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Old 06-30-2008, 06:16 PM
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Buffy The Vampire Slayer/Angel The Series Fanfiction #1

Warning some fiction may be NC-17 so please read responsibly
All individual fanfiction stories are completed

Couple Fanfiction

Buffy/Spike Fanfiction Sites
Buffy & Spike Diaries
Sinister Attraction
Vampire's Kiss
The Bloodshedverse
The Spuffy Realm
Elysian Fields
Death-Marked Love
B/S Fanfiction by Sabershadowkat
The House of Bloodshed
Forbidden Love
Sinfully Yours Fictions
Musing Past Midnight
We Are All Beautiful Freaks
Buffy & Spike Ever After
Jaime Bee
RipeWicked Plum
Moscow Watcher's Recommendations
Sweet Temptation
Nocturnal Light
Seasonal Spuffy
Buffy/Spike Central

Individual Buffy/Spike Fics
The Poker Game by Caitlin
Behind These Walls by Caitlin
Plea by Caitlin
Anchor by Evette
Getting Pumped by Kaz
Tooth And Nail by KJ Draft
For The Dark by Sandra S
Bitter Business by Sandra S
Dinner Interupted by Saber Shadowkitten
The Lucky Ones by Slade
A Ruination In Red byAnnie Sewelle-Jennings
Green Card by Ripe Wicked Plum
Pleasures From The Past by Meredith
Anniversary by Jericho
Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me by Jenn Elise
The Fireman Series by Paradox
Nothing To Lose by BabyWillow
Uncle Xander Screams Like a girl by Babylikestoplay
All In A Whisper by Babygirl
Surreal by Kereia
When The Dust Settles by Chelle
Story Book by Chelle
Twice Upon A Time by Ashlee and Allison
Over The Summer by SlayerFan
Guilty Pleasures by Ashlee
I Need You by TammyAsh666
Mr. William by pepperlandgirl4
Daylight and it's sequel When The Day Breaks by Addie Logan
Blame It On The Boogie by Cass
Every December Sky by Doyle
Pigs In Space Part 1 and Part 2 by Salieri
With All My Heart by Spikeslovebite
Careless Memories by Peta
The Slave Series by JodyorJen
Happyverse Series by JodyorJen
He's Back by Lisa Y Drexel
Measure Of A Man by Kereia
Shades of Grey by Dee B
Man In Motion By Soulvamp
Behind These Walls by Caitlin
Last Summer by Annie Sewelle Jennings
The Blood Remembers by By Meredith
Hallelujah by Holly
Atonement by Katrina
Hoping Very Fears by enigmaticblue and its sequel Sorrow's Own Joys by enigmaticblue
Replay by SinisterChic
Life's Like That by Pipergirl
BackTrack by Nebula
Normal?Never by Dear One and its sequel Normal Why Not? By Dear One
You Don't Know Me by Sophie
London Calling by Spikes Bint
La Colombe by Jessyca
Consequences by Forever Me
Wild, Wicked Wishes by Fauvistfly
Child Of Mine by Spikesbabyblues
Kiss-a-gram by Vampirische
Miss Congeniality by Buffy Williams
Hold On To Me by Chelle
Returning Home by JeN
A Changing Constellation by Buffyx
Double Spiked by Kantayra
Still Life in Sunnydale by KJ Draft
The Ballad of Randy and Joan by Annie Sewell-Jennings
The Bowiehabarata by MustangSally and RivkaT
The Evil Hairdresser Strikes Back By Ozfan
Ketchup Blood By Kalima
Sound of Your Voice by Carolyn Claire
Glimpses by HarmonyFB
Mortal Enemies by Laure Alexander
The Keeper of Truth by Trisha
Fly Me to the Moon by Megan/Peta
All My Heart This Night Rejoicing by enigmaticblue
Just a Teenage Crush… by Addie Logan
Baby, It's Cold Outside by Addie Logan
Consequences by Forever Me
