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a crazy fan fic about EVERWOOD, what if Harold accepts to carry Linda's baby?

The story begins two years ago and they are divorced.

There were tough months since Harold and Rose got divorced.
They were married for a long times but after the children went to college, life turned isolate for the both.
The first weeks after the separation were the most difficult they had to live.
The children suffered a lot too.
Bright tried to be a support for his parents but Amy couldn’t because she was devasted.
Even Linda’s return couldn’t bring some happiness to his family.
For all these reasons this Thanksgiving’s dinner was so sad, even more than that time when Amy brought Tommy and left home for a while.
Rose decided to visit a cousin in Denver so it was only Harold’s family at the table.
Before dinner Linda was in the kitchen, helping his brother with an exotic dessert discovered by her in Asia.
She ran to turn off the fire when she saw Harold’s face after he realized his sauce was overcook.
“Men, they couldn’t live on this planet without us”, she laughed “ But you wouldn’t admit it in a thousand of years, would you?”
Harold didn’t reply, he just went to the table and started to cut some fruits.
They continued cooking without talk . After a while Linda broke the silent.
“ Harry, I know how hard is….”
“Linda”, interrupted her firmly “ I’ve told you before, I’m fine. For God’s s sake, it’s been eight months!”
“What about Amy and Bright?”
“Oh, Bright saw it last year, he didn’t surprise when we told him. But Amy, she can’t accept it yet. But I feel this was the best decision. Rose and I had been talking a lot about it. We couldn’t handle so we took the best choice for the family.”
“Well, I must admit you seem calm. Harry, I… there’s something I have to tell you, no, ask you.”
He left cutting and saw her with attention.
“ I can’t find a place for living and I don’t want to bother Mom, so I wonder if I could stay here with you for a while.”
He felt her voice was almost broke and walked to her.
“ You perfectly know you can.” He hugged her softly but she did it strongly, she seemed worried.
“ I think there’s something more, isn’t it?”
She looked him directly in his eyes and wanted to talk but she couldn’t.
“We talked after, ok?”
She separated from him and went to the dinner room.
Harold looked at her concerned.

Besides everybody’s fear dinner was quiet and almost became a traditional Abbott’s Thanksgiving.
Harold didn’t forget Linda’s words and when his mother and Irv said goodbye and Amy and Bright were out, he walked to the kitchen where she was washing plates.
“You wanted to talk to me about something.”
She turned toward him. She seemed nervous and couldn’t look his face.
“Harry, we pretend that never happens but my illness is a fact and besides I try to get it out of my mind I can’t. I don’t feel any symptoms yet but they could appear in any moment. In those last months I asked to myself what is the most important thing in the world and I realized being with my family is my greatest wish. But I want a family to my own too. In the last years I’ve been thinking a lot about children, my own children and every time I see Bright and Amy my wish grows a little more.”
Harold felt touched by those words. He could feel her pain.
“I can’t get pregnant. It could be very risky for me and the baby. I could transfer my disease and this is the last thing I want. Adoption is not an option, I met several children and I felt maternal feelings about them. But I want one with my own flesh and blood. You can help me, Harry.”
He looked at her intrigued. She continued.
“Before my trip, I froze some ovaries and they are in a clinic in Denver. I can’t bear a baby and a doctor who is my friend and the one who gave me the idea explained to me that the only one who can do it is someone with my blood.”
“That’s ridiculous. You perfectly know a strange woman can do it.”
“But I ask you, Harry.”
He stood at her shaken.
“Are you… is possible…what?”
“ Harry, I know it sounds crazy but believe it or not there are advanced studies about male pregnancy. I could show you if you want. This friend of mine is one of the most prestigious scientifics and he offered me her help. There is not risk.”
Harold started to laugh.
“Oh, hilarious dream, you got enough. I want to wake up.”
“Harry! It’s not a joke. I can show you if you want. I brought it with me.”
“What? The prestigious doctor or your crazy theory?”
