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Letters she Wrote, Degrassi (Eman&KC/Claire), PG-13

Title: Letters she Wrote
Author: Bri
Rating: T
Genre: Drama/Romance
Pairing: Emma/Kelly, friendship/later romance Emma/Sean, the subplot contains KC/Claire.
Summary: Emma seems to start out to have a nice Christmas home from college with her boyfriend, Kelly that is until she finds out a dark family secret days before Christmas and turns to someone far away for help.

Chapter One: The Icing on the Cake
Peter Stone was lost, scared and didn’t know where to turn. This year had been off to such a great start, and now his whole world is crashing upside down and inside out. It’s bad enough the secret he’s got to keep about Riley and the running and living alone has just gotten to him. He went for his yearly doctors appointment, and he found out he has the big C, the icing on the cake. Last week he traveled to Regina to see his mom, and she told him something pretty damaging and told him that the mother he has to see is actually exactly where he came from, in Degrassi. She gave him the address, he honestly didn’t put two and two together and being that it was so close to Christmas - all the houses looked pretty much the same in town. Every house had some lights decorating the rooftops; everyone had snow topped houses because of last night’s snowfall. He took a deep breath, and an exhale releasing the breath that he could see and shook his head. He was distraught, how could his mom, or his “mom” keep a secret from him like that for the past eighteen years? It hurt him. For once the kid who was rumored to have no heart, no soul hasn’t been more at a loss in his entire life, and he never really had a need to know about who the mother was so maybe just made she could have it in her heart to save his life.

Christine Nelson was always happy during the holidays, even as a little girl it was always something she looked forward to. In a few days her mom would be in town again and she’d visit. She was even happier when she found Emma would be returning home and bringing a friend, her roommate from school Kelly. Spike was alarmed to find Kelly and Emma had been seeing each other until when he came over earlier in the afternoon and revealed himself. Kelly was a boy, her little baby rooming with a boy who she had feelings with. She supposed this is what college is really about. She can honestly say she’s growing up well, better than she did.

It was dark fall now and Christine, Emma, Spike, Jack and Kelly were all enjoying It’s a Wonderful Life on TV. It was a family tradition and this year was no different. Spike had been microwaving the popcorn for everyone until she heard a knock at the door. She also heard the microwave go off, so quickly took a large blue bowl out and poured the contents of the bag of hot popcorn, and went to the front door.

“Hello may I help you?” Spike asked with the bowl in her hand. Peter looked inside and the house was kind of dark, judging by the bowl he had figured they were watching a movie. “You look familiar.”

“Ah I go to school in Degrassi?” Peter asked nervously. He really didn’t know what to say, his eyes widened and he didn’t want to say it, but it just blurted. “Oh my god. You’re Emma Nelson’s mom!”

She just smiled and laughed, “Would you like to see her, she’s home for Christmas break, she’s right inside?”

Peter shook his head like a madman. The last person he wanted to talk to was her daughter, who he didn’t even think she knew. That would cause tons more damage. It was between him and his would be mother. Now that he was able to look at Spike he saw something, she really didn’t know and this would’ve been damaging for her as well. He opened his mouth, “No ma’am, I wanted to talk to you.”

“What is it?” Spike asked.

He stammered nothing coming out, “You’re name is Christine.”

“Oh quit being a wise guy, is this a prank?” She looked around past me outside and to the sides, nobody. This wasn’t a prank.

“No ma’am.” he answered politely. “Eighteen years ago you had a son . . .”

She snapped back, “No, I had a daughter. What is with you? She’s inside; I insist if you’d like to see her -”

Peter interrupted, “You had a son too.”

Spike looked at Peter like a Precious Moment doll, her eyes wide and the shock had caused to drop her popcorn bowl. She closed her eyes when she noticed the thud and quickly shuffled outside shutting the door. Poorly equipped for the cold without a jacket she put her arms around you, “I’m listening.”

“You didn’t know?”

“Well. . .” She started.


“An agency called about three years ago asking if I wanted to meet this son I apparently had because he was moving to the area. I-I said it would be best for the boy . . . I never knew I had two until I got the call.”

“So you only knew about Emma?”

Spike nodded. “Did you want to meet me or is something wrong?”

“A little bit of both.”

“I do remember you, you.” She swallowed hard, “told me that Emma had an eating disorder. You were friends, but I saw less of you after her friend returned from another town. . . Peter. You’re Daphne Hatzilacos’ son, the principal. . Oh my god!”

Peter backed away nervously, “She adopted me and raised me as her own.”