Our Little Secret by Ultrawoman and its sequels Our Little Family and Our Little Family: The Christmas Special
Lost Without You by Enchantress
Settling The Score by Babygirl
Wild Things by NautiBitz
Divine Madness Series by Laure Alexander
Rhapsody In Oil By Eurydice
The Hunt By Eurydice
Walking After Midnight By Chelle
Wet And Wild by Chelle
A Friendship Found by Nicla
The Adventures Of Spike And Buffy Series by Crazy Evil Dru
Denial by Echidna
Breaking Free by Kereia
Nolens Volens by Sandra S
Arizona by Jypzrose
Inhuman Hearts by Echidna
Let's Get Lost by Herself
Dreamscape by HollyDB
The Point by Melissa
What You Wish For by Fer1213
Mortal Questions by Night Nymph Warning some Mary Sue
My Life Closed Twice by Anaross
Domino Effect by Anaross
Indigo Overture by Rikki_oko
Smoke & Mirrors by Rikki_oko
Tainted Innocence by Peroxide_dreams
Viewpoint by Salieri
Recalled To Life by Salieri
Something New by Salieri
Telly Time by Salieri
Aqua Vitae by Salieri
Ain’t No Sunshine by Mrs Muir
Angels in the Rain by Mrs Muir and its sequel Broken Wing Of an Angel
My Baby's Daddy by Mrs Muir
Not The End Of The World As They Know It by Lara
The Road To Return by Eurydice
Might As Well by BTVSLOVER82
Reunion by Tranquility
Who's The Doctor by missmurchison (BtVS/Doctor Who/Torchwood crossover fic)
Hey Mister Wrong by dollsome
The Dimming of the Day by enigmaticblues
Cumulari by constance_b
Equal Opportunities by constance_b
A New Bird by Jnharrow
Falling by Kallysten
The Public Face by Quinara
Always Wait For You by Slaymesoftly
Heroes In Hell by Shapinglight
Older by Nautibitz
Forget and Smile by Miss Murchison
Untitled by hello_spikey
Lost In Time by SpikesKat
Fix You by Enigmaticblue
Beneath by Herself
Unreal Together by Dawnofme
Alternative Season 8 by callace
The 85 Notes and Rules to Dating Buffy Summers, Slayer by authoressnebula
Hearts Don't Lie and its sequel At It Like Bunnies by Nautibitz
Beer Foamy by Spikez_tart
Calling by snowpuppies
I Declare a Tongue War by st_salieri
The Wonder-Worker by winsomeone
Valentine's Day Special by Slaymesoftly
At Rest by coyote_william
Just A Crush by enigmaticblues
One In A Billion by powerofthebook
BTVS/ATS Prompt by stultiloquentia
Happy Valentine's Day by Miss Murchison
Mama Done Told Me by By Barb C
Universal Vampire by Mabel Marsters
The End in Pain by callace
Slay Belles by eowyn_315
Until Then by maryperk
The Caseus Prize by Philips
The Grundy Affair by winsomeone
Fireflies by boschette
Zombie Barbie Says You're It by Barb C
How Many Blonds Does it Take to Screw in a Light Bulb by ClawofCat
A Sort of Homecoming by Cindy
The Side-Effects Of Living On The Hellmouth by Moscow Watcher
Distance by Herself
Buffy vs. the TeeVee by st_salieri
Nocturnal Emissions by Miss Murchison
Hero's Reward by pfeifferpack
Mothers' Day by Barb C
Attack of the Cookie Monsters by Barb C
Leigons by Elinora
And Then Begin Again by tesla321
Will You Remember Me and its sequel Girl Talk by Isabel
Let's Go Kill Something by

The Sunnydale Files by redeem147 X-Files Crossover
Backwards With Time by crackers4jenn
Princess of Hollywood Way by pepperlandgirl
Just One Wish by lilachigh
Kaleidoscope by Lirazel
Not Really There by calypso woodhaven
Back Porch by penny_lane_42 (Lirazel)
The Secret Ingredient by fandomcorner
A New Dawn by Kallysten

