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Little Black Dress; Orlando Bloom, Robert Pattinson, additional characters; Rating:R

Title: Little Black dress
Author: L41482
Character(s): Robert Pattinson, Orlando Bloom, Lindsee Peterson
Genre: Romance
Rating: R for language and adult situations
Status: In progress
Summary/Plot: While off in Las Vegas for a girls only weekend, Lindsee wakes up to find herself not only in a strange hotel suite, but married to Robert.
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Little Black dress


I woke up married. That’s probably a line you never or hardly heard anyone say in the start of a conversation. Well there’s my icebreaker folks, I went to Las Vegas the night before to get over a break up or to get over one of Hollywood’s raising male, chauvinistic, British pigs with the usual rebound stuff women resort to; gambling, drinking and drowning pain in alcohol, or some good ol fashion **** em type sex.

I woke up in some strange hotel suite and everything was like a alcoholic induced blur. I had no clue where the hell I was or who I had maybe sort of or did not sort of sleep with the night before.

There’s that famous saying “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.” That’s just a bunch of bull, especially if what you wanted to stay in Vegas involved a upcoming rising movie star. He’s part of my current life’s complication. The other complication involved a particular garment of clothing I own that seemed to have gotten me into hot boiling water, so hot it was too late to jump out of. It was my sexy little black dress.

Chapter one - Nothin good about being dumped

It was going to be a slow boring Los Angles day. That was the first miserable thought that popped into Lindsee’s head while she woke up with a pounding headache. Her head still aguishly throbbed while she was at a dead stand still on the Los Angles free way. Looks like she wasn’t going anywhere for a while, like she had any plans to. It wasn’t like she was late for a job, her job could be taken anywhere, thanks to the technicality of the wireless internet.

She wasn’t the only driver who apparently appeared to be cranky or in the urge to want to commit some sudden act or form of homicide. Every driver around her appeared annoyed, irate with some form of a tense expression. Just your typical day in the city of angels and part of everyday life. One miner detail, Lindsee would happily change if given the chance. For now all she could do was just sit there, behind the wheel at a stand still with her fellow angry, irate drivers, and test their sense of patience and sanity as they waited for the miles of traffic ahead to inch or crawl forward.

Lindsee rested her forearms against the steering wheel silently wishing she were somewhere else, but here stuck in traffic. In bed maybe with her boyfriend who was doing everything in his power to make her head pain go away. The thought bought a smile to her face. She still smiled while she glanced out the window to see a large billboard advertising and promoting the movie Twilight. She made a mental note, that she had to still go see the movie. She was a huge fan of the books, might as well see and give the movie a whirl. See what all the fuss and hype she had been hearing for months about or if it was worth it.

Lindsee didn’t realize she had held her breath until, she saw the traffic and cars in front of her start to inch and move forward. Hopefully, she’d be out of this traffic jam before the end of the day.

A few hours later, she was home. The throbbing headache still loomed, hopefully a few strong aspirin would kill any last remains that were left. Headache or not, Lindsee had a job to do that involved the use of her laptop and the need to write. Hollywood gossip wasn’t going to write itself or pop up on the internet alone. That was where she came in, what he job was to write up the latest, juiciest Hollywood gossip. She loved her job it allowed her to do her two greatest loves and passions all at once; write and engross herself into the Hollywood scene without becoming or being considered completely psychotically obsessed.

The job would do and settle for now, until she finally got either one of her books or her scripts sold and published. She could only dream while she looked at the stars from afar. Someday, maybe someday she would be among those beautiful people, but until then her semi-perfect reality would just have to do. Lindsee booted up her laptop and sat back watching and waiting for the screen to boot up.

Her eyes scanned over to the corner of her desk where a framed picture of her and her current boyfriend if she could even really call him that, famous actor Orlando Bloom. They had been secretly together for almost a year and half, it seemed to be getting a bit tiresome for her living in secrecy. Made her rethink over and over if he was embarrassed of her or the fact, he was having a relationship with a common U.S. citizen nobody.

Yet, she was in a relationship with him, had every right to post any form or sort of gossip on him that crossed her path daily. Mainly gossip about how he was seen with a few new women every few months. Lately there had been gossip coming through that he was seen and secretly was dating a Victoria Secret model. She tried to act like that news didn’t bug or affect her in any way, but deep inside her inner insecurities were fragile and seem to do all the talking and thinking.

Could Orlando possibly cheat on her? She never had any doubts, he was a man after all even if he was a famous actor or not. She never forgot that fact and made herself remember that fact everyday she was reading and typing up the latest gossip and pictures that came along with the story. She just had to trust him and keep a clear, open mind. Just thinking about this all over again was only making her headache worse.

She told herself to stop thinking about the idea or fact of Orlando cheating on her as she quickly clicked to sign on her internet connection. She found the link to sign into her connecting page, her first real Hollywood child the Hollywood gossip column, Little black dress. no one knew she was the web mistress behind the site, not even Orlando. She sometimes felt guilty that she felt she couldn’t trust him enough to be honest about this site, but she signed a agreement to remain silent and keep everything confidential. Maybe someday…

“Just focus Linds. Focus.” Lindsee mumbled while she bought her palms and fingertips up to both temples to start massaging to help speed up the healing affects of the aspirin she had taken. She didn’t have fifteen minutes to wait for the headache to be squashed and killed, she was on a deadline. The somewhat soft sounding clicks and taps of the keyboard keys sounded like a painful reminder of terrible migraines she suffered here and there along her twenty-six years of life. She had to cringe as a sharp piercing pain decided to take a stab at her eyes from behind.

“****, ****, ****. You need to take a whole ****ing bottle of this **** in order to kill this damn pain in the head. Hell a drug over dose is the only way to kill this mother ****ing pain.” Lindsee muttered becoming a bit frustrated that her headache wasn’t letting her fully concentrate on meeting her deadline.

Heading into her room to lie down wouldn’t do much good since Orlando’s posters and pictures that adorned her walls would only stare back and distract her. Another form or one of her ireful distractions had to be this man. Which only reminded her, that he hadn’t called her yet today. That was starting to get at her nerves. She was getting a bit tired of waiting for him to call her, it gave her a excuse to maybe go out. Maybe tonight would be the perfect time to go see Twilight. Orlando had promised he’d take her opening night even to the movie premiere itself. She sure as hell didn’t hold her breath or expected it, he had let her down like that before. She had learned that if she wanted to go do something or get something done she had to do it herself.

Just get this over with then go out to the movies and relax and unwind. Lindsee mentally scolded herself with release of a frustrated filled sigh while she hunched forward to click open a link that contained e-mails from her reliable, legit sources. She saw she had a good handful of e-mails with juicy laced stories, quickly she opened the first one and read in silence. The first e-mail was information about one of the Twilight stars. Lindsee clicked on a link contained within the e-mail that showed a picture of the actor. She had to admit he looked hot, kind of gave off this “bad boy” like persona and he played Edward Cullen in the movie.

The sight of this man defiantly made this movie seem a bit more worthwhile to see screw Orlando she needed some eye candy. Not like she was going out to cheat, she was just looking at the merchandise and not touching. First things, first finish the column. Lindsee quickly typed up the piece on the mystery actor before she moved on and knocked out the other stories. The last story she opened was one about Orlando. Great. Perfect way to rain on her fun to read some same ol same ol gossip on her boyfriend. Lindsee reluctantly clicked open the story and began to read.
Hey Mistress. Little Black Dress,
Boy do I got a hell of a juicy story for you involving Orlando Bloom and Victoria Secret model, Miranda Kerr. Apparently I caught em in a really hot, steamy lip lock. Seems newsworthy to me. He or she now can’t deny that they are seeing each other. Anyways here are the pictures to prove it. Have fun with the story.

Don’t believe it or jump to conclusions. Lindsee silently reminded herself, while she coerced herself to open the attachments that held the pictures. What she saw displayed in front of her made her blink in shock the same time her heart was being ripped from both the front of her chest and from the back. Pictures don’t lie and whoever said pictures were worth ten thousand words wasn’t lying, they did lie or deny the truth.

Displayed in the first picture was Orlando seen in New York on a street with Miranda Kerr in his arms appearing a bit way to comfortable in his arms. The next one showed them both in a hot embrace and hot kiss. Lindsee stopped breathing or forgot how to while she continued to look more like gawk at the pictures of Orlando’s deceit. She had started to zone out, that she didn’t hear her cell ring. The phone’s vibration bought her back to reality, making her snap out of it.

Looking down in her lap to see her cell she saw the caller id belonged to the man of the moment, the reason why her heart was ripped in mid beat from her chest. He sure as hell had some nerve to be calling her. She had to act normal, like she didn’t know or never saw the pictures. For all he knew, he probably assumed she had no clue and was left in the dark. Her cell continued to ring, the ring tone seem to get louder with each ring almost sounding like Orlando was getting annoyed every minute she did not pick up. Act normal. Lindsee instructed herself while she flipped open her purple colored cell. “Hello.” Lindsee calmly said while leaning forward to begin to type her column.

“Linds what took you so long to answer? Are you typing?” A irate sounding Orlando barked.

“I was preoccupied and yes I’m typing. It’s for work you got a problem with that?” Lindsee snapped.

“Whoa chill Lindsee.” Orlando responded in a clam, cool sounding British accent. A accent that use to make her swoon, orgasm on sight, but now his British accent and British roots weren’t going to get him out of his current trouble with her. “was that really necessary?”

“I dunno was it necessary to bark at me, to demand why I don’t answer my freaking phone on your beckoning call and demand?” Lindsee icily retorted.

“Look I’m sorry ok. I was wondering what you were doing tonight? Thought I could come over after I meet with a casting agent.”

Lindsee knew what that meant, he wanted a late night midnight ****. What was she going to be **** number one or **** number two for the night? How about neither cause there was no way in hell he ever was going to be in her bed ever again. If he could lie, so could she. Two could play this game. “I can’t tonight Orli I’m backed up with work.” Lindsee causally responded impressed with herself that she could lie through her teeth. She easily was able to picture Orlando’s look of annoyance like her situation was a miner inconvenience in his life plan.

Oh not like he has never done this to her before. God forbid, she had a life or a career. She wasn’t his mistress on call to drop whatever she was doing at the moment to come running to him. Let alone belonged or was a possession to him. She was her own person who had her own thoughts, feelings, and voice. “Can’t you call in sick tomorrow?” Orlando asked while he hid his annoyance behind a sweet sounding tone.

“No, I can’t, I’m sorry. Work has to come first before any fun and pleasure.”

“Uhuh.” Orlando scuffed annoyed not believing a woman actually said no to him. “My cell will be on in case you change your mind or if you finish your work.” All Lindsee heard was a loud click before she could answer. Lindsee snapped her cell shut, hoping for no more interruptions as she leaned forward to resume typing.

“I thought, Orlando promised you that he’d take you to see Twilight?” Lindsee’s friend Mandy said later that night, while both of them exited the movie theater.

“He did, but you know him. I don’t hold my breath or wait for him to keep his word or promise.” Lindsee commented while she took a sip of her soda. “Besides, at the moment he is on my bad side.” Lindsee took another sip of her soda while she silently debated in her head rather or not to tell Mandy the truth about Orlando. It had been silently eaten her up inside all day, she was just about ready to burst.

“Hey isn’t that Orlando over there?” Mandy asked cocking her head in the direction he was. Lindsee slowly turned her body in the direction, nearly gasping out loud. Standing a good feet away was Orlando and he apparently wasn’t alone. “Is this why he is apparently on the bad side at the moment?” Mandy softly asked while she and Lindsee quickly ducked off in a corner before Orlando had a chance to see them. “Is he doing what I am assuming he is doing that I saw with my own eyes? Who is the whore?”

Lindsee silently nodded while slowly maneuvering her head around the corner to watch Orlando now kiss the “Other woman.” “Yeah, he’s cheating on me and her name is Miranda Kerr, she’s a new Victoria Secret model.” Lindsee replied back never taken her eyes off of them. “I got living, photogenic proof he is a lying, cheating mother ****ing liar.” Lindsee slipped out her cell phone to flip open to snap a few pictures on her camera phone. “Well make that two sources now.” she added while slowly moving back around the corner with her cell still flipped open.

Mandy watched Lindee while she looked down at her hand at her open phone. “What are you planning on doing or going to do?” Mandy asked a bit worried that she was about to cause a scene.

“**** with him what else is there to do besides psychologically torture him?” Lindsee said while she quickly punched in Orlando’s cell number. Mandy stood there silently to watch while Lindsee waited for Orlando to answer. She continued to watch while she quickly turned her head around the cornet to watch Orlando answer his cell. “Hey Orlando, I finished up the work I need to finish. If you were still interested in coming over later, feel free to.” Lindsee calmly stated. “Ok see you in a little bit.” Lindsee ended the call while she snapped her cell shut. The trap was set now all she had to do was to wait for the stupid prey to take the bait.

Orlando smirked while he got in the car after he had dropped Miranda back off at his place. He knew that Lindsee couldn’t resist him or evens ay no to him. He knew she would eventually change her mind and ask him over to her place. She always fell for the stupid trap over and over, he had her completely under his control. She’d buy any lie or excuse that came out of his mouth, which only made her one of the most stupid, idiotic women in Los Angeles.

To him, she was nothing more then a booty call or a last minute fill in ****. The joy was she would never know and had no way of even knowing of his other feminine conquests. How stupid could she really be assuming that she was the only one that he truly cared for and about her? Sooner or later he had to cut her loose. What a pity to, she was a great lay, even if she usually was a back up plan. For now, he would enjoy what he could get out of her, before it was time to break the ties with her. He arrived at her house near midnight making perfect timing. He quickly parked his car in her driveway, then got out.

Lindsee moved the curtain off to the side away from the down stairs window near her door to watch Orlando smugly walk up the brick walk way to the door. Little did he know she was about to wipe that smug ass prick smirk off of his face. She continued to watch him walk up to the door from the dark house while she held her cell phone open quickly locating the picture she had taken earlier. She tinkered with a few necessary buttons to send the image over to Orlando’s cell while she grabbed a few pictures that she had placed in her lap from the e-mail she had received earlier for Little black dress.

She watched Orlando pause a few feet away from the door and steps of her porch as he stopped to flip open his cell. Orlando was looking down to see who was texting him while he quickly opened the picture. His reaction is that of what she expected after a man was caught cheating and couldn’t lie or back his way out of the truth. It wasn’t me wasn’t going to work that was for sure. She smugly smirked while she stepped away from the window releasing the curtain to fall back into place.

Lindsee walked over and stood waiting by the door while he finally got himself pulled together enough to knock on the door. In her hands were the incriminating photos. The photos that were going to make him tell her the God damn truth right before she kicked his narcissistic British ass out her door and out of her bedroom forever. She composed herself for a minute before she opened the door to see him standing there sweating bullets. The expression she had on her face was one that he didn’t expect to see. The expression that a serial killer may have given before preceding into slowly torturing then murdering their victim to put out of final misery.

Orlando could not speak, the words got caught in his throat when he noticed something Lindsee had been holding in her hands. Slowly in a sadistic manner she turned her wrist in his direction to give him a good view of the picture’s content. “Care to explain this? Oh and don’t even think of saying that wasn’t me. Line didn’t work for Shaggy in a song and the line is not going to work for your lying cheating British ass either.” Lindsee coldly stated her eyes shooting him deadly, ice filled daggers.

“Lindsee, I- I can explain really.” Orlando gulped while a large lump was about to form in his throat. “After- after you tell me where you got this ridiculous photo.”

“Oh I’ll tell you in due time, right now I like to hear your explanation as to why you were stupid enough to think that you wouldn’t get caught or the fact you think I didn’t have access to the internet?” Lindsee retorted still in the same tone. “Did you seriously think I’d be that stupid or wouldn’t catch on about other women? You must have been really stupid or thinking with the object between your legs when you thought I’d never find out. I’m a woman, we have sixth sense about **** like this!”

“I’d kind of hope so yeah.” Orlando admitted. “Now tell me where you got this ****ing picture from?” Orlando added while he leaned forward to try to grasp the photos out of her hand. Bad move she stepped back with a quick swift pace nearly knocking him to the ground.

“Well to bad, I’m apparently not as naïve or as stupid as you may think. Your words and charm have no effect on me what so ever, so don’t try to play any Ted Bundy psychopathic mind games with me!” Orlando took another step forward while he ripped the photos from her grasp. “II know who she is just tell me why? Why you are a lying waste of life and cheating on me with a lingerie model?!”

“How the **** did you get these photos Lindsee? Are you following me or having someone following me? Better yet how the **** did you get the photo you just texted me a few minutes ago huh?” Orlando demanded.

“I got the text photo from the movie theater earlier when I went to see Twilight with Mandy. I lied about having work to do, cause I wanted to go out to see a movie that you had promised to take me to see weeks ago.” Orlando looked back at her stunned in disbelief. “Now who is the liar huh? Didn’t think two could play the game? Well you guessed wrong, cause you don’t ever **** with a woman, and not assume you’ll escape scathed free.” She shot him a serious deadly cold glare before she took a step over to the door. “Get the **** out.” She snarled.

“I’ll leave after you tell me where you got these photos?!” Orlando snarled back while he held them up in his hand.

“Fine after you tell me why you used me as a **** on the side like some prostitute.”

“Cause your so easy and insecure. The fact that you are clingy and double think everything just made it so easy to manipulate ya.” He snarled with a sick sadistic type laugh as if it were a joke while he stepped near her.

Lindsee quickly swung open the door almost hitting him in the face. “I got your crime scene pictures from a online gossip column called Little black dress! If your model whore has a laptop, I’m sure she can bring up the site and show you the article and picture that was your incriminating evidence!” Lindsee shouted right before she shoved Orlando right out the door the same time she slammed it with such force. She stood there and stared at threw door as she heard him stumping down the walk way his car door slamming open and shut before he sped off into the night. The tires squealing against the asphalt of the road.

She stood there another minute, before a reaction finally happened. Her body slumped down against the door as a sob escaped with a trail of bitter, salty tears.

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Thanks for posting your story!!

And welcome to Fan Forum!
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L41482: just a reminder that you can update your story here
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Didn't realize I had to only use one thread for a story

Oh ok. I didn't seem or realize that I didn't have to create follow up windows because I am posting on so many sites I lost track. I'll remember that next time.
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no problem!

When you want to update, just post a new reply on this thread and then it will bump the thread up so people will see that you've updated
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Ready to add the next few chapters

Ok I think I am ready to post the next few chapters. Do I just send you the next chapters and you add them onto the thread or just do some edits to the exsisting thread?
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^you can post i yourself.

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Little Black Dress chapters 2-4

Chapter two - Why can’t all men be like Edward Cullen?

Sometime just knowing or even to find out the truth hurt. That seem to be a new lesson Lindsee learned hard about running Little black dress. In a way her source for the Orlando and Miranda story was her spy. So she lied to Orlando again. It didn’t matter any longer, but yet why did it hurt like hell? She couldn’t sleep, felt like hours and minutes of restless attempts to allow sleep to take over her body, but in reality with a groan and a look at her alarm clock, it had only been a hour.

Lindsee just gave up trying to fall asleep while she sat up frustrated to turn on her bedside lamp. Orlando’s posters and pictures looked back at her in a mock type manner. It made Lindsee’s anger boil deeper inside of her. She got out of bed, to walk over to the walls to yank down the posters and pictures. The sound of the pictures and posters ripping sounded very therapeutic. She quickly crumpled the torn posters and pictures into a huge wad except for one picture which she intended to use for dart practice. She tossed the paper wad into the garbage a bit relieved to not have his mocking smile look back at her.

Maybe now she could get some sleep. Once again, she climbed back into bed, turned off the light to end up to just lie there in the dark for another fruitless hour of trying to fall asleep. Her mind drifted off in the direction of curiosity. She wondered what Orlando was doing with Miranda. Better yet, did she even really want to know? Maybe it was best not to know let alone even care. It was something he probably wanted her to do. Probably wanted her to beg him like some pathetic little girl to come back. To bad, she wasn’t going to beg him on crawling knees to come back.

Once again, feeling frustrated, Lindsee sat up to turn the lamp back on. Even sleep had decide to become one of her enemies tonight great. It was 2:00 AM in the morning and she was dead awake. There seem to be nothing to do except… Lindsee glance over at her bedside table to see her Twilight book. She reached over to grab the book, maybe reading would make her eyes become tired and heavy. It was Twilight, the book had a opposite effect, which made the readers stay up all night to read. Either way, Lindsee still wanted to read, to get her mind off of Orlando and her troubles. The book seem to have no trouble to do that what so ever.

She quickly got to the chapter where Edward entered which only made her let out a fluttered fill sigh. Why can’t all men be like Edward Cullen? Lindsee silently screamed in pure frustration in her head. Why couldn’t they be perfect, romantic, and sweet, dreamy like the fictional character? It had to be bad if Lindsee had to be comparing Orlando to a fictional character who did not only exist, but who she had a crush on. Every woman or girl who read the books or saw the movie that weren’t on team Jacob probably was like her; hopelessly in love with a fictional character and wished she could be with or be married to Edward. It could only happen in ones dreams. She finished the current chapter she had been reading before she decided to try to fall asleep. This time this attempt work.

“Why can’t all men be like Edward Cullen?” Lindsee sadly asked the next night at dinner with Mandy and her friend Ashley while she nursed her glass of soda.

Ashley blinked at the question. She had known Lindsee nearly seven years, rarely saw her feel or be depressed. She glanced over at Mandy who took a sip of her drink from her straw not saying a word. She knew what was up with Lindsee. Ashley turned to look back at a distressed Lindsee. “Ok what bought this up?”

Lindsee opted to take another sip of her soda before she proceeded to answer. “Orlando or maybe I dumped his lying, cheating British ass.” Lindsee sadly responded while she thought it over. “Not sure which way, but I caught him cheating.” Ashley didn’t say a word while she blinked again.

“Well did ya expect a wedding ring or engagement?” Ashley asked curious. Lindsee knew that was not what Ashley was dying to ask or tell her.

“No, I know you just want to admit you were right. So just go on and say it.” Lindsee muttered resorting to going back to sipping her soda with her straw.

“I really don’t need to know since you seem to have discovered on your own. You knew I sensed he was just trouble from the start. I’m just glad you ended it before it ended in pure disaster.” Ashley pointed out. “Please tell me how you caught him red handed though.”

“With the help of one of my reliable sources for Little black dress and when Mandy and I went to see Twilight last night. I got him over to my house where I sent him the phone picture to his cell and had the other pictures ready and waiting in my hand.”

“Nice, Linds you do know and realize that Edward Cullen is a fictional character right? Not some real life picture perfect guy.”

“Yeah I know. It’s just that I can’t help it. Fictional or not, I got a crush on him, he’s just the perfect, ideal guy who has a few flaws. I just wish Orlando was like that.”

“If you find a ideal guy like that, give him my cell number.” Ashley joked while she tried her best to make Lindsee feel better. “Orlando wasn’t worth it, if he doesn’t see what he had in front of him was the best thing ever in his life. Don’t worry someone and something better will come along.”

Lindsee just nodded. She tried so hard to forget about Orlando and to just focus on herself. She kept reminding herself in her head, that she didn’t need him to believe a lie she kept telling herself. She was not going to let him win or crawl back to him in defeat. She would get over him some how some way.

Once again, Lindsee had another restless night of sleep she placed the reason behind and blame on Orlando. She sat at her desk with her laptop on, still dressed in her faded gray tank top and pajama bottoms. Her knees were pulled up against her chest, her shoulder length dyed black hair pulled up in a messy type half bun. Lindsee had flipped open the issue of the latest Victoria Secret catalogue open to look at a picture of her current arch enemy in life, Miranda Kerr. What was so special about a Victoria Secret model other then she was perfect. Perfect skin, perfect hair, perfect figure . God she hoped that she had to work and suffer twice as hard to look and be perfect.

