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Little Black Dress

Title: Little Black dress
Author: L41482
Character(s): Robert Pattinson, Orlando Bloom, Lindsee Peterson
Genre: Romance
Rating: R for language and adult situations
Status: In progress
Summary/Plot: While off in Las Vegas for a girls only weekend, Lindsee wakes up to find herself not only in a strange hotel suite, but married to Robert.
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Little Black Dress Preface and Chapter one

Quick warning the usual stuff that needs to be knocked out I do not own both of these hot British studs or know them though I wish I did but if I did I don't think they'd like me to be writing about em lol. Feed back is always appreciated I hope you enjoy the story.

Little black dress
I woke up married. That’s probably a line you never or hardly heard anyone say in the start of a conversation. Well there’s my icebreaker folks, I went to Las Vegas the night before to get over a break up or to get over one of Hollywood’s raising male, chauvinistic, British pigs with the usual rebound stuff women resort to; gambling, drinking and drowning pain in alcohol, or some good ol fashion **** em type sex.

I woke up in some strange hotel suite and everything was like a alcoholic induced blur. I had no clue where the hell I was or who I had maybe sort of or did not sort of sleep with the night before.

There’s that famous saying “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.” That’s just a bunch of bull, especially if what you wanted to stay in Vegas involved a upcoming rising movie star. He’s part of my current life’s complication. The other complication involved a particular garment of clothing I own that seemed to have gotten me into hot boiling water, so hot it was too late to jump out of. It was my sexy little black dress.

Chapter one - Nothin good about being dumped

It was going to be a slow boring Los Angles day. That was the first miserable thought that popped into Lindsee’s head while she woke up with a pounding headache. Her head still aguishly throbbed while she was at a dead stand still on the Los Angles free way. Looks like she wasn’t going anywhere for a while, like she had any plans to. It wasn’t like she was late for a job, her job could be taken anywhere, thanks to the technicality of the wireless internet.

She wasn’t the only driver who apparently appeared to be cranky or in the urge to want to commit some sudden act or form of homicide. Every driver around her appeared annoyed, irate with some form of a tense expression. Just your typical day in the city of angels and part of everyday life. One miner detail, Lindsee would happily change if given the chance. For now all she could do was just sit there, behind the wheel at a stand still with her fellow angry, irate drivers, and test their sense of patience and sanity as they waited for the miles of traffic ahead to inch or crawl forward.

Lindsee rested her forearms against the steering wheel silently wishing she were somewhere else, but here stuck in traffic. In bed maybe with her boyfriend who was doing everything in his power to make her head pain go away. The thought bought a smile to her face. She still smiled while she glanced out the window to see a large billboard advertising and promoting the movie Twilight. She made a mental note, that she had to still go see the movie. She was a huge fan of the books, might as well see and give the movie a whirl. See what all the fuss and hype she had been hearing for months about or if it was worth it.

Lindsee didn’t realize she had held her breath until, she saw the traffic and cars in front of her start to inch and move forward. Hopefully, she’d be out of this traffic jam before the end of the day.

A few hours later, she was home. The throbbing headache still loomed, hopefully a few strong aspirin would kill any last remains that were left. Headache or not, Lindsee had a job to do that involved the use of her laptop and the need to write. Hollywood gossip wasn’t going to write itself or pop up on the internet alone. That was where she came in, what he job was to write up the latest, juiciest Hollywood gossip. She loved her job it allowed her to do her two greatest loves and passions all at once; write and engross herself into the Hollywood scene without becoming or being considered completely psychotically obsessed.

The job would do and settle for now, until she finally got either one of her books or her scripts sold and published. She could only dream while she looked at the stars from afar. Someday, maybe someday she would be among those beautiful people, but until then her semi-perfect reality would just have to do. Lindsee booted up her laptop and sat back watching and waiting for the screen to boot up.

Her eyes scanned over to the corner of her desk where a framed picture of her and her current boyfriend if she could even really call him that, famous actor Orlando Bloom. They had been secretly together for almost a year and half, it seemed to be getting a bit tiresome for her living in secrecy. Made her rethink over and over if he was embarrassed of her or the fact, he was having a relationship with a common U.S. citizen nobody.

Yet, she was in a relationship with him, had every right to post any form or sort of gossip on him that crossed her path daily. Mainly gossip about how he was seen with a few new women every few months. Lately there had been gossip coming through that he was seen and secretly was dating a Victoria Secret model. She tried to act like that news didn’t bug or affect her in any way, but deep inside her inner insecurities were fragile and seem to do all the talking and thinking.

