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Old 11-25-2008, 03:36 PM
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Orange Car of Secrets, Romance, Degrassi (Emjay), PG-13

Title : Orange Car of Secrets
Author: Bri
Disclaimer : I own nothing. Except the concept.
Summary: Following “Back in Black” - After Emma, Jay and Ellie return to Degrassi after Sean stays in Wasega Beach, Jay and Emma make a discovery that could change their lives forever.
Authors Note : It’s hard to believe I wrote this a little over four years ago, or thought of the concept then. I read over it and didn’t think it was that bad of a concept, aside from my atrocious spelling and grammar. So I’m in the process of cleaning and rewriting. Keep in mind, we’re in season four, Darcy’s family isn’t decided yet so I wrote her to be Jay’s younger step sister. You can say Darcy is embarrassed of her family (more or less, of Jay) and Jay’s mother is Fancy.
Couples: Emma/Jay and references to Jay/Alex and Sean/Ellie

Chapter One: Backseat Blues
You can cut the tension with a knife, on the way home from Wasega Beach. Emma in the backseat looking like she‘s in deep thought playing with the ends of her golden hair, and you can hear the sounds of Ellie sniffling attempting to hold back tears with no avail causing Emma to look over with a look of concern. Jay sits the front seat his window down, with a cigarette in his left hand. He didn’t like the quiet and there weren’t many comforting sounds and smoking was comforting. He doesn’t usually smoke, and it’s only when in a stressful situations, to him silence is stressful. Emma hopped up a little bit to look at herself in the rearview mirror before quickly trying to lean against the door as if she didn’t, but Jay saw and flashed a light smile but Emma pretended she didn’t see it. Finally, Jay spoke to Emma.

“Greenpeace, do me favor?”

Emma nodded, seeing Jay lean to the right while still keeping his eyes fixated on the road while digging in the glove box to find tissues, throwing them back.

“Here, catch. Pass ‘em to Ellie or she’ll have to pay for my new seats.”

Ellie looked over as Emma caught them, and the tissues were quickly passed over. Ellie went back to looking out the window, as she wiped her tearstained eyes. His voice sounded tense, and angry sounding - Emma knew he never liked her. It was almost like he went out of the way to try to say something to annoy her, or get her mad. Ellie didn’t speak, she just cried and Emma didn’t blame her. Emma had been in her shoes last year, when Sean decided to roll with Jay and break up with her, heartbreak wasn’t fun.

Jay knew Ellie was upset. After the brief moments of silent that the tension had created, he wanted to cause some type of discussion even if it wasn’t pleasant. “Ellie what’s the matter with you, anyway?” he tantalized.

Ellie didn’t speak, she more or less ignored Jay lying her head against the door.

Emma knew she was upset but she didn’t defend herself, so Emma did, “Jay, why don’t you leave her alone? She doesn’t want to hear it.” Emma asked Jay as rummaged blindly through her hobo bag for a hairclip for her sweaty hair. She quickly found out and put her hair up.

“So Greenpeace is fighting to stand up for others and her own rights. Why don’t she just do a little something called, mind her own business?” Jay asked jeering from the rearview mirror looking at Emma with his soft blue eyes, yet acting in a contrasting behavior. His eyes didn’t match the harsh words he was tryng to tell.

Emma rolled her eyes, “Eat this.” finally glaring him the middle finger.

His eyes widened, but he mellowed out a laugh and shook his head. “Wow, original. I’m real scared now.”

Ellie looked over and laughed as well, but not at Emma but at Jay, before Jay slammed on the breaks pulling over on the shoulder. He opened the door slamming it hard before opening Emma’s side door grabbing her hand, “What’s the big idea? You could’ve killed Ellie. . . or me!”

“One warning, Greenpeace. . ” Jay snarled before Emma cut him off.

“My name is Emma.”

“EMMA, don’t mess with me. This is my car and I can just leave you off whenever I feel like it.” Letting go of her hand quick she recoiled pulling her hand back quickly.

“Okay Jay, you done?” Emma rolled her eyes sarcastically. Jay glared at Emma, before his gaze softened as did hers. She wondered why they were just looking at each other, it wasn’t long of a time, but it was just enough time for her stomach to stir inside. She pondered why Jay even gives her the time of day, or gives her that weird nickname. But she shook out of it fast, because she reminded herself that Jay isn’t the kind of person to like her, or have any feelings for her.

Ellie learned over to Emma’s side of the car sighing looking at Jay, “I need to get home and feed Bueller if you don’t mind?”

Jay nodded motioning Emma who’s legs were hanging out of the car to put them back in so he could shut the door. She did put her feet inside quickly before he ran to the drivers side and they continued on their way home to Degrassi, continuing the way home in silence.
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Thanks for opening the new thread, Bri

I'll add the link to the board guide
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Chapter Two: Wandering Glances
(Jay POV)

Emma Nelson was someone I didn’t hate, but I didn’t like. In fact, she’s the one person I’m stuck on. There are millions of reasons why I should not like about her, and the fact that I know she’ll never like me and those reasons point me to the conclusion that I don’t know what to think about her. I used to despise her and every last one of her causes, the anti-violence thing that I “helped” with, and the relationship with her and Sean that I destroyed it’s guaranteed everything I touch turns to dust. It urks me that she’s a vegetarian, it urks me that she’s anti everything, it urks me that has a temper even though I’m one to talk. I hate almost everything that I know about her, but I used to take it out on her and that just wasn’t fair. Who am I to ask what is fair, though, seriously? I’m Jay Hogart and I don’t usually think before I do, I just do, cause damage, it’s what I do best. But back to what I said about despising her, I said I used to hate her, hate is strong. It wasn’t like she’s ever done harm to me, which makes me not know if I’m so sure how I’m not so sure anymore. Why even waste the energy? I sometimes wonder, or She must not be so bad, she’s actually kind of pretty and that’s what a year does to you. I was plain too quick to judge Emma. To be honest, perhaps now I don’t hate everything about her. She didn’t focus on being perfect, and usually she is so anal. That makes me sick when one wastes their time as such a perfectionist. She didn’t focus on it, she was compassionate, and as much as she doesn’t want to show sensitivity, she’s very sensitive and her innocence is something that drives me insane. It turns me on, and I’m not sure why, and yet she’s so vulnerable and I know I’m that kind of guy that would prey on that like most of the guys I know. I guess I haven’t the morals, but I know better than that. People ought to give me more credit. I’m nothing like her, because she never changes her mind, and I look into someone far too much that is just, there.

