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Edward_Bella1988 06-16-2009 10:30 PM

In These Shoes
In These Shoes
By: Edward_Bella1988

In These Shoes starts in 1995 when Matthew and Shiloh met. Shiloh was a sick child, and Matthew loved her just not for her illness. As the years go by Matthew and Shiloh grew to love each other.

PG for the first half of the story then it's PG-13. Language and Sexual Themes


Prologue: Whispers of a voice...

I wasn't much of a talker like Shiloh was in the first grade. Shil wasn't much there or the years to come. She was a sick child. My mother and her mother always talked about her future and what was going to happen to her. I, Matthew Grey, promise to take care of Shiloh Ward for the rest of her life. I knew she going to get better before she graduated high school. I'm twenty-three now, Shiloh is twenty-two. I alway thought of her as a best friend or a girlfriend in later years. Shiloh with her long curly brown hair and green eyes made my day. I'm going to tell you about our love story.

Let's go back to 1995 to first grade.

Chapter One: Shiloh Ward

I was sitting on the brench because I pushed Mark James in the pole of the monkey bars for picking on this curly haired girl. Then I saw her, those curls and green eyes staring at me. "Thank you Matthew," She told me, "I think Mark got what he needed." I took her hand, "Shiloh, I'm on a ten minute time out for that. I was protecting you." I told Shiloh, "I wish no one would pick on you for being sick." She sat on the brench with me. I would smell her purfume. I smelled of Lilac on her.
"Matthew I wouldn't care about them picking on me."

"Shil, I love your sense of knowing about things." She hugged me.

"I know Matthew." She left me thinking about her.

Two grades later...

It was Valentine's Day, I had to get Shiloh something for Valentine's Day. I wonder if will like a teddy bear or a beautiful necklace. Shiloh Ward was smart girl for her age. That what made her different for the other girls in our grade. Then I saw coming towards me. I'm starting to notice she was going through puberty. She was getting her "boobies" how she said it. She wasn't nearly as sick as she was in the first grade. Shiloh was getting health for me. "Matt!," she shouted at me, "Hey do want to come to my place with me. Your mother is over there with mama talking." I smiled at her. "Yeah I wanted to know you want for Valentine's Day Shil." My blonde messy hair was making me nervous for her to notice.

"Nothing really." She told me. That was a bust for Valentine's Day.

"Shiloh Ward would be my soul mate." I shouted out at her. Nothing like that brown curly girl telling me yes she would be my soul mate. She was looking at me like a piece of meat. "Why Matt? It took you three years to say that about me." She told me. Shiloh was right about me waiting for three years to ask her to be my soul mate. "Yes I would be your soul mate." I knew this going to be a love story I would remember until this very day.

We walked up to Shiloh's house where her sister Morgan was watching as. Morgan was three years older than Shiloh. "Shiloh mom wants you." Morgan told her. Shil looked at Morgan. "I'm not in trouble Morgan. She just wants me to talk about today in school." Morgan was different from Shiloh. She was alot like their father, Shiloh was like their mother. I didn't really care about Morgan. I thought Morgan was funny for a eleven year old girl. Later I left with my mother with me. "Mom Shiloh is going to be my soul mate." I told her, "Because I love her." She looked at me, "Good for you Matthew, Shiloh needs you and Morgan to protect her. I guess you are her soul mate too." My mother was right.

Seventh Grade...
I was standing at my locker waiting for Shiloh. She wasn't normal late for class. Then I saw her coming down to my locker. "Matt I have to go to the nurse, It's personal issue for me." She told me, "Can you tell Mrs. Mason that I'm going to be little later today." I looked at her, "Is your sickness back?" I wondered about her.

"No I got my first period today in fifth period." I looked at her with gross face.

"Shiloh thanks for telling me about that. Yes I would tell Mrs. Mason about you being little late for class." I saw she going down the hall to the nurse's office. I wasn't going to tell her about me and Mark fighting in gym about her again. I was starting to fall in love with Shiloh Ward.

Senior Year....
Shiloh was standing there with Mark. I didn't want her to be with him. I always hated Mark. They were arguing and he broke up with her. Shiloh was sad for a couple of days. She came to my house to ask me about our Senior Science project. I looked at her and She looked at me. I just wanted to kiss Shiloh's lips. She beat me to the punch. I felt her lips on mines. Her kissing me felt so good in my life. "Shiloh stop!" I told her in her mouth. "What?" She told me. Shiloh smiled at me. I just looked at her back, "Just kiss me again." She kissed me again. This kiss was longer than the other kiss. I was enjoying it. I love Shiloh Ward. I guess she love me too for years. She became my soul mate.