Lindsee continued to look at Miranda’s picture. Her smile only seemed to annoy and anger Lindsee more. Lindsee growled and snarled while she grabbed a dart. With a quick fling of her wrist she shot the dart at the nearby wall where a dart board with Orlando’s picture was perched. Already Lindsee had thrown three darts at the target, not missing the bulls eye once, right in between his lying eyes. “God, I hate you so much.” Lindsee muttered in the direction of the dart board. “Why can’t you just leave my thoughts and head? Let me go free?” She growled while she grabbed another dart to fling at the dart board. Once more not missing.

This was getting to ridiculous even for her. She felt a welcome side of relief when her cell phone started to ring. She looked down to see Ashley was calling. Maybe to check up to see if she had committed a class one felony. “Hey.” Lindsee answered.

“Hey, just checking to see how you doing. I’m surprised, your not out of your house stalking and torturing Orlando.”

“I don’t need to stalk him. I can follow and know everyone of his actions on the internet and from my column.” Lindsee chuckled. “Besides that is something he may want me to do. Be too great of a temptation to really be able to throw darts at him.”

“Yeah I guess. Linds what are you doing right now?”

“Tossing darts at his picture while trying to write and get all my frustration.”

“Don’t you think that’s a little ridiculous I mean throwing darts at his picture?”

“Yeah, I’m starting to feel it is a bit to ridiculous.” Lindsee admitted. “I’m just trying not to over obsess or annoy you and Mandy by over talking about him.”

“Go on and say it. Say the mother ****er’s name. I won’t get mad Linds.”

“Ok. I’m just trying not to annoy you and Mandy by talking about Orlando. There I said it.”

“I guess I was just checking up to see if you had gone and committed a homicide. Glad to see you haven’t. Seriously though Linds do something else a tad bit more constructive. Other then toss darts.” Lindsee softly chuckled before she ended the call.

“Staying out of trouble was being constructive.” Lindsee said out loud shaking her head. Or the fact, she wasn’t locked up in her house shoving or binging on fast food, junk And pizza. Instead she was tossing and throwing darts likely developing Carpel tantrum faster then she had planned in life. She thought the fact that she always was hunched over a laptop typing would bring on joint damages and Arthritis to her wrists, but taken her pent up anger out on the dart board like a passion filled assassin. Guess this was her way her own unique way to deal with a break up.

Her form of therapy was hers alone, and seem to be doing it’s job on her the only client. There was no huge ass bill, she didn’t deny that she was upset about the break up or the fact she was used and cheated on. She excepted it happened and decided it best to try to move on with life and resume like this miner little life road block had not happened. Maybe she should get dressed and go out for a bit, maybe go to Borders or the movies. Anything to just give her an excuse to get out of the house for a while so she wouldn’t end up going insane.

Orlando glanced over his shoulder for what had to be the hundredth time that day while he sat at a outside restaurant having lunch with Miranda who appeared a bit annoyed. She knew perfectly well what he was looking or hoping for. “She’s not hiding anywhere near you, spying or stalking you Orlando, so just chill out already. If you haven’t seen her this morning anywhere we’ve been you likely won’t see her at all.” Miranda commented her Austrian accent came out while she sat back.

Orlando turned to face Miranda after he gave the surroundings another good look around. “What makes you think that I am looking for and expecting Lindsee to be following and stalking us?”

“Because you can’t seem to keep your head straight, and focused on me. I thought you wanted to end things with her, so you could freely date me?” Miranda responded her tone still filled with pure annoyance.

“I did and it’s over.”

“So why are you acting like your expecting her to just suddenly show up cause a scene? Do you want her to be stalking and following you? She’s not your own personal paparazzi Orlando or admirer. I highly doubt she’d cause a scene or make a big foolish spectacle out of herself.”

“I just still can’t believe that Little black dress found out about us. I’d like to know how the column even found out. That’s what so baffles me.” Orlando remarked about the online gossip column. “It was like she didn’t even trust me at all or something.”

Miranda didn’t answer, she was getting sick of talking about Lindsee. She felt a bit sorry for the girl since after all, she kind of did steal Orlando from her. The girl would survive and likely find someone else. Orlando just wasn’t right for her and maybe this was for her own good. Maybe eventually, she would go confront Lindsee to talk to her to hope there were no bad or strong feelings. Until then she would give the scorned woman some space to cool down and to pull herself back together.

Two weeks had gone by like a fast flying blur. The Orlando financial seemed like a far distant memory to Lindsee. Hardly had she bought it up or mentioned it. Both Mandy and Ashley were kind of worried that she seemed to be in denial about it. Both remained silent one night all three of them were at dinner. The detail that both of them remained in a nervous state of silence did not escape Lindsee’s attention. “Ok why are you two so quiet tonight and acting like you have to be walking on egg shells around me?” Lindsee asked finally breaking the uncomfortable silence while she reached for a fried cheese stick to nibble on.

Both of Lindsee‘s friends looked at her nervously at first not saying a word. They looked at each other before one of them sighed to decide who should speak first. “Linds, we’re worried about you.” Mandy started to state. It seems like in the past two weeks you hardly mentioned Orlando and seemed to have been acting or denying that you ever knew or dated him. Like you aren’t living in reality that everything seems fine.”

“All you have really done has been toss darts at a dart board with his picture as the bulls eye, and just claim and say your fine and brush off the topic if his name is mentioned or brought up by either of us. Why are you denying that you had a relationship with him?” Ashley asked.

Lindsee glanced at both of her friends a bit annoyed while she continued to nibble on her fried cheese stick. They were worried and concerned cause she refuse to give into Orlando’s psychological satisfaction of talking about him and making him the spotlight of every conversation? She would have thought her two close friends would understand. “Is that why you two are walking around me like your on egg shells? Cause I supposedly am in denial about this break up?” Lindsee asked while neither responded. She gave a sarcastic laugh as her first response. “I’d think you both knew me better then that. I’m not in denial for one.”

“Then why haven’t you talked about it, about him? You avoid saying his name like it was the plague or something?” Mandy asked really concerned. “Why don’t you say his name then? I mean seriously it won’t get on either mine or Ashley’s nerves if you want to rant and rave bout Orlando for about two weeks.”

“I’d seriously thought my two best friends would understand, but I guess not.” Lindsee stated while she shoved the remains of the cheese stick into her mouth to quickly chew followed by a loud audible swallow. “I’m not in denial about this who break up. I just deal with it in my own special way. You both don’t know him like I do, this is just what he wants me to do. He wants me to talk about him, to follow him around, to mope, to leave whiny pleading messages on his voicemail to come back. He expects me to be miserable to go on eating binges. I’m not given him that satisfaction or given into his desires.” Lindsee stated close to the point of pounding her fists on the table. “Yes I am hurt and devastated by the break up, but I am not secretly locked up in my room plotting his murder or stalking him through online tabloid gossip. He’s just a man who apparently does not know how to treat a woman that’s all he is. If I really meant nothing to him, then he should really mean nothing to me. I can let go and accept reality.”

“In other words your not letting him have control over you? Is that why you don’t want to talk about him or give into his whims?” Lindsee nodded she obviously was hurt and tried to hide it well. She didn’t want to mention him by name just the sound of his name would stir and dwell the pain up to the surface. The pain still stung and was still freshly deep to her.

“Let’s just not talk about him ok? I rather not and just try to have a great rest of the night out.” Lindsee added while she grabbed another fried cheese stick to toss into her mouth to chew.

“Alright we won’t bring him up again.” Ashley agreed while she sat back with a sigh. “But we’re just saying if you do want to rant and rave and talk about you know who we won’t get mad.”

“I know and don’t worry, I won’t bring him or anything about him up.” Lindsee responded. “So now what that we got the topic out of the way that there is no need to be walking on fragile eggshells around me now?” Lindsee asked as their waitress came back with their food. Neither said a word while politely nodding to their server before she walked off to take care of other orders.

“It’s near the end of January. I got to admit that I am bored out of my mind. Ashley responded while she reached out to the middle of the table to grab the bottle of ketchup to put on her fries. “I think that we owe it to ourselves to go on a weekend get away to Vegas.”

“That sounds like a great idea.” Mandy piped in with the same enthusiastic type tone. “We all need a little mini get away. Who knows maybe one of us will end up coming back married.” She joked which got a soft laugh and a humorous reaction from Lindsee. “Ah she does know how to smile. Maybe there is hope for her after all.”

“Oh shut up.” Lindsee grumbled while she was handed the ketchup next. “If either one of us gets drunk and comes home married from Vegas, I can surely rest assure it ain’t going to be me.”

Chapter three- Bellagio hotel, Las Vegas

Twilight was starting to heat up and gain major popularity. It was hard for Robert to go anywhere without being recognized by a fanatic female fan. Las Vegas likely wasn’t going to be different for his quick weekend get away. He knew he was going to scream if another fan approached him and asked him to bite her neck. So far nothing odd or out of the ordinary had happened on the flight from Los Angles to Vegas. He entered into the Bellagio hotel lobby not having been recognized or approached by any crazy Twilight fans or their crazy mothers. The flight over from Los Angeles wasn’t bad since his mind seemed distracted by a group of three women who seem to have a lot on their minds.

One in particular, caught and had his full attention. She had dark colored hair, a petite height and appeared intriguing. She stood out, but not so awkwardly, her choice of clothes were a pair of low rise jeans that showed off her right hip, but not to much to be considered vulgar along with the styled shirt that fell and hung off one shoulder to show enough shoulder. He saw the group of women again now at the check in counter in the lobby. There could be no why that this small group of women were stalking him. Maybe it was by chance or pure coincidence that they were staying here.

He wasn’t going to risk approaching them in fear one of them or all of them for that matter may have been huge fanatics of his or the Twilight books. Yet, he was still drawn to that one girl of the group. She had to be about his age. She had or seem to have such a bubbling personality. He wondered what bought her to Sin city? Was she single, was she engaged was she married? He hoped very single and very unattached and couldn’t explain why.

He continued to watch her while she stepped forward and now was accepting her room card to her room. For a brief second, she looked over her shoulder and caught him looking at her. Their eyes met and locked on to one another. Her body’s response from the distance was a blush followed by a shiver that appeared like she had a bad sudden case of goose bumps. She turned her head back forward to accept the room key and to finish filling out any other information needed in order to complete check in. She was the last one of the group who needed to check in, before they all walked off towards the other end of the lobby where a large group of elevators were located.

He never took her eyes off of her, just watched her walk off to the elevators while he approached the front desk while he took out his wallet. The young desk clerk behind the desk offered him a smile. “Hi checking in under the name Pattinson.” Robert politely said, his British accent coming out clearly. He glanced over at the direction of the elevators to see the group get onto one. In the middle of the pact was her. He locked eyes with hers yet again to get a smile out of her. The smile had froze on her face to be seen up until the time the elevator doors closed.

“Did you see that guy in the lobby who was totally checking Lindsee out?” Ashley asked while all three of them stood looking straight at the elevator doors while they headed up to their floor and to their respected rooms. “He couldn’t stop staring or take his eyes off of her even from across the lobby.”

“Was he hot?” Mandy asked while she glanced over at Ashley the same time Lindsee could only blush. “He had to be hot if Linds here is responding with a blush of the cheeks.”

“He was not checking me out. At least I don’t think he was.” Lindsee muttered a bit confused. Last thing she needed was some unwanted or unasked for male admirer or attention. “I guess from the amount of time I was allowed to get a look or glance he seemed cute.”

“Oooh Lindsee’s got a stalker, Lindsee’s got a stalker!” Ashley softly chanted which only made Lindsee’s eyes roll. She had to watch herself and her back this weekend that was for sure. She had a feeling that her two best friends may be up to something, something that involved actions under the influence of alcohol and to toss her in the direction or in front of any single man within a five foot radius.

“I do not! Besides I am staying as far away from men this weekend as possible.” Lindsee muttered while she silently chewed over a thought in her head of what the guy in the lobby looked like that was eyeing her sort to speak. The guy had the most intense blue eyes she had ever seen, stood bout six feet or a few inches taller then six feet. Had on a black styled beanie cap that had strands of light brown hair sticking out. He appeared a bit scruffy, but not to scruffy the way she seemed to like her preference of man. He had on a pair of faded blue jeans along with a simple gray Jersey cotton type t-shirt.

He appeared to look like a bit of the bad boy type. A type she liked, but knew she should stay as far away from as possible. Like that ever happens. She had a feeling that if he matched the bad boy type persona he either smoked or was either great in bed. Maybe both just made that type of guy have twice the allure and sex appeal. She had to wonder what kind of body and physique that hid underneath that shirt if he would smell as hot and sexy as he looked.

Come to think of it, she continued to think the guy could have been a exact twin of Robert Pattinson. She softly laughed and scuffed at that thought yeah right, like Robert Pattinson would have any desire to stalk her. She had have enough of celebrity dating relationships, especially with anyone with a British accent or anyone whose nationality was British/English. “What’s so funny care to share?” Mandy asked while she and Ashley both looked over at Lindsee.

“Oh just thinking bout my supposed stalker down in the lobby. He kind of looked like Robert Pattinson and how I had enough of celebrity dating type relationships and ones that are with men that have a British accent or nationality is of British/English decent.” Lindsee responded while she tried to stop laughing. “I really know how to pick em British studs especially the bad boys.” Lindsee added while she shook her head.

“Hey think of it like this, you at least will get your Edward Cullen, if you say accidentally bump into the guy once more over the weekend.” Mandy added while her brows lifted in a suggestive manner. “Even if it is or isn’t Robert Pattinson.”

“I so can’t believe I even admitted that or told that to either of you.” Lindsee mumbled in pure embarrassment which only made her mental images of the guy back down in the lobby. She highly doubted she’s get any sex this weekend, unlike maybe Ashley or Mandy who seem to be on full prowl for hot, single men. She just had to stay away from men as far as she possibly can this whole entire weekend to clear her head. She wasn’t ready or felt ready to go into rebound.

The moment Lindsee entered her room, she quickly placed her luggage on the fancy, deluxe king size bed to look around. The room was freaking fancy, if she didn’t get paid well to type and report Hollywood gossip, she sure as hell would not be standing in here. She glanced over to her left side to see the large window. The curtains were already pulled back allowing her to see a perfect postcard like view of the Vegas strip and mountains. The room seemed and felt like a lonely type honeymoon suite, she kind of felt alone and deserted. She now wish she Ashley and Mandy didn’t agree to each get their own room in case one of them had gotten lucky and wanted to bring someone up.

She felt in awe of the hotel, the colorful ceiling and large size of the lobby almost knocked her off of her feet in pure shock. The large king size bed suite she stood in to her was breath taking, elegant. She just wish that she had someone to share it with. Slowly Lindsee unpacked eventually she took out her laptop since she needed to check on her e-mail and see if she got any hot gossip for her column. Of course she likely did since Hollywood gossip never took a holiday or a break. Lindsee’s laptop quickly booted on up while she finished putting away her clothes and hung up a very sexy styled black dress.

She hardly doubted it would come in use over the weekend and bought it just in a rare case she would need it. When had those rare cases ever happen? Never really since Orlando never did take her to some fancy clubs or places that he promised to. That suddenly reminded her when and why she had bought this dress, it was a painful reminder of one of his broken promises. Great he had to decide to come and haunt her thoughts. She thought she could escape being in the same state and town as him especially thoughts about him entering her head. No such luck, somehow he had a hold on her, no matter where she went to escape.

Forget about him don’t give into him. Lindsee silently reminded herself while she signed onto the internet into her in box. She had received some tidbits of gossip from her Little black dress sources, she had to do some work before she went out. That should give Mandy and Ashley plenty of time to decide what to wear and where they both wanted to hit to start prowling for men.

She opened the first source’s report and had to smile it was one about Robert Pattinson with a picture attached.
Hey Mistress. Little Black Dress,
I found some really good Robert Pattinson gossip for you. This should be able to satisfy the hunger and cravings for his Twilight followers.

Any information that was able to be dug up or found on Robert usually satisfied his new followers. It would satisfied their so-called addiction for the day until tomorrow where and when the craven would return. A picture had come along with the message that showed Robert walking through LAX international airport dressed in the same outfit that she had seen her ogling admirer wearing.

Robert Pattinson was seen earlier today, in LAX heading off in the direction of his gate where he planned to catch a flight to Las Vegas.

Lindsee blinked while she re-read that information. She shook her head while she felt a bit foolish. Like the man she saw downstairs was Robert and she had been on the same plane as him. She had no doubts she’d likely run into some celebrities on the strip or anywhere in Vegas. This was one of the rich and famous second get aways when they need either a temporary break, urge to gamble, party or be caught doing something extremely stupid like Britney Spears had done with her 55 hour marriage.

Robert was human and had a right to come to Sin City and enjoy himself. Probably needed a mini break before he flew off to Oregon to start filming New moon. She wouldn’t blame him being away so long on filming locals and sets for long hours did take its toll on actors and actresses. Vegas was one of the places to let go and go wild, where it seemed the phrase “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” somewhat offered some form of protection. Maybe to those who were not famous or had a dozen or so Paparazzi on his or her tail daily. She would go crazy if she had been put in that position. So maybe it was a good thing she supposed he never wanted to bring her out in public.

Lindsee quickly typed up that part of the column with the news on Robert before she opened the rest. She typed up a quick follow up column to the information, before she had one left. She opened the information to see it was on Orlando. It had to be on Orlando of all people? Why couldn’t it be on Paris Hilton or Beyonce someone along that line? Maybe she was seriously tripping over this she couldn’t even know. She just had to open it and read it then post the gossip, go on with her life.

Once again there were pictures that came along with the story. She wasn’t the least bit surprised the gossip involved Miranda.

Orlando Bloom had a late night/morning party out in the Hollywood Hills. He was caught showing some major PDA with Victoria Secret model, Miranda Kerr. They both have been denying lately that they are a couple or have been seeing one another. Looks like we caught em in a lie of denial folks and they are a item.

The pictures showed them practically ripping one another’s clothes off which made her sick and stomach turn. She felt she was going to be sick and heart broken all over again. No this was not how it was going to play out or be. Orlando was not going to win as her anger was renewed and rejuvenated. She quickly typed up his part of the article while she pounded hard enough to cause the table to rattle in it’s place. She quickly finished then slammed her laptop shut. If he thought he was going to get away with personally humiliating and breaking her heart he was so wrong. She looked over her shoulder at the sexy Little Black Dress that hung on the edge of the nearby dresser mirror. It finally hit her as to why she had bought this dress; To live it up in Vegas and to show Orlando she was stronger and she could get the hell over him.

Lindsee quickly grabbed her BlackBerry and punched up Mandy’s number. She waited a few seconds for Mandy to answer. “So when and where are we all going out?” Lindsee asked.

Lindsee was dressed and all dolled up in less then five minutes. She had on a pair of sexy, pencil thin black sandals, quickly had her hair all styled with the use of a good handful of bobby pins. She had slipped and zipped into the sexy little number the same time there was a knock heard on her door. She quickly grabbed her little matching black purse the same time she grabbed her room key from the dresser. She opened the door and saw Ashley and Mandy looking at her in pure shock. “Girl, who are you and what the hell did you do with Lindsee?” Mandy asked flabbergasted while she gave Lindsee another good look over at the ensemble.

Lindsee smiled while she turned the room lights off behind her and slid her room card into her purse. “Earlier you were complaining about how you don’t want to go out party and land a man, now your dressed to the nines ready to go on the prowl. What got into you?”

“The little black dress did. The reason why I want to wear it and use it, to get back at the son of a bitch by living it up. It’s Vegas, I’m not going to hide and mope in my room. I’m a ****ing single woman who wants to have fun! Let’s go Viva Las Vegas!” Lindsee excitedly proclaimed while they walked down the hall to the elevators.

Ashley and Mandy both looked at one another again. “Something had to get into her for her to suddenly wanna go out and party like a wild woman about to die. I have a feeling it has to be some article she was sent for the column.” Ashley said while they both walked behind Lindsee.

“You think? That mother ****er has done nothing but made her life a ****ing hell the past year and half. He’s done nothing but mentally abused her while he used her for one thing. Let her live it up tonight, screw him, **** him!” Mandy stated she clearly backed up Lindsee’s choice. “Not like she is going to do something stupid right?”

“Please Lindsee do something stupid? I doubt she would ever do something stupid worthy to end up landing herself in her own gossip column.” Ashley scuffed with a shake of her head.

“It’s Vegas baby, the house loves to bet and gamble against our morality. Twenty bucks says that she does something stupid that has the famous saying “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.” I bet one of us leaves here this weekend doing something so stupid we would never normally do back in L.A. Lindsee seems like the perfect candidate to end up rebelling and doing something not normal.”

“Your on.” Ashley scuffed while she and Mandy shook on their agreement. “Vegas watch out here we come!” Ashley added which made Mandy chuckle.

“So where are we heading?” Lindsee asked when they both joined her at the elevator the same moment the doors parted open.

“I was thinking maybe we should hit Coyote Ugly. Who knows with the way men can act rowdy with the idea and sight of a woman dancing on top of either a bar top or stripper’s pole, I’m sure we can find some men worthy enough to have fun with.” Ashley said which only could make Lindsee shake her head. “Besides, I think it would loosen you up a bit. I think it would be cool to see you get up on the bar and dance, just let loose.” Ashley added on. Lindsee’s reaction was one of those priceless moments. Both Ashley and Mandy looked at her at the same time just to start cracking up. “If you could only see your face and reaction to the suggestion of hopping up on the bar to dance.”

“I seriously am starting to wonder why I hang out with you two, if all you two ever do is want to tease me.” Lindsee muttered while they stepped onto the elevator while Lindsee hit the button for the lobby. “Like you two think I’m the best form of entertainment who can put on a show or something. Please I may have a dramatic life, but I don’t think it’s Entertainment weekly worthy.”

“Well, you at least can say and admit that your life isn’t exactly a bore either.” Mandy said while the elevator started its move down to the lobby. “It’s better then your life being boring, you seem to never know what is waiting to meet you while you walk around the corner.” Lindsee paused while she bobbed her head lightly in both directions while contemplating what Mandy had just said. She had a point, her life exactly wasn’t boring, perfectly normal and average at times, but when she least expected it a exciting moment would happen or occur. So who knew what was about to be waiting for her around the corner tonight. She would only just have to wait and see while she held her breath.

Chapter Four- Coyote Ugly

The Vegas strip already had been in full swing by the time Robert had entered into the Vegas club Coyote Ugly. There were some, hot wild women already there, already getting drunk. This was going to be easy pickings. Robert quickly glanced around to notice that no other famous faces were in the premises. He had heard rumors that Orlando Bloom planned to hit Vegas. The man had a ****ing Victoria Secret model to call as a girlfriend yet, could not seem satisfied with one beautiful woman that thousands of men fawned over. Yet, still secretly prowled for beautiful women to hook up with. He was in his thirties and should settle down. Not still be on the hunt for women like a bachelor.

He was only twenty-two and had the right to still be looking for women. For some reason, it irked him that Orlando seem to take advantage of his fame to use to lure and use women. He just seem to think that his fame had seem to make Orlando seem too cocky, swelled his head up, that he could get anything that he wanted, that he was untouchable. He didn’t like the fact either, that he was already being compared to Bloom or dubbed the next Orlando Bloom. Only thing they both had in common was that they both were British. He wasn’t aiming to be Orlando Bloom or considered the next Orlando Bloom. He did not need or even asked for the pressure of being thrusted into the spotlight. He just wanted to act.

Robert focused on the bar area of the club to see the main entertainment on the bar dancing. The club was called Coyote Ugly and based on the same movie of the same name. The bar tenders were all women dressed in the same style and type of clothes in the movie. One in particular woman on the bar dancing caught his attention. It was her the mystery woman. She was dressed in a cute little sexy black dress that stopped a little bit above her knee. The sleeves of her dress were three quarters length long, which only made the bodice of her dress tight enough to show off the physical detail of her breasts, but not to tight. Just enough to leave to the male imagination.