She went to the living room and came back with a bag. She had there files and a video. Harold saw her and though she was serious. He decided to listen.
Impossible or not evidences were there. During the last twenty years, Scientifics from all the world worked together and could develop a genuine method. Apparently, he wouldn’t the first man, because in an extremely secret thousand of men got pregnant and gave birth healthy babies by cesarean surgery.
She showed him everything and gave him all the time he wanted to think about it.
That night Harold went to the basement and watched old pictures when they were children and worries and problems were far of their lifes.
He remembered a time during a storm when she asked him to protect her because she was afraid of the thunders. He should be eight years old. He stood at her side and promised to himself he never leave her.
He spend all the night awake, looking for memories that could help him to say no. Of course common sense said it was almost impossible but his feelings for her only sister were powerful. All those years he struggled against the anguish that caused her eminent death. That night this pain invaded his soul and the only consolation was the idea of a child of her own, living after she died, bear by him.
He decided to try. He didn’t remember when was the last time he saw her so happy. She almost throttle him with her arms when she hugged him.
They decided to keep it as a secret for the town and the world. But Harold said he had to tell his children.
Linda was agree and she though about Rose and her mother too.
They talked to the specialist doctors and when they felt sure they decided to communicate to the rest of the family.
That night Harold was sitting with Amy and Bright. He tried to explained there were not risk for him or the baby.
“ I think this is the most important present I can give to your aunt. I want to show her how much I love her. As you know she may leave us very soon and this child could remind us on her for ever.”
The both looked at their father upset. Bright seemed to be thinking about it but Amy had her eyes glassy.
His son replied.
“ I can’t say this is a good idea to me because is not. But if it’s your choice and there’s not risk as you explain, you have all my support, Dad.”
“Thank you, son. You don’t know how much it means to me.”
He took his hand in sign of grateful and looked at his daughter.
She had tears in her face and was looking at him with anger.
“Amy, I ….”
She turned back and ran to her bedroom.
Later, she walked down the stairs and found his father watching TV. He turned his head toward her when he heard her steps but didn’t say a word.
She walked in silent and sat in the same couch he was.
“ I’m sorry,” she whispered, “ I can’t be agree with you. I can’t give you my blessing if that is what you looking for, I …”
“ Amy,” he interrupted her softly, “the only thing I want for you is your support.”
“ I still think it’s dangerous for you. I just can’t let you die.”
“ Amy, it’s not so risky as it seems. I went through that before, well, not exactly because I’ve never been pregnant before for nine months, but your mother had problems with your brother during the last months of pregnancy and her womb was damage. We were surprised when we discovered she was pregnant with you. But after months a miscarriage was eminent. So the same doctors who I talked suggested me to carry you for at least a few weeks, until you had chance to survive. And I did it. We never told you before because we swore to keep it in secret but that really happened.”
Amy was unspoken. After a while she asked if anyone else knew it and her parents were the only one. “ I had to be pregnant for three weeks. We said to your grandparents I had a flu and needed to stay in bed. But there were not high risk and my life wasn’t in danger. I think in all those years they advanced, so the probabilities are more.”
“ Dad, there’s so much, I ignore about you and Mom, I never though you could be capable to do something like that to me.”
“ I couldn’t lose you this time as I can’t let your aunt leave us. This is the only thing I can do for her and I want to do it, but I want to have my family with me and I need you, Amy.”
“ You’ve got me, Dad.”
They hugged.
Two days later Amy and Bright returned to college and a few weeks after Harold started the treatment.
After all that he suffered with the divorced the most happiest day in the year was the one when they realized he got pregnant.

Five months later Amy and Bright had two weeks of vacancy and they decided to travel to Everwood.
Amy arrived first and was received by Linda.
“Where’s Dad?”, was the obvious question and her aunt showed her the upstairs.
So she went to his bedroom. Harold was lied in the bed resting but he sat there with Edna’s help when he saw her daughter coming in.
They hugged and start to talk about how grown the baby was and how difficult was college to Amy because she couldn’t stop thinking in her cousin.