I was going to like this year for some reason.

Edward_Bella1988 06-16-2009 11:36 PM

Chapter Two: Graduation and Wedding

I was going to Shiloh's place. It was Graduation. Finally, we are going to be in the 'real world' with our friends. I was going to UCLA, and Shiloh was going to Berkley. I was going to be separted from Shiloh. I had a plan. I, Matthew Joshua Grey, was going to marry Shiloh Mercy Ward tonight. I loved this girl. I wanted her body. I wasn't going to college, not was she going to college. Shiloh hated the idea of getting married so young.

When I got there, she was waiting for me. I knew she was happy that high school was over. She kissed me. "Let's get married Matt, I don't care about what our parents would think." She told me, "I want to be your soul mate." I though this girl was crazy. Maybe she wanted to with me. "Alright, let's get married after graduation." We drove off to the high school.

After graduation, we went to the car in silence. I hurried and put my key and drove off with Shiloh in the car.

We were out of state by dawn, Shiloh was sleeping with seat down for her comfect with my jacket on her body. I wouldn't awake her. We found a chapel. Then we got married together. Now she was Shiloh Mercy Ward-Grey. Shiloh wanted to stay at a hotel for overnight. I wouldn't blame her if the seat was uncomfectable. Shiloh and I wouldn't make love yet. I wasn't sure she was ready for me to touch her body sexuality. Shiloh's body was different from mines. Her body was warm and sexy. We checked in to hotel room. She fell asleep in the warm bed in front of her. In morning we will this hotel and go home.

Shiloh got up before me, she went to get a shower. Then I got up, I heard the shower going from Shiloh. She walked out with the same clothes she had on from yesterday. "Hey sweetie, " I asked her, "would you get my clothes off the chair, I slept in my boxer for you." She just looked at me, "Yeah I wouldn't know that Matt, I was tired and I fell asleep before you did, so get out of bed sexy." I laughed at her, "Yeah you and what army?"

"Morgan and me drawing a beard on your face."


"Yeah really Matt." I grabbed her and put onto the bed with me, "Matt I love you." She smiled at me. I wouldn't let that pass her. I kissed her, "Yeah I love too kid." I got up and when to get a shower. I took my boxer off in front of her. "Nice A** Matt." I laughed again with her humor.

Edward_Bella1988 06-17-2009 11:39 AM

Chapter Three: Home or Away

I just got out of the shower, when Shiloh came in with breakfast. "Do you want breakfast Matt?" she asked me kindly, "It's from the hotel, I got eggs, toast, and bacon on the tray." I walked up to her, "It's smells good enough for me." I kissed her forehead, "It's smell like meal well enough to eat." She sat the tray down with our food and plates. "I have to get the juice for us. Be right back soon." She told me as she left the room on juice run. I got breakfast ready for us to eat. I got dressed so I wouldn't look like I just come out of the shower. Shiloh came back with juice. "Breakfast is ready to eat now." I went to sit down on the chair, I began to eat when Shiloh looked at mess I was making for her to clean up. "Matt Can I ask you something?" she asked me, "I want to run away from home. I don't want to come back to that place married, my mother and your mother will freak out about us getting married." I looked at her and touched her soft chin, "I don't think our parents would freak out about us getting married." She smiled at me, then she kissed me.

We got into the car after breakfast was done, Shiloh was looking at the window. She was smiling at me too. I wasn't going to let this girl go. "Shiloh what about Mississippi?" I asked her about moving to Mississippi, "Do you want to be in Mississippi?" She looked at me, "Yeah it's okay to go to Mississippi." She told me, she fell asleep.

