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Old 08-03-2008, 09:19 PM
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Pick 5 - Common Mistakes When Writing...

I like the Pick 5 game and this can be applied to fanfics or original fics.

I know the question may be vague, essentially jot down five common mistakes a person does when they write their first piece.

Here are mine:


[5] Language/Diction - One of the things I notice in a first-time writer is the wordiness of the piece. Sometimes you don't have to write it all out, and try to leave room for imagination. The night sky can simply be written as a night sky rather than a dark ominous festering vicious plague towering above mere mortals below.

[4] Workin' the Theme - For pete's sake, if you're going to do a star-crossed love affair, work on more than the love aspect. Think of the underlining themes such as honor or jealously to bolster up the overall love story without making it too saccharine. Another thing to consider is the setting. If it's during a specific period of time, maybe use the context of that time to again enhance the core storyline. Basically themes add the layers to your story, it's what carries and moves a story forward.

[3]Character or Story Driven One of the things I noticed is how often stories lose their pacing when they're not clearly being processed. What does this mean? Sometimes a story can be driven by Characters. The characters make the story move along, this means we have to make sure the character is developed well. If they're not well developed we get lots of plot holes and a confusing story.

On the flip side, the concept of the story is much stronger than the character themselves. This is the type of story where you begin your work on the outline of the story.

For short? The production of a story can be done in two ways.

1. The characters create the story that unfolds and moves it forward.
2. The plot/concept of the story build the characters and its the plot which defines the characters.

[2]Talk the Talk - Dialogue is so vital because it gives your character voice. There's nothing worse than typical MarySue dialogue if we hardly understand the character. Yet, if you're going to attempt at specific accents make sure you know how to write it by reading novels that incorporate it such as Trainspotting or A Clockwork Orange. Or if Westerns are your thing? Try some Larry McMurtry! I love Lonesome Dove and the dialogue is classic!

[1]SpellCheck Okay, so this is a given, right? You would be surprised at the amount of stories that have spelling errors. I understand issues with grammar because it can be tricky sometimes yet when you have a task as simple as pushing a button? It's kind of unacceptable, of course there are exceptions such as autocheck which can sometimes change misspelled words automatically into a correct version. The only problem is sometimes it's not the correct word.

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