Come Midnight Xander/Angel
Where Xangel Roam Xander/Angel
Memorable Xangel Entries Xander/Angel
Bound: Beasts of War, Love of Epochs Xander/Angel
VioLenCe fEtiSh Xander/Angel
Xander/Angel Fics

Chance Encounters Xander/Darla

Black and Blue Romance Xander/Faith
Auld Acquaintance Series by NWHepcat Xander/Faith
Memorable Xander/Faith Entries

BeWitched Xander/Amy

Memorable Xander/Buffy Entries

Memorable Xander/Willow Entries

Memorable Xander/Dawn Entries
Eye Of The Storm by Emmy Xander/Dawn
Indelible by nwhepcat Xander/Dawn
Secrets Have To Start Somewhere by Nero and its sequels Movie Tease and The Games We Play Xander/Dawn
Just One Kiss by Tim Joy Xander/Dawn
Halloween by Tim Joy Xander/Dawn
Sweet Revenge by Sibling Xander/Dawn
Dawn's Hero by Penmom Xander/Dawn
New Year's Eve by Ctdixiechick Xander/Dawn
More Than Just Friends by Jerrie L. Hooper Xander/Dawn

Memorable Xander/Giles Entries

Memorable Xander/Jesse Entries

Memorable Xander/Larry Entries
Memorable Things We Never Talk About Entries Xander/Larry

Memorable Xander/Riley Entries
Memorable Xander/Riley Entries

Memorable Xander/Wesley Entries

Silent Tear Xander/Anya

Xander/Cordy Fanfiction by Sabershadowkat
Missing Scene: Graduation Xander/Cordy
014: Green by jw_uberfangirl Xander/Cordelia
Teach Me to Hear the Mermaids Singing by carleton97 Xander/Cordelia

Memorable Xander/Tara Entries

In Harmony by Elsa Frohman Xander/Harmony & Buffy/Spike

Moist and Delicious Xander/Spike
Favorite Fics Xander/Spike
Dawn Summers, Matchmaking Genius by snowpuppies Xander/Spike
Spander Links Xander/Spike
Pointy Stakes: Domestic Piranhas Xander/Spike
The Spander Files Xander/Spike
VioLenCe fEtiSh Xander/Spike
Where Spander RoamXander/Spike
Memorable Spander Entries Xander/Spike Xander/Spike
Red as Roses Xander/Spike
The JumpVerse Xander/Spike
Fire and Rain by Jypzrose Spike/Xander/Buffy

UnNatural Causes Tara/Fred

Disco Inferno Cordy/Willow
Ruby Red Desire Willow/Cordelia

Forever Friends Buffy/Willow friendship
Lusty Wrong Feelings Buffy/Willow
I Kind Of Love You Buffy/Willow

Sublime Buffy/Angel
Love Is Immortal Buffy/Angel
Stumble Into Grace Buffy/Angel
Ducks'' Fanfiction Buffy/Angel
Vatrixsta's Fanfiction Buffy/Angel
She Comes To Me Buffy/Angel
Land of Denial Buffy/Angel
Project Paranormal Buffy/Angel
The Powers, Prophecy, and Pinocchio Buffy/Angel
The Angel Texts Buffy/Angel
DarkStar's Fanfiction Buffy/Angel
The Christabel Chronicles Buffy/Angel
Insect Reflection Buffy/Angel
Octaves of the Heart Buffy/Angel
Tango's Fanfiction Buffy/Angel
Time Lapse by The Deadly Hook Buffy/Angel
The Trouble We're In by thenyxie Buffy/Angel
Cruel Obsessions Buffy/Angelus
Fair Play by Chrisleeoctaves Buffy/Angel
Conduit by chrisleeoctaves Buffy/Angel, Buffy/Spike & Spike/Angel
In His Shadow by Night Nymph Buffy/Angel & Buffy/Spike, with hints of B/A/S
The Watcher by Salieri Buffy/Angel/Spike
Breath and Memory by chrisleeoctaves Buffy/Angel/Spike
Because Cavemen Have Fire by elisi Buffy/Angel/Spike
Bringing Him Back by Ducks Buffy/Angel/Spike
Valentine Fight Club: Buffy vs. Angel by DarkAmia Buffy/Angel/Spike
The Missing Piece by authoressnebula Buffy/Angel/Spike