It was thirteen hours later, we had to pull over to rest at another hotel. Shiloh grabbed our stuff out of the car, she went in with me to get a room. After we got into our room, Shiloh was putting our stuff in the dresser near the bed. I was getting ready to watch some televison on the flat screen tv. Shiloh, with heart in it, was making us some iced tea. She was busy girl for a hour and a half with the iced tea. I grabbed my cellphone and called a pizza shop nearby the hotel and order some pizza for me and Shiloh to eat. I was sitting on the bed waiting for Shiloh to be done with the tea. She came out and she sat on the bed with me. Shiloh's head was on my shoulder, "Well kid, I never seen you so happy in your life." I patted her curly head of brown hair. She looked at me for awhile and smiled, "Yeah I've been happy girl lately. When is the pizza coming?" She asked me. I looked at her, "Here in 30 minutes." She layed down on the bed and nodded at me. "Well what are going to do for 30 minutes with tv on and the tea cooling." she wanted something from me. "I though I waiting going to be the first to say that."


"Easy for you to say."

"Oh Matt!" she jumped me kissing my neck. "We're married now. Give a little Matt." I just nodded at her. "How about when we are in Mississippi?" I told her, "It's not the time or the place having sex at Shiloh." She jumpped off of me. "Okay we can wait until we get into Mississippi." I looked at her and kissed her cheek.

After supper was over, Shiloh headed in the shower and get ready for bed. I was in bed reading the room service chart. When Shiloh came out, I asked her if she wanted any room service. She shook her head yes she wanted room service. After everything was done, it was time for bed. We have along way tomorrow get to Mississippi.

Edward_Bella1988 06-17-2009 08:50 PM

Chapter Four: Mississippi Queen....

By afternoon, we were in Mississippi. Shiloh was holding my hand while I was driving. So much has changed since Hurricane Katrina in '05. I was getting ready for school, and I was taking Shiloh with me in my new car. I promised her I would take her in my new car. "Matt, do you think these people will recover after Katrina?" Shiloh's voice was low, "I wouldn't if my home and my pride of living changed after a 24 hour period." I smiled at her, "Shiloh love, your world was changed when you found out you had cancer. Now since you are better I hope you are better, you have nothing to worry about anymore." She smiled at me and hugged me, I could smell her Lilac perfume on her. "I know Matt?" she layed her hand on mines. I smiled at her, "I know too Shiloh." Shiloh wasn't much of a girly girl type. I wasn't much of her friend before we met in the first grade.

We drove for another five hours, until we saw this house on the corner of the street. Shiloh fell in love with it. She smiled at me and she begged for it. I went to the guy who owned it before we did, he sold it to us, and Shiloh was happy for a new house. After we moved in to the house, Shiloh got some things from Goodwill in Texas awhile back. Then I got some camping chairs and an air mattress from Wal-mart. It was some like home to us. It was going to be while before we had more money coming in. Shiloh was going to look for a job for her. She didn't care what job she wanted as long as she had money coming in for us live on.

I was sitting on the camping chair, Shiloh walked in with a radio she found while cleaning out the closet. "Let's listen to music, it's going to be awhile before we get a Television Matt." she told me. I put my hand on her leg. "True honey." I kissed her forehead with my wet lips.

"Let's dance too." She pulled me up from the chair.

"Okay Shiloh." I took her hips and hand unto mines. "Follow me and dance."

"Okay Matt."

"Shiloh I love you!"

"Matthew I love you too!"

We danced until it was sunset. I felt my heart beating with her heart. I knew she was mines. Shiloh Ward-Grey was my soul mate.

In the morning, Shiloh went clothes shopping while I was working on the plumming in the bathroom. We needed clothes for us to last. I was looking to pipe it was cracked, I got some pipe glue. I put it on the pipe. Then I heard the door open, it was our new neighbors. There was a woman and two men. The younger one looked to be my age. I walked out all dirty for them to see. "Hello!" she said in a high pitch voice, "we are the Nelson's, and we brought you some food to eat." I nodded at her, "Thanks." I told her, "I'm Matthew Grey and my wife Shiloh isn't here, she is off shopping for us." The woman looked at me for a while, "I'm Marcie, this is my husband Liam, and our son Jonathon." she told me, "You are about my son's age along with your wife."

"Yes got married out of high school."

"Soul mates thing, that how it was with me and my husband. You just know who you are meant to be with."

"Yeah, I knew with Shiloh for a long time."

"Jonathon go to the house and get something for Shiloh and Matthew."

"Yes Mom." Jonathon told his mother and he left the house to his house.

"Jonathon is my only one." she told me, " I wouldn't see the day he finds someone to love."

"Oh I don't got any kids yet."

"It's going to be awhile for you guys to have children of your own."