Linda came in and when she realized what they were talking about, she asked Amy if she wanted to see the eco.
Amy seemed really excited.
“Well, actually there are two ecos. The first is from the first weeks and the last one is from a few weeks ago.” She extended the pictures for Amy.
In the first one there were four fetus and in the last just two. But she knew miscarriages were very probably.
“ So, they seem to be twins, don’t they?”
Linda turned sad.
“ Not, Amy. We lost one last week. That is the reason because your father is resting but the last one is strong and there is not any problem. You can be sure.”
Those news turned Amy upset and she got angry.
“This is too much, too much! I can handle all this romantic story about fraternal love. I didn’t want you to encourage to do something like that, Dad, I still think it’s really stupid but I supported you because you asked me to do it. But I think this is going to far. I’m angry to everybody, specially to you, Aunt Linda. You don’t care about him, he can die and you don’t care.”
She walked to the door and before leaving she said:
“ I hope I still have my own bedroom but I don’t expect I have.”
They stayed shaken. Harold got up.
“I’ll talk to her. This is more than she can bear.”
His sister stayed looking upset.
Harold opened her door and found his daughter crying. He sat on the bed where she was lying with her face hidden under the pillow.
“I’m sorry, honey. Please, forgive me”, he asked while he stroked her hair, “I didn’t want you or Bright to worry because we knew you were with the final exams.”
Amy turned toward him and cleaned her tears.
“You lied. You said you wanted us to support you and though I didn’t like it I did it, I did it for you. And what about you ? You almost die and hid it from us. You asked me for loyalty but I can’t even trust you, Dad.”
“Amy, you’re right. Let me explain it to you, please. Let me talk and tell you the truth.”
Amy sighed, skeptic. Her father continued.
“ I knew for the beginning that may be not all the babies would be born and the two first were a relief because I couldn’t bear four and it happened one day without any complications. But with the other. I was prepared to carry the both and when it happened I didn’t expect it and was very fast. I just felt a shark pain and they had to open me.”
The way he said this last sentence made her grimace.
“I know it’s sad but they technically opened me. I can carry only till 8 months. My body couldn’t resist it. It’s a lot of pressure, so we just must wait three more months and all this nightmare will finish. Though I don’t feel it as a nightmare.”
“Just a bad dream.”
“Not bad at all. C’mon, besides my birthdays I’ve never receive so much attention,” he joked.
He made his daughter laugh.
“So, honey. I’ll ask you again. May you forgive me?”
She felt how hard it would be for him, all the pain he’s going through.
“ I forgive you, Dad,” she hugged him.
“Thank you, Amy.”
“Tell me.”
“I can give up this room to the baby. After all the child’s my cousin.”
“Thank you, but I don’t accept it. The baby is your cousin but you’re still my daughter and I want you to have a place here, …. For ever.”
They heard noises from downstairs.
They separated and Amy ran to the door.
“Bright is here, Dad.”
He smiled while she ran upstairs.
He stood up and closed his eyes.
He had a flashback.
He was lying in the hospital bed very sad. His mother was standing next to him.
“Everything is fine now, Junior. Try to get some sleep. You need it.”
She left the room after seeing her daughter coming in.
“Harry, do you feel better?”
He heard his sister’s voice but he turned back to her. He didn’t want to see her because he felt guilty.
Linda understood him and walked toward the bed.
“I really admire you for what you are doing, Harry.”
But he continued in the same position. Linda had the voice broken by emotions.
“You’re so brave, Harry. I even know if I could do the same for you.”
“I failed you, Linda,” he whispered , “I was so arrogant I though I could do it and now I lost one of your children.”
“No, you didn’t. you gave life to my children and it’s not arrogance, Harry. What you have done is the most great act of love anyone did it to me. Life is too short to grateful for this.”
He turned toward her and extended his hand to his sister.
Harold opened his eyes when the flashback ended and went to meet Bright.
This was a special dinner. They seemed happy to be together again.
