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DareDevil Elektra and Bullseye- Romantically Imbalanced.

Title: Romantically Imbalanced
Part: One
Author: Alicia -
Rating: PG-13 for Violence, sensuality and language.
Disclaimer: I did not create nor do I know the creators of Daredevil. I am only using the characters for fan enjoyment.
Summery: Elektra is back from the dead and she sees Bullseye like she’s never seen him before…. Daredevil also tries to kill Elektra…. Several times

The Thunder roared and the lightning brought a clear vision to Elektra’s training session. She had been training for more than two hours… the reason was she nearly died… again but this time Matt Murdock a.k.a Daredevil was the one to try to do her off. After the time Bullseye killed her with her own sais and she came back from the dead, he became obsessed with the idea that something inside of her had changed because why else would she see the views of a assassin and another reason why would she become romantically involved with one? Well romantic doesn’t really cut it! Elektra and Bullseye’s relationship was more sensual than romantic; lets just put it that way.
Elektra continued to pound into the boxing bag with every swing more aggressively. As she continued to punch the bag she had flashbacks of the night before that was Daredevils one of many attempts to try to kill her. She remembered him grabbing her by the throat and kicking into her stomach and throwing her leaving her unconscious for a number of hours. She felt herself getting upset inside and let her anger out on the boxing bag kicking the bag so hard that it had become detached from the ceiling. She walked over to the Italian table in the corner of the room and picked up the towel to wipe the sweat off her back and face. She then leaned over to grab her water bottle. She indulged herself with the water and picked up her cell phone. She had one missed call, the call was from Bullseye. She speed dialed his number and put the phone against her ear.
“What?” Bullseye asked aggressively on the other end.
“Hey, its me.” Elektra said calmly.
Bullseye as usual was down at the bar drinking and winning money from the half-wits in Hells Kitchen. “How’s me baby doin’ tonight?” Bullseye asked with a lack of interest he was obviously drunk.
“I’m just training after last night I…” Elektra ran her index finger across the table and sat down. “After what Daredevil tried to do last night, I need to be prepared.” She continued.
Bullseye noticed that while he wasn’t watching a medium height man tried ripping him off by taking the money he just won. Bullseye gave the man a disapproving stare “Elek, forgive me.” Bullseye then dismissed the call and put the small cell phone into his pocket. He gave the man a deadly glare and signaled him to come to him. With every step the man took towards Bullseye the more steps Bullseye took rearing himself towards the side door. When the man got closer to the door Bullseye grabbed him by the shoulders and violently pulled him out of the door. Bullseye pinned him up against the wall. “You, you tried ripping me off.” Bullseye said staring into themans eyes. “No, I didn’t, I mean please don’t…” The man said terrified. Bullseye grunted and moved his head towards his neck to take him in. “Ah, you smell of fear; of lies… why would you be so scared if you didn’t do anything wrong?” Bullseye said smiling at his victim to Bullseye this was the best part of the game. Bullseye grabbed his victim by the throat; and the man started to kick his feet. “Stop! You’re only making this more bloody fun for me.” Bullseye said grinning .The man started coughing and his face went red. Bullseye growled and took pleasure in his victim’s pain. He continued to kick his feet and finally kicked Bullseye in the groin. Bullseye collapsed to the floor in pain, his victim slowly getting away and this never happened to Bullseye. He reached into his leather coat and pulled out a sharp implement and threw it at the back of the mans neck. Bullseye watched as the man fell to the floor. “Ah, that’s for your lies” Bullseye stumbled up off of the floor and walked over to the now dead body. He kneeled down behind him and peeled off his victim’s jacket and searched through the pockets. He found gum, notes, and the two hundred dollars that he stole from him. He then threw the jacket towards the trashcans in the side of the alley and started to go through the other pockets. In his jeans Bullseye found car keys; expensive ones at that; he was bound to find the car they belonged to and he also found a cell phone. He threw the money, keys and cell phone into his jacket pocket and took off.


Elektra looked over at the clock it displayed 4:30AM. She figured it was roughly that time so she decided to get up. Elektra knew that it wasn’t unusual that Bullseye didn’t return home but she thought that this time it would have been different. Elektra stumbled out of bed and put her head in her hands. “I thought you would have been home for me.” She said quietly.
She geared herself up in the training room for another round of training, she knew she couldn’t get distracted by Bullseye because she knew that if she let her training slip Daredevil could end up killing her. She started to stretch and walked over to the stained glass window and peered through. She looked over the park and then looked at the sidewalk and saw Bullseyes motorbike. He had obviously come home but she wondered why he had left again. Elektra backed away from the stained glass and started to unwrap the black wristbands and ran into the bedroom. She searched through the top drawer of the bedside table and found Bullseyes keys she pulled them out and looked at them then put them into her pocket and bolted out of the apartment. She kneeled down next to the bike and unlocked it then sat on the bike and started up the ignition. She revved the bike up then sped off.
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