"Yeah I know."

Jonathon can back to the house. "Ahh here you go. it was my mother's tray." she told me, "I never had any daughter of my own. I hope Shiloh will enjoy it." I looked at her, "She will, this is my wife you're talking about." I layed the tray on the table, "Shiloh will love this." Marcie left with her family before Shiloh can home with food and clothes. It was a long day for us. Shiloh found the tray that Marcie gave her on the table. She loved it. The next day, she went to Marcie's and told her thank you with the tray. Shiloh and I are going to love our new life as a married couple.

Edward_Bella1988 06-18-2009 07:59 AM

Chapter Five: Home Sweet Home...

Shiloh woke up before I did, she got the mail and saw a letter from her sister Morgan. She sat down to read it.

Dear Shiloh and Matthew,
I can't believe you guys ran away just to get married. Our parents are freaking out about this. I told them that you are an adult now. They calm down afterwards. Please tell me you are okay and Matthew. Frankly, I wouldn't care if you guys are in Mississippi. Be glad now. I'll write more later.
Love your sister,
Morgan Ward

After she read the letter, she got some notebook paper. I woke up to her writing to her sister. "Hey Morgan found out what happened." She told me, "I guess she wasn't the only ones who knew about us getting married. My parents were freaking out about this. Morgan told them to calm down. Since I'm an adult now, this was my choice." I nodded at her, "I guess my mom would freak too if I got married to you." I sat down on the chair besides her, "Besides let's be happy now." I went to get my shower and went to work with Mr. Nelson and Jonathon. Shiloh wrote back to her sister.

Dear Morgan,
I'm okay. Matt's okay too. We're been working for hours just to pay the bills. Mississippi is okay, it's hot today. Thanks for telling me and Matt that our parents were freaking out about the marriage. Can you mail some of my stuff out of my bedroom at mom's and dad's place sometime. Thanks for writing sis.
Shiloh Ward-Grey

When I came home, Shiloh wasn't there. She was at work. I have sometime to myself for lunch. I wouldn't blame her for not coming home for lunch. She was too busy for the day. I'm going to miss this girl for a couple of hours. Shiloh wasn't much of talker. It feels like she was missing in my life. I want back to work.

A month later....

I was talking to Shiloh in the kitchen, She and Marcie were going to the store to get some food for us and her family. Marcie became a part of the family and we did with her family. Shiloh was the daughter she never had, because she had a son instead of a daughter. I was watching out in the window. Then I saw Shiloh do something I though she wouldn't do. She baked a cake for me. Shiloh wasn't a good cook, she was just learning how to cook from Marcie. After a month being here, I kind of like living her Mississippi now. I can't wait for the next couple of weeks to come.

sweet_zelda 06-18-2009 08:24 AM

Hey there! :wave:

I haven't read it, yet, but it looks cool, from the first sentence I read!

Edward_Bella1988 06-18-2009 10:26 AM


Originally Posted by sweet_zelda (Post 36296364)
Hey there! :wave:

I haven't read it, yet, but it looks cool, from the first sentence I read!

Thanks, it's about a guy and his wife, his wife was a cancer surivior as a child. They get married out of high school because they are worried about being separted from each other. I'll write more chapters as soon as I can.

Edward_Bella1988 06-18-2009 11:20 AM

Chapter Six: Hot and Sexy

Summer was heating up as normal in Mississippi. I was playing catch with Jonathon. It was weird for us to play in this kind of weather. Shiloh was busy making her 'Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream' for us to eat later on. "How's Shiloh doing?" Jonathon asked me, "I figured she would be wearing a something sexy for you in this heat. It's driving me crazy." I threw the ball to him, "She's making some homemade ice cream for later. I'm sure she invited you and your parents over for it." I told him as I caught the ball between my hands, Then I threw it back to him, "She rarely does this in the heat." Jonathon figured we should stop throwing the ball around for today. It was too damn hot today. I went back to the house, Shiloh was in the bathroom taking a cold shower. I could smell the vanilla or the lilac soap. Finally we were settled in to our new home.

Shiloh got some drinks out for Liam and Marcie. "Shiloh, how are feeling dear." Marcie asked her. Shiloh looked at Marcie with her beautiful green eyes, "Fine never better." Shiloh replied to Marcie, "Just hot for me to handle." Liam stood in the corner looking at his wife. "This heat gets to everyone." He told us, "I have some good news to tell you guys." Shiloh nodded, "Like what Liam." she asked him.

