla" in Season 4, but their ending was bliss and they will live on in the hearts of the shippers & threads here on FanForum. Congrats on 50 threads. Here's to 50 more of pure love, joy, goodness, & Tyla epicness!

a kiss is not just a kiss
a smile is more than a smile
maybe we get together
maybe f o r e v e r
maybe just for a while

♪ Can't Get You Out of My Mind by Aqualung

touch me, i'm going to scream if you don't
inside i know we got the feeling that you won't
how many nights can a s o u l so full of life remain untouched
how can a s o u l make the most of what is cold and what is near?

♪ Touch Me I'm Going to Scream Pt 1 by My Morning Jacket

and outside l o v e moves on
to an imaginary world
where we both belong
in an imaginary world

♪ The Awkward Goodbye by Athlete

for all around these days
can't let my e m b r a c e go free
into my arms and veins
it's hard for time to see

♪ Feel.Love.Thinking of by Faunts

‘cause oh, when i saw you again
a beautiful friend, she opened up her h e a r t and let me in
no, i cannot lie to you
i’m still in love with you, and i only wanna be with you
i only wanna be with you

♪ Willing to Wait by Sebadoh

don't let me down
don't make a sound
don't throw it all away
r e m e m b e r me
so tenderly
don't let it slip away

♪ It's Not Over Yet by Klaxons

t e n d e r is the night
lying by your side
t e n d e r is the touch
of someone that you love too much
tender is my heart you know
i'm screwing up my life
oh lord i need to find
someone who can heal my mind

♪ Tender by Blur

'cause i'm the one who's gonna show
when there's n o b o d y
i'll be your man - yeah, i'll be your man
times gets tough, oh they get tougher
hold on to me - i got you darling
'cause i'm the one who's gonna show
when there's n o b o d y
i'll be your man

♪ I'll Be Your Man by The Black Keys

sometimes it seems that the going is just too rough
and things go wrong no matter what i do
now and then it seems that life is just too much
but you've got the l o v e i need to see me through

♪ You've Got the Love by Florence and the Machine

i feel heaven in you, don't you know
i feel h e a v e n in you, don't you know, i feel heaven in you
oh, it's true
i can't let go
i miss you, oh you know

♪ Angel Interceptor by Ash

but all the promises we make
from the cradle to the grave
when all i want is you

♪ All I Want Is You by U2

even if i leave you now
and it b r e a k s my heart
even if i'm not around
i won't give in
i can't give up
on this love

♪ This Love by The Veronicas

when the walls come crashing in
when the flames come closer then
just remember time again
i s t i l l ain't over you

♪ I Still Ain't Over You by Augustana

i've seen love go by my door
it's never been this close before
never been so e a s y or so s l o w
i've been shooting in the dark too long
when something's not right, it must be wrong
you're gonna make me lonesome when you go.
♪ You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go by Bob Dylan

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The title!

I still can't get over how beautiful the OP is
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Haha, LOVE the title!!

Thanks for the thread.
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you missed me.
you have no idea.

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TFTNT! The OP and the awesome title make me SO happy.

Especially right now when I need it most...
I don't think. I know.
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New thread, yay!
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I haven't seen the last episode yet and seeing what takes place, I'm not sure I want to.

Kill me now.
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I'm not gonna even look at the last couple of episodes. I'll stick to seasons 1-4. I don't like when things are rewritten.
you missed me.
you have no idea.

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So since the end is almost here anyone have a favorite TL scene?
you missed me.
you have no idea.

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they're all my bbs. can't pick just one.

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Favorite? Yikes. Can't do that. Unless it's from each season. Now that I can do. Probably.
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yeah, have to divide it up that way. one overall is just impossible.


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taylor kitsch

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