“Well I can say she did a fine job.” Spike rolled her eyes and she was sarcastic, she then noticed she took her frustration out on the wrong person. “Sorry, our family had an issue with her.”

Peter remembered what happened a few years ago at the movie premiere. Now he understood, he remembered when Em finally told him about some of the problems at home, it stemmed from that. He sighed, “Oh . . . right look I’m sorry about her.”

“Is this about her?” She asked Peter.

Peter shook his head, “No! It’s about me. I have cancer. I thought you’d understand better than anyone. I came to ask you for help but God, Jeez now I’m not even sure if you’d even help me.”

Spike them called after him but Peter had already turned around. “Peter wait!” Peter turned around and looked at Spike, she followed him in her slippers down some, “What is it?”

“I need some tissue. . . It’s actually how I found out I was adopted. So I went to Regina to visit her because she doesn’t even live in Degrassi anymore, and she isn’t the principal and I live alone in a loft on Ferguson St. and I’m happy, I really am, but now my world is upside down because I found this out. Trust me Ms. Nelson, this was hard for me, and it’s as hard as it is for me as it would be for you please understand this. I’m the one with cancer. I heard your husband had cancer a few years ago, and he survived and I know you’re not my mom and all but -”

“Write down your address Peter.” Spike told him simply. Spike dug in her pocket taking out a notepad she would keep in her pocket. Peter found a pen in his pocket and he wrote down his address, “and a phone number I can contact you with.”

“Thank you.” Peter’s eyes welled, he was flattered. It was genuine, most would see Peter stone as a stony individual who cared so much about himself and when it came to others he was a schemer, a liar, a person who found joy in others pain and this year has changed him in so many ways, and had tested him as a person. Senior year Peter Stone learned to grow up. What would it cost him to stay alive and swallow his pride? Maybe that thing he must trade is his life. “M-merry Christmas and. . . Bless you.”

Spike nodded still obviously in a state of shock, “You too. Enjoy yourself.” As she said those words and when through the motions she had suddenly fell into a state of agony. She knew Emma was so fragile to finding out news, and she’ll never forget the way she reacted with Shane, and in finding who he was and how her mother never mentioned him again to her ever since the one time they had met when Emma was three. She just didn’t have the heart to put Emma through it again; she just simply had to tell Emma the truth. But how? She was so afraid of her reaction, so once again things were problematic. It seemed as if there was always a dark cloud over their family. Spike supposed it was true, through Snake’s cancer, the infidelity issues, Snake marrying into a relationship where Emma was a teenager and all the things she was going through and went through, and the unplanned pregnancy of Jack were all contributors.

Peter then backed up and turned around and left Spike outside. Spike backed up to the door not taking her eyes off of the boy who was her son, and seeing him for the first time as. . her son. “What am I going to do?” she silently whispered to herself looking to the sky. The indifferent sky made no change. She took the handle of the door only to see Emma open it instead. Spike stepped inside.

“Mom are you alright?” Emma asked concerned, looking on the ground to find all the popcorn on the floor and the bowl on the ground. “And why were you outside? You’re missing the movie.”

Spike just softly smiled and nodded to answer her daughter’s question looking down at the spilled popcorn. “I just needed a bit of air; I guess I’m not feeling too well.”

“You don’t have a flu? I heard that’s going around, I really hope you don’t.”

Spike shrugged, “Which is why I might just get to bed and get some rest.”

“What about the movie? Tradition? You alright?” Emma asked perplexed at her mom’s behavior.

“Em, I’m fine I assure you.” Spike faked a smile. She didn‘t want Emma to suspect anything, leave it to Emma to try to find the root of all problems, being Little Miss Save the world, she wonders if even her daughter ever got tired of it all. “Meh, I’m not up to it, sweetheart. You and Kelly could put Jackie to bed if Snake does end up falling asleep which I believe he will.”

Emma pulled me into a hug. She always knew just what to do, Spike felt. She whispered in her ear, “I hope you feel better mom.” Spike felt the crinkle of the popcorn under her slippers and she presumed Emma did too because she laughed, “it’s okay mom I’ll clean it up.”

Moments later they pulled away from the hug. “Thanks Em, see you in the morning.”

Emma waved to her mom before turning to go back into the living room to join the rest while Spike walked up the steps to bed.