She had on a pair of sexy black sandal type heels, that surprised him she could keep and maintain her balance and coordination on top of the bar. Her hair was pulled up now maybe with the help of pins. What ever she had done to her hair just made her sexier and desirable. He couldn’t help, but have a mental image of running and slipping his fingers through her hair to remove those pins. She clearly had already started to drink or get wasted for the night. He likely had a chance to hook up with her. Maybe it was fate that he ran into her again in this club. Tonight, he was going to get the girl as Robert, not Robert Pattinson, Edward Cullen from Twilight. He just had to get her name first, maybe buy her a drink and talk.

The song was almost over by the time, Robert made a move toward the bar. He saw when he was up closer that she had beautiful blue eyes. Her skin was fair colored, she looked normal, as if her skin had never been touched by a fake tan. He liked that about her; she seemed real. Robert watched while she jumped off of the bar with the assistance of her two friends. Her friend with long reddish brown hair, handed her a glass that contained her drink of choice. It looked like a Long Island ice tea. Robert took a mental note as to what she was drinking while he took her place behind them. He slowly reached into his pocket to pull out a unlit cigarette.

“I seriously can not believe that you just danced on the bar.” Ashley said shaking her head. “How much of that Long Island ice tea did you have to drink tonight?” Ashley added while they watched Lindsee nearly drown down all of her drink.

“Just one.” Lindsee commented while she finished off her drink. “I only had a few sips before I hopped up on to the bar and shook my ass.”

“I think alcohol is her liquid courage.” Mandy commented she tried not to blink to show her true reaction to the fact Lindsee just drowned down about two ice teas. She would keep it to herself, that she felt Lindsee should slow down with the drinks. Last thing she wanted or needed was to start a fight in the middle of the club.

“It’s gotta be.” Lindsee smirked while she leaned forward, about ready to order another Long Island.

“Got a light?” A male British accent asked from behind Lindsee right before she could place her order for another Long Island. Slowly, Lindsee turned her head to look over her shoulder to see Robert leaning on his left arm looking straight and focused on her. Robert held the unlit cigarette between his lips. His white teeth gleamed in the light. Lindsee blinked in shock the same time she forgot to breathe for a minute as her heart raced and nearly beated out of her chest. She just about had a orgasm on sight just at the sight of this fine specimen of a man.

“No, sorry I unfortunately don’t smoke.” Lindsee answered back as she had found her voice. Lindsee slowly turned her head back around, to try again to order her Long Island ice tea.

“What a shame, because you seem to be smoking hot.” Robert answered. Lindsee’s head quickly snapped back to look at Robert in shock while he smirked. Robert pulled out a lighter from his pocket, while he still had Lindsee’s eyes locked with his. He used his thumb to flick on the lighter while he bought the flame up to his mouth. “Sorry, had to think of a way to talk to you.” Robert added with another smirk. “Can I at least get you a refill or buy you a drink?”

“That you can do.” Lindsee answered with a flattered smile.

Robert smiled while he held the lit cigarette in between his teeth while he turned to catch the attention of one of the none dancing women bar tenders. She smiled back when she got a good look at Robert. “I’ll have a beer.” Robert said while he turned to face Lindsee again. “What’s your choice of drink or refill?”

“A long Island ice tea.” Lindsee answered while she placed her empty glass down in front of the bar tender.

“Beer and Long Island ice tea it is.” the woman bar tender responded taken Lindsee’s empty glass. “By the way, you were great up on the bar.” she added to Lindsee.

“Thanks.” Lindsee said with a polite smile. She turned to look at Robert while she extended out her hand. “I’m Lindsee.”

Robert took her hand to shake while he took a puff from his cigarette. “Robert.”

Lindsee smiled while she got to have a good look at him. It suddenly hit her, he was the guy in the lobby who was ogling over her. He didn’t have the beanie on this time and had changed into a nice button up shirt. He still had his jeans on, and his hair looked sexy. His hair was a bit messy and looked like eh had just rolled out of bed had the “Just rolled out of bed” had the “Just had sex” type hair. He had that bad boy look and appeal she craved.

He seemed familiar, but she couldn’t place where. Her mind started to feel fuzzy including her memory, maybe she had have to much to drink or had reached her limit. Either way she wondered if this was normal since she never really drank before. She felt lucid enough to notice that her drinks weren’t spiked or drugged. She felt she had to be dreaming that some hot Brit was hitting on her. It always seem to be she could attract some hot European guy. It was something about Brits that had sexual appeal to her.

She wondered if she would be ending the night not alone in her bed if he would end up having a good tumble with her in bed. Her thoughts were interrupted when suddenly someone cleared their throat to get his and her attention. Lindsee turned around to see Ashley and Mandy standing there; suddenly temporarily forgetting that they were standing there. “Oh where are my manners, these are my best friends Ashley and Mandy.”

“Hi.” they both said while they both silently observed how Lindsee was acting around this guy. Both silently smirked inside as the bar tender came back to hand Robert his bottle of beer and Lindsee her Long Island. Lindsee quickly took a sip while she felt both of her friends eyes on her and to avoid them. “So Robert what did ya think of Lindsee’s dance skills on top of the bar? You think she is ready to do professional bar top dancing?” Mandy asked with a smirk which only made Lindsee nearly choke on her drink.

“Thought she looked ****ing hot.” Robert admitted the same time he took the first sip from his bottle of beer. “Would like to know what other hidden talents she has hidden.” Robert continued to add. Lindsee blushed, while she looked away to take another sip of her drink.

“I see that you now completely have Lindsee enchanted and under your spell. Does this mean you’d like to borrow her for the night, maybe the weekend?” Ashley asked while she now took a sip of her Uv blue and lemonade.
“Ashley.” Lindsee hissed embarrassed. She just smiled while Robert softly chuckled while he took a follow up swig of his beer.

“I wouldn’t mind being able to borrow her for the weekend if I could.” Lindsee turned to look at both of her best friends horrified in shock that both of her friends would pimp her out even if was to some hot Brit guy. “In fact, if either of you don’t mind, I’d like to start borrowing her. If that is alright with you two?”

“Oh of course go right ahead. Keep her as long as you’d like.” Mandy causally answered while she and Ashley continued to wickedly grin. “Just get her back before Sunday morning and it’ll be all good.”

“I should hope to have her back by Saturday afternoon at least. Thanks for letting me borrow her.” Robert said while he lifted his bottle of beer in a polite solute.

“You have our cell numbers Linds, just call either of us in case of an emergency.” Ashley added while she and Mandy smirked while they both stepped away. Lindsee glared at both of them silently starting to plot her homicidal revenge against her best friends her reaction only made Robert chuckle.

She silently turned to face Robert while she took a anger induced sip of her Long Island. “You’re not a serial killer plotting to kill me then dump my body out in the dessert after sex are you?” Lindsee asked again taken a sip of her drink.

Robert chuckled while he swigged at his bottle of beer while looking at Lindsee. “I don’t look like a serial killer to you do I?”

Lindsee looked at him while she silently thought for a moment before she answered. “No, you look more like the type of guy who screams I’m fun in bed and I wouldn’t leave your bed without the feeling of satisfaction. You seem to scream that you’re the bad boy type that despite our mothers warn us to avoid and stay away from, we can’t seem to nor resist.” Lindsee stated while she lifted her drink to take a long follow up sip. “Does that answer your question Robert as to what type of guy you look like to me?”

“So I take it that you like the bad boys type? You think I am a bad boy?” Robert asked flattered that Lindsee seem to think that.

“Uh-huh. Your appearance with the drinking the bottle of beer and slow steady puffs of the cigarette. All the bad boy types seem to drink beer and smoke, at least all the types I seem to fall for like a idiotic woman. Who seems attracted to the danger.”

Robert didn’t saw a word for a minute while he enjoyed a long sip of beer the same time he looked Lindsee over from head to foot. “Know what I think what type of girl you are while I look at you?” Robert asked while he lowered his bottle of beer away from his mouth to take a puff of his cigarette. “I think that you’re a beautiful woman, who deep inside has some inner bad girl locked up that wants out. Your innocence makes you so hot and desirable, your sexy and don’t act like or think you are. That’s what makes you so hot, that you seem real, not some fake person. That’s what I see.” Robert honestly admitted he saw her reaction in both her eyes and face while she blushed.

“Wow, you’re the first person who ever was able to profile me with just a few minute glance.” Lindsee said in awe. Robert didn’t say a word while he exhaled from the puff he had just taken. He suddenly just wanted to get the hell out of this club and go somewhere to be alone with her.

“Why don’t we get out of here and go somewhere else less crowded?” Robert suggested still watching Lindsee. She just nodded about close to turn all wobbly. It seemed like the two previous Long Islands were finally about ready to take effect on her. Robert quickly stepped forward careful enough with his bottle of beer and cigarette not to burn her to keep her steady. Robert slowly took Lindsee’s drink out of her hand to place off to the side before he lead her out of the club.

This was not the way she pictured spending the night with a guy her first night in Vegas. Lindsee thought while she saw by the lit up Bellagio hotel pool with Robert in lounge chairs. The pool was so large just like any other Vegas hotel, but looked so glamorous. The lush green hedges were cut and clipped like that of a fancy garden. The outside part of the hotel looked like a enchanted Italian town. At least this is what the architecture would look like in Italy. She had to admit the night fresh air seemed to clear her head even though she still felt a bit fuzzy. This was a very interesting date. “So Lindsee what bought you to Las Vegas for the weekend?” Robert asked while he puffed at what had to be either his second or third cigarette. She had lost track from the hazy aftermath of consuming a few drinks.

“It’s a very long story.” Lindsee responded while she moved her hand up to her temples to rub while she felt like a headache straight from hell was about ready to hit her. It couldn’t of come at a lousy time.

“I got all the time in the world and think I could keep up.” Robert answered back. Lindsee sat up to see him smile at her while he held the lit cigarette in one of his hands.

“You got a lot of cigs cause this could take a while.”

Robert continued to smile while he reached into his shirt pocket to pull out a fresh, unopened pack of Marlboro lights. “I think I got enough to last me to the end of your story.” Robert sat up for a minute to look over at Lindsee while she continued to rub at her temples. “Is my smoking giving you a headache?” Robert asked concerned while he finally realized that his smoking could be a irk or annoyance to her.

“What? Oh no it’s not the smoking that is given me a migraine from hell. I mean smoking seems to annoy me throat and eyes, but it doesn’t mean you have to stop round me. It doesn’t really bother me since we’re outside and it can’t hover around me.”

Robert nodded while he sat up to drop his cigarette on the light colored two brown toned stone concrete. He quickly used one of his feet to smash the lit butt to put out. “Tell you what, I’ll smoke when your not around if it bothers you. Or I’ll take it outside.”

“Sounds fair.” Lindsee responded with a nod. “To be honest, smoking doesn’t really get along with me, but I won’t exactly ask you to quit it for me. I just cant stand sitting round second hand smoke, and I guess that’s the main reason some health concerns.”

“I think I can understand, thanks for not holding the filthy habit against me.”

“No problem we’re all human we all have some flaws and vices in life and aren’t perfect.” Lindsee admitted. She smiled back at Robert while she watched him respond to her with a smile.

“I believe that you were about to tell me the reason why you’re here with me by the Bellagio pool right now talking. What bought you to Sin City?” Robert asked in a charm type like manner. “You didn’t come here to get married over the weekend did you?” He joked which made her smile again while she shook her head.

“Sense of humor I like that in a man. No I didn’t come here for the weekend to get hitched in some cheesy, cheap wedding chapel on the strip. I came here with my best friends because we needed a girls only get away weekend, and to help me get over a break up.” Lindsee admitted. She paused while Robert nodded silently encouraging her to continue. He could sense there had to be more behind her reason for her weekend visit to Vegas. He was not going to push the truth out of her. It would not do any good if it was rushed. “I caught my now ex-boyfriend cheating on me. He had been seeing me for a year and half in secret and kept the relationship and me secret because he was ashamed of me. Never kept his word and if I wanted to do or get something, I had to do it on my own. I wasn’t going to wait around for him.” Lindsee added while she bit at her lower lip. She had to try to hold back a floodgate of tears that threatened to spill. “I guess you can say I got ditched for a younger, better looking model who wasn’t so clingy, needy or naïve.”

Lindsee could no longer hold back her tears no matter how hard she was now biting at her lower lip close to the point of bleeding. Her teeth slowly sank into her lower lip to drawl a drop of blood. Robert sat up the rest of the way in his lounge chair to stand up to move over to sit next to Lindsee. She softly sniffled while she felt a few tears brim and form on the edge of her eyes. He looked at her a expression plastered on his face that showed anger. Anger towards a guy he did not even know. “What hurts the most is that how I caught him really hurts. Hell, thousands of people even caught him doing it, caught him lying to me, lying to them. I even caught him at the movies cheating.”

“How did you catch him cheating?” Robert asked while his inner anger started to grow.

“I caught him in the lie on a gossip column, I run and type up the articles submitted by reliable sources. I got sent a article with him and the other woman in it.” Lindsee retorted while she softly sniffled.

“He’s famous isn’t he? That’s how you would be able to know before everyone else that he stepped out on you with another woman?” Lindsee just nodded while Robert started to mutter profanities under his breath. Probably cursing Orlando was her best guess. “He was a ****ing moronic prick. He does not realize what he let get away from him. If, you were my girlfriend I wouldn’t be ashamed of you. I’d happily want to be seen with you. I should admit that I was anxious to get you alone all of tonight so I wouldn’t have to share you with anyone.”

Lindsee blushed at Robert’s blunt honesty she didn’t know rather to be flattered or to be used. She knew he was probably telling her this stuff to get her into bed. Just as long as he didn’t coerce her into bed via rape, she’d let him take her to bed tonight, tomorrow night or both nights. He made her forget about Orlando even if it was temporally. If a night or two of screwing a hot guy did it, then so be it. There was no turning back while Robert leaned in forward without a slight warning to softly place a soft, passionate kiss against her lips. She suddenly completely was under his spell as she felt one of his hands slowly move to the back of her head to slowly press closer to his while his other hand settled on the small of her back to press her closer against his chest. She didn’t resist as she allowed him to continue to kiss her like he meant every word he had said to her.

Robert slowly moved his soft kisses off to the side of her neck while she softly gasped for air she felt so breathless the moment their lips touched and made contact. “Whose room your’s or mine?” Lindsee breathlessly asked as she felt the erotic feeling of arousal while Robert’s stubble rubbed against her sensitive cheek. He softly chuckled with his lips still pressed against her neck. His soft laugh softly touched and tickled the inside of Lindsee’s ear.

“I was thinking of my suite.” Robert softly whispered in her ear. “Does that sound good to you?” He added while he lightly nipped at her ear. She nodded with a soft moan not caring whose room they ended up in bed in. She just wanted to be with him right then and now for as long as she could be with him, before she had to let him go and go back to her reality that waited back in Los Angeles.

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Hope I did this right

Ok I hope I posted the follow up chapters correctly. If not I'll just try again. Hope everyone is enjoying what I have put up so far.
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The post looks good I just bolded the chapter titles for you to make them stand out a little better
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Little Black Dress chapters 5-7

I guess everyone is ready for the next few chapters. Hope everyone is enjoying the story far. Well enjoy and please leave and give feedback it helps me thrive as a writer.

Chapter five - I married Edward Cullen!
Lindsee felt a excruciating pain while she sat up with a groan the same time she woke up. Her head pounded in hellish pain, which only made her groan again. She defiantly had drunk to much the night before, she had to be hung over. Lindsee made a mental note to never touch a alcoholic filled beverage or touch alcohol ever again. Ever! With that note taken cared of, she slowly looked around to notice for the first time, she was in some strange Penthouse suite, in some strange bed.

Lindsee became even more mortified as the realization hit her; she had not only gotten drunk to the point where she was wasted, and everything was a blur, but she had ended up sleeping with someone. Or else she would not be sitting in some strange bed, naked underneath the comforter and sheets. She wondered if he was still here and what the person she called her bed partner for the previous night looked like. The bathroom door was wide open as steam from the shower emerged. Yeah, he still was here. So what did he look like?

He had his back to her, while he stepped out of the shower as he wrapped a towel around his waist. He was tall Lindsee noted, did not seem to have a bad back side. Lindsee blinked while she noticed one of his hands had a ring on. Was it a wedding band? Did she sleep with a married man or help him cheat? She started to feel sick to her stomach at the thought. Had he been wearing the ring last night, and she had failed to notice? Oh God, I am never going to drink ever again! “Hey, your up.” Robert said while he turned to face Lindsee in the bathroom door. Lindsee could only nod and groan in pain while she bought her hand up to her head. The front didn’t look so shabby either. He had a light sprinkle of chest hair, maybe in his thirties. She admitted to herself, she at least had good taste in men while completed wasted. Just hated the fact, she picked a married man. Robert walked out of the bathroom, straight to the bed.

“Where am I?” Lindsee asked confused since everything seemed fuzzy to her. “What did we do last night?” she added still rubbing at her temples.

“My Penthouse suite at the Bellagio hotel. We slept together.”

Lindsee moaned at her stupidity. She looked down at her lap for a minute, before she looked up at him again. “Did I, did I enjoy it?” I must have if I am still here.”

Robert smiled while he sat on the edge of the large bed. “You seemed to enjoyed it, the few times we had sex.”

“Ooh God!” I had to have great sex with a married man?” Lindsee groaned out ashamed in utter discuss. “I don’t know what’s worse getting completely smashed to the point of fuzzy oblivion or the fact I had great sex with another woman’s husband and helped him cheat on her.” Robert continued to look at her with a soft chuckle. “What’s so funny?” Lindsee asked confused.

“You really are hung over aren’t you Lindsee? You don’t remember a thing do you?”

Lindsee shook her head while she continued to rub her throbbing temples. She was about to ask his help to jog her memory, when she suddenly felt a curved piece of metal pressed against her forehead. Slowly, she moved that hand down away from her temples in front of her face. It took a minute to register that there was a set of two rings on her finger that usually belonged on the hand and finger of a wedding band. I didn’t did I? She frantically asked herself in her head. “I didn’t sleep with a married man or help him cheat did I?”

Robert shook his head no.” You slept with your husband.”

Lindsee sat forward with a gasp. “Husband?! Please tell me we didn’t do what I think we did? Oh God how drunk was I?”

“Yes, we got married in the hotel’s wedding chapel and not to drunk. You only had two half drinks.”

“That makes me feel so much better about my act of stupidity and actions under the influence of alcohol.” Lindsee sarcastically muttered. She had to get out of here to clearly be able to think. “I need to get the hell out of here to think.” Lindsee stated while she began to slip out of bed not the least bit concerned about her modesty. “No, I need aspirin, than I can be able to think.” Lindsee located her dress, heels along with her black strapless bra and matching lacy panties in a little pile near the bed. Tangled in the pile was her black clutch she was about to need it while she entered the bathroom.

Lindsee closed the door behind her the same time she latched the lock. She did not want to risk once chance of Robert walking in on her. She quickly got dressed before she opened her clutch to pull out her BlackBerry. She turned on the phone to see she had a few text messages and voice mails. Obviously from the same two people. The texts said the same thing or close to the same thing. Where was she, was she ok or alive? To call back or text back as soon as she got the messages. She sat down on the toilet seat to think for a minute while she finished buckling her last heel. Her BlackBerry started to ring and vibrate. Lindsee groaned in pain at the sound of the blasted contraction and because of her migraine. She quickly answered. “Yes I’m alive, fine and ****ing hung over.”

“Good morning to you to Linds. Glad to se your alive. You had me and Ash worried sick. What if the guy was a serial killer and we let you go off with him.” Mandy replied. “Where are you?”

“In Robert’s Penthouse suite in the Bellagio. I’m in the bathroom.” Lindsee responded as she lowered her voice so Robert couldn’t hear.

“Does that mean you got dome last night?” Mandy teased. “How was the sex?”

“It was great. At least I think it was great.”
“Huh? What do you mean at least think it was great?”

Lindsee sighed while she thought for a minute how to answer. “I can’t seem to recall much of what happened last night. Everything was like this blur. I woke up this morning without clothes on in Robert’s bed.”

“Oh my God did he rape you? Or drug you? If he did either of those I’ll never forgive myself for just leaving you alone with him.” Mandy retorted in a guilt ridded panic tone.

“No, he didn’t rape or drug me. I woke up and felt nothing wrong or that he touched me in a way to violate. I just woke up with a terrible hang over a good reason to never want to drink again and…” Lindsee begin to slowly trail off.

“And what?”

“And married.”

Robert sat on the bed and stared at the door. He waited for Lindsee to come back out. She had been in there for a while, how long would it take for her to be able to think? He still remained in the towel, unable to move from his spot on the bed. By the way Lindsee had reacted to the news of their marriage, it was clear she really did not recall a thing of what happened last night, up to a certain point, and she never drunk. Last night had to be the first time she even had consumed a real drink. The poor woman was seriously hung over. The only good excuse Robert could think that was behind her drunk blunder was because of her ex. She wasn’t fully acting like herself, the alcohol was to blame. He stood up the moment, she opened the bathroom door. He looked a bit concerned. “Are you ok?”

Are you ok? Do I look or feel ok? Lindsee asked herself while she shook her head. She groaned as the pain of the migraine still hurt. “No, uh do you have any aspirin?”

“Yeah, take a seat, I’ll get you some.” Robert stood up to walk over to the dresser where he had a bottle of water and a bottle of aspirin was. Lindsee took his advice while she sat down in a nearby lunch. Robert slowly approached to hand her the pain killers and unopened bottle of water.

“Thank you.” Lindsee softly said while she accepted the items. Robert nodded while he took a step back to give Lindsee space. She unscrewed the cap of water the same time she tossed the aspirin into her mouth. Lindsee took a swig of water with a loud gulp to swallow the pills.

“We need to talk. I first need to get dressed though.” Lindsee nodded while she continued to sip on her bottle of water. She silently watched Robert walk back over to the dresser to grab a pair of jeans, boxers, and a shirt, before he went back into the bathroom to change. Lindsee hadn’t moved from the spot Robert noted, after he stepped out of the bathroom now dressed. Neither said a word at first while Robert grabbed a nearby chair to pull up to sit next to her. “Do you remember anything at all that happened last night?”

“Yeah some of the events. I know I was at the Club Coyote Ugly had a few drinks, met you. We came back here, sat around the pool. After that I guess the drinks took over which made my memory a bit fuzzy and a blur. I have this feeling I can rule out you either drugged or raped me.”

“I didn’t do either of those. I can reassure you on that. After we hung round the pool, I kissed you, then we came back up here.” Robert responded at a pace where Lindsee could understand. She didn’t seem lost as she nodded. “We had sex and afterwards, you joked how you wished you were married to Edward Cullen. So I told you. That maybe we should get married, I guess by then the two half drinks you drank had seriously started to take effect. We obtained a marriage license, got married. We came back here had sex again where you then passed out. The drinks took over, and I just let you sleep it off.”

Lindsee just nodded not sure what she should or shouldn’t say. She just wanted to kick herself from her act of stupidity mainly ending up doing one of the top most stupid things in Vegas while under the influence of alcohol. She couldn’t stay married to Robert, he was a stranger to her who may or may have not been the greatest sex ever. “So what exactly are we going to do? One of us wasn’t exactly thinking clearly or lucid when we got married.” Lindsee asked. “I’m sure we can get the marriage annulled.” He would agree to that right? What they did was a mistake.

Robert remained silent as a complication seem to rise. He just married a stranger in Vegas, which in the first place was a act of stupidity. Especially when he started to become a rising star with failing to mention to Lindsee who he was and what he did. It was odd, she did not seem to know who he was. Sooner or later he would have to tell her who he was. “I suppose we could. Lindsee, I think that we should talk about this some more. Maybe with lawyers. Maybe, we should fly back to Los Angeles together.” Robert responded with some hesitation.