Could Orlando possibly cheat on her? She never had any doubts, he was a man after all even if he was a famous actor or not. She never forgot that fact and made herself remember that fact everyday she was reading and typing up the latest gossip and pictures that came along with the story. She just had to trust him and keep a clear, open mind. Just thinking about this all over again was only making her headache worse.

She told herself to stop thinking about the idea or fact of Orlando cheating on her as she quickly clicked to sign on her internet connection. She found the link to sign into her connecting page, her first real Hollywood child the Hollywood gossip column, Little black dress. no one knew she was the web mistress behind the site, not even Orlando. She sometimes felt guilty that she felt she couldn’t trust him enough to be honest about this site, but she signed a agreement to remain silent and keep everything confidential. Maybe someday…

“Just focus Linds. Focus.” Lindsee mumbled while she bought her palms and fingertips up to both temples to start massaging to help speed up the healing affects of the aspirin she had taken. She didn’t have fifteen minutes to wait for the headache to be squashed and killed, she was on a deadline. The somewhat soft sounding clicks and taps of the keyboard keys sounded like a painful reminder of terrible migraines she suffered here and there along her twenty-six years of life. She had to cringe as a sharp piercing pain decided to take a stab at her eyes from behind.

“****, ****, ****. You need to take a whole ****ing bottle of this **** in order to kill this damn pain in the head. Hell a drug over dose is the only way to kill this mother ****ing pain.” Lindsee muttered becoming a bit frustrated that her headache wasn’t letting her fully concentrate on meeting her deadline.

Heading into her room to lie down wouldn’t do much good since Orlando’s posters and pictures that adorned her walls would only stare back and distract her. Another form or one of her ireful distractions had to be this man. Which only reminded her, that he hadn’t called her yet today. That was starting to get at her nerves. She was getting a bit tired of waiting for him to call her, it gave her a excuse to maybe go out. Maybe tonight would be the perfect time to go see Twilight. Orlando had promised he’d take her opening night even to the movie premiere itself. She sure as hell didn’t hold her breath or expected it, he had let her down like that before. She had learned that if she wanted to go do something or get something done she had to do it herself.

Just get this over with then go out to the movies and relax and unwind. Lindsee mentally scolded herself with release of a frustrated filled sigh while she hunched forward to click open a link that contained e-mails from her reliable, legit sources. She saw she had a good handful of e-mails with juicy laced stories, quickly she opened the first one and read in silence. The first e-mail was information about one of the Twilight stars. Lindsee clicked on a link contained within the e-mail that showed a picture of the actor. She had to admit he looked hot, kind of gave off this “bad boy” like persona and he played Edward Cullen in the movie.

The sight of this man defiantly made this movie seem a bit more worthwhile to see screw Orlando she needed some eye candy. Not like she was going out to cheat, she was just looking at the merchandise and not touching. First things, first finish the column. Lindsee quickly typed up the piece on the mystery actor before she moved on and knocked out the other stories. The last story she opened was one about Orlando. Great. Perfect way to rain on her fun to read some same ol same ol gossip on her boyfriend. Lindsee reluctantly clicked open the story and began to read.
Hey Mistress. Little Black Dress,
Boy do I got a hell of a juicy story for you involving Orlando Bloom and Victoria Secret model, Miranda Kerr. Apparently I caught em in a really hot, steamy lip lock. Seems newsworthy to me. He or she now can’t deny that they are seeing each other. Anyways here are the pictures to prove it. Have fun with the story.

Don’t believe it or jump to conclusions. Lindsee silently reminded herself, while she coerced herself to open the attachments that held the pictures. What she saw displayed in front of her made her blink in shock the same time her heart was being ripped from both the front of her chest and from the back. Pictures don’t lie and whoever said pictures were worth ten thousand words wasn’t lying, they did lie or deny the truth.

Displayed in the first picture was Orlando seen in New York on a street with Miranda Kerr in his arms appearing a bit way to comfortable in his arms. The next one showed them both in a hot embrace and hot kiss. Lindsee stopped breathing or forgot how to while she continued to look more like gawk at the pictures of Orlando’s deceit. She had started to zone out, that she didn’t hear her cell ring. The phone’s vibration bought her back to reality, making her snap out of it.

Looking down in her lap to see her cell she saw the caller id belonged to the man of the moment, the reason why her heart was ripped in mid beat from her chest. He sure as hell had some nerve to be calling her. She had to act normal, like she didn’t know or never saw the pictures. For all he knew, he probably assumed she had no clue and was left in the dark. Her cell continued to ring, the ring tone seem to get louder with each ring almost sounding like Orlando was getting annoyed every minute she did not pick up. Act normal. Lindsee instructed herself while she flipped open her purple colored cell. “Hello.” Lindsee calmly said while leaning forward to begin to type her column.

“Linds what took you so long to answer? Are you typing?” A irate sounding Orlando barked.