"Well I was thinking about having Jonathon and Matt helping me with police work in the fall."

"Really!" she ran over to hug Liam.

"Yes, especially with Matt around."

"Liam you're best for us to have around here."

"True." Shiloh detached herself off of Liam.

"Well, I'm getting more money in with the office than." I told her.

"Well we need more money now. Since I'm been thinking of having a baby soon." My face went red.

"A baby, Shiloh why now?"

"Well it's time to think about it, you promised once we settled in Mississippi, we have sex."


"Matt, do you think it's time to have children?"

"Maybe?" I shuddered the thought of children in my head. It would be nice to see another Shiloh walking around here.

"Okay then we'll think about it then."

Liam and Marcie looked at each other. They left as soon as possible. Shiloh was laying in bed, reading a book. I went to lay besides her. "I think it's time to have children too, but we have think about it too." I told her, "Kids cost alot of money now." She looked at me, "Yes I know, d*mn it." She looked down at her belly, "I wish I can be a mother too."

"Yeah I know you do."

"Matt, let's do it one time with protection say in couple of weeks."

"Okay Shiloh!"

She went to bed, I stayed up with the tv on thinking about children. Maybe it's good timing or not so much good timing. I only hope it's for the good of things to come.

Edward_Bella1988 06-18-2009 06:05 PM

Chapter Seven: On a High Note....

Shiloh was working in the kitchen, when I came in for supper. She was making something good to eat. I wonder about her sometimes. "Matt." I can tell that she wasn't happy, "did you talk to your father? He wrote a letter about you need to come back to California." I nodded at her, she looked at me for a minute or two. "Why would he want me back with him? I hate though of my father now." She sat on the stool besides her.

"Well you know how he is, just write him back about it."

"Okay Shiloh, I love you kid and your brain sometimes."

"Yeah I know you do."

"My father thinks that I shouldn't be with you."

"That's him not you. Matt that was the first thing why I fell in love with you. You didn't care what your father thought about me.

"You gave me grace and love." I walked over and kissed her, "That's kind of hard to find in a girl."



"I really love you Matthew Grey."

"I really love you Shiloh Ward-Grey." I hugged her too.

Next week went by fast, it's was going to be Shiloh's eighteenth birthday. Finally I get something what we were talking about for weeks. I think she wanted to she became mature for her body to handle intercourse with me. Liam and Marcie came over with Jonathon. We were having a blast too. After Marcie and Shiloh left to go to girl stuff. Liam, Jonathon, and I decided to sing in a high note for Happy Birthday to you for Shiloh. After so many hours of practicing, Shiloh and Marcie came back, and we started to sing in a high note. Shiloh just smiled and laughed at us for it. Later the birthday party was over for us. I saw Shiloh climb in bed, she had a long day. I guess I should tell her about what I though about kids around the house. "Shiloh, I want kids now." She looked up at me, "I'm serious." I walked over to the bed. She wasn't smiling, "Matt I got my period, can you wait for me next week." I nodded at her, "Yes, I'll wait for you to get done with your 'womenly time' dear." She layed down on the bed. "But you can touch me here" She grabbed my arm and took it down her shirt. I felt something soft and smooth on my hand. Shiloh's breast were soft and smooth to touch. I always want to touch them since the third grade. I heard little moans from her mouth. "It's going to a long week ahead for me. I have to go to the bathroom." I hurried out of her shirt and went to the bathroom. Shiloh wondered about me for an hour and a half. She went to bed by I came out of the bathroom.

In the morning, I was getting ready for work. Then Shiloh walked into the kitchen. "Matthew, can I ask you something?" She asked me about bathroom accident, "Did you play with something else beside my boob yesterday?" I glowed red at her.

"Yes why?"

"It figures why you were taking so long in the bathroom."

"Honey it's a man's job to lose manhood juice after he feels sexed up with his wife."

"Why do you mean 'sexed up'?

"Ah well you were making me horny for you again."

"Oh that feeling."

"Yes that feeling."

"Women can get that way too."

"Yeah I figured you were somewhat horny yesterday."

"Well now we know." She kissed me. I kissed her back for a long time.

"I'll make some supper when you come home to me."