Linda and Edna had news. Linda finally found an apartment where she could move when the child would be born. Harold didn’t feel glad with that because he expected to have them living with him but accepted it.
But one more time his sister surprised him.
When they were alone she admitted she was concerned about the child.
“I’m worry about what would happen to the baby when I had gone. I think about it all the time. Harry, brother, would you do something for me? I know you have done enough but I want you to be my child’s legal guardian. What do you think?”
“I can’t feel more happier, Linda.”
Those three months went without any complication and a week after the eight month a boy was born by cesarean surgery.
“How do you want to name him, Linda? Until yesterday you didn’t have a name,” Edna asked when she was in the room with his children meeting her grandson, asleep in his uncle’s arms.
“Well, I’ve decided to name him after his uncle Harry.”


So Harold Abbott, the arrogant doctor, gave his sister the biggest gift he could give to anyone. And everyone in the family understood that. Besides he selfish behavior he was capable to give everything to the people he loved the most, his own family.
But four years later, Linda turned really sick and everybody expected the inevitable.
In the hospital little Harry asked to stay alone with his mother and Harold left the room.
Outside Edna gave him Linda’s will where she became Harold in the legal guardian.
Harold suggested take Harry to his house so the boy could start living with him.
In that period of time Rose and Harold made up and they started to go out together. They want to be a couple again. Rose couldn’t be in the hospital that day but she had promised Harold they met during the night.
Doctors (included Harold) decided operate her in a couple of days. So her son couldn’t see her again during the next days.
In the way home Harold bought him some toys. He felt sad thinking how tough that moment would be for the child.
He prepared Harry’s favorite dinner and showed the boy his room.
But Harry asks him if he could sleep with him.
“Look Harry, I promise I will be with you until you turn asleep. And you won’t listen when I leave the room, OK?”
But the child didn’t seem happy.
“ Uncle, may I sleep with you in the principal room?”
Those words surprised Harold because he wanted Rose to spend the night together.
He took the boy’s hand and they went to his bedroom.
When Harry fell asleep, Harold called Rose.
“Poor little boy”, she said, “Don’t worry, Harold, I can see you in the morning.”
She hanged on the phone thinking how much he’d changed. Years ago he would do this only for his children, her and may be his sister and now she felt him different.
Lamentably, Linda died and the child was raised by Harold.


Little Harry was planning his fifth birthday party. Actually, he was planning his presents helped by Amy who secretly was planning his party.
Harold came in and thanked his daughter for babysitting.
When she’d gone he found the present’s list over the table and read it.
“Well, my little nephew, if your party is so funny than the presents you expect, we’ll remember it for a long time.”
“Will I have a party, uncle?”.
“Of course, you will”, he sat next to him, “but it’s a surprise so I can’t tell you how it will be.”
He saw his little eyes shining by the emotions.
“Harry, I know how difficult this year has been for everybody, and specially for you. But despite all the painful moments we are here for you. You mustn’t forget it, right?”.
“I miss her”, he looked down trying to restrain his tears.
Harold felt really sad and held him strongly against his chest.
“I love you so much as her.”
In that moment he felt that was a perfect time, so he decided to tell him the truth.
“Listen, Harry, I’ll tell you something, a big and important secret but you don’t have to tell it to anyone, except our family, ok?”.
The boy looked at him seriously.
“You know I grew up in grandmother Edna’s belly because of a seed that your grand father left and with your mother was the same thing. Amy and Brighton did it in aunt Rose’s and finally you grew up first in your mother but because of her illness she couldn’t so we loved you so much that I decided to finish it.”
Harry was surprised and Harold continued.
“So now, you can understand how much I love you and how special is the bond between us. And you have me here.”
Harry felt safe and warmed in his arms and smiled.
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Welcome to FF poition. We already have an Everwood fic thread, so I'm going to close this one. Please also check out the fanfic board rules before you start direct-posting your fics - we only allow up to 1000 words to be directly posted onto the forums. Cheers.
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