It gave Lindse some indication that something was up that he could be hiding something. It should not really surprise her, if he hid something. Robert was a man and a human after all. “Alright, what ever needs to be done. I need to go meet my friends for breakfast to show up and reassure them that I am still alive.” Lindsee responded while she stood up. “They seriously thought you were some serial killer.”

“Guess you can’t be too sure these days.”

Lindsee only nodded, that thought seemed so strong, since Robert was a practical stranger. You could have married a freaking serial killer. She really needed to talk to Ashley and Mandy over a very long breakfast.

Robert once again waited for Lindsee this time to leave, before he sprung up to his feet. He grabbed his cell phone from near his bed to quickly punch in his manager, Nick Frankel’s number. He knew he was in deep trouble, and way over his head. “Rob what’s up?” Nick answered from the other end.

“Nick, I’m in trouble. I need your help.” Robert confessed.

“What did you exactly do that got you in trouble or that would need damage control?”

Robert sighed while he pieced how to tell the story in his head. He started to pace around the bedroom. “I kind of, I mean you could say that I did something very stupid. I’m in Las Vegas-”

“Uh oh, the word Vegas already says enough to indicate something you did would get you in trouble what did you do?” Nick asked since he needed to know how to help his current star client. He was not a mind reader and had no idea what Robert may have done, until he told him what had happened.

“I took a joke a little too bit seriously and I got married. I am not sure how long it will be before it hit’s the press. She wants a annulment though.” Robert said since he really needed Nick’s advice right now.

Nick didn’t say a word at first a bit in shock while he tried to think. “We’re either or both of you drunk when you decided to elope?”

“She was, she was the one who suggested it.”

“Oh God Robert. I have a feeling it is just going to get worse. What else did or you didn’t do?”

“She has no idea who I am or what I do. She didn’t recognize who I was last night. I’m just not sure how to tell her.”

“I think you better tell her, before it hit’s the papers and she finds out that way. Last thing you need is for the press to get a hold of her and her name.”

“What should I do about the annulment though?”

“Just let me handle that for now. I’ll call you back as soon as I figure something out.”

After Lindsee had changed clothes and took a shower, she headed straight down to the breakfast buffet. Ashley and Mandy were already there anxious to talk to her. She noticed they both had the look of relief mainly to see that she was alive. Lindsee did not say a word as she grabbed a empty plate. She remained silent while she made her plate then walked over to a unoccupied table in a far corner. “Glad to see your alive.” Ashley said while she and Mandy took a seat across from her. “You could have at least left your phone on.”
“I kind of was busy and in the middle of something.” Lindsee responded while she leaned forward toward her plate to grab a slice of bacon. “Maybe I should have left it on, it could have prevented me from doing something stupid.” She rethought out loud. She silently nibbled her piece of bacon only to have her friends look back. . A expression plastered on their faces that indicated they had something to say or tell her. She wished one of them would speak. “Will one of you say or do something instead of just sit there blinking Morris Code already!” Lindsee muttered annoyed. “I know you two have something to say, so spread it out on the table already.”

“Linds, remember that guy who you left the club with and ended up married to?” Mandy nervously asked.

“Seriously Linds why on earth would you go run to the nearest wedding chapel to get married? That’s one of the top things never to do in Vegas while drink.”

Lindsee shoved the piece of bacon into her mouth to prevent a growl from escaping. She did not need another reminder of her act of stupidity. She had already kicked her own ass over what she had done. “Well excuse me, I’m not the one or two people who decided to let me keep drinking then allowed me to leave with some guy like it was a casual acquaintance. So maybe it’s partly both of your fault for pushing me on this guy who may or may not have been a great lay. So forgive me for not following the what not to do in Vegas while under the influence top rules book.” Lindsee answered. “I already know how stupid I am and what I did while under the influence.” Lindsee quickly crunched the bacon in her mouth.

“Linds ok maybe some of it was our fault, but you seem to have a great time, minus the marriage part. Did you happen to see the morning’s paper by any chance?” Ashley nervously asked.

Lindsee stopped crunching on the bacon in her mouth while she became nervous t the mention of paper. “What about this morning’s paper?”

“Uh, well how do we explain this? Did you even recognize him last night before you slept with him?”

Lindsee was starting to feel utterly confused and annoyed. She just wish they both just tell her. Mandy dug into her bag to pull out a rolled up copy of that day’s paper to hand to Lindsee. “Your kind of in the paper with him.” Lindsee slowly unrolled the paper while she sensed their nervousness. “Lindsee, that guy that you left the club with last night was Robert Pattinson. He plays Edward Cullen in Twilight.”

Lindsee quickly looked up to see if wither of them were joking. Neither of them were, both were being very serious. “You two sure you aren’t ****ting me?”

“Positive. You married Robert Pattinson.”

Lindsee looked down at the paper at the front page and the heading. “Edward Cullen marries his Bella in the heart of the Vegas twilight.” Lindsee read while she saw her picture that was of her and Robert in the Bellagio lobby. “Oh God.” Lindsee looked up not sure how to react or feel. “I married Edward Cullen.”

Chapter six - Marriage under false pretense
Nick called Robert back nearly a hour later after he had took time to think what to do to get Robert out of his situation. “Ok here is what we will do.” Nick stated while Robert listened carefully. “We obviously need to talk to her. What’s her name exactly?”

“Lindsee. Why do we need to talk to her?” Robert asked a bit confused.

“Because, I don’t want to ruin her life while doing major damage control. I need her permission in order to go through with a plan. When is the next time you are suppose to see her?”

“Tomorrow on the flight back to Los Angeles. Why?”

“Because I need you two to remain there, until I get there. Where is she staying?”

“Same hotel the Bellagio.” Robert answered a second later while there was a loud knock on his suite door. “Nick, can I call you back, I have someone at my door, and that person does not sound happy.”

“That’s probably the blushing bride right now. Call back soon if you don’t I’ll worry.”

“I will bye.” Once again there was a loud knock on the door. Robert snapped his cell shut to put on the table right before he walked out of the bedroom to answer the door. Robert opened the door the same time Lindsee had raised her fisted up hand in mid air about to give the door another blow. Lindsee appeared to and wasn’t a bit of a surprised very upset. In her hand was a news paper.

“Do you enjoy publicly humiliating your one night stands while at the same time lying to them and leading them on?!” Lindsee demanded while she held up the paper. “Cause you sure as hell did a fine ****ing job of doing that to me!” She walked in the same time she shoved the paper into his face. Lindsee was extremely ticked, nor really did seem to find the fact that her drunken mistake was made and out in the public eye. She heard Robert groan when he read the heading. “You lied to me! You straight out lied to me like I was some stupid, drunk girl to pick up at a club. I opened my heart up to you last night, and you decide to return the favor by straight out lying to me about who you were and what you do for a living!”

“Lindsee I can explain-”

“Oh I bet you could if I wanted you to, but save it I really don’t want to hear it. I’ve just about had it with men particularly British celebrities who just seem to be given me another good reason to convert into a lesbian!” Lindsee shouted not given a damn who heard her heated argument with her soon-to-be ex-husband or void husband. “I’ve been in a relationship with a celebrity, I’m not going to make the same mistake twice. Your just like him!”
Robert couldn’t stand there any longer and hear her screaming and shouting at him while she continued to accuse him of leading her on. “Lindsee, I didn’t lie to you, and I didn’t tell you who I was for a reason, would it have made a difference if I did tell you who I was?”

“Yeah, I would have been smart enough to run far away from you. You didn’t seem to realize that not all women are ga, ga for you or Twilight fanatics! That’s why I didn’t know who you were or recognized you on sight. I love the book and the movie, but I am not one of your crazed stalkers I have a life!”

“You have a life? If my memory can recall clearly your job involves talking, writing and gossiping about celebrities! That sounds kind of hypocritical if you can’t recognize a celebrity on sight you may have written about daily! Better yet, how do I know that you didn‘t want to marry me cause of my fame and money?!”

Lindsee glared, how he mentioned her job in the tone he was using rubbed at her the wrong way. They needed to get either divorced or have the marriage completely annulled so she could get as far away from him as possible. “Congratulations, you just gave me a damn good reason as to why I want this marriage annulled as soon as possible. That, and this first fight as a fake married couple gave a good reason to cite irreconcilable differences if this ends up going through divorce! I make and can make money on my own and I don’t need a man in order to make a cushy life! I don‘t give a damn bout your fame or your damn money vampire boy!”

“Vampire boy?! You really got some nerve you know that Lindsee? I enjoyed you much better when you were drunk and hung over.”

“That’s it!” Lindsee shouted as she lifted her arms next to her head. “Know what, you’ve already shredded what form of dignity I have had left, I’m just going to leave with what ever it is that I have left. Don’t even try to contact me unless it’s through a lawyer who is filing a petition for annulment! I refuse to be in the same room as you without being placed in a temptation to want to be responsible for Edward Cullen’s homicide!”

She was ready to leave Robert’s sight while she turned to head for the door. She did not seem to notice Robert had stepped forward in stride next to her up to the Penthouse suite door to slam shut. He placed his tall frame right in front of the door blocking her only way and option out. “Get out of my way!”

“I can’t do that you can’t leave, not at least until my manager gets here.”

“Manager? You seriously think I want to divorce or annual you for money? I told you I make enough to support myself!” Robert still did not budge only infuriating Lindsee more. Lindsee looked at Robert as if he had lost his mind. “I think all of that screams from your adoring fans has finally gotten to tour brain. Get out of my way.”


“Move let me go!” Robert refused to budge while he blocked Lindsee’s only way out. She almost let out a snarl. “I can’t wait for your damn manager to arrive, I need to get back to my suite to work!”

“You work on a weekend Holiday? Do you ever rest?”

“Hollywood gossip never takes a day or a Holiday off. I need to see how bad my end of damage control is.” Lindsee responded while she stared Robert straight in the eye. A bad move on her part since her act of defiance seem to turn him on. He was not going to let her leave his or his sight for that matter. Lindsee froze while she caught him given her this look of sexual, lust, arousal. There was no way in hell, she’d fall for his vampire character allure. Even if her lips were just screaming and begging for them to kiss him. She tried so hard to forget how great his kiss is what got her into her current trouble. “Why are you looking at me like that? Stop it.”

“Stop what look?” Robert asked while he took a step towards her.

“Like you want to kiss me or relive the kiss that got me into this mess.”

“Did you like last night’s kiss? You must have if you bring it up.” Robert said still while he gave her that look. Robert took another step towards her his eyes still locked with hers.

“Seriously, stop looking at me like that and like you want to sexually devour me.” Great one Linds, just encourage and egg him on. Robert only smiled he seemed to enjoy how he had placed her in this tight little corner. Being taller then she was had it’s slight advantages at the moment. The fact that she was 5’2 and small in height now seemed a added perk.

“Now it’s sex. We are a few feet away from a bedroom if you’d like to be able to experience the sex and be able to recall it this time.”

Now he was just being a smart ass. She had no clue how to act or respond, the moment he bent down to pull her closer and suddenly kissed her. At first Lindsee softly moaned against his lips in shock. What was she doing or letting him do? He continued to kiss her for another few seconds right before her brain finally reacted. Lindsee forced herself away from his kiss as she placed her hands flat against his chest pushing him away. She still looked him straight in the eyes the same time she reached her hand out to slap him.

The sound of her hand while it made contact with his skin was the only sound heard in the room. That kiss was not suppose to happen, nor should she have allowed it to. She stood there while she held her breath he softly groaned as his hand softly rubbed the spot Lindsee had laid her blow. “You’re a fraud!” Lindsee softly said while she held back a fresh set of tears that were forming. Robert debated rather or not to step forward when Lindsee turned in the direction of the bedroom. She stormed into the room before he could say a word. She slammed the door then locked it behind her. The lock made a loud click. Robert stared at the door a bit baffled. Trying to read and understand this woman had become a unwanted headache. She at least was staying until Nick arrived.

Robert continued to stare at the locked door when a knock was heard from the Penthouse entry. It had to be Nick only Nick knew where he was. Robert slowly walked over to answer the door while he looked over his shoulder at the locked bedroom door. What was she doing in there? Robert answered the door to see Nick on the other side. A sigh of relief escaped from his mouth. ”Glad to see how appreciated I am.” Nick said as he walked in. Nick looked around, before he noticed what appeared to be a impression of a hand print on Robert’s face. “I take it you already had your first fight as a married couple?”

"Yeah." Robert muttered while he closed the door. "Got slapped when I was trying to prevent her from leaving. She's locked herself in the bedroom."

"Ah." Nick responded amused while he walked over to the table. "Well, glad she's here, even if she is locked in the bedroom. I need to talk to you first though."

Robert nodded while he glanced over at the bedroom door. He walked over to take a seat at the table. "I take it, that you either found a way to get me out of this marriage or a way to use it toward my career until you can figure out a annulment loophole?"

"Pretty much. It's a large form of damage control. Your unexpected nuptials made this morning's papers. I must say, she's cute."

"And complicated that's for sure." Robert answered while he took out his cartoon of cigarettes from his shirt. "What's your plan?" Robert asked while he took out his lighter to light up.

"It's obvious that it will take a while to get a annulment granted, and you have to start filming on New moon soon. What I have come up with is you two remained married for thirty days."

"Thirty days?" Robert asked while he took a puff. "Why thirty days?"

"Maybe Lindsee would be popular among your fan base. She can help your career while at the same time keep the swarms of girls off of you. She looks like your type and perfect for the wife type."

"I don't know Nick. Lindsee already seemed very pissed to see herself in the paper, and that I lied to her. I don't think she can handle that kind of attention."

"Well, we'll just have to convince her then."

Robert nodded while he stood up. He walked over to the bedroom door then softly knocked. "Lindsee, my manager is here and he would like to talk to you." Robert took a step back a second later as Lindsee unlocked the door to step out. She looked in the direction of the table to see Nick sitting there. She walked over to the table to occupy the third empty seat. "Lindsee, this is Nick Frankel, my manager." Robert said while he walked back to the table.

"Hi." Lindsee answered while she extended her hand out to shake Nick's. Nick returned the shake while Robert took a seat next to Lindsee. He appeared a bit nervous, maybe what they had talked about, before she came out. She knew instantly that Robert's manager had a few parts idea that involved her help while he tried to find a way for a legal annulment. "Ok I am not exactly stupid here, but I have a feeling that you are about to ask me to act as wife arm candy." Lindsee bluntly said. "I may not be in the Hollywood business, but understand the PR part."

"Yes. Lindsee it'll only be for thirty days at most. Just until, I can find a legal loophole."

"Just a month? Why a month?" Lindsee asked.

"Because Robert starts filming New moon soon, it may take a while to obtain the petition for annulment. Now I know, you’re a bit ticked off about the paper."

"Try more like pissed off and humiliated. Your client is a fraud, he lied to me!" Lindsee glared her response to Robert while he just sat there and smoked.

Nick chuckled while he looked over at Robert. “I’m sure he had his reasons. If I leave you two alone, you won’t murder him would you?”

Lindsee turned to look at Nick with a smile while she shook her head. “No, of course not, he’s needed alive in order to film the Twilight saga. I wouldn’t want all these women after me for taking out their modern day fantasy vampire. I’m sure they would kill me, if they had to resort to given the part of Edward to say Orlando Bloom.” Nick had to really chuckle at that comment while Robert had his turn to glare at her. She glanced from the corner of her eye to see the mention of her ex seemed to be like a sore subject to him. He kept his profanity filled response to himself behind his cigarette.

“That’s a good one Lindsee. You should really keep her around Robert. I’m going to go back to my room to shower and rest from the flight. I’m sure you two can civilly talk out what you plan to tell the press without exchanges of face smacking. I need you two to be on the same page and play on the same team. If this all goes smoothly, we’ll be able to get the annulment sooner then thought.”

“That’ll be great. The sooner it is done, the sooner I’ll be out of your hair.” Lindsee smirked while Robert still puffed angry and annoyed at her. She plastered on the smile while Nick nodded as he left. As soon as the door opened and closed the plastered smile disappeared while she turned to glare at Robert who seem to be given her the same look.

“That was really low. You had to mention Orlando Bloom? What are you on his team or something? Secretly admire him from a far?” Robert sneered while he exhaled the cigarette smoke from his mouth.

“Oh please why would I be on team Bloom? He’s not even worth my time.” He wasn’t even worth my time to begin with. “Your probably just jealous of him, which I highly doubt you should be. You have twice as many women running after you then he does at the moment.”

Robert silently watched while she stood up. She turned to see him blow smoke from his nose. “Do you enjoy provoking me Lindsee? If so it will get old very fast.”

“Only when you deserve it for pissing me off. Let’s face it. Maybe the journalist who covered the article of our nuptials that resulted from a act of Vegas stupidity was right. I am your Bella because we’re bitching like them.”

“Is that way of asking me to screw you like a vampire the next time we ever hit the bedroom?” He sarcastically responded. She glared at him while he sneered before he took a good long drag of his cigarette.

“Ugh it’s only about sexual conquest to you isn’t it? That’s all you can think about that damn kiss and that damn perfect lay? It’s all about sex with you?” Lindsee asked disgusted.

“I’m fighting very hard to resist thinking of kissing you again and you in bed at this very moment.”

Lindsee didn’t speak while she approached to where he sat in the chair. “Well get a very good look at me, cause your never going to have me like that ever again. I hope you have a great memory and can relive it over and over.”

Robert exhaled the smoke from his mouth in such a sexy demeanor that secretly turned her on. He only smirked since he knew she was very wrong. If he had to be married to her fake or not, he would be with her again and enjoy it while he made sure this time she could remember it and enjoy it as well.

Chapter seven - The full honest truth
What exactly did both of them get themselves into? Lindsee continued to think that over and over while she slipped into the limo that was to take her and Robert to the airport. Robert was already in the limo, avoiding any form of eye contact with her, slowly smoking and working on a cigarette. Lindsee noticed the window near him was rolled down partly open, maybe so the smoke would not bug her. That was the least of her problems right now, her mind fully focused on her laptop that was in her lap. If she had to be stuck in a limo with Robert and had to avoid any small forms of chit chat and eye glares, hiding behind the laptop screen would work.

She took her seat across from Robert, buckled her seat belt while she flipped open the laptop to sign onto the internet to the web page with the latest Hollywood gossip. She dreaded what latest tidbits she was submitted, fearing, knowing that the articles would be buzzing about the man sitting across from her. She clicked open the first source to see that the subject of the article was about Robert. She opened the e-mail with a groan. “I know your reading tidbits on me or you, so it’s kind of pointless to act like I am not here.” Robert said breaking the silence between them.

Lindsee looked over the top of the screen to see Robert looking at her slowly puffing away on his cigarette. She got a good look at him for the first time that morning, and he appeared as if he had hardly gotten one minute or hour of sleep the previous night. He like she had a lot on her mind. Those eyes seem to silently plead to her to pay attention, but attention to what more lies and bull****? “He speaks oh my!”

Robert took a quick puff before he discarded the lit cigarette out of the window of the moving vehicle. He gave her that look, one where she could compare them to Edward and Bella. He had to admit he’ll never be able to escape this movie or book even if Lindsee was right on that little life observance. “Look Lindsee this silence and arguing is kind of stupid. I really think we should talk, if we are going to be stuck together for thirty days. I’m sick of hiding behind a lit cigarette, I just don’t want to fight with you anymore. I’m sorry I lied. I had a good explanation and reason.”

Lindsee responded at first by closing her laptop. “I’m listening.”

“I didn’t tell you who I was that night, because I wanted to get you as Robert, not Edward Cullen. I never thought that my fame meant anything.”

“It’s not the fame, it’s just not being openly honest and truthful with me.” Lindsee admitted.

“Would you have treated me the same if I did tell you who I was that night?”

“To be honest, yeah. I just wish I could take back what I said while drunk about Edward Cullen.”

Robert smiled while she shook her head embarrassed. “Did you even see the movie or read the books?”

“Yes, I’ve seen the movie and read the books or reading the books as of now.” Lindsee answered. He offered her another smile which only made which only made her heart flutter. She felt herself blush as her mind drifted off towards thoughts about him in bed. She turned her head away, which only made him curious.

“What are you thinking about?”

Lindsee slowly turned her head back around “Do you honestly want to know?”

“I would have not asked if I didn’t want to know.”

“Um you.”

“Really?” She nodded which only made him smile. “What were you thinking about that involved me?”

“You in bed.” Lindsee blushed getting teeth this time in the smile.

“Now you seem to have sex on the brain.”

“I’ll try to think of something else then.”

“Why not ask me questions about me? Might help you get your mind off of sex.”

“I guess.” Lindsee nervously replied. “Uh what exactly do you have against Orlando Bloom? I was just wondering since last night when I bought it up you got very pissed.”

“You noticed that huh?” Lindsee nodded while she waited for him to reply. “He just irks me. From what I have seen and heard he seems to abuse his fame. He has this attitude that makes him think he will live forever, his career won’t die like he’s immortal. He has a ****ing Victoria Secret model for a girlfriend, yet still prowls clubs for beautiful women. The man is past the age to still be and acting like a bachelor. He just needs to settle down.” Robert took a breath while he silently thought how to finish the rest of his thought. “I hate the fact that I’m already being compared to him. I’m not Orlando Bloom, no do I want to be compared to him.”

“Oh, then I’m sorry I used him as ammunition last night. It must suck to be compared and stereotyped like that.”

“Don’t worry about it now. You just didn’t know that it was a touchy subject.” Robert leaned forward as he felt he now earned every right to ask her a question. “How old are you exactly?”
“I’m twenty-six.”

Robert blinked in shock while he looked at Lindsee. She did not look a day over the age of eighteen or twenty. “You’re twenty-six? You don’t look your age, you looked like you were maybe twenty.” Robert answered amused.

“How about you? How old are you?” Lindsee asked to see if her guess was right on his age.

“I’m twenty-two.” Lindsee nearly paled while she sat back at the answer. Her reaction did not go unnoticed by Robert. “How old did you think I was?”

“Really, I thought you had to be thirty or maybe twenty-eight. You looked so mature for your age.”

“Maybe, the slight age difference works in both our favors. You’ll never look older, I’ll never look younger. Is there something wrong with you being older then me?”

“Because it makes me look like this dirty woman or Cougar in the making.” Lindsee responded in shame. “It’s like this, if I date or married to you as Robert Pattinson, it makes me look like this dirty, cougar type woman. If I am dating Edward Cullen, it’s like dating my generation version of Hugh Hefner.”

“What’s wrong with dating a younger man? I happen to like older women.” Robert answered back with a wicked smile.

“Oh God.” Lindsee muttered while she looked away while he chuckled. The direction the conversation was heading once more was heading in the direction of sex. So much for trying to get her mind off and away from that topic.

The rest of the ride to the airport was silent. They both checked into security with no problems and were off to their plane gate. Lindsee had carried her laptop along with her, but had not opened it once ever since she had closed the laptop screen. Robert silently observed her and saw how hard she fought to not whip open her laptop to work. She seemed to try to be paying attention to him. He felt a little flattered she had put some thought into the effort. “You seriously want to get the column knocked out or you’re going to go nuts?”

Lindsee turned to look at Robert who sat next to her now as he wore a black beanie. He did not say a word while he continued to observe Lindsee. “A little yes. I’m a, I’m a just scared to see what the articles being submitted say about us or what was caught.”

“I think I know what you mean. Even though you don’t have full control over who can or can’t snap pictures and photos of you or me, you still have some control over what is, isn’t said in your gossip column. You have some way or form of Animosity.”
“Exactly. I just don’t want to seem rude or if I am ignoring you by gluing my eyes to my laptop screen.”

“Well, can you concentrate and do two things at once, multitask?” Robert asked with a bit of encouragement. “God forbid, I prevent you from doing your job.”