I left for work in a hurry. Shiloh and I promised that we will have sexual intercourse next week. I promised her children to love and cherish. I was thinking that I'm going to be a great father better than mines.

Edward_Bella1988 06-19-2009 07:27 PM

Chapter Eight: In the hospital.... Matt's story

Liam and I were watching a mob boss and his crew in the alley. We were talking about out wives and Jonathon. He looked happy to me. We had to be serious about this. We were dealing with shady characters. Then someone started shooting at us. I didn't know who was hit or what. I felt a sharp pain in me. I didn't know what was going on. Then I saw Shiloh walking up to me. "Hey do want candy Matt?" she asked me, it felt like I was six again with Shiloh. "But Shiloh what the cancer?" She looked at me.

"I'm not worried about cancer just living my life the best I can live it."

"Shiloh!" Then the years changed on Shiloh's face. I was looking at her when we were thirteen.

"Matt! Stop picking on me!" I remember this day I got on her nerves.

"Sorry Shiloh."

"Go away Matt, you just got on my last nerve!"

Then I felt nothing after, just voices and loud noises in the background. I heard one voice two officers down, get a paramedic now. I can feel my heart stop and no breath in me. Just nothing. I didn't know Liam was shot too. I didn't know if he was dead or alive.

Later I woke up with Shiloh sleeping in the chair next to me. I stared at her for awhile. I made her worry about me. Then I felt around my stomach area. I had a patch on it. Shiloh woke up, she got up and walked towards the bed. "Hey honey, how are you feeling?" she asked me, then she began to cry. "What's wrong Shiloh tell me?" She looked at me with a tear running down her cheek. "It's Liam, he's gone." She told me, she was still crying, "I though I've lost you forever Matt. They said you died at the scene, but came back and died again." I hugged her, "I'm not dead, I lived for you." I reinsured her, "Liam is dead, where they hit him." Shiloh smiled with a tear running down her cheek.

"In the chest wall. There was nothing they could do for him."


"He lost alot of blood and he didn't have a pulse on him."

"What about Marcie and Jonathon?"

"Making funneral arrangements for him."

"Oh Shiloh, I love you."

"I love you too Matt."

"Once I get better, do you want a baby still?"

"Yeah I do Matt."

"Okay." I kissed her lips.

Liam died with me too. But I came back to Shiloh. Maybe I heard her voice too, telling me don't leave her not yet. I looked up in her green eyes. I can tell she was fertile and ready for a child, but it was going to wait for awhile.

After a week in the hospital and going to a funneral. I watched Marcie and Jonathon cry for Liam. He was good husband and father to them. He was going to be missed in our neigbhorhood. I was going to miss my parter. Shiloh was holding my hand and I was doing the same for her. When we got bach, she fixed my patch. I went to bed, Shiloh was going to make supper for us to eat on. I felt bad for Marcie and Jonathon now. Shiloh was coming in with my warm meal. She played nurse to me like she did as a child. I did that to her too. It was going to be long painful road ahead for me. I'm glad I have Shiloh here for me.

follow the sun 06-19-2009 08:53 PM

thanks for sharing :yay:

I'll add this thread to the board guide :D

Edward_Bella1988 06-19-2009 09:51 PM


Edward_Bella1988 06-19-2009 10:26 PM

Chapter Nine: Losing Grip

It's been a week since Liam's death, somehow Shiloh gets me through the pain. I went to the doctors to see how heal I was for some sexual activity with Shiloh. The doctor told me, I shouldn't do that yet, until I'm completely healed from my wound. I couldn't worry about it now.

I was sleeping in bed. My thoughts were racing in my head. I didn't know what was going on in my head. All I can see was Liam yelling for me. I wasn't listening because I have crashed. All the pain in my head, until I heard a voice in my head.

"Matthew wake up!"

I woke up to it, Shiloh was worry about me again. I was having another nightmare. I was losing grip on reality now. "Shiloh, it's all my fault, if I didn't push Liam to scout with me. He would be alive today." I started to cry in her arms.

"Oh honey, it was fate that happened."

"I know dear. Liam is dead because of me."

"No it wasn't Matthew Grey."

"I wish I wasn't love in with you."

"But you are in love with me."

"Yeah I know." I kissed her lips, we started to make out heavily. I reminded myself what the doctor told me about not doing any sexual activity with Shiloh. I was putting myself in a hard place. Then Shiloh jumpped on me and took her nightie off. "Matt just make love to me please." I rolled myself onto her. "Yes I will make love to you." I kissed her again.