Claire Edwards was hard at work making cookies with her good friend Allie Bandahari from her class. Connor is having a Christmas party at Mr. Simpson’s house tomorrow, Christmas Eve. Claire volunteered to make cookies, and Allie decided she wanted to help. The two girls had developed somewhat of a friendship after they had a few classes together and have been spending lots of time together studying and even goofing off on occasion. The pair couldn’t of been more different Claire would pick oxfords and knee-hi’s while Allie was more of a denim mini and designer handbag kind of girl, none the less the two despite their difference get along just fine. Claire was happy to find a friend who she could cook with, she enjoyed cooking and she missed her big sis Darcy who would cook Christmas cookies with every year as far back as she could remember. She had Allie, and Allie was a great friend, although sometimes Allie cared more about boys than cooking.

“So I’m thinking of asking that Johnny DiMarco guy to come to the party.”

“He isn’t in our class.” Claire protested as she went on her tiptoes to grab a large mixing bowl from the cabinet way up high in the kitchen while Allie was leaning on the counter using her hand to prop her head up looking up at her friend.

“Connor said we could bring a guest. If you could who would you bring?”

“I probably would bring Darcy.”

“No, a boy. If you could invite a boy, who would you invite?”

Claire shrugged, “I don’t have time to think about things like boys.” It wasn’t true though because Claire did. Claire thought quite often about a boy, the one she thought of in particular, his name was K.C Guthrie.

“Please, Claire. You cannot be serious.” Allie stepped closer to her as Claire was still up there grabbing the other necessary things for cooking. “I mean there are plenty of boys.”

“I know.”

“Just pick one. It’s not like I’m asking you to ask him, pick up the phone and ask him. If you had the chance who would you bring? Promise it wouldn’t leave this room, I cross my-”

“You wouldn’t tell if I told you right?” Claire interrupted.

“I’d take it too the grave.” Allie said eagerly. “Might I say I know a boy who is quite interested in you.”

Claire’s eyes narrowed, “Who?”

A grin played on the tan brunette’s lips, “K.C Guthrie”

The other girl’s eyebrows rose, “Oh really?”

“I kid you not.” Allie boasted proudly.

“Do you think he’d show up at the party?”

Allie thought about it, before looking at Claire. “I’m pretty sure. I mean he likes us, enough to sit with us at lunch and he knows you’d probably go, right?”

“I did mention I was going. . . ” Claire trailed off.

“Maybe you don’t need to tell me at all who it is you’d take.”

“What do you mean?”

“Even I could tell it’s completely obvious you like K.C. I just wanted to see what you would say.” Allie laughed mischievously.

“Hey!” Claire exclaimed, “That isn’t fair.”

“Still, same rules still apply - I won’t tell.”

Claire stepped closer to Allie and put her pinkie out, “Pinkie promise.”

Allie intertwined pinkies with Clare and shook her head, “I promise, now can we bake before it gets too late?”

The pair looked at the recipe and they started to get all the materials together. Deep down Claire was ecstatic for the party for two reasons. The first reason is to use her family’s recipe for the perfect ooey gooey chocolate chip cookies for she wanted to please K.C because they often talked about the food their grandmother’s make and he loves chocolate chip cookies. In fact, K.C lives with his grandma so he’s always trying her dishes and claims she’s the greatest cook in the world. He told Claire he was going to bring her special chicken casserole but only she would remember it. She indeed liked K.C. seeing him at the party would be simply the icing on the cake.
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Chapter Two: Revelation

Emma Nelson woke up next to her boyfriend Kelly. He looked comfortable so she silently got out of bed carefully so she would not wake him. She slinked up the steps to see her mom cleaning in the kitchen once she emerged. “Hey mom, good morning.”

After entering the room more, she was able to see Snake who was sitting at the table drinking some coffee. “Good morning, Emma.” He greeted, still her mom said nothing. Emma knew something was up; her mom usually is not one to clean unless something was wrong.

“How did you and Kelly sleep?” Spike asked turning to acknowledge her daughter faking a smile before returning to clean some more.

Emma smiled answering, “Good, really good. How are you feeling?”

Spike hesitated, not facing her family. She knew she had to tell them eventually but she lied. “Fine why you ask?”

“It’s just last night after you went outside you felt sick.” Emma explained advancing toward her mom walking past the kitchen table.

“Christine, Emma did have a point. You were fine until you went to get the popcorn and everything.” Snake looked to his wife with a worried expression, narrowing his eyes.

Spike nodded taking it all in. She turned around before pulling herself a seat next to Archie. “Someone visited last night and the person told me something really unsettling.” She then silently sat for a few moments, avoiding eye contact and looking at her hands folded at the table.

“You’re giving us a heart attack.” Snake exclaimed looking at Spike breaking the silence. Emma was silent. “Remember Spike, no secrets.” He added with ah whisper. They both had promised after a few of their marital problems that the one problem was, they kept little things from one another.