Lindsee smiled while she placed her laptop into her lap to flip open. She felt Robert looking over her shoulder curious. She couldn’t blame him and continued to let him peep over her shoulder. She had no trouble with a internet connection and quickly signed on. “So your technically in charge of the site and you get submitted stories to type up and post?” Robert asked still looking over her shoulder.

“Yep.” Lindsee said while she opened the e-mail she tried to opener earlier in the limo. “When I’m not doing that, I at least try to make some good attempts to write and work on scripts.”

“So you do more then just type up Hollywood gossip?”

“Yeah.” Lindsee admitted while she begin to read the submitted information. “I don’t plan to be a Hollywood gossipiest forever, it works for now to financially support me.”

“Makes sense.” Robert answered while they read the article at the same time. They both finished reading the article to see it seemed so bad. She decided to write the article up later. Robert still did not say a word as she closed her laptop shot. She quickly slipped her laptop back into her bag.

“I just feel weird working and writing a gossip article about you with you sitting right there next to me. I don’t like the fact there are pictures up of us already. I just never will like the fact that photographers make their living stalking the rich and famous to just snap pictures.”

“I guess it’s something you didn’t want to be submitted to and had no choice. If it will make you feel any better, we don’t always have to go out. I was thinking I move in with you. I can give you space when you need it to write or do what ever it is that you do.” Robert answered.

“I guess that makes sense. You can have tabs on the guest room.”

Robert nodded while he silently thought of a different answer to give Lindsee about sleeping arrangements. He rather be camping out next to her in her bed. He had to get Lindsee to warm up to him.

Lindsee drove her car right behind Robert’s to his presentment to get some of his stuff to bring back to her place. Her head still swarm with what had happened in Vegas, and how fast Los Angeles pretty much knew about it by now. Just who was the question, who would be buzzing about her and Robert’s secret and surprise Vegas wedding nuptials. She really did not seem to care, It was done and she had to just live with what actions she had chosen to do while drunk. So long to remaining a anonymous citizen of the city of angels. In a way she had become a star over night. She spent most of the flight with Robert just talking. She treated him like he was a normal average guy, maybe a sigh of relief to him.

So the famous part didn’t seem to phase her, which surprised Robert. He glanced in his rear view mirror at Lindsee’s car following behind her while he continued to wonder about her. Who exactly was the famous ex she had a relationship with? He did not know rather to go personally thank him for messing up or to go beat some sense into the guy for being a moron. Either way he was thankful to end up with her. He still had to chuckle at her reaction to his age.

What was it about some women who felt all bad and dirty for having some form or type of interest in a younger man? It was not like he was not of legal age to consent to what they were doing. She seriously was a fun mystery to figure out for the next twenty-nine days or so, he now was a bit anxious to see what her house looked like and how she lived. So far all he could make out about her was that she was a shy quiet type person who mainly kept to herself, a bit shy. She did not have a problem with standing up for herself or fighting with him.

It had to be a bit of a turn on, she did not put on a show to impress him just remained true to herself. He must have seen that through her even while she was drunk that night in Vegas. It was the pain of the post break up that seem to be doing all the talking and reasons behind actions. Right now it was a bit of a hazy blur to know rather or not he was a rebound or not. Was she scared and hiding behind a wall cause of fear of getting hurt again?

He had to get her and him past that built up barrier, maybe convince her to give him a fair chance that this fake relationship could become real. Or at least show her that all men were not like her ex. They both pulled into his apartment complex and parked next to one another at the same time. She got out first and walked over to his car while she slipped of a pair of sunglasses she had on. “What exactly do you need to grab?”

“Just my clothes and some important items.” Robert got out of his car while he closed the car door at the same time, he took one of Lindsee’s hands in his. She looked over at him alarmed.

“What are you doing?” She asked loud enough for only him to hear.

“Holding your hand. There might be paparazzi around snapping pictures and we need to give them a show right?”

Lindsee nodded while she just let him have his hold her hand moment. He gently took the lead and led her up the walk way.
“So what exactly are we going to tell the press when they asked how we met any ideas?” Robert asked while he got out his keys to his apartment to unlock the entry door.

“I’m not sure, I thought you would have some great ideas since you are a writer.” Robert retorted the same time he got the door unlocked. He took a step back to open the door for Lindsee to walk in first. He followed behind while she walked over to a elevator to push the button.

“Which floor are you on?”

“The third. Can I ask you something. Why did you get alarmed when I held your hand outside? Did he ever hold your hand or show you some none Public display of affection before?” Robert asked as the elevator opened. She didn’t say anything while they stepped onto the elevator and he punched the 3 button.

“No, he never really took me anywhere and when he wanted sex, he just came over like I had nothing going on or any plans. The sex never really seemed romantic or good, just quick and over with. I don’t know why I am even telling you this.”

“Maybe because you trust me. Maybe because this time around the sex was better with me. Even though you can’t really recall it.” Robert answered while the elevator moved up to their destination.

“I guess I do trust you, even though like you said I can’t recall the damn sex to know or be able to compare it to him to see if it was great or not.” Lindsee paused when she felt Robert take her hand back into his. It felt like for some reason her hand fit and belonged there. “How long did it last exactly?” Lindsee asked while she turned to look him straight in the eyes.

“The sex?” She just nodded while she felt his thumb that held her hand start to softly rub at the side of her held hand. “Maybe about ten minutes each time. I didn’t exactly rush to be finished and enjoyed taking my time. He didn’t last past five minutes or something?” Robert asked feeling a little mad that Lindsee would want to compare his bedside manner to that of her ex’s.

“No, he’d be finished in bout three minutes flat. Row off to the side fall asleep with a loud snore. Just leave me lying there naked and unsatisfied.”

“Lindsee let’s get one thing straight, I’m not your ex and all of us men are not like him. I don’t like being compared to him and held responsible for one man’s mistake. I’m sorry that he didn’t treat you well in or out of the bedroom, but I’m different, I happen to appreciate you and happen to be concerned about your needs and satisfaction. I’m hoping that within the next twenty-nine days that you can at least open up and be fully honest with me.”

Lindsee blinked in shock taken aback by his brut honesty and annoyance. He still held onto her hand even after the elevator made a light jolt at their stop. He made the first move and led her off to his apartment.

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Chapter 8- 14

Here's follow up chapters. This post will be longer then the others. LOL so I have to say sorry this is what happens when bored can't go to work cause of being snowed and trapped in. God do I hate blizards LOL well enjoy and please give feed back.

Chapter eight - Googling Robert

Lindsee had spent nearly forty-eight hours with Robert, still did not know or felt like she knew him. She didn’t exactly have enough time to be able to squeeze in all the important must need to know information. She sat in her room on her bed with her laptop on feeling and acting like a paranoid woman. She couldn’t believe she was about to Google information on Robert in order to obtain pointless, must know information. Ok maybe now was a good perk she slept alone in her own room.

It seemed quiet, maybe Robert went out with friends. He probably had noticed she was on her laptop earlier trying to work on the column. She really hadn’t said a word ever since they got back from Robert’s apartment his words about how he was not Orlando still echoed through her brain. Ok he had a point, he wasn’t Orlando, but he had lied to her at first. Mandy and Ashley thought she had totally lost it after she had agreed to the false thirty day marriage.

Lying at the start of any marriage was not exactly the right way to start the new union she admitted to herself, thus had to do what a girl had to do google her husband. It took her a good hour to find out the most basic of information that she needed to know on Robert, birthday, favorite food and movies and such. She seemed bit impressed by some of his movie choices one she had in common. She still needed to talk to him and be seen with him. She still had to meet his friends and family even if she would only be in the picture for another twenty-eight days.

It was near one when Lindsee decided to turn in for the night. She was about to turn off her lamp when she heard the front door downstairs open and close followed by a few male voices. One belonged to Robert. The other was a male English voice.
“So where’s Lindsee?” the unknown voice asked while Lindsee had slipped out of bed to walk down the hall to head downstairs.

“Maybe asleep, or working on her column. I just left her alone to do whatever she needed to do. Told her I was going out.” They both looked up as Lindsee stood at the top of the stairs dressed in her pajamas. “Oh Lindsee I’m sorry did we wake you?”

“Oh no I was already up. I heard you come in and thought I’d say good night.”

“Oh. Lindsee this is my best friend Tom Sturridge.”

Lindsee nodded she finally had a name to place a face with while she offered a smile. “Hi, I’m sorry I am not properly dressed to entertain guests.”

“It’s ok. I was just getting ready to leave anyways I just dropped Rob here off.”

“Ah, maybe next time when I’m dressed you would come back.”

“I likely will.” He smiled back. “I’ll see you later Rob. Nice to be able to meet you Lindsee.”

“Like wise drive safely.”

“Will do.” Tom answered before he turned to walk out the door. Lindsee remained standing at the top of the stairs while Robert locked the door. He turned to look up at the stairs right before he headed up.

“I thought I’d go out for a bit to give you some space to work on your writing or column.”

“That was thoughtful thanks. I was thinking, if you wanted to place your recording items and instruments in my office you can.”

“I’ll take you up on that offer. Hey wait how did you know I sing and play?” Robert asked. “I never told you that I sang or played guitar and keyboards.” Lindsee smiled with a shrug of her shoulders. She had to find out somehow. “Exactly how would you know that?” Robert asked while he headed up the stairs.

“My little secret.” Lindsee commented while she started to walk back toward her room with Robert right behind her. She stopped at a open door that had the lights off. Lindsee reached her hand to flick on the light switch to the room. Once the lights were on Robert could clearly see the room had a desk with a stereo system. She had the walls decorated with various movie posters.

Robert poked his head in to take a look and almost gasped in shock as he spotted the movie poster for The Exorcist. “You like The Exorcist?”

“I love that movie it’s one of my faves and one of my fave actresses is in it.”

“I love that movie to. Maybe, one night we can watch it together.”

Lindsee smiled. “Maybe. I had a long day and I’m tired, so I’m heading off to bed. I just wanted to show you the room, before I went to bed.”

“Ah I see. You weren’t exactly waiting up for me were you?”

“No of course not, I honestly was up when you came home and about ready to go to bed.”

“Well make sure your bed isn’t jumping around before you slide in. If it is shout for me and I’ll come and rescue you.” Robert joked.

“Good one. I’ll see you in the morning I guess.”

“Yeah sweet dreams.” Robert answered before he headed off to his own room. She looked over her shoulder to smile at him before she walked into her room and closed the door behind her.

“I’m shocked, you actually got up early and dragged your ass out of bed even though you have a hot guy asleep at your house.” Mandy commented as soon as she and Lindsee had gotten started into their daily morning work out at the gym. “So how is he in bed? Did you have a try at him this time conscious and sober?”

“No, I didn’t sleep with him. He’s currently occupying my guest room while I still occupy my bedroom. I haven’t had a chance what so ever to retry and react the sexual debauchery act.” Lindsee responded as the speed on the treadmill slightly increased. “I left him at my house asleep to come work out.”

“Uhuh so why haven’t you? I mean c’mon you are married to a very sexy man who is the closet thing you can get to Edward Cullen himself. Your not hesitating on acting on some sexual impulses are you? I pretty much think he is into you.”

“I was just a drunk mistake that was made one night while in Vegas. I’m just his public arm candy for a temporary period of time.” Lindsee panted while she started to run faster, her pony tail slightly bobbing from side to side. “What is it with you and Ashley and this obsession with me having a sex life with Roberto?” She asked while she shook her head and reached for her bottle of water.

“Hmm maybe because he is hot, kind of looks like James Dean and that’s as close as you can get to having sex with a hot vampire without being bitten to death in the middle of sex. He’s gotta be better then Orlando in the bed department if he took you a few good rounds in bed that night.”

“I seriously would not know. Know what is going to happen as soon as I return home after I stop by Vons to get some breakfast essentials for Robert? I come home take a shower, and go to my room to camp out to work on the column and write while Robert gets to go out and be Robert.”

“So, go on a date with him or something. Might as well enjoy the advantage while you can. You two gotta have some things in common.” Mandy asked while her pace on her treadmill increased.

“Well, he mentioned he likes older women, I don’t see why he has any interest in me anyway? One of his favorite movies like me is The Exorcist.”

“That’s a shocker there’s actually a man out there who likes the movie as much as you do. Seems like a perfect in home date movie for you two. So what if your older then Robert by how many years exactly?”

“Four. He’s twenty-two I’m freaking twenty-six do the math.” Lindsee puffed while she took a long gulp of water.

Mandy laughed while she shook her head. “It’s not like you two are doing anything illegal just because you’re a bit older and more experienced in life. Younger men happen to like older, mature women cause they are wiser and a bit more experienced in the bedroom department. You can give Robert a good run for his well earned Twilight paycheck. “

“I’ll think about it.” Lindsee muttered while her run about finished while she took another long gulp of water.

After Lindsee had finished her work out at the gym and stopped at Vons to grab a few breakfast food items Robert liked, she headed home her response she gave Mandy echoing through her head all the way on her drive home. What was there to seriously think about? All the good, moral reasons why it was and seemed wrong to lust or be with a younger guy. Maybe the fact that why they remained married was just a Oscar worthy performance. Or a great book idea either way, it wasn’t exactly boring maybe a bit frustrating though. Mandy had to bring up sex now she was thinking about sex and Robert.

Stop thinking about sex. Lindsee muttered to herself in her head while she started to put the groceries away after she had walked into the kitchen. She had put away the few bags of groceries before she had started to make her own South Beach phase one diet part of the breakfast. She had no idea how she had remained so strong for so long when it came to strictly eating healthy. It was the hardest part and phase of the diet and had helped her drop weight and slim down. She took out the cartoon of chocolate soy milk from the fridge along with the natural fat free plain yogurt with the seal and storage bag that contained uncooked turkey bacon.

She grabbed a few packets of Splenda for her cup of yogurt she was about to make to add some flavor from off top of the fridge where she kept a huge packet in a box. She held the packets of sweetener in one hand while the other was reaching to grab a cup as Robert walked in. He quietly observed from the door way Lindsee’s back side while she balanced herself on her tip toes while she grabbed a cup. She still had on her work out clothes from the gym which made him softly groan. “Morning.” Robert said softly not to startle her.

Lindsee looked over her shoulder to see Robert standing there in a pair of jeans and a white wife beater. He obviously had just woken up his hair was messy in all directions with a strong film of stubble on his face. He didn’t have any shoes or socks on the look just made him so freaking sexy. Stop thinking about sex already Linds! “Morning.” Lindsee answered while Robert took a seat at the table. “I didn’t think you’d be up quite yet.”

“Me either. So what’s for breakfast?” Robert asked while he watched her now getting a plate with a piece of paper towel to lay out. She placed two slices of turkey bacon on the plate before she quickly placed the plate in the microwave.
“For me it’s a small cup of none fat yogurt, few slices of turkey bacon and a small glass of chocolate silk soy milk. I got you some cereal and some other stuff this morning when I came back from the gym. The milk is in the fridge, cereals off on the bottom left door.” Lindsee answered while she got herself a small glass for her milk.

“Thanks. So why are you eating only that for breakfast? I mean aren’t you hungry?” Robert asked while he walked over to where Lindsee had said she stored her boxes of cereals.

“No, I’m on the South Beach diet and I tend to remain on the first phase of the diet.” Lindsee responded while she shook the cartoon before she unscrewed the cap to pour her glass of milk. “It’s one of the only ways I can safely loose weight and have control in some sort of form.”

Robert looked over at her from the cereal drawer like she was nuts. She did not look fat or overweight. Did her ex put some rubbish idea in her head that she weighed the size of a cow? “Don’t tell me you think that you are fat? If you do I swear, I’ll knock it into your head that you are not.” Robert said while he watched Lindsee go over to the microwave to take out her bacon.

“No, I don’t think that. I just use to be overweight, and I lost the weight with this diet safely. I just try to eat better and I work out.”

“Ah.” Robert answered while he turned to look back at the cereal boxes and saw there was a fresh unopen box of Cinnamon toast crunch. He looked back over at Lindsee with a smile. “How did you know that Cinnamon toast crunch was my favorite cereal or is how you found out a secret?”

Lindsee smiled while she grabbed her plate of bacon, cup of yogurt and glass of milk over to the table. “Ok, I’ll admit I googled up information on you last night. I was desperate for information and didn’t feel I had any other choice. I didn’t lie bout The Exorcist being one of my favorite movies or the fact that Linda Blair is one of my favorite actresses. I loved that movie since I saw it when I was eighteen.”

“Why didn’t you just come and ask me? I mean I still don’t know everything I should about you and I am not really that interesting of a person.” Robert answered while he grabbed the box of Cinnamon toast crunch before he stood up to go over to the fridge to get the milk.

“I have a good thousand women who would think different and would kill to be in my position at the moment with you in their kitchen first thing in the morning.”

“How do you feel about having me in your kitchen first thing in the morning?” Robert asked a bit intrigued by what she thought while he took out the cartoon of milk. He smirked when he saw her reaction she was tongue tied.
“I’m still trying to get use to it.” Lindsee responded while she took a seat at the table. She remained silent while she watched Robert make himself a bowl of cereal. Robert got a spoon from the silver wear drawer before he walked over to join her.

“So what are your plans for the day? What do you normally do?” Robert asked while he dug into his bowl of cereal the same time she started to eat her yogurt.

“Go to the gym, I already did that this morning. Then I would just go upstairs and work on the column and maybe try to write. I doubt I can seem to focus on writing. I seem distracted at the moment.”

Robert only smiled. “You know there might be a way to get undistracted. I was thinking that maybe after breakfast, we can fling the dishes off the table then maybe hop on top and go for it.” He only smirked in a sexual teasing way that made her feel flustered while she blushed at his teasing. No wonder women wanted to jump or land into bed with Robert, he had a hidden sexual teasing, kinky side buried within him. No wonder women wanted to have fantasies about getting nailed by a vampire.

“God Robert, are you trying to kill me or bring me to some form of a early death?” Lindsee breathed out while she felt her heart seriously start to race while he continued to look at her in amusement.

“No, was just only making a suggestion on a way and method to get you unflustered. Unless, you wanted me to join you in the shower I have a feeling you did not take one yet.” Robert asked while he ate a spoonful of cereal. He smiled while he watched her still look and remain flustered.

“I have a feeling, that I shouldn’t remain alone with you cause I have this feeling we’ll end up in a compromising position.” Lindsee got out while she quickly grabbed a piece of her bacon to eat. He just smiled while he ate another spoonful of cereal. She shoved the slice of bacon into her mouth to quickly chew just amusing him more. If he kept this up, she felt she was likely about close and ready to orgasm on sight. He was leading her into pure sexual frustration with the rule “keep own hands to yourself, but eyes and mind allow to wonder.”

“What’s wrong with that? Not like we can’t have a little bedroom fun while we act like a newly happily married couple. I mean is it really necessary to sleep in separate bedrooms?”

“Let’s see because this marriage is not real, sex is dangerous if misused or overused could lead to even serious consequences, like reproducing. The age difference.” Lindsee quickly listed.

Robert looked at her while he shook his head. “Seriously Lindsee what is it about the fact that I’m younger then you creep you out? I’d like to know that as to why your letting this little fact be a barrier at potential happy and bliss.”

“Because it just feels wrong. It feels like I’m dating my younger brother or doing something morally wrong with him. Maybe also like dating a male version of Ashley. She’s a week younger then you. It just feels morally wrong I don’t know.”

“Well, for one I am not biologically related to you, so I don’t think by lusting after me you are sinning. I’m not your brother or Ashley. We’re both legal adults and there is nothing wrong with what we were doing in Las Vegas or can be doing within your bedroom walls. So just stop letting society deem what you want to do as morally wrong and disgusting.”

Before she could answer, Robert stood up and left the table and kitchen without saying a word obviously very pissed off at the way Lindsee seem to still be acting and viewing the age difference. If they were going to get through this fake marriage without killing each other, they were going to have to get along fast.

Chapter nine - Miranda

Lindsee had to get out of the house and away from Robert as far as possible for a while to clearly be able to think. The man somehow just knew how to get on her nerves and spar with her like they were a married couple. If he wasn’t sparing with her, he was sexually tempting her a temptation she was avoiding like a deadly plague. Only a man would make her want to be and act like this.

She was starting to get tired of Hollywood relationships and what now had to be considered an addiction to being in a dating relationship with famous actors. She never or didn’t choose to be or end up in that position, but always did. She had to celebrity arm candy and on display all the time. She had enough she just wanted to get away from it all.

The only place Lindsee could think of running off to was the mall to just wonder around for a bit. To just get lost to get away from Robert. He did not have her cell number which seem to be a blessing she didn’t need him to be stalking her like a Twilight scene or give any photo tags any opportunity to snap a picture.

She’ll just let Robert have all the damn time he wanted alone in her house to let him vent. She doubted he had even noticed she was gone good. She wondered over to the food court, in need of a iced Mocha from Coffee bean and tea leaf before she decided what she wanted to do to kill time.

She got into line the same time she took out her money to be ready to place her order as a attractive woman who seem to hide behind a pair of fancy designer sunglasses approached. She was unrecognizable to even her, until she slipped off the shades. The face was instantly known really couldn’t be missed if anyone walked by the Victoria Secret store and saw her large poster on display in the windows. It was Miranda, the other woman. Ok this would or was going to be very awkward.

“Hi Lindsee?” she asked not sure she got her name correct? She’d give Miranda credit for at least trying to get her name right. Some models would not even try to get it right.

“Yes.” Lindsee answered while she stepped forward in line. “Last time I checked I was Lindsee. Uh what can I do for you?” Lindsee felt really confused wondering why Miranda was seeking her out.

“I’m sure you know who I am.” Miranda started to say.

“Of course anyone who walks by any Victoria Secret knows who you are.” Lindsee answered. “I just have to wonder why exactly is a top Victoria Secret model is seeking a simple minded nobody out at the local Coffee Bean and tea leaf while she could be seen out and about with her Hollywood it actor boyfriend?”

“So you do know who I am currently dating or seeing then?”
“Of course. Anyone who could read gossip magazines, columns and watches gossip shows would know. That’s how I kind of felt out about your current relationship being unfaithful to me.” Lindsee now had her turn in line and had the woman behind the counter full interest as she watched what was going on between her and Miranda. “I’ll have a large Iced Mocha blend.” Lindsee said while she placed a five dollar bill flat on the counter.

“Ok point taken. I didn’t know that he was seeing you at the time that we had hooked up. I did not find out he still with you, until after word had hit the gossip column Little black dress and pictures of us had surfaced..” Miranda answered making it obvious she was trying to defend herself. When she had clearly done nothing wrong or done anything to cause Lindsee to have a grudge against her. Not like she had plotted to steal Orlando away from her in the first place.

Lindsee did not say a word as she was rang up for her iced coffee. She had to scuff while she turned to look over at Miranda. “Did he send you over here to apologize for his male chauvinistic behaviors and train of thought? Because if he did, it ain’t going to get one ounce of my forgiveness or for me to just forget.”

“What? Oh no in fact he doesn’t even know I am here talking to you.” Miranda answered while Lindsee was handed her change and her drink. “I came to find you on my own pretenses.”

“Ah I see. Go on I’m listening.” Lindsee said while she started to take a sip of her ice mocha with her straw.”

“I just wanted to state that first of all I am sorry how it ended, next I had no intention of stealing Orlando from you. I feel really bad about what had gone down and I hope that there are no hard feelings or hatred towards or against me.”

“I don’t really blame you for anything that has happened or for stealing my ex from me. I’m not his owner or keeper so I really didn’t have any control over him. He left me on his own free will. My anger is more vented towards him and at him not at you. I know you didn’t do anything. I’m fine without him I just lost one male related problem and gained another male related one.”

“You mean with your new husband?” Miranda asked she hoped she was following by what Lindsee had meant.

“Yeah, I ended up going off to Las Vegas and come back eloped and married to Robert Pattinson. He’s my new headache and kind of the reason why I am hiding here at the local mall.”

