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Chapter 2 Read on It's werid

Chapter 2: Not here

She is crazy for doing this.
I know she doesn't want to this.
Man, Leah it's sudden fact "I love you."

Jake was in his room, trying to find a notebook. Leah dropped in through the window. "Hey Jakey," she told him, "Looking for something." Jake got up from the floor. "Yeah, it's just an old notebook about Bella." he replied, "when I still loved her. She's his now. I got to get over it now. Now I'm going to burn this notebook for better of me." Leah bopping her head up and down. "It's time now." Jake went to burrow outside of his front porch with the notebook and lighter in hand. He lit the lighter and lit the notebook on fire. He threw the notebook in the burrow. Leah began to cry. It's not usual for Leah to cry about something. "I'm done with Bella, Leah." he run into the house. Leah was confused about Jake. Some days he is normal, easy get along with, then other days he is hormonal, don't want to be bother with.

Leah was on the swing at her house. Then Edward came out of the forest. "You better get out of La Push, Edward treaty, it's useless." she told the vampire, she began to cry again. Edward thought she's hormonal. "Leah, it's not your fault it's Jacob." She looked at him with a tear in her eye coming out. "He had a notebook about Bella while she was human." she whisphered, " I think he's love with someone else." Leah cleared her face from tears, "I think it's me." Edward held Leah close to his chest. "Edward, what the hell are doing?" she yelled at him. "Trying to hear your thoughts and you said them out loud." He told her, "I think you love him too. Also you want to ....." Leah broke his sentence. "EDWARD, YOU SICK VAMPIRE. I THOUGHT BELLA GIVE YOU PLEASURE!" she yelled again. Leah run into her house. Edward was worried about Sue and Charlie looking out of the window.

Bella was entertaining Nessie with a stuff animal. Edward walking into the doorway. Nessie pointed up to Edward, Bella began to laugh at Edward. "Bella we need to talk out in the kitchen." he told her. Bella got up and told her daughter to stay in the living room. "Edward is about Leah and Jake." she asked him. Edward shook his head yes. "I think they are in love with each other. Leah was crying on her swing." he went on, "I read her mind, she loves him and doesn't want him hurt. She wants to......"
Bella broke his sentence, "Edward, I think we shouldn't talk about sex in front of Nessie." she told him, "I won't care if Leah and Jake did it in forest or at their houses." Edward was shocked what his wife said about Leah and Jake. Nessie walked into the kitchen, "Mommy I'm hungry for blood." Bella grab a cup of blood for Nessie in refrigerator. "Here you go Nessie." Nessie grabbed the cup and run into living room to play with her toys. Edward sat on the stool. " What I'm going to do with Wolf girl and Wolf boy?" he asked Bella. She was thinking on what she wanted to say to him. "I'm staying out of this one Edward." She left him in the kitchen to ponder this thoughts.

Leah was sleeping her bed when Jake came though her window. "Leah, I need to tell you something wake up." he shook her. Leah woke up, "What Jake? What do you need to talk about?" she told him. Jake sat on her bed. "I want to tell you this." He leaned in to kiss Leah's lips. Leah's lips touched his lips. The heat of them kiss was making Leah little bit horny, so she broke off the kiss. "You have to go Jake. I'll talk to you tomorrow when we go to baby sit Nessie." she told him. Jake went out of the window. "Okay Leah Clearwater I love you." he left her smiling at him. "Go Jacob Black I love you too." She went to bed. Leah began to dream the sweetest of dream of Jake and her getting married having little pups of their own.

I hope you like this chapter. Next Chapter, Something wicked comes this way. Post replys I would love them. Last Night I was in a car accident and had been rushed to the hospital because of my heart rate was irregular and my chest was bruised. I'm okay now.

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