I was putting my hands along her curves of her body, while she was taking my shirt off of my body. We were rolling around with our bodies in heat of each other. I can tell she wanted this from me. I want it from her too. I was feeling her body with my body. My manhood wanted to in her, so I went in her. I heard every little moan she could take in and out of her body. This was our first time. I knew that it was time to juice in her. I want this so badly now. I love Shiloh, and she loved me.

In the morning, I was laying in bed naked. Shiloh was making breakfast for me and her. I had a great night with Shiloh. She was my everything in life I wanted in her. She came back into the room with a tray.

"Hey how do you feel now?"


"Did you love me?"


"I can relax now."

"Me too."

"I love you Matt."

"I love you too Shiloh."

Shiloh smiled at me, and I smiled back at her. I'm hoping for a baby too. It was going to weeks to find out our child. I ate with Shiloh on my side. She was the best friend I can ever have been with in my life.

Edward_Bella1988 06-20-2009 10:37 PM

Chapter Ten: A Baby Story

Shiloh was running to the bathroom back and forth for a couple of weeks now. I was worried about her Cancer coming back to haunt her again. She was sick again. I told her call the doctor tomorrow. Also she was having cravings all the time too. Shiloh was hiding something from me.

We went to the doctors finally in a week. The doctor told us it wasn't cancer coming back, she was carrying a bundle of joy. She was having a baby. Shiloh was having a baby. During the car ride back, she and I held hands together. I smiled at her. She told me this was going to happen one way or another.

"A baby!" She told me, "I can't believe this."

"Yep, I hope it's going to be a girl."

"Only the male can do that with his manhood juice."

"That's weird with us."

"After Liam died."

"They haven't signed me a new partner yet."

"Give it some time to do it."

"Yep I should you know."

"Oh Matt a baby."

"I can wait for the next seven months to come."

"I want to meet her or him."

"Honey you like to meet Robert Pattinson, but it's not going to work out that way."

"Yeah that was long time ago Matt."

"I love you Shiloh!" I kissed her on the cheek.

"I love you too Matt!" She kissed me on the cheek.

Next week was busy, we were planning for a baby. Marcie came over to hear the new about Shiloh's preganacy. I never seen Marcie so happy after Liam. I guess she was giving Shiloh her hand me downs from Jonathon. She didn't how they are yet. Marcie wasn't mourning over Liam anymore. I feel happy for her now. Jonathon, Marcie, Shiloh and I went to dinner too. We toasted to Liam and rebirth.

Shiloh was painting in the nursery, she didn't know what color she wanted in the nursery: pink or blue? It was too early for this yet.

"Shiloh honey, it's too early for colors."

"Yeah I know just thinking about the colors."

"You are only three and half months pregnant."

"Yeah I know I'm three and half months pregnant."

"I love that about you Shiloh."

"Oh I know I'm smart and pretty for a pregnant woman."

"Ahhh that's true too."

"Matthew Grey!"

"Shiloh Ward-Grey!"


"I was thinking about naming the baby if it's a girl."

"Naming the baby."

"Yep, Kayleigh Shiloh Grey."

"Okay, what if it's a boy?"

"Liam Charles Grey."

"With Liam's first name for the boy, it's okay dear."

"Nothing doesn't get pass you."

"Yep!" She smiled at me again.

For the next few months, Shiloh was growing bigger. I got a partner finally. She was a total b*tch about Liam. I hate her for it. One thing I have on my mind was Shiloh and the baby. I was going to be a daddy now.

Edward_Bella1988 06-21-2009 05:51 PM

Question chapters 1-10
1. What illness Shiloh had as kid?

2. Who was Matt's soul mate?

3. How old was Shiloh in Matt's death dream?

4. Liam was a _______ officer.
a. security
b. stripper
c. police

5. Why is Matt worried about Shiloh?

6. What is the baby's name if the baby is a girl?

7. Who was Shiloh dating in her Junior year and the beginning of her Senior year?

8. Why did Shiloh and Matt got married?

9. What was Morgan's warning to Matt and Shiloh about Shiloh's parents?

10. Where was Liam shot at before he died?

11. True or False: Shiloh's full name is?
Hint: before she was married.

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