“Oh, well aren’t you happy being married to him? I should start with saying congratulations on the marriage.”
“Thank you, and no not really. We seem to know how to push one another’s buttons and only seem to fight.” Lindsee admitted feeling a bit relieved she could openly be honest even if it was the other woman. “I shouldn’t be dropping all my problems on you.”

“No it’s ok I am just glad to see that you do not hate me.”

Lindsee smiled while she nodded. “Well not that you feel you have lifted a heavy burden off of you pretty Victoria Secret chest, I’m sure you can go on your way with relief.” Lindsee answered with a smile.

“Man what did you do to make Lindsee want to storm off from the house?” Tom asked while he was on his cell talking with Robert while he stood looking out a window waiting for Lindsee or any sign of her.

“Kind of had this argument or bought up a sore subject that involved age. What I failed to mention was that Lindsee is four years older then me. She has this view that it’s morally wrong to be lusting over someone younger.”

“Oh man, she doesn’t look twenty-six. Why didn’t you mention your age before you shagged her back in Las Vegas?”

“Because my mind was a bite preoccupied with landing her in my bed. Technically if she’s able to buy a Long Island ice tea in a bar in Las Vegas she’s considered legal and open and safe territory to pursue. It only ended up being a headache filled perk.”

“She’s a catch. You two just need to find a way to stop going for one another’s throat. She has to be fun to fight with.”

“Well, I have seem to enjoy teasing her.” Robert admitted while he still looked outside the window. “I should have gotten her cell phone number before she stormed out to where ever she went.”

“Why so you could send her naughty texts to speed up her return to drag you to the nearest bedroom?” Tom asked joking not able to see that Robert had seen Lindsee in the window.

“Yeah maybe. Look she just got home I can see her in the window I’ll call you later.” Robert said before he snapped his cell shut as he bolted out of the room and down the stairs the same moment Lindsee opened the front door.

Lindsee almost jumped when she saw Robert nearly lounge at her from the stairs after she opened the door. “What the hell are you trying to scare the hell out of me?” Lindsee screeched.

“I could say the same thing. Where the hell have you been all day?” Robert barked while she closed the door behind her.

“I think that’s kind of obvious Robert I was hiding from you. I should have stayed at the mall if I had known you were going to jump at me the moment I opened the door like a sexual predator.”

“Well excuse me for worrying where you were. Next time you decide to storm out your cell number will be programmed into mine.”

“Now I can see a good back up reason as to why I never wanted to be married or had a desire to. Because of a nagging husband.” Lindsee snapped while she started to head for the kitchen. She groaned as she saw Robert was following her like a guard dog not about to drop the subject or to leave her alone.

“Maybe you shouldn’t have gotten drunk in Las Vegas then.”

Lindsee looked over at him with a snarl. “Maybe you should hope that I don’t cause a scene of humiliation.”

“You wouldn’t dare.”

“Try me.”

“Know what, if you would just stop denying the fact that we’re attracted to each other and letting this little age difference get in the way, then maybe you’d enjoy this false marriage. We wouldn’t be at each other’s throats like we are now.”

She silently snarled back at him the same time she grabbed his cell from his hand to flip open. “You want my damn cell phone number to freely stalk and harass and nag me fine.” Lindsee muttered while she punched and programmed her number into his phone. “Fine, there you go!” She nearly broke his phone while she snapped shut to shove back into his hand.

She did not say a word as she silently walked out of the kitchen and up to her room. She slammed her door behind her leaving her in her dark bedroom which was fine with her. She didn’t give a damn about the lights as she stumbled over to her bed and fell flat onto her bed. She lied there looking up at the ceiling while she just allowed tears to come spill from her eyes. She felt so frustrated as she wondered when her life had become so complicated and when it all become like that or why she had such trouble in the men department.

Why did it have to hurt so much that she couldn’t trust any man including Robert, why did he even seem to care or even want to be with her? Why oh why did she have to get completely trashed in Vegas and bought this on herself.

Miranda was starting to feel a bit annoyed that night at dinner while she watched Orlando chatting non stop on his cell phone still in make up from filming that day. He was done filming for the day couldn’t he just put his damn phone down and turn off at least long enough to have a dinner and a good long conversation with her?

She was about to loose her last calm nerve and just reach over to grab the phone from his hand to toss across the restaurant up against the wall to break into pieces. She had reached the point of annoyance by the time he finally snapped his cell shut to turn to look at her. “Are you done talking or are you expecting a phone call from a secret female admirer?” Miranda asked while she started to work on her plate of food.

“No. What is wrong with you today?” Orlando asked not even sure as to why Miranda seem very crass or annoyed with him.

“Well if you stopped talking on your damn phone long enough to eat or talk with me you’d know why.” She snapped back while she ate a forkful of her food. She silently chewed while she thought what to say next. She had a feeling if she bought up Lindsee it would annoy him. It was something he deserved.

“So what did you do today after your photo shoot?” Orlando asked while he started to dig into his dinner. He looked up to see Miranda smile a type of smile he had a feeling he was not going to like. “Why are you smiling?”

“Oh, no reason.” Miranda calmly answered. “Except, I happen to have run into Lindsee today at Coffee bean and tea leaf and had a very interesting conversation.” Miranda added while she ate a follow up fork of food. “She apparently has no hostile or feelings of hatred towards me. Really still has them towards you. Really can’t blame her.” Miranda looked up to se Orlando silently sit there while Miranda causally continued to talk and speak like it was nothing.

“Oh?” he asked trying to not act like the mention and topic of Lindsee still had any bothering effects on him.

“Yeah, she also mentioned how she recently got married in Las Vegas to Robert Pattinson.”

Orlando blinked in shock not sure his hearing was deceiving him or not. “Married? How could she have gotten married and to who again?”

“Las Vegas, Robert Pattinson and I guess because she wanted to.” Miranda answered while she enjoyed that this topic seem to be provoking him. “Do you have something against Robert Pattinson?”

“She can’t seriously be married to that immature prick. She had to be married to some other guy and just did it to get back at me.”
“Still didn’t answer what do you exactly have against Robert Pattinson? I happen to think he’s a very good actor. If you were paying attention when we went to see Twilight you would have known that.”

Orlando’s jaw clenched not believing what he was hearing especially about what Lindsee had done. The woman clearly was not over him and only acted like this out of rebound against him. What she did in retaliation was not what he had exactly thought or expected her to do. She had to go and marry his current rival in the acting world the new up comer of all people. He couldn’t believe that Miranda seem to feel that Robert had any acting talent. “Rubbish he can’t act. Just because he’s Edward Cullen and in Twilight. It’s all he’s going to have after Twilight phase is over and passes he’ll be a nobody again.”

Miranda rolled her eyes a bit tired of watching Orlando stroke his male ego and put another fellow actor down. He really had to get over the fact that Lindsee wasn’t going to come back or had no intention of ever coming back and could actually be happy with another man who was not him.

She only hoped that he looked forward to great disappointment and a having his male ego stroked down a notch because he was not going to win this war or battle that involved Lindsee or any past relationships.

It had to be near two in the morning when Lindsee rudely was woken up by her cell phone. She didn’t realize how long she had been asleep or when she had fallen asleep, she just remembered crying herself to sleep after having another spar round with Robert. Who the **** would be calling her at two freaking AM in the morning? She thought while she sat up to grab her ringing cell. Her mind still was a bit of a blur and fuzzy from her sleep being interrupted that she couldn’t think straight as she answered. “Hello.” Lindsee muttered.

“Lindsee I need to talk to you.” Orlando answered from the other end. Immediately the sound of his voice fully woke her up. Why in the hell was he calling her now and all of the sudden out of the blue?

“I really have nothing to say to you.” Lindsee answered now very angry right before she snapped her cell phone shut to prevent him from saying another word. She now was fully awake and knew her anger would prevent her from falling back asleep.

She wasn’t going to just lie there in the dark and have a inner battle with fatigue, but get up and do something. Even if it secretly was hoping Robert could still be up and she could maybe talk to him like a civilized scorned adult. She’d admit her pride got in the way and made her act a bit of a spoiled brat. Maybe she could try to get past her little hang ups and maybe be able to swallow her tongue and pride.

Chapter ten- Late night chat

Lindsee quickly walked down the hall to where the guest room was. The door was closed which made her hesitate to knock at first. She slowly rose her hand to the door to softly knock. She slowly waited a few seconds about ready to turn and leave when Robert opened the door. His hair still was going in every which direction and his face stubbly. He seemed a bit confused and a bit angry when he saw Lindsee standing there.

“I know it’s a bit late, but I got woken up by a call from the last person I’d like to hear from, and woke me up. I can’t fall back asleep, and was wondering if I could possibly talk?” Lindsee nervously asked while she still stood there.

Robert looked at her for another minute still silent before he stepped off to the side to allow her in. She seriously had to be upset if she felt she had to come wake him up in the middle of the night. He didn’t feel like complaining since she was in his room after all.

“Sorry.” Lindsee softly said as Robert closed the door behind her while she walked over to the bed. She watched Robert walk over to the bed noticing he was in a pair of pajama bottoms and a white wife beater. He looked sexy and tempting to want to jump if she wasn’t upset and came in here just to talk, she would allow herself to want to jump him.

“Ok, you got me up, what do you need to talk about?” Robert asked while he slid into the bed trying to not look upset.

“Why are men so complicated?” Lindsee asked which made him lift a brow.

“Gee Lindsee why not as the most difficult question in the middle of the night.” Robert joked before he turned serious. “I honestly don’t know, I could ask why some women are complicated to figure out. What happened though?”

“My ex just called suddenly out of the blue. I was asleep when my cell started to ring, wasn’t fully awake when I answered the call and heard his voice. Just made me wonder why he suddenly calls out of the blue.”

“That is a good question. Can I ask who did the dumping?”

“I guess it was fifty, fifty I caught him cheating on my gossip column and again that night at the movies when I went with Mandy to go see…” Lindsee softly trailed off with a blush.

“When you went to go see what?” Robert asked amused and curious. “C’mon you can tell me.”

“Twilight.” Lindsee softly answered. Robert looked back at her with a smile. “I didn’t recognize you mostly because my mind seem to be on the fact of him cheating and that earlier discovery of the day. My mind mostly wasn’t focusing on the movie.”

“Guess that will explain why you didn’t have this screaming reaction that night in Las Vegas. “

“That’s why I felt iffy when you first held back who you were and the fact that you were famous, because of my ex. I didn’t really want to go into a rebound relationship with another famous actor, let alone end up married to one.”

Robert just nodded before he sighed deciding to address some subjects that involved her unknown ex. If he didn’t address it now, then would he be able to? “Lindsee you do realize that I am not your ex though right? That we’re not the same person or act the same.” She just nodded as she watched his face turn serious. “I want you to realize something, I might be famous like him, but I don’t cheat on something great like a person like you. I really like you, I just wish we didn’t do the stupidest thing in Las Vegas though.”

“I know, I’m just scared of being hurt and used all over again.”

“Is that why your scared to get closer or intimate with me? Why you want to sleep in separate rooms?” She just nodded again while he leaned in closer to caress her cheek with his hand. “If you want to take it slow, I can do slow you don’t have to be afraid to ask me.”

“Ok.” she softly whispered.

“I need to address one more thing though, why are you letting this age thing come between us other then the reason you gave me. Just be honest with me.”

“Because, it just makes me feel morally dirty or like I am doing something very, very wrong. If you were twenty-six and I was twenty-two the age was reversed I wouldn’t feel as bad honest.”

“Twenty-two and twenty-six are just numbers, age does not mean a damn thing if you really love and care about someone. Just don’t pass on something good because of the age factor. Give me a chance without letting all those things get in the way.” She just nodded again while he leaned his face in closer to softly kiss her. She softly moaned while she melted right into his chest into his arms finally not fighting her feelings any longer. She allowed the kiss to go on a bit longer before she slowly pulled back.

“I better go back to my room, and go back to sleep-” Lindsee started to state while she started to slip out of the bed. Her breath caught in her throat as she felt Robert softly grasp her wrist to gently pull her back towards him.

“Don’t go it’s kind of pointless to be sleeping in separate beds now. I promise I won’t try anything that you don’t want me to do. I just want to hold you honest.”

Lindsee turned to look up at Robert’s face to see he meant it before she slowly moved closer up against him. She felt so right in his arms while he slowly laid back with his arms wrapped around her. He looked down at her while she rested her head on his chest and her arms around his waist. This was where she should have been all of long.

Robert reached one arm out to grab the comforter and sheets to drape over them while he still looked down at her. “Good night Lindsee.” He smiled as she realized she had fallen asleep.

Orlando stared in shock at his cell phone. Lindsee had just hung up on him. She wasn’t suppose to hang up, but want to be thankful and relieved he wanted to call her out of the blue and beg for her to come back. Something was totally wrong here, she seriously couldn’t be happy with Robert. Was she sleeping with him when he called? The thought of him touching her like that made his anger really boil. How could any woman replace him with a nobody like Robert Pattinson?

He had to talk to Lindsee somehow and get her back. He just had to find a way to get to her when she wasn’t near around Robert. So far there have not been any sightings of her out with Robert in public which only meant that something was up. This marriage had to be some sort of sham of some sort maybe to create some publicity. Either way he knew that Lindsee still in love with him.

Robert swore underneath his breath the moment his cell started to go off. It was way to early to be woken up especially by his own phone. He slowly sat up when he remembered that his chest was being used as a pillow by Lindsee. He tried not to wake her up while he grabbed his cell off of the night stand. “Hello.” Robert answered still half asleep as he noticed Lindsee slowly was starting to stir awake.

“Rob sorry to wake you or interrupt something, but I had a update on the annulment loophole.” Nick responded which only made Robert fully awake.

“Hey Nick, no you didn’t interrupt anything we were just asleep.” Robert answered while he adverted his eyes down to look at Lindsee with a smile.

“Oh good, well I have a update on the annulment.”

“Robert did not say a word as he continued to look down at Lindsee. For some reason now an annulment did not seem like top priority on his list. “Yeah, I meant to call you and tell you about that, but what have you found out about it?” Robert asked.

“If you still want one, it takes thirty days to petition the courts. If they find no glitches or problems it will immediately go through and be granted.”

“I think I need to discuss it with Lindsee. Something has kind of come up that may have put the annulment in the back seat. When she fully wakes up I’ll talk to her about it.”

“Alright then, well I have an update on the filming schedule for New moon. You have to leave for Vancouver near the end of February then after that you head to Italy. I’m sure Lindsee could make some time to come visit you. I forgot to ask what does she do exactly?”

“She maintains the online gossip column Little black dress and writes. So I think she can take and do her job anywhere as long as she has her laptop and a internet connection.”

“Oh I see well I like her and have read that column she seems to keep it tastefully done and very classy. So you want to put the annulment in the back seat for now?”

“Yeah, I’ll just talk it out with Lindsee.” Robert answered seeing Lindsee was fully awake and trying to secretly eavesdrop on his end of the conversation. He ended the call a second later with a smile as he saw she was awake. “Morning.”

“Morning.” Lindsee responded back while she sat up. “Who was on the phone a minute ago?”

“Oh Nick he called to update me on the annulment loophole and about my filming schedule for New moon. I’m suppose to be in Vancouver by the end of February then I go to Italy.”

“Oh I thought you had to Oregon for filming?” Lindsee asked a bit confusing.

“That’s what I thought at first to.”

“What did you exactly tell Nick about the annulment?”

“That I’d talk about it with you and that maybe to put it in the backseat for a while. He was wondering if you wanted to come to location with me and asked what you did for a living.”

“Oh.” Lindsee answered a bit surprised. “Well, did you want me to come along? I don’t have to if you don’t want me to.”

“I’d like if you came along. You could think of it as a belated honeymoon while I work on the side. You can do your job and write as long as you have a laptop or internet right?”

“Of course. You just think in advance before you give your manager a straight answer when it involves me don’t you? Just figure and assume to ask me and talk it over before you give a positive, affirmative answer?”

“Yeah, your not a puppet on some string Lindsee and can control what you do and don’t want to do. I did plan to ask and tell you like I said to Nick. I really would like you to come along.”

“Well, since you asked and didn’t just automatically assume then I love to come along.” Lindsee answered while she got out of bed. “I’m going to go to the gym, if you want to know where I am about to head and if you want to call my cell if you need anything.”

“Are you sure I am allowed to call to harass and bug you on your cell while your out?” Robert joked with a smile.

“Sure why not.” Lindsee answered with a shrug before she left the room to go get dressed and ready to hit the gym.

“Ah she has not killed her vampire husband yet I see and remains free.” Mandy joked when she saw Lindsee walk in and over to the elliptical machines. “He isn’t dead is he?” she asked to double check to make sure.

“No he’s not dead. He’s at home at the moment making flight arrangements for me to come along for filming.” Lindsee answered while she selected unoccupied machine to set to her desired pace.

“Oooh where is he filming where is he taking you?”

“To Vancouver and to Italy near the end of February.”

“Does this mean that you like each other or can tolerate one another?”

“Yes, I guess we can and no we did not have sex yet. I ended up falling asleep in his room with him though after I had to talk to him. Orlando decided to randomly call from out of the blue and acted and assumed that I wanted to take him back.” Lindsee admitted while she climbed onto the machine to start her work out.

“Ok that’s a step towards sex. So how did your parents react to the news of your sudden marriage to your dream vampire?” Lindsee’s reaction was a loud groan that sounded like another unwanted headache had just been sprung onto her.

“Why did you have to mention them? I didn’t tell them anything nor do they really seem to know anything unless, my mom decided this week to watch Entertainment Tonight or Access Hollywood.”

“Ok seriously how dense do you think your parents are? Ok they live on the opposite coast but they do hear and read about Hollywood related stuff right?”

"Yes." Lindsee muttered since there seem to be a whole lot she had failed to mention or tell her parents ever since she moved out to Hollywood. Neither of them had known she had been secretly been seeing Orlando or what she did to earn her finical needs.

"You can’t keep everything a secret from them. Sooner or later the whole truth will come out when some paparazzi decide to go to Delaware after they find your address to locate your parents and harass them.”

“What am I suppose to tell them hi sorry I haven’t called home much, I’ve been living a double life ever since I moved out to Hollywood. I’ve secretly been dating hot British actors for the past year and half and went to Las Vegas the previous weekend to get over a break up and ended up married to Robert Pattinson? Oh yeah that will go over so smoothly with my parents.” Lindsee sarcastically remarked.

“They are going to have to learn or find out eventually. I just don’t think they would like to have a double dosage of shock and surprise when you have to call and tell them they are going to be grandparents and that you had gotten married before the vampire love got you put in the delicate condition.”

“You had to bring up pregnancy didn’t you? If I ever get and I mean if it’s only going to happen when I do have sex again.”

“Still gotta tell them your married. Hey has Robert even told his own parents about your marriage?”

“I don’t know, I fear their reaction more then my own mother’s. My own mom might dub me as following in my Aunt BJ’s footsteps cause she’s ten years older then my step-uncle. Oh God I completely forgot about my aunt I’m as crazy as that side of the family.” Lindsee groaned.

“See, maybe marrying a younger man is all for the best. Your aunt seems to be happy.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah.” Lindsee muttered again since she had to go home to make a dreaded long distance phone call home.

Chapter eleven- Karma loves to be the bitch

It had to be near nine AM Robert noticed while he sat in the kitchen eating a bowl of cereal when Lindsee’s phone started to ring. He didn’t feel like being rude even if her phone system was attached to a answering machine, and just stood up to walk over to the phone. For all he knew it could have been Tom or Nick calling since he gave them Lindsee’s land line. “Hello.” Robert answered.

“Oh, I’m sorry I must have the wrong number. I was trying to reach Lindsee.” A female voice with a slight southern accent answered back.

“Lindsee is out at the gym at the moment. She should be back soon would you like me to give her a message?” Robert asked the same time Lindsee walked in from the back door to see him on the phone.

“If you can, can you tell her that her mother called.”

“Oh, I’ll pass the message along as soon as she gets in.” Robert answered with a smile he saw Lindsee caught him smile and instantly got scared.

“Who you talking to?” Lindsee asked as she saw him smile.

“Can I ask who I’m talking to?”

“Oh, I’m Robert, Lindsee’s husband.” Lindsee almost dropped dead on the spot as she saw his smirk. “Oh Lindsee just walked in would you like to talk to her?”

Oh she bet her mom wanted to talk to her. “Robert, I’m going to freaking kill you after I finish this long ass long distance call.” Lindsee muttered loud enough for only him to hear while she took the phone from his hand. “Mom I can explain.” Lindsee started to say as Robert stood there while he started to crack up.

“You can’t kill me Lindsee, you’d have a whole lot of angry girls after you.” Robert joked.

“What is he talking about Lindsee? When did you get married and how could you of gotten married and if you did to who? Who is this Robert?” her mother demanded to know as she shot out those questions all at once.

“Mom, I can explain if you will stop shooting all these questions at me at once like ammuno! “ Lindsee nearly shouted while she glared at Robert. “I was going to eventually tell you, but my idiotic husband decided to answer the phone and opened his mouth.”

“You better be able to explain what exactly you have been up to in Los Angeles. I knew if you moved there you’d get in trouble. You better not be pregnant is that why you married this guy?”

“Mother shut up for a minute!” Lindsee shouted which only added to Robert’s fits of laughter. “I’m not pregnant that’s not why I eloped in Las Vegas. I went on a girls only weekend there to get over a break up-”

“Break up? When were you seeing someone and for how long? Why did you not tell us?”

“Maybe because it was really none of your business and I didn’t feel like sharing the fact I was dating. It was for about a year.”

“That doesn’t mean you had to go off to Vegas to marry a complete stranger who you probably know nothing about.”

“Oh trust me mom, I do. Just goggle up his name and all the information you need will just pop up.” Lindsee sarcastically answered. “If you called to see if I’m fine, I am I’m going to hang up now so that I can go kill my husband for his act of stupidity. I’ll call you later if I am not in a jail cell getting a charge for domestic disturbance or man slaughter.” Lindsee added before she hung up the phone.

“I take it that your mother wasn’t to thrilled by the news?” Robert asked while he tried to keep a straight face. Clearly Lindsee was very upset at him.

“Oh you can bet your life on it she wasn’t. I didn’t tell them quite yet and was thinking how to, before you decide to go answer my phone and blurt it out!” Lindsee hissed. “Maybe, I should call your parents back in England and tell them the same way that I married their moronic son! I bet you haven’t even told them yet!”

“I did not know I-” Robert started to say while Lindsee stormed past him and up the stairs. He didn’t like what Lindsee may be about to do as he saw her go into his room. “Lindsee what are you doing?”

“Looking for your cell phone. I think it is time either I or you tell your parents about our marriage. If you want to go F up my life, then I’ll gladly do the same to yours.” Lindsee responded while she grabbed his bag to start to dig through.

Robert quickly ran up the stairs just as she had her hands fully in the bag to search and grope around for his phone like she was conducting a full hands on body cavity search. She seriously meant business. “I didn’t exactly go F up your life as you call it on my own you played a part in it.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah.” Lindsee muttered as her fingers closed around his cell in his bag. “Got it!” She quickly yanked up the closed cell to Robert’s horror. He seriously did not think she was being serious. “So are you going to make the call and tell them or am I going to have to?”
Robert glared at her while he took his phone from her hands. He flipped open the cell to quickly punch in a long distance number to England. Lindsee did not move from her spot since she had a feeling if she left him alone he would not make the call. He waited a second for the phone to ring as Lindsee’s silent daggers kept shooting deeper and deeper into him. He silently prayed that no one was home or able to answer. He got no such luck as Clare Pattinson answered. “Hello.”

“Mom,” Robert answered a bit surprised she was home. “I didn’t think you’d be home.”

“We just finished dinner, did you want to talk to your father?”

“No, no don’t go get dad, I need to tell you something.” Robert covered the mouth piece while he looked at Lindsee. “You said to tell a parent, not one of em.” She rolled her eyes while Robert resumed his conversation with his mother. “How would you feel if I say suddenly got married?”