“Snake, you don’t have to worry. In fact, you - stay out o this. This is more about me and Emma.” Spike explained to Snake, “However, you know what? I think you would need to know anyway.”

“W-what is it?” Emma asked worriedly.

“Em, you have a twin brother.” She answered.

"Why didn't you tell me I have a twin brother? “ Emma stood up.

“Emma. “ Spike reprimanded warning her to sit back down.

“Why? First, you tell me nothing about my dad and I had to go and find him myself? Now this?! What kind of family is this?"

Snake butts into the conversation, "I was just about to say the same thing."

"Emma, Snake wait." Spike calls after Emma. “Calm down.”

“Calm down!?” Emma questioned.

“I’m not finished.” Spike said frustrated. Emma had already left the room, probably down the basement with Kelly.

"Christine you have a lot to explain. Eighteen years of . . lies." Snake shakes his head disappointedly."I didn't know I had two. I knew I had Emma . . . My mom told me about three years ago when Emma was in high school. Daphne Hatzilacos has Emma's twin, his name is Peter." Spike told Snake, in her own defense.

"Christine you can't tell Emma that." Snake said cautiously unable to completely react.

"What and have her accuse me of lying to her . . .again?" Spike asked, “You saw how she reacted there and I only told her half of the truth.”

"She dated Peter two years ago. You know how bad that could damage her?!"“I know but. . “

Snake then asked outraged in a whisper. "I-I- how was I not informed of this?!"

Emma stood by the basement door listening to her parents argue. She hated it; it brought her back to a few years ago. After her step-dad had cheated on her mom with Daphne Hatzilacos her high school principal and mother of her boyfriend at the time. How that one night tore apart their family. How sometimes they as a family have to deal with the scars of that night and the repercussions that followed. She still was unable to deal completely with what she heard. She began to question if she had indeed heard her mother correct, Peter Stone is her twin brother. Peter Stone is my twin brother, she whispered inaudibly.

Spike sighed, "I don't know . . . I mean I know where your coming from and I know you're shocked but. . .look Emma needs to know but - I'm afraid of how she'd react. The last thing we'd both want is a repeat of the post shooting fiasco. It took a long time for our family to heal from that."

"I know. I feel like I kinda really wish I didn't know about Peter. . or I wish I would've told her earlier or knew then. I was zonked apparently I didn’t know my mom gave the green light that we had only really prepared for one baby, Emma. You see I didn’t know I had two until years and years later. I didn't think it'd make a difference . . . until I found out that he needed something from his biological parents and he went and tried to track me down." She looked down at her hands, with a pause. "The boy has cancer. I feel sympathetic.""Well doesn't that hit a little close to home?" Snake asked thoughtfully.

"I guess he couldn't find Shane. . . And even if he did he wouldn’t know what to do.” Spike trailed off, "because he only knows about Emma, but he found me. That was who was at the door the other night when we were watching a movie. I only told Emma that she has a brother. I don't think I could go into the fact that it's Peter Stone!"

Emma emerged from the basement; she had been listening by the door the entire time. "So it‘s true."

“Emma. . . “Spike tried to talk.

“Wh-” She started before beginning to cry. She had no sympathetic feelings toward Peter; in fact, she had a bitter feeling toward him. She remembered the last things she said to him, it was at the masquerade dance at school. Her stupid plan to be able to hang out with her then-grounded beau due to the street racing thing her ex had bought on to Peter. How she believed Peter over Sean was beyond her, how long had she known Sean? Peter wasn’t the guy for her, that night showed what kind of guy Peter was. “How do you know the kid was lying? You clearly don’t know him like me. He is trying to throw us for a loop! He always does!”

“Em you don’t know. I know someone isn’t as cruel as to lie about cancer.”

“You don’t know Peter!” Emma fired back. “He’s malicious, he’s sneaky, and he’s a pathological liar. I should know I dated the freak! He is manipulative and he knows it. Give me one goddamned reason why you should believe him? He is the reason Sean was kicked out of school. He uses the fact he was Hatzilacos boy to get away with things. I don’t believe him.”

“Christine. . . She does have a point. I taught him, I know his rap sheet. It’s not good. Are you sure?”