“I was preoccupied and yes I’m typing. It’s for work you got a problem with that?” Lindsee snapped.

“Whoa chill Lindsee.” Orlando responded in a clam, cool sounding British accent. A accent that use to make her swoon, orgasm on sight, but now his British accent and British roots weren’t going to get him out of his current trouble with her. “was that really necessary?”

“I dunno was it necessary to bark at me, to demand why I don’t answer my freaking phone on your beckoning call and demand?” Lindsee icily retorted.

“Look I’m sorry ok. I was wondering what you were doing tonight? Thought I could come over after I meet with a casting agent.”

Lindsee knew what that meant, he wanted a late night midnight ****. What was she going to be **** number one or **** number two for the night? How about neither cause there was no way in hell he ever was going to be in her bed ever again. If he could lie, so could she. Two could play this game. “I can’t tonight Orli I’m backed up with work.” Lindsee causally responded impressed with herself that she could lie through her teeth. She easily was able to picture Orlando’s look of annoyance like her situation was a miner inconvenience in his life plan.

Oh not like he has never done this to her before. God forbid, she had a life or a career. She wasn’t his mistress on call to drop whatever she was doing at the moment to come running to him. Let alone belonged or was a possession to him. She was her own person who had her own thoughts, feelings, and voice. “Can’t you call in sick tomorrow?” Orlando asked while he hid his annoyance behind a sweet sounding tone.

“No, I can’t, I’m sorry. Work has to come first before any fun and pleasure.”

“Uhuh.” Orlando scuffed annoyed not believing a woman actually said no to him. “My cell will be on in case you change your mind or if you finish your work.” All Lindsee heard was a loud click before she could answer. Lindsee snapped her cell shut, hoping for no more interruptions as she leaned forward to resume typing.

“I thought, Orlando promised you that he’d take you to see Twilight?” Lindsee’s friend Mandy said later that night, while both of them exited the movie theater.

“He did, but you know him. I don’t hold my breath or wait for him to keep his word or promise.” Lindsee commented while she took a sip of her soda. “Besides, at the moment he is on my bad side.” Lindsee took another sip of her soda while she silently debated in her head rather or not to tell Mandy the truth about Orlando. It had been silently eaten her up inside all day, she was just about ready to burst.

“Hey isn’t that Orlando over there?” Mandy asked cocking her head in the direction he was. Lindsee slowly turned her body in the direction, nearly gasping out loud. Standing a good feet away was Orlando and he apparently wasn’t alone. “Is this why he is apparently on the bad side at the moment?” Mandy softly asked while she and Lindsee quickly ducked off in a corner before Orlando had a chance to see them. “Is he doing what I am assuming he is doing that I saw with my own eyes? Who is the whore?”

Lindsee silently nodded while slowly maneuvering her head around the corner to watch Orlando now kiss the “Other woman.” “Yeah, he’s cheating on me and her name is Miranda Kerr, she’s a new Victoria Secret model.” Lindsee replied back never taken her eyes off of them. “I got living, photogenic proof he is a lying, cheating mother ****ing liar.” Lindsee slipped out her cell phone to flip open to snap a few pictures on her camera phone. “Well make that two sources now.” she added while slowly moving back around the corner with her cell still flipped open.

Mandy watched Lindee while she looked down at her hand at her open phone. “What are you planning on doing or going to do?” Mandy asked a bit worried that she was about to cause a scene.

“**** with him what else is there to do besides psychologically torture him?” Lindsee said while she quickly punched in Orlando’s cell number. Mandy stood there silently to watch while Lindsee waited for Orlando to answer. She continued to watch while she quickly turned her head around the cornet to watch Orlando answer his cell. “Hey Orlando, I finished up the work I need to finish. If you were still interested in coming over later, feel free to.” Lindsee calmly stated. “Ok see you in a little bit.” Lindsee ended the call while she snapped her cell shut. The trap was set now all she had to do was to wait for the stupid prey to take the bait.

Orlando smirked while he got in the car after he had dropped Miranda back off at his place. He knew that Lindsee couldn’t resist him or evens ay no to him. He knew she would eventually change her mind and ask him over to her place. She always fell for the stupid trap over and over, he had her completely under his control. She’d buy any lie or excuse that came out of his mouth, which only made her one of the most stupid, idiotic women in Los Angeles.

To him, she was nothing more then a booty call or a last minute fill in ****. The joy was she would never know and had no way of even knowing of his other feminine conquests. How stupid could she really be assuming that she was the only one that he truly cared for and about her? Sooner or later he had to cut her loose. What a pity to, she was a great lay, even if she usually was a back up plan. For now, he would enjoy what he could get out of her, before it was time to break the ties with her. He arrived at her house near midnight making perfect timing. He quickly parked his car in her driveway, then got out.

