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Old 06-28-2004, 02:38 PM
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Power of Friendship- Degrassi Fan Fic

Plot: Manny changed her image and is becoming popular, now she spends more time with Paige and Hazel than with her best friend Emma.

Sub-plot: Craig breaks up with Ashley and goes back to Manny, stating his true love for her. Does Craig really love Manny?

Chapter 1:
Emma comes to school the next morning. She sees Manny with Paige and the
popular kids. She approaches them.

Emma: Manny, letís go.

Manny: Iíll see you later Paige.
They go to her locker.

Manny: Emma, what are you doing?

Emma: Trying to stop you.

Manny: From what?

Emma: You lied to me about saying that you where not going to change our

Manny: Look Emma I just had other important things to do.

Emma: Like hanging out with Paige?

Manny: You read my mind! I'll catch you on the flip side.
Emma suddenly pushed Manny against the wall. They were fighting each other until Mr. Raditch came.

Mr. Raditch: Young ladies, what is going on?

Manny: Emma started it. She pushed me to the wall and she started hitting

Mr. Raditch: Look I don't know what happened and I don't care. To the
office. NOW. Both of you.

Craig: Ashley, we were meant to be together. Letís just make this happen.

Ashley: Craig I am not ready for this. After everything that happened at
Paigeís 16th birthday party, I donít know if our chemistry will ever be the

Craig: It was just a stupid fight we had. We can easily move on.

Ashley: We canít just move on. We were about to do it together and thatís a
big thing.
Craig: Why do you always have to make something small into something big?
Canít we just forget that ever happened?

Ashley: Do you really think itís easy to just forget that we were about to
do it together? We were about to risk something we might have regretted.

Craig: I understand that. But thatís why we can work things out.

Ashley: I think we should take a break. Letís just be friends for now.

Craig: You know what, forget it! Weíre over! Iíd rather be with Manny, like
at the party.

Ashley: Craig, please stop! You donít mean that!

Craig: I do. Itís over. I brought you a dozen roses and wrote you a song.
That song expressed my feelings for you. Now I know why I canít tell you I
love you, because I donít. Iíll find Manny.

Ashley: Craig! I love you! Donít do this to me!

Craig: Bye Ashley.

Craig leaves Ashley. She is standing there, crying.

Ellie: Are you okay Ash?

Ashley: No. Craig and I are over.

Ellie: Iím sorry. But maybe you should move on.

Ashley: To who? There was no one like Craig.

Ellie: I know that, but Craig doesnít. Youíre too good for him.

Ashley: If Iím so good for him, how come Iím not with him?

Ellie: Because we all know that Craig isnít good enough for you.

Ashley: I guess youíre right. Letís go.

The school day went on. Lunch time came.

pleez tell me if i shud update!!
degrassichick1, a hardcore degrassi fan

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Liberty: Well guess what? It's easy for me letting YOU go. Straight to hell.
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Old 06-28-2004, 03:37 PM
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Hi degrassichick1. We've already got a Degrassi fic thread so could you please repost your story over there? Thanks.
Nicky a.k.a. obsessive24

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