“The year Peter started attending Degrassi I was notified that I indeed have a son eighteen years ago.” Spike answered. “It’s no mix-up, he’s my son biologically. I mean, I didn‘t think about it. I didn‘t even get a name. I saw Shane when I saw him. He looks like your father did -”

“I got to get out of here.” Emma said simply as she exited the room going downstairs silently hoping not to wake up Kelly. She walked up to the bed close to tears stroking his cheek as he slept silently. He seemed so worry free, so peaceful so far from where she was. She knew this was going to an Christmas she‘ll always remember, not always recollected in a good way. She walked up to her desk pulling out a notebook. She opened up a blank page. There was usually one person she turned to when everything went bad, and this person was usually the only person in the whole world she trusted with everything and understood just what she was feeling. Sean Cameron, was that person. She decided she would finally swallow her pride, and open up to him.

December 18th, 2008


I know this is much belated. I apologize for not writing you sooner, the good news is I started college I suppose it is for a good reason. Happy Holidays to you. How are you doing? I hope you are doing much much better than me.

Quick update, graduated high school, I have a boyfriend named Kelly, he‘s one of my college roommates. In fact, he is in Degrassi with me for the holidays. As for Damien, he got with Liberty on prom night. Ironically, Manny hooked Liberty up wit him on like her birthday a million bazillion years ago, you remember? Well on prom night, a drama showdown went down. I do not really care though, seriously. We are all good friends, all except for Damien. I haven’t heard from Toby in awhile. He went to this study abroad thing. Damian I think he actually went to college at Banting and we all went off to Springdale. I don’t know what I ever saw in someone like that. Anyway, things had been going really really well.

Leave it to me, for everything to go from perfect and great to complete crap in days, this is what is happening right now. You see, I am so disturbed and I’ll tell you right now I know you’d understand when I finish. My mom last night went outside during that movie we watch every time the holidays near It’s A Wonderful Life? My mom abruptly gets up and leaves, and then I see her outside. Afterwards, she went upstairs to bed. I ask her what happened, because even Snake saw something was wrong, my supposed brother visited her. Apparently, I have a twin I knew absolutely nothing about. Get this, this is the sick and disturbing part - it is Peter. You know ex-boyfriend Peter, it’s him. How could my mom keep this from me? Why does my mom insist on keeping things from me? Even so, it just upsets me to know he’s someone I was with and saw romantically. That disgusts me. I mean now that I know him as a complete jerk and all, and I don’t know what I thought of him before, but now I really know who he is. It’s sick. What am I going to do?

Please write back. Next time I’ll write more often. Just nothing too too eventful has been going on to seriously document on. If there’s ever anything you want to write me on, tell me.

Always, Emma.

Emma read over her letter one last time. With a sheepish smile she grabbed an envelope on her desk folded it up and placed a stamp on it. She wrote down the information and fixed to take the letter to the post office box. She knew she could never tell Kelly, he wouldn’t truly understand. She felt so wrong, but she knew Sean needed to know what was going on. She felt like she owed it to herself to let Sean still in. She couldn’t explain why.

Kelly knows nothing but what she tells him. I mean Manny is so easy to become an open book; she is good at telling people about herself. Emma she makes herself more like a mystery, especially in a new setting such as college. She didn’t want to be so open. She didn’t want Kelly to know about her past really, or just how dysfunctional her life truly is. She thought back on Kelly, perhaps it was a mistake to invite him home.

- x -

Allie buried herself atop Claire’s bed putting her Cosmopolitan magazine over her head in annoyance at Claire‘s attire. “How many of those things do you have?”

“One for each day.” Claire answered eyeing herself in the mirror. She wasn’t exactly satisfied with the girl who stood before her. She had always dressed this way, it was just second nature. She could never tell Allie because Allie would eat it right up. Sometimes she wishes she could open up more, be more like her very outgoing friend.

“Newsflash, Degrassi doesn’t have a policy. You could wear whatever you like. Just like parties.” Allie answered now sitting up straight clearly annoyed. “Please tell me you’re not actually going to wear that tonight.”

“I want to look presentable.” Claire answered shrugging. Deep down she wanted to wear something somewhat different.

“You can still look presentable and not look like a total cookie cutter.” Allie protested.

“I’m not a cookie cutter.” Claire pouted crossing her arms.

“Yes you are.”

“Yes I’am.” She said lamely before she caught wind of what she said, “Hey wait!”

“Do you want my help?”

“I-I uh. . .” Allie took her word as a yes.

“You’re in luck I brought an extra skirt and I have a curling iron!”

“You’d do that?” Claire asked Allie honestly hiding the hopefulness in her voice.

“What are friends for? Besides it’s a Christmas party, you want to look nice. Especially for K.C.”

“Shh! Not so loud.” Claire whispered telling Allie to lower her voice.

“Let me guess, your mother has no idea.”

“And neither does my father. I’d like to keep it that way.”
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