Lindsee moved the curtain off to the side away from the down stairs window near her door to watch Orlando smugly walk up the brick walk way to the door. Little did he know she was about to wipe that smug ass prick smirk off of his face. She continued to watch him walk up to the door from the dark house while she held her cell phone open quickly locating the picture she had taken earlier. She tinkered with a few necessary buttons to send the image over to Orlando’s cell while she grabbed a few pictures that she had placed in her lap from the e-mail she had received earlier for Little black dress.

She watched Orlando pause a few feet away from the door and steps of her porch as he stopped to flip open his cell. Orlando was looking down to see who was texting him while he quickly opened the picture. His reaction is that of what she expected after a man was caught cheating and couldn’t lie or back his way out of the truth. It wasn’t me wasn’t going to work that was for sure. She smugly smirked while she stepped away from the window releasing the curtain to fall back into place.

Lindsee walked over and stood waiting by the door while he finally got himself pulled together enough to knock on the door. In her hands were the incriminating photos. The photos that were going to make him tell her the God damn truth right before she kicked his narcissistic British ass out her door and out of her bedroom forever. She composed herself for a minute before she opened the door to see him standing there sweating bullets. The expression she had on her face was one that he didn’t expect to see. The expression that a serial killer may have given before preceding into slowly torturing then murdering their victim to put out of final misery.

Orlando could not speak, the words got caught in his throat when he noticed something Lindsee had been holding in her hands. Slowly in a sadistic manner she turned her wrist in his direction to give him a good view of the picture’s content. “Care to explain this? Oh and don’t even think of saying that wasn’t me. Line didn’t work for Shaggy in a song and the line is not going to work for your lying cheating British ass either.” Lindsee coldly stated her eyes shooting him deadly, ice filled daggers.

“Lindsee, I- I can explain really.” Orlando gulped while a large lump was about to form in his throat. “After- after you tell me where you got this ridiculous photo.”

“Oh I’ll tell you in due time, right now I like to hear your explanation as to why you were stupid enough to think that you wouldn’t get caught or the fact you think I didn’t have access to the internet?” Lindsee retorted still in the same tone. “Did you seriously think I’d be that stupid or wouldn’t catch on about other women? You must have been really stupid or thinking with the object between your legs when you thought I’d never find out. I’m a woman, we have sixth sense about **** like this!”

“I’d kind of hope so yeah.” Orlando admitted. “Now tell me where you got this ****ing picture from?” Orlando added while he leaned forward to try to grasp the photos out of her hand. Bad move she stepped back with a quick swift pace nearly knocking him to the ground.

“Well to bad, I’m apparently not as naïve or as stupid as you may think. Your words and charm have no effect on me what so ever, so don’t try to play any Ted Bundy psychopathic mind games with me!” Orlando took another step forward while he ripped the photos from her grasp. “II know who she is just tell me why? Why you are a lying waste of life and cheating on me with a lingerie model?!”

“How the **** did you get these photos Lindsee? Are you following me or having someone following me? Better yet how the **** did you get the photo you just texted me a few minutes ago huh?” Orlando demanded.

“I got the text photo from the movie theater earlier when I went to see Twilight with Mandy. I lied about having work to do, cause I wanted to go out to see a movie that you had promised to take me to see weeks ago.” Orlando looked back at her stunned in disbelief. “Now who is the liar huh? Didn’t think two could play the game? Well you guessed wrong, cause you don’t ever **** with a woman, and not assume you’ll escape scathed free.” She shot him a serious deadly cold glare before she took a step over to the door. “Get the **** out.” She snarled.

“I’ll leave after you tell me where you got these photos?!” Orlando snarled back while he held them up in his hand.

“Fine after you tell me why you used me as a **** on the side like some prostitute.”

“Cause your so easy and insecure. The fact that you are clingy and double think everything just made it so easy to manipulate ya.” He snarled with a sick sadistic type laugh as if it were a joke while he stepped near her.

Lindsee quickly swung open the door almost hitting him in the face. “I got your crime scene pictures from a online gossip column called Little black dress! If your model whore has a laptop, I’m sure she can bring up the site and show you the article and picture that was your incriminating evidence!” Lindsee shouted right before she shoved Orlando right out the door the same time she slammed it with such force. She stood there and stared at threw door as she heard him stumping down the walk way his car door slamming open and shut before he sped off into the night. The tires squealing against the asphalt of the road.

She stood there another minute, before a reaction finally happened. Her body slumped down against the door as a sob escaped with a trail of bitter, salty tears.
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I'm closing to close this thread because you already opened one here for this story
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