“Married? Why are you asking how I would feel if you suddenly married? Did you get married or get some girl pregnant?” Clare asked a bit alarmed.

“I kind of just might of accidentally got married when I was in Las Vegas the past weekend and no she is not pregnant. God forbid that happens.” Lindsee did not say a word as she felt hurt by those words. Ok she acknowledged she was being a bit mean in coercing Robert to call home and tell his parents bout their marriage, but she did not use a hurtful area to hit below the belt with.

She got the hurtful message while she silently walked out of the room to go into hers. Robert obviously resented her, and did not want to see her. She knew when she wasn’t wanted, as she quickly got dressed before she found her extra set of car keys. Robert still was on his cell which allowed her a quick, quiet get away to her car. She started up the engine not sure where exactly she should go mall was out of the question.

She just needed to get lost in Los Angeles maybe she should pay the beach a long over due visit. With her mind made up, she slowly backed out of the drive way and was on her way to the beach. If anyone wanted to reach her, her cell was in her purse.

Robert talked with Clare for a good hour was off of his cell right before he noticed that Lindsee was gone. He had done it again, he had said or done something to really offend her that made her run away. He already was turning into a lousy husband. For all he knew she could have ran off to the Los Angeles court house to file for a divorce. Paparazzi could be chasing after her and snapping every move she made. She accidentally could end up saying something wrong. He had to find her fast.

Robert quickly flipped through his cell to where Lindsee had programmed the number in the day before. Maybe she had taken her cell along and he could reach her before something happened. The cell rang a few times before Robert heard her voice which sounded shaky.

“What do you want?” Lindsee asked obviously very emotional.

“Lindsee where are you?” Robert asked concerned he knew if he snapped at her it wouldn’t help. His words have already done quite enough damage between them.

“Does it matter where I am?”

“Yes, I just got concerned when I saw that you were gone again. Where are you?”

“I’m on my way to the beach don’t see why you want to know.”

“That’s kind of low don’t you think Lindsee?”

“Kind of low? Saying God forbid I ever ended up pregnant was a kind of low hit below the belt.”

“Oh God Lindsee I was mad I didn’t mean to say that. I felt like you had pointed a gun at my head while you made me call my parents. How was I suppose to know that you didn’t tell either of your parents about our marriage?”

“Could have assumed that before you decide to go pick up my land line and answered. Look I’m fine ok.”

“You don’t sound fine are you really heading to the beach?”

“Yes I needed to go somewhere to clear my head and have a good long cry.”

“Don’t move or go anywhere. Let me meet you down there, Lindsee there could be Paparazzi following you.” Lindsee answered back with a groan since she had clearly had not been thinking. “ Just get to the beach stay there and wait for me.”

“Alright, alright. What am I suppose to do if there are some Paparazzi following me and snapping pictures until you get there?”

“Give them a nice smile and flash your wedding band like you’re a happy newly wed. I’m on my way.” Robert answered before he snapped his cell shut.

Lindsee closed her cell the moment she pulled into the beach parking lot the same time she noticed a few people approaching her car with cameras. Damn she had to have been following her but for how long? Ok just act cool just like Robert told her to do. She slowly stepped out of her car while she grabbed a pair of sunglasses to slide on that she had hooked onto her driver side visor. Don’t forget to smile Lindsee. “Lindsee! Lindsee!” One of the Paparazzi guys shouted while he snapped a few pictures of her in one setting. “Where’s Robert?”

“How long have you two been dating before you got married in Las Vegas?” Another one shouted while he snapped more photos of her.

“Can we see the ring?” She slowly smiled while she held out her ring hand to allow some photographs to be taken before she lowered her hand back down.

“He’s on his way if you must know.” Lindsee answered while she started to walk in the direction of the beach. She still had the paparazzi following her even after she had stepped foot onto the beach. She silently prayed that Robert would get here soon.

“How are the fans handling the news about your marriage?”

Lindsee turned over her shoulder to look at the group while she silently thought over her answer. “If they are his true fans, I hope they seem happy for him and they don’t hate me and see me not as a enemy or some fake person.” Lindsee responded as she saw Robert approaching which was a sigh of relief. He approached her calmly in a very protective manner while he stopped next to her to place his arm around her shoulders and waist.

“Robert how long have you been seeing Lindsee? Why did you marry Lindsee in the secrecy of Las Vegas?”

“For a while and because we both wanted a bit of privacy when we got married. Just a personal intimate moment between us.” Robert answered right before he started to lead Lindsee off in the opposite direction away from the glare of the camera flashes. “Hold my hand.” Robert softly said loud enough for only her to hear. She took Robert’s hand as she felt his hand slid down to her lower back. “Now look up at me like we’re in love right before I kiss you.”

“What?” Lindsee softly gasped while she looked up right before his mouth softly made contact with hers. He continued to kiss her as she felt the photographers were still a few feet behind them snapping pictures of them. He slowly pulled back when he felt they had given the photographers enough of a show and time to snap the photos. “You did that on purpose.” She softly said while they resumed to walk.

Robert only smiled while he pulled her closer to his side. “Maybe but I really only can seem to be able silence you when I’m kissing you.”

“I’ll so get you back.”

“I look forward to it. Just as long as it happens in my bed later on.”

“Wasn’t the two times you bedded me in Vegas enough?” She asked while she hid her blush.
“No, because you weren’t fully there and were not able to recall it. I can’t exactly jump your bones, since you wish to go slow.”

“Is your mind always on bedding me and sinning?’

“Maybe if it is maybe I should be reciting Hail Marys every day.”

Lindsee looked up at him in awe. “Your Catholic?”

Robert softly laughed while he nodded. “Is that a problem?”

“No, I’m kind of Catholic depending how you look at it.” Lindsee answered. “Should at least make my mom feel a bit better to know that your religious in some sort.”

“Is your mum religious?”

“Yes, most of my family is.”

Robert nodded while he leaned down to whisper something in her ear. “You make me want to sin every day that I look at you.” He only smiled as he made her blush again. “Do you know how cute you look every time you blush?” She shook her head no only this time as he bent down to place a soft kiss on her cheek. This time it wasn’t for show as she noticed that the photographers had disappeared.

“How did your mother react to the news of the marriage?” Lindsee asked to change the topic.

“She was a bit shock. She thought I had gotten you pregnant and as a result I married you. I had to explain that you weren’t. Now about that comment I made to my mother earlier on the phone.”

Lindsee stopped walking in order to fully focus on him while he talked. “Ok what about that comment?”

“I didn’t mean to offend you with that comment. I have no idea if you have ever wanted children I just didn’t think before I spoke.”

“I guess I want children, I doubt I’d ever have any and have been on birth control for a while. Glad I now decided to go on it, if I didn’t I may have ended up with a unwanted problem.”

“You went on birth control after you got serious?”

“Yes, I did not want to have children until I was married, and I hardly doubted I would ever be married.”
“Well now your apparently married. If we have any children, I think they will be very dazzling.” Robert joked which made her smile at the vampire joke. “I like to maybe have children one day, but not until I feel ready. Lindsee can I ask you something?”

“Sure I guess.”

“Would you like to go out on a real date with me tonight?”

“Depends what is the rules of the real date though?”

“I let you decide where we go and eat, if you want to drink or not and what happens afterwards when we come home.”

“I don’t want to drink especially after what happened in Las Vegas.”

“Can I drink then?” He asked in such a cute childish manner which made her smile.

“Hey I’m going to be sober, I don’t care, just as long as you aren’t a mean drunk and won’t grope me.”

“I promise I won’t I’ll be on my best behavior.”

“Alright then.” Lindsee answered a bit surprised that Robert wanted to be seen in public with her. There actually seem to be a guy out there who treated her like she was a person and not ashamed to be seen with her. “So anything can happen as soon as we get home?”

“Anything you want to happen can.” Robert answered still smiling. “What would you like to happen?”

“Well, I seem to enjoy the kisses and being kissed. I really hope the date ends with maybe one or two of them.”

“Deal, I’ll kiss you as much as you would like me to.”

Chapter twelve - Date night

“What are you up to?” Robert asked later on after they had arrived back home. He found Lindsee sitting at the kitchen table on her laptop.

“Just working on the column. Just seems to be the same ol same ol stuff, just now I seem to be popping up in it attached to you.” Lindsee looked up from typing to watch him sit next to her to look over at the screen. She softly laughed while she watched him look and read over the article. “I’m glad to see you think my job is amusing.”

“Half of this stuff they send you has to be rubbish in some sort of form.” Lindsee nodded while she finished typing up any loose ends. “You know we can’t exactly avoid our parents forever, maybe we should invite them down to meet one another.”

Lindsee softly groaned since she knew he had a point. She just did not feel like dealing with it at all. She just wanted to act like it did not exist. The last thing she felt like dealing with was her mother. “That’s just a headache you really would like to ask to really avoid. My dad won’t be much of a problem, he just remains silent sits off to the side and agrees with my mother so she would leave him alone.”

“Does he really?” Robert asked amused. “There seems to be a lot about you that I don’t know that I should.”

“I can say the same about you. I don’t know your middle name if you have any siblings and parents name.”

“Thomas, yes two older sisters named Victoria and Lizzy, parents names are Clare and Richard. You?”

“Deanna, younger brother named Logan, Thomas is my brother’s middle name and my father’s, parents names are Deborah and Tom, he goes by his middle name my mom goes by Debbi for short.” Lindsee responded amazed.

“There seems to be a good amount of irony between us that still needs to be found out. I seriously can see a good relationship here, if we don’t find the right buttons to hit to piss one another off. You mentioned that you wrote? I’m sure you found out from your Googling that I write and use to want to be a writer.”

“Yes, most of my life, just been seriously wanting to write professionally since my early twenties.”

“Can I read some of your work sometime?”

“Your serious aren’t you?”

“Well yeah. Maybe I can help you get it seen by some people. Maybe I’d like it to want to consider it as a movie.”

“I’ll- I’ll think about it.” Lindsee responded a bit shocked.

“I’d really like to, I mean it. I’m sure your creative side is as interesting as the person is.”

“Maybe I’ll let you look it over after I write and edit some.”

“I hope I can. I have a feeling that you don’t always want to be writing Hollywood gossip to be paying the bills?”

“No of course not. I just don’t want to use your fame in order to get something that I should work for you know.”

“I know you wouldn’t I’m offering to. You seem like you have something worth offering talent wise.”

“I take it that your shown interest in my work indicates you have more interest in me other then to bed over and over?”

“Your more then a repeat lay. You’re a person who has thoughts and feelings. I like to be able to have a long decent conversation with you. You gotta get sick of just standing there and being arm candy and to just look pretty with some fake smile plastered on your face.”

“Well yeah, and what do you call what we are doing right now?”

“Talking without wanting to kill one another.”

“I think we accomplished being able to talk to one another without wanting to kill one another and go for each other’s throats. So where are you taken me for dinner?” Lindsee asked with a smile.

It was amazing how people could not just stop staring at her just because she was with Robert. This probably never would cease to amaze her she had a feeling she was one of the only few women left in Hollywood or the world who seem to be treating him like he was human. She sat back in the booth while she watched Robert now work on his second Corona for the night. “How many of those are you planning on drowning?” She asked a bit amused.

“Maybe three or four. Does excessive drinking seem to be one of your irks besides my smoking?”

“Yes, no I don’t condone it you are a adult and if you want to drink go ahead, just don’t ever get behind a wheel of a car and kill yourself.”
“Which is why I’ll let you drive. You really don’t seem care if I am famous or not do you?”

“No, your only human after all like the rest of the world. You seem to enjoy the fact that I treat you like a normal human and don’t scream in your face every time I see you or let the fact that I don’t let your charms swoon and control me.”

“You know I really am not all that interesting.”

“Neither am I, but that hasn’t stopped you from sticking around.”

“No your interesting. There’s got to be something I do that makes you want to swoon.”

“That’s kind of obvious. You have this look you give when your mad. Same facial expression Edward gave in the movie. I like the fact that you don’t always take everything serious or to heart. There seems to be a lot of things you do that seem to make me swoon that I don’t know about yet.”

“Your not always going to compare me to the most perfect guy in the world are you?”

“No, I know that he doesn’t exist he’s just a fictional character. You just play him that’s it.”

“So you are saying that no one is perfect then?”

“Yeah I know I am not fing perfect. If everyone was perfect all the time the world would be so boring. I don’t think anyone should change for anyone, unless they wanted to.” Lindsee reached for her burger to take a bite.

“You know what I think your flaws are that seem to make you human? You don’t seem to think that you are perfect, your strict on yourself like with your eating, you always seem to put doing something off. You have a little trouble opening and being honest with me.” Lindsee looked at him amused by his observance while she continued to eat her burger. “Then again maybe we both have more in common then we think.”

“Well you can scratch off knowing how to play a instrument or having a great singing voice, because I can’t do either.”

“How come you have no trouble being honestly open with me?” Robert asked while he took a sip of his beer.

“Maybe because you’re my husband and I’m suppose to be talkative with my significant other. I just know there has to be more then just some sexual attraction. How come you seem to like kissing me any chance you get?”

“Maybe because of like you said sexual attraction. Are you bringing up sex for a reason?”

“No, I just wanted to point out that we both seem attracted to one another, but yet feel so far away and like strangers.”

“Isn’t that why we are taking things slow and going out on dates like this?” She just nodded while she decided to finish off her burger. “So how about dessert?”

“How can you think about dessert after all the beers you drank and food you just ate? Better yet how come you don’t seem to gain weight, but yet I gotta struggle to remain in a decent size?”

“Maybe because I’m storing and gaining up energy for what may happen when we get home.” Robert reached into his shirt pocket to pull out his wallet to pay for the bill since he had a feeling dinner was over. He only smiled while she looked at him very amused. “I just really don’t like the fact that everyone is paying attention to us or maybe secretly snapping a picture.”

“So you think by going home it is going to stop everyone’s curiosity?”

“No, might get them thinking are we leaving to do something. I really don’t enjoy having my photo taken.”

“I don’t blame you, I’m not enjoying the fact I am now in the public fish bowl.” Lindsee answered while Robert dropped the money on the table to pay for the meal and tip for their waitress. “Just hate that part about being married to someone famous I guess.” She slipped out of the booth while she took out her car keys while mentally getting ready to face the awaiting swarm of cameras. She just prayed that she did not get into a driving accident because of the damn camera flashes blinding her.

It was in the middle of the full swing of Hollywood night life all the clubs were open in full swing, celebrities were out and ready for mid week partying. That seemed to be the normal scene every night of the week while she drove down the Hollywood Boulevard. With her and Robert’s luck, no cameras were waiting for them to come out from their dinner date. Had to be covering the other celebrities either emerging or leaving clubs. For brief moment she thought about Orlando.

Maybe it was the remembrance of the fact he had promised to take her to some of these clubs she drove by, but never did. Probably it was a blessing since she never really enjoyed or wanted to go to clubs. Robert seemed very secret and very private, mainly kept to himself. Lately now seemed to be fully opening up to her. She kept her focus straight on the road and stopped at a red light. “Did you want to go hit a club?” Robert asked interrupting her thoughts.

“No, I’m not really much of club going girl. If you like to go out to some feel free to.” Lindsee responded as the light turned green. She lightly pressed her foot on the gas to get her car moving.

“I rather stay at home and hang out with you. Besides, I have this feeling that your ex calls the clubs his territory and lurks there. I really don’t want to picture what is going to happen when that moment comes.”

“How did you- How do you do that know what I am thinking a majority of the time?” She felt so dumbfounded that he could easily read her mind.

“I just kind of sensed your attention was drifting towards them. We are driving down Sunset where it’s like a club strip. I just now know a location in the city to stay away from.”

She just continued to look straight forward feeling very flabbergasted and dumbfounded all at the same time. She still felt confused she didn’t know rather she belonged with Robert or was his complete opposite. Maybe he was the slightly male version well slightly British male version of her. No guy had ever really made her feel this way, all of this rush at her all at the same time before. “Have you ever felt like that you never really belonged?” Lindsee asked as she thought of a way to keep their conversation going.

“All the time. I always feel like a Hollywood outsider and that I sometimes don’t belong. If you feel like that how come you want to be apart of this?”

“Because, I want to show the world that I was given a talent at birth that I love. I could care less about this pointless perks like no waiting in line access to clubs, the VIP treatment. Movie premiers eeh only perk is getting to see your work come to life.”

“Money does not really seem like one of your important priorities with all of this?”

“No, money seems to be the thing that gets everyone in trouble. Don’t get me wrong money and fame is nice, but it can turn people into something evil and corrupted. They abuse the power as it goes to their heads, they sell their soul to get the greed and what not. That’s what I have seen when I was involved with him and I really did not seem to like it.”

“You have a lot of negative thoughts towards being in a relationship with a Hollywood playboy. You don’t seem to want to talk about him.”

“He knows if I talk about him that I am only stroking his male ego and as if I still have not gotten over him. I don’t want to play his game, I want to play by my own rules.”

“So what are your rules so I know how to be able to play in the game without getting disqualified?”

“You really want to know?” Lindsee asked as the car stopped again at another stop light.

“If it would get me on your good terms then yes I want to know.” Robert answered while Lindsee turned her head in his direction to look at him as he placed his hand on top of hers in a non threaten manner.

I’m in deep, very deep trouble. She silently gulped as she saw that sexual expression on his face. How the hell did she just turn him on? “No lies or secrets. Respect on another’s boundaries.” Lindsee started to say when she saw the light turn green. She lightly pressed on the gas to move. Robert still had his hand resting on top of hers. This was going to lead to major trouble. “Go at my pace and patient.” F being patient! She screamed in her head.

“What if I don’t feel like being patient tonight? What if I would just like to just be with you in other ways besides only your company?”

“Are you trying to seduce me or is it the Coronas talking?”

“Does it really seem to matter? Drunk or not I still want you.”

“I thought you-you said I was in full control of what goes on tonight earlier?”

“Yeah, but my hormones seem to have a mind of their own.”

She needed to pull over or find the nearest hotel before he ended up mauling her in a sexual frenzy in her car. “F rules and boundaries where’s the nearest hotel?”

“Roosevelt.” Robert answered while he leaned across the seats to get a closer look at her neck. Her pulse was racing. “Let’s not sugar coat this, how do you want it?”

“Uh, bad, bad idea to ask me while driving how I want you to screw me.” Lindsee moaned while she tried to focus and concentrate on the road. She started to lightly nip at her lower lip with her teeth bad move.

“You making it way too damn tempting to not want to bite at your lip when I have you in bed.

“Oh God.” He smirked as she sped up to get to the Roosevelt. He knew eventually she would break.

She didn’t give a damn about being seen by any paparazzi at that moment as she entered the posh hotel lobby practically attached to Robert’s side. His arm protectively wrapped around her waist while his hand seductively rubbed and caressed her lower back. Robert had no trouble landing a suite as they were on a elevator alone. A very bad, bad idea again.
Tonight just seem to be her night of making bad mistakes, she wondered if she was about to make another one if she slept with Robert in the next few minutes. She did not know what was better not fighting and actually getting along or just caving in to Robert’s secret, hidden seductive charms. He was a hell of a kisser and was better then going for his throat in some form of homicidal rage.

She stood looking at the closed elevator doors as she let her guard down for just a slight minute, gave Robert the minute advantage he needed to make his move. Without as much of a warning, he quickly backed her up against the back wall. She gasped in shock as he now had her back pressed against the wall with his arms plastered at her sides. Her mind did not have time to react as his mouth came crashing against hers while his hands worked and shimmied down her back to pull her closer against him.

She may have been making many bad mistakes tonight, but she was not going to have sex in the Roosevelt hotel elevators. Lindsee quickly reacted by pushing him away this was going way to fast. “Rob stop, stop.” Robert quickly leaned forward to attempt to resume to kiss her as she pushed him back again. “You need to slow down.”

“What do you mean slow down?” He asked a bit irate. “Your mood swings are seriously making my head spin. Do you want to sleep with me right now or no?”

“I did not say I didn’t I sped over here didn’t I? You need to slow down, I don’t want to get sexually mauled in the elevator. I just wanted to take it slow, not have it be like some blur like it was that night.” Robert did not say a word as the elevator arrived on their floor of their suite. The doors opened as he took a step back with a frustrated sigh.

“What do you want Lindsee? Just be honest with me to save us from having another scream match.”

“I want to be with you, I just don’t want to make it a race, I’m here all night I’m not going anywhere.” She stepped forward to take his hand to lead him off of the elevator to give him a slight little hint as to why they were here in the first place.

“You do realize that I’m the only one who knows which room number the suite is right?” Robert asked with a soft chuckle.

Ok he had a point. She turned her head to allow him to lead her in the right direction. “Sorry, I just never done this before.”

“Doesn’t really surprise me.” Robert responded while they stopped in front of a door. Robert leaned over her to slide the room key into the slot. The lock blinked green as he pushed on the knob.

Chapter thirteen- How to make love like a vampire

Lindsee had ended up pressed against his chest given him a chance to lightly kiss up and down her neck. “Mmmm.”

“I like that sound.” Robert murmured against her neck while he gently pushed her into the suite.

“Mmm.” she moaned again to make him smile. She felt him still softly placing kisses up and down her neck as they both stood in the dark suite. His hands skimmed up and down her sides to go as slow as possible. “Where are we going to do this?? The sofa or the bed?”

“Bed.” Robert answered while he lightly pushed her in that direction. “I’d like to be able to enjoy you.”

“Your hands seem to be doing that right now.” The bedroom door was already open which saved Robert some trouble. He quickly flicked on the lights while he lightly continued to push her in. She briefly tensed up in his arms as her self-consciousness about her body decided to hit. “When we were together in Las Vegas did I ask for the lights to be on or off?”

“Off, but I kept them on because I wanted to see you.” Robert answered while they both looked at the bed. “You have a great body, I don’t see why your nervous about being naked.” She didn’t feel like ruining he mood by explaining why she preferred to have sex in the dark. She didn’t feel like explaining how Orlando wanted them off since he couldn’t stand to look at her naked while he screwed her.

She felt him lead her over to one of the sides of the bed to sit her down. He sat down next to her to slip off his shoes while she slipped off her sneakers. She still had time to pull out if she chose to maybe that’s what Robert was allowing her to do. Ok maybe she was scared, she knew she was scared, but she didn’t want to stop over some intimidated fear of intimacy.

“I’m scared.” Lindsee suddenly said as Robert dropped off his last shoe. He slowly looked over at Lindsee to see she was very scared. Boy whatever her ex had done really had left her traumatized he had a feeling that’s why she had sex in the dark and felt so awkward about her body. She seem so hard to not be comparing or bringing him into her head while she tried to fully focus on the guy sitting right next to her. Clearly Lindsee was trying to get over him.

“Why are you scared?” Robert asked while Lindsee slowly slid towards him. “You don’t have anything to be scared of, if you want to wait until-”

“I don’t want to wait, I’m just scared I won’t be able to satisfy you. It’s not you putting pressure on me that’s making me fear intimacy.” She admitted. “One way I seem to be able to hide my flaws is in the dark. It’s like my mask that I can hide behind. Do you understand what I am saying?”

“Yes I understand what you are trying to say.” Robert answered while he moved closer to her. “You have nothing to be scared of with me, it doesn’t bother me if your not some perfect looking sexual karma sutra knowing goddess in bed. I just care if you try because you care and you enjoy it. Now I can seem to understand why you want to go slow.” Robert slowly leaned in closer to softly kiss her. “You set the pace, tell me what to do.” He added while he continued to softly kiss her.

“I feel like a freaking virgin here on her wedding night who has no freaking clue what in the hell to do.” Lindsee admitted while she returned the kiss the same time she crawled into his lap facing him.

“I can’t really picture you as a virgin.” Robert softly chuckled while he moved his hands up to the base of her head. “We all were ones eventually.” He continued to softly kiss her while he slowly eased her into her comfort zone. He had to admit he seemed to be enjoying going slow.