Besides, I have millions of reasons not to like her, I’d be a black stain on her white carpet. She used to be flattest, she used to be bone skinny, she had this lanky frame, but it’d be a hit out of the park to say something changed about her, as if to say she got hot over the summer. She pierces you with her brown eyes, she’s the first girl who I looked into the eyes, besides Alex. I used to think that Emma is the kind of girl that would look you in the eyes, tell you she wont tell anyone about you being the murder of someone, and she’ll go straight to the cops and turn you in. She made me feel like a dirty rotten mess, like when she talked to me she saw right through me. I know she wanted to hate me too. But today I saw something in her, I never saw before, when her eyes softened and I felt something warm in her hand, I don’t want to get to mushy, she’s Greenpeace for chrissake. She’s my best friends girl, but not literally. You see, the whole you can’t kiss, date, or think about your best friend’s girl - it’s this guy code most guys have, and I’m sure girls have it too. I’m sure Emma wouldn’t go for Craig, because Craig and Manny got some history, and I doubt she’d ever go for me (I know that she’d be not be afraid to be honest, She did a fine job tearing Alex a new one last year).But I think I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t mind though, about my feelings for Emma because it isn’t like she’d ever fall for me. I still have to hold my tough terrain and not look like a softie and Ellie can easily dial Sean's digits.

I broke the silence again, “We only have an exit to go and we’re home.” Ellie rolled her eyes at my attempt to revive things. Little Miss. Vampire was pissing me off. On the beach I listen to her talk all this crap on Emma, and I couldn’t say I actually agreed with her like I would if you asked me what I thought of Emma a year ago, at least Emma seemed effected and smiled lightly. She has a beautiful smile.

“I’m hungry.” Emma yawned. I was hungry too, and I know we were all hungry. It had been a long day and the only thing I had to eat was sand. Yuck, I’m starved.

“Hey meet to. What do you say we all go to The Dot to get some food, and then we go our separate ways, okay?”

Emma nodded, with a smile, “Sounds good to me. Why not?” Emma looked at Ellie who shook her head.

“Look hate to rain on all you guys’ parades but, I really don’t have the money. Unlike you all, I have to save my money for rent and food because I don’t know if you know this but without Sean I’m on my own with money.” Ellie told Emma and Jay as she took her finger out of her mouth.

“I’ll pay. Besides, it’ll be nice not to eat dinner alone, don’t you think?”

“I couldn’t. . ”

“I insist.”


Emma shook her head, “Just pay me back whenever you get the money.”

Sometimes it makes me smile to see Emma doing something nice for someone else. She cares about others, yet if I was hungry it’s not certain she’d help me out. I don’t think she gives a rats ass about me, and yet I give her so much thought. Alex and I are on the rocks right now, I don’t think we’ll last through tomorrow because I accidentally missed our anniversary in going to Wasega Beach with Emma, Sean and Ellie. She told me during our last fight that if she saw me with one more girl it’d be over. Today I will be seen with two, so I guess it’s really over. Alex really isn’t the same anymore, I’ve been messin’ around with Amy lately and she’s more like Alex than Alex is and it’s all so strange. I had loved Alex forever, she’s so clingy and dependant and she’s too jealous and I don’t like being or feeling tied down, and it brings me to why I hear too much Dr. Phil stuff, my mom watches that all the time. Mom made me watch one about destructive behavors she thinks I’ll be in prison soon.

Finally we arrived back in home, sweet, Degrassi. I parked in the back of The Dot, everyone’s favorite neighborhood hang out and walked in with Emma and Ellie. I scanned the room for Alex but she saw me before I saw her. "Are you going to tell me where'd you go?" she asked me her face boiling with anger. I knew what was next. "Babe. I-”

“Don’t babe me.”

“Can you tell me what you’re doing with Ellie, I don’t know if you know this but she’s got a boyfriend.”

“Look Lex, I know. Sean kind of dragged us along to Wasega, where he ran to momma and daddy - and now - is living there. He took us along.” I tried calming her down.

“Are you aware of your sinking shop grade? I can’t keep lying and covering for you, my grades will suffer too. I don’t know if you know this but I would like to pass this year.”

“The motor project diagram thing, I forgot. Sean just kind of dragged me off. . .”

"and you left me with the shop project we worked on together now I think we failed. Nice going partner" She hissed sarcastically, hitting my arm hard.

"Alex. ."

"Jay, didn’t I tell you about hanging with other girls?" she asked angrily, "I guess you didnt care at all whatever. And you were all day gallivanting in Wasega Beach with Emma Nelson and Ellie, and you’re supposed to be my boyfriend? I didn’t think it would have to come to this, Jay. It’s over Jay, it’s been over" Alex grabbed her bag and walked out of the restaurant. No one heard so it was a thankfully close call. "May I seat you all?" the hostess said I nodded and we all walked to the room to eat. And for once, I’m numb. I don’t care. Alex’s loss, and probably my gain.
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