“We need to stop talking.” Lindsee moaned against his lips while she felt his fingers softly tangling his fingers into her hair to slowly yank her hair down. Her hair lightly fell around her shoulders before he tangled his fingers within her silky strands. She let out a soft moan never realizing how erotic this felt. She had a urge she could not fight while she leaned in closer to lightly use her teeth to nip at Robert’s bottom lip.

Robert moaned as one of his hands quickly moved down her back to rest on her lower spine to push her closer up against him. She still lightly nipped at his lower lip while she felt his hand start to inch up the hem of her shirt to lightly brush against her skin. He had to just keep going slow not to freak her out. She slowly inched her face away to look at him. “You like that?” Lindsee asked while she adverted her eyes down to notice Robert slowly begin to inch her shirt up her body.

“I love what your doing, but I think it’s time that you loose some of your clothes.” He moaned as her shirt was half way inched up her body. Her arms lifted over her head without any resistance which allowed him to finish pulling off of her. Robert lightly dropped her shirt off of the edge of the bed while he observed how she looked without the top half of her clothes on. She was beautiful and perfect enough at least to him.

Lindsee slowly leaned forward about to respond by taken off his t-shirt he had on as she felt his hands resting at her hips again while his head slowly moved up to her chest. Lindsee softly moaned while she felt Robert’s rough growth of stubble brush against her skin as he placed soft kisses near the visible swell of her breasts. He kissed his way up to neck and continued to kiss up her throat. He stopped for brief second to place a soft kiss against her lips right before he helped her remove his shirt.

She did not say a word as she took in what he looked like. She enjoyed the view while she slipped out of his lap to stand on the side of the bed. Lindsee slowly unbuttoned then unzipped, slipped her jeans off to only leave her in her under wear. Robert’s breath caught in his throat while he noticed the style and type of under garments she wore. A sexy yet simple pair of lacy styled low rise with a matching silk, lacy styled bra. It didn’t take much for her or to look sexy. When had a guy besides him tell her or thought she was beautiful?

Lindsee slowly crawled back onto the bed and back into his arms to resume to kiss him. She felt his hands move up her back to stop at the clasp of her bra. He continued to kiss her while he unhooked her bra. Reluctantly, Robert broke their kiss for a moment in order to slip off her bra. With the use of one finger, he dropped the garment onto the floor with the rest of her clothes. Robert moved his hands down to place on her waist. "I'm not moving to fast for you am I?" Robert asked while he looked into her eyes.


"Good." Robert responded while he slowly laid Lindsee back against the pillows. He slowly placed his arms at her sides as he slowly lowered his weight on top of her. He used his knee to lightly nudge her legs apart to settle right in between them.

Lindsee didn't say a word while she got use to Robert's weight on top of her. He did not say a word while he looked down at her. He seem to be silently gritting through his teeth. She immediately had a feeling as to why. "I think you should take off your jeans and boxers."
Robert smirked while he still looked down at her. "Oh and why is that?"
"Because I have a feeling that your jeans are starting to chafe you in a very uncomfortable area."

"Hmm good point." Robert slowly sat up never once breaking eye contact with her. He slowly stood up onto the floor. "God your beautiful." Robert said while he moved his hands to the waist line of his jeans. She softly blushed at his comment while she watched him unbutton his jeans. Robert quickly slipped them off only had his boxers left. Those followed suit of his jeans a minute later. He stood there long enough for her to get a good look at him in natural form. God he was hot, was she about to have sex with this sexy guy?

She blurted out the first thing that came to her mind. "Did you- did you bring any protection?" Smooth one Linds make this even more awkward then it already is. Once again she started to blush.

"Yes, I bought protection." Robert answered while he bent down to retrieve his jeans. "I don't think we're ready for mini Cullens to be running around yet." He added while he pulled out a foiled package.
"Mini Cullens? How many children are you expecting for your broad?" Lindsee asked without trying to laugh.

"A few, but if you like to create more, I got no complaints." He smirked as he noticed Lindsee had never taken her eyes off him once. "Enjoying the view?"

"Oh immensely. Starting to wonder why I didn't let you do this sooner." Lindsee answered while Robert crawled back onto the bed with the condom. He only smiled while he ripped open the foil package.

“Ok I think in all fairness that it’s time that you ditched your knickers. Can’t exactly shag with them in the way.” Robert said while he slipped the latex ring from the package. He had a point, she was semi naked already in front of him and had no point in being ashamed of her body. She twisted her fingers into her panties waist band before she tugged the silk down her legs in one swift move. She flung the silk over to join his and her pile of clothes. Ok she now was fully naked in a hotel suite with Robert Pattinson. It sounded so scandalous and would have been if she wasn’t married to him.

She sat there not sure what Robert wanted to do until after he had slipped on the condom feeling a bit cold while she bought her knees up to her chest. “You still want to do this?” Robert asked while he noticed how she was sitting.

“Yeah, I’m just a little cold that’s all.”

“You won’t be cold in a minute.” Robert answered while he leaned forward to wrap his arms around her waist to pull her up against him. “You’re in full control would you like to be on the top or bottom?” Robert reminded her while he placed a soft kiss on the tip of her nose.

“Bottom.” She answered while she wrapped her arms around his neck the same time she slipped her legs loosely around his hips. He still had his hands on her lower back pushing her against his chest and pressing her up against him which made him moan.

“No complaints there.” Robert moaned while he slowly leaned forward to rest and prop her up against the pillows to make sure she wouldn’t be crushed by his weight. He used his knee again to nudge her legs slightly apart to settle there while he slightly lifted his pelvis up while he looked at her. “Are you ready?”

“Mmmmhmmm.” Lindsee responded while her hands move to rest flat against his shoulder blades. She lifted her head a little forward to place a soft kiss on his chin the same moment he entered her releasing another moan.

“Do you have any idea how good you feel right now?” Robert asked while his hands firmly and gently settled on her hips. She shook her head no while she felt him slowly grasp her. “How about I show you how good you feel right now?” Robert asked while he leaned forward to softly start to nip at her bottom lip. Automatically she moaned as her hands started to wonder down past his shoulder blades to settle on his back as she felt him start to slowly move in and out of her. He continued to lightly nip at her bottom lip while he shifted his hands up on her back to lift her closer to him. Her legs wrapped a bit tighter around his waist while he continued to move at a easy pace.

“Robert.” She softly said barely almost a erotic sounding whisper while she allowed her hands to softly move up and down his spine. Robert slowly stopped nipping at her lower lip to move his head up to look down at her.

“What beautiful?” Robert softly asked while he lowered his forehead to touch and lightly press against hers while he looked into her eyes. He didn’t say a words while he felt her hands still continued to caress his spine. “Are you comfortable you want me to do something else?”

“I’m fine I just want you to do something.” Lindsee answered as she felt him push her a little closer against him. “I want you to bite my neck.”

“Does that mean we’re going to screw like vampires now?” Robert answered in a sexy low whisper. “I’ve been wanting to nip at your neck ever since the first time I had you.” He continued to confess while he moved his lips to press up side her neck.

She softly moaned as she felt his teeth lightly graze and nip at her skin as her eyes fluttered closed in pure ecstasy. “Robert.” He nipped a bit harder with a sexy smirk which only made her moan. “I think you’re neck biting is about to give me a orgasm.”

“Only way vampires screw Beautiful.” Robert moaned still nipping at her neck while he felt her body trembling underneath his. Her back bone arched up as her arms wrapped around his neck. He could not hold back any longer as he started to gravitate his hips faster while her legs wrapped and squeezed tighter around him.

“Robert.” She moaned again while she dug her heels into his back bone as her orgasm triggered and sprung to life through her body. She wanted to scream in pure pleasure as she still felt his forehead pressed against hers as his mouth slanted and crushed against hers the same time he plunged into her as the fuse within his body triggered.

This was a hell of a great way to end a first date. Even the best way to end and wrap up a hot, erotic, romantic rump session in bed. It felt like a scene she would normally read in a Harlequin Blaze romance novel, and would believe it was a few pages and section of a romance novel if it just had not happened to her. She obviously was not dreaming since she felt Robert’s chest risen up and down against her cheek while the same time she heard his heart beaten.

Only thing she had covering her was Robert’s arms resting on her lower back and the fancy something hundred or thousand thread count sheets and luxurious comforter. Lindsee slowly adverted her eyes to look up at Robert to catch him with a smile on his face. “What?” Lindsee asked as a loose strand of her hair fell into her face before she lightly attempted to blow out of her eyes.

He only smiled while he moved one of his hands to push the loose strand of hair out of her face behind her ear. “You look happy even content.”

“I feel like that.” Lindsee answered while she slowly sat up. “Thank you.” Lindsee added before she placed a soft kiss on his mouth.

“For what?” Robert asked while Lindsee sat on her arms still mere inches away from his lips.

“For tonight for ending our date like this. For letting me have some sort or form of control. It was a hell of a great ending.”

“Your welcome.” Robert answered while he returned the kiss. “I felt like you needed to be loved and treated like a princess. Did you enjoy it this time since you were lucid enough to remember and recall it?”

“Yes. I honestly now don’t want to leave this bed now.”

“I don’t want to either.” Robert answered while he watched Lindsee slowly lay her head on his chest. A little bit of reality set in for both of them which cause Lindsee to tense for a minute.

“When do you think our parents should meet?”

“Ah the reality check decides to set in after the sexual bliss.” Robert responded while he acted all dramatic which made her smile. “How about after I knock out filming? I like to be able to have you all to myself for a while before you have to share me.”

“Ugh one of the downsides of being Edward Cullen’s real life bride.” Lindsee groaned. “Everyone wants you.”

“Well they don’t get to have me in bed every night, unlike you.”

“Hmm that’s a perk.” Lindsee smiled while she felt Robert slowly move his hands up and down her back.

“I’m glad that I can make you happy.”

Lindsee nodded as she yawned. “I’m ready to blissfully fall asleep now.”

“Me too. Good night Mrs. Pattinson.”

Chapter fourteen - Dishing details

“Someone seems to be in a good mood. Did you get laid last night?” Ashley asked while she, Lindsee and Mandy were seated for lunch.

“I don’t see how it’s any of your business, but yeah seemed the perfect way to end our date.”

“So you two went out on a date? Details Linds I want details!” Mandy squealed very excited.

“Geez have your own life much?” Lindsee asked while she flipped open her menu. She looked over the rim to see Mandy anxiously waiting for every detail of her night. “Ok, ok shesh give me a second to decide what I want to eat.”

“I’m just waiting to here that I was right that about getting to know your vampire by going out on a date. Just wish my dates ended up in bed or went well.”

“Please do tell us simple, common folk how the rich and famous date and socialize?” Ashley asked in a joke like tone. “Are they as normal as the average folk?”

“We did not do anything too fancy. He took me out to dinner on the Sunset Strip then while I was driving us back because I was the designated sober one, we got to talking the mood hit, we checked into the Roosevelt got a suite and he did everything perfect.”

“Perfect how? Linds it’s not like you weren’t a virgin so how could being with Robert be perfect then it was with Orlando?” Ashley asked very interested to hear Lindsee’s view point on which hot British actor was the better lay.

“Well for one, Robert did not rush or pressure me, and went slow. It wasn’t over in less then three minutes and afterwards didn’t roll off to the side and fell asleep with a loud snore. Robert took his time and went slow allowed me to set the pace. I at least woke up to find that I was not alone or my partner had left in the middle of the night.”

“He sounds romantic I have to know did he you know bite your neck?” Ashley asked her brows lifted in a suggestive manner while she wickedly smirked.

“Is that suppose to be some erotic vampire metaphor that I should know or be aware of?” Lindsee asked while Ashley continue to sit there with a beaming smirk. “Yes, there was some neck biting involved and some lip nipping.”

“Lip nipping?” Ashley and Mandy asked at the same time.

“Yes lip nipping I started it. God that man knows how the hell to kiss.”

“Any comparison to Edward Cullen?” Mandy asked with a smile. “I’m sure that was a very interesting conversation, before, during, and after sex.”

“Well he mentioned mini Cullens so I guess he wants to have children.” Lindsee shrugged her shoulders while she looked over her menu.

“Hmmm sounds like he wants to create little vampires with you. Oh by the way, you made it to the gossip columns this morning. You and Robert looked cozy on the beach kissing.” Mandy added while she dug into her purse to pull out a folded piece of paper. Lindsee lowered the menu to take the piece of paper to unfold.

It was the picture of them when they were on the beach kissing at the bottom of the large picture was a article. “Robert does not shy away from affectionate action.” Lindsee read the title. “Yesterday, Robert Pattinson was found on the beach taken a early romantic walk with wife LindseePeterson who appears to be very in love with. Pattinson, 22, married Peterson ,26, in Las Vegas the weekend before. Looks like he’s in love ladies and may have found his real life Bella.” Lindsee shook her head as she refolded the paper to slip into her pocket.

“How does it feel to be famous and this time have a famous counter part who publicly acknowledges you exist?” Mandy asked since she found how Lindsee seem to be coping and dealing with her new found fame in a calm, collective manner.

“I’m not famous or special ok maybe a bit special because of who I am married to. Just feels weird to have people snap pictures of me being and doing my every day life. I’m sure Robert will get a kick out of this article.”

“You had to know that this would happen after what you did Linds. Robert is one of the most followed Hollywood men. Hell, you probably have to write articles for Little black dress on your two at least once or twice a day. It’s kind of like writing about your private life and marriage.” Ashley put in as their waitress came to the table.

“Ready to order?” She asked while she held a pad and pen. Lindsee lowered her menu about to go first when she saw the waitress’s reaction. “Oh my God you’re Lindsee Peterson you’re Robert Pattinson’s wife.”

Mandy and Ashley both softly laughed while they saw Lindsee’s reaction to being recognized. This was many of her firsts she had to look forward to. “Uh yeah, I guess that’s me.” Lindsee answered not quite sure what reaction this woman would give it could either be positive or negative.

“You are so lucky you get to sleep with him every night. Does he kiss as good as he does in Twilight?” She gushed like she felt it to be some sort of honor to be her server.

“Yes, he’s a great kisser.” Lindsee answered to help speed along to get to order. “I think I’ll start first.” Lindsee added with a smile to politely remind the waitress of what her job was. “I’ll have a cheese burger well done with a strawberry lemonade. Instead of a bun I like a lettuce bun.” The waitress nodded while Lindsee offered her a polite smile right before she took Ashley and Mandy’s orders. She took their menus right before she left to place in their orders.

“Wow, Linds your famous when do you think the designers are going to find your number and offer you freebies?” Mandy teased which made Lindsee try not to laugh as her Blackberry vibrated in her bag. Lindsee reached next to her to pull out her phone to see she had a text message. She smiled as she saw who it was from.

Hey beautiful,
How are you? I miss you, this meeting is boring just makes me anxious to get home. I can’t stop thinking about last night was wondering if there could possibly be a round two tonight?

Lindsee smiled while she quickly hit reply to type back a response. She saw she had a audience her smile was not hard to not notice. “What? Robert sent me a text message from the production meeting.”

“You sure it isn’t a booty call?” Mandy asked with a suggestive smirk.

“Positive though he asked if there would be another round tonight.” Lindsee answered while she sent her response. She heard another beep to see Robert had sent a response to her text.

I was thinking and picturing of taken you on the kitchen table. Ok on and off of the table.

Lindsee softly laughed while her phone started to ring to see the caller was Robert. She quickly answered with a smile. “I take it that you are still bored and thinking of round two of vampire love making?” Lindsee asked in a tease like tone.

Robert softly laughed while Lindsee smiled from her end. “How did you ever guess?”

“Maybe a hint from your text messages. Exactly when tonight should I expect to act out the text messages?”

“How about as soon as I get back. I’m stuck here for a while longer, but I do miss you.” Lindsee smiled since this call seem to make her day. That and the few texts she got where he admitted how he missed her and was the topic and occupying his thoughts.

“Sounds like a date. Which room would you like to have it take place in?”

“You’re teasing me now. I plan to get you back I hope you know.”
“I count on it.”

“Where are you now what are you doing?” Robert asked since he obviously wished he was with her cameras following in toll or not.

“At lunch with my friends talking about you I haven’t seen any cameras on my trail today. I got recognized by our waitress as your wife.” Robert softly laughed amused how Lindsee seemed to be dealing with her sudden fame.

“Was that a good or bad thing?”

“A good thing I guess.”

“Everyone wants to meet you as soon as filming starts. Start date is March 23rd.” Robert answered he seem to get excited of the fact he would have her as company.

“March 23rd hmm ok.” Lindsee answered as the waitress came back to give them their drinks. Lindsee offered a polite smile since she could do not do much while on her phone. “I guess I’ll see you later tonight then.”

“You can count on it.” Robert said right before he hung up on his end.

The day seemed like it was dragging and about to go on forever a tired and exhausted Robert thought while he drove back. He had to be five minutes away from the house while his cell started to ring. That was the last thing he wanted to hear since he was anxious to get home to Lindsee. He had no choice but to answer or just let the damn phone continue to ring. “Hello.” Robert answered while he made a turn.

“Hey Rob I forgot to mention a miner detail earlier.” Nick answered since all of them were occupied earlier with the pre-production meeting for New Moon. “Your going to be going to the Oscars and present one of the awards for the night. A few designers are more then happy and willing to offer to dress Lindsee. How is she by the way?”

“She’s great I’m about home did you want to talk to her?”

“No, no just wanted to tell you about the Oscar gig. Do you think Lindsee would mind accompanying you to some events?”

“I don’t think she does, but she needs to have some time to herself and to have her own life. “Robert answered while he pulled into the drive way. “I need to ask you something or share something. Lindsee writes and she feels she shouldn’t come to me or use our marriage to help her get or land a agent. I like to help her, so do you know or can recommend a agent for her?”

“I might I’ll look into it for you. Are you planning on even telling her this that your secretly trying to get her a agent?”

“It’s a surprise for now I’ll eventually tell her. I’ll call you later I first need to go see my wife and maybe try to read some of her writing.”

“Good luck if you get to read some of her work tell me what you think.” Nick responded before he ended the call. Robert snapped his cell shut the same time her parked in the drive way and cut off the engine. Lindsee was a few feet away in the house that sat right in front of him she had to be the main focus of tonight.

The fun challenge of the night another round of sex then to convince her to let him read a script. He got out of his car and entered through the front door which was still unlocked. Robert locked the front door while he tossed his keys off to the side as he heard the upstairs shower running. A wicked smile spread across his face since he kind of could use a shower himself.

Lindsee adjusted the water to get it to the warmth that she liked and to her preference before she stepped in. Already the steam from the water had started to fog up the bathroom mirror. She assumed Robert’s meeting would run a bit over and had to do something besides lie there in her scratch that their bed like a love sick moron while she waited for him to get back home.

She had it all planned she would take a shower try not to let her sexual, devious filled thoughts about Robert drive her crazy and take over then slip into something sexy. Finally it seemed working out and a commitment to a strict diet seemed to pay off. She was able to walk into Victoria Secret with some confidence and look around for a little something. She felt a bit nervous since she had no idea how the heck to be sexy.

What made her seem sexy to Robert she really did not seem to know while she still tried to adjust to the fact that she had his attention on her since he seem to desire her. She stepped under the warm jets of water allowing the steam to wrap around her body. The same time she closed her eyes while she ran her fingers through her now wet hair right before she allowed them to skim down her body.

Ok Linds calm down save all the sexual ideas for Robert. Lindsee silently thought her eyes still closed while her hands moved up to settle at the sides of her neck. Was she having a moment of feeling and being sexy? She wasn’t sure since she couldn’t seem to think straight. The sex from last night must have been mind blowing. She couldn’t stop thinking about it and him. Come home Robert please come home! She screamed in her head lost in her own thoughts that she did not notice a slight breeze as the shower door opened and closed.

Her back was turned to him which made him smirk as he noticed she was already wet. The shower suddenly appeared to be a very erotic location within the house he slowly moved up behind Lindsee to not scare or freak her out. Her neck was seductively exposed out to him and belonged to him.

He just had to bite and nibble couldn’t resist any longer as he softly placed his arm around her waist. “I think the steam from the water makes you look hot.” Robert softly said in her ear right before he lightly nipped. She softly gasped as Robert’s free arm moved up to around her breasts.

“When did you get back in?” Lindsee asked while she allowed her body to respond to his advances by resting against him.

“A minute ago. I got to admit I did not expect you to be in the shower when I came home, but I seem to enjoy the view.”

“Came home before I could get the surprise ready.” Lindsee responded while she felt Robert’s mouth moving right towards her neck. “I really don’t think you seem to care if I had a surprise or not.”

“Mmmm no not really, but if it involved you without clothes on I’d love it.” Robert murmured against her neck.

“It involved some items from Victoria Secret.”

“I like that idea, put it on rain check for later.” Robert answered while he used his nose to nuzzle against her neck. “Where do you want to go for dinner?”

“I actually was going to cook tonight.” Lindsee responded while she tilted her head to look up at Robert. He looked down at her a bit surprised while she smiled. “But if you would like to go out again-”

“No I actually think it would be better if we ate in I needed to talk to you about something very important.”

“Hmmm interesting.” Lindsee answered she had to wonder if what he wanted to tell her involved anything related to his film schedule or a role.

“So when are you going to let me read any of your scripts?” Robert asked since he seemed to have her underneath his charms.

“Maybe soon, you seriously want to read my writings so bad?”

“Yeah, I like to get to know everything about you, even if it means reading your writings. We seem to have interesting conversations while in unusual positions and places.”

She smiled while she received a soft kiss as he hugged her closer against his chest. He seemed to be doing anything he possibly could to be able to read her scripts. Maybe he did have a bit of a interest in her after all? Would it really hurt to let one of the top Hollywood elite actors of the moment look over her work and maybe even end up liking it? Maybe it would help her a little bit, she was straightforward from the start how she did not want to take advantage and use him just to sell or land a agent.

Only one way to find out and that was to take the plunge and allow Robert to read one of the finished products. “Ok what if I agree and let you read one of the scripts what will I get out of it?”

“Well what would you like out of it?” Robert asked while he moved his hand up to her cheek in order to move a wet loose strand out of her eyes behind her ear.

“Honest feedback if you think it seems good enough to be made into a movie that type of response.”

“Oh I thought you wanted me to land you a agent?” Robert joked while he gave her another kiss.

“Just having your feedback is all that seems to matter. Alright I’ll let you read one.” Lindsee responded while she reached for a nearby built in shelf to grab a bottle of Head and shoulders. “First, just wash your hair then find me in our room. You can’t miss me I’ll be the one with the laptop in bed.” She joked which only made him laugh.

Robert took the bottle of shampoo to open while he let Lindsee go and watched her step out of the shower to grab herself a towel to dry off with. He couldn’t seem to take his eyes off of her even through the fogged glass shower door. She patted herself dry before securely wrapping the terry cloth around her body before she walked out and left the bathroom for their room to get dressed. He had to wonder what she had in mind to cook for dinner or if she could even cook. He would just have to wait and find out.

He just knew that he couldn’t let sex get in the way of having to talk to her about the Oscars and maybe about how she would probably have a agent before her twenty-seventh birthday. He would love to see her secede he thought while he did what Lindsee requested and washed his hair. He must really want to read her scripts. Did that mean that Lindsee had him whipped and wrapped around her little finger? Did he really care since this woman didn’t seem to give a damn about his fame or who he was?

She treated him like he was human and a person. Not the big celebrity that everyone else seem to make him out to be. He washed the suds of shampoo out of his hair before he turned off the water to open the shower door to reach off to the side to grab a towel. He wrapped the towel around his waist as he saw Lindsee from the bathroom door into their room where she was sitting on their bed in her robe with her laptop on. There was just something about her that attracted him to her there was more then the fact that she was very real. Her shyness seem to be a bit sexy he enjoyed he could make her blush and get her flustered so easy. Seem to be some of the few things that attracted him to her.
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