Just Fic Cordy/Angel

Inertia Angel/Willow
Noctourne Angel/Willow

Tara and Anya Yahoo Group

Loaded Giles/Oz

Moving On Spike/Anya
Too Hot To Handle Spike/Anya
Someone Who Cares Spike/Anya

Fire and Ice Spike/Willow

Killer Passion Spike/Faith
Warm Champagne Spike/Faith

Luxuria by AphroditeAres Spike/Dru
Parisian Eroticism by AphroditeAres Spike/Dru
Filthy by AphroditeAres Spike/Dru
Baby, You Thrill Me by AphroditeAres Spike/Dru
Uxoriously Inspired by AphroditeAres Spike/Dru
Presents for My Lover by AphroditeAres Spike/Dru

April Come She Will by Speaker2Customers Spike/April

Future's Hope: Enter Hope. by Firecracker and its sequels in a series Future's Hope: Into the Woods and Future's Hope: Return to Chaos Buffy/Spike Willow/Kennedy Hints of Faith/Xander

General Fiction
Memorable Core Four Friendship Fics Entries Gen
In Harm's Way by Yahtzee Gen
This Isn't About Hate by Stormwreath Gen
Perfect For Home Or Office by deird1 Gen
Unmad Learns Sumerian by Annakovsky Dawn
Be Back Before Dawn by Annakovsky Dawn
Dawn of The Dead by Beer Good Dawn
The Daughter by MsClawdia Buffy
Jans Intentions Fics Gen Slash
Southie by CelticPride vs8 Faith
For A Certain Definition of Hell by ruuger Spike
The Client List by Wolfie Gilmore Lorne
Ransomed and its sequel Touch by Anaross Spike with Spike/Faith & Spike/Buffy
Second Skin by LAndrews Xander
Seeing Africa by huzzlewhat Xander
A Better Future by Farah M Xander
Five Things Xander Harris Didn’t Realize He’d Miss About Sunnydale by julia_here Xander
A Caveman Thing by nwhepcat Xander
The Eternal Saudade of the Thompson Gunner by lostakasha Xander
Again, We Try by Eurydice Xander
BTVS Drabble by deannawol Xander
Quietly Remembered by authoressnebula Xander
My Son's Sixth Birthday Party by Lusciousxander Xander
The Multiple Pairings of Xander Harris by electricalgwen Xander
Paternity by altyronsmaker Xander
Cuckoo in the Nest by Lizbeth Marcs Xander (With Tony Harris)
Resolution by Quinara Buffy and Xander Friendship
His Real Father by Elisi Angel
Angel’s Life in Five Acts by Elisi Angel

Character Based Fanfiction Sites
CordySlash Cordy related Slash
Memorable Xander Entries
R_X_F: Rare Recs... Xander
The Whole Megila Xander
I Need A Parrot Xander
Forever Faith Faith
All About Spike
Fists and Fangs Spike
Deep In Angel
Blood & Honey Buffy
Cordeliana Cordelia
Doll Eyes Dawn
I'd Like To Test That Theory Giles
Monosyllabic Eccentricity Oz

General Fanfiction Sites
The BtVS Writers' Guild
Fonts of Wisdom
Buffy Fiction Archive
Insane Buffy Fans
Unconventional Relationships
Crypt of Fic
SapphicSlayer FemSlash
WyndGrl's FemSlash FemSlash
Miss Murchison's Slash and Threesome Fanfiction
Buffverse Top 5
Apckrfan's BTVS Fanfiction Links
Twisting The Hellmouth: BTVS Crossover Archive
Just Rewards
♠ in the darkness I
will meet my creators;

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Old 06-30-2008, 07:17 PM
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I need to read more BtVS. There really is a lot that I haven't read. If anyone has any recommendations for BA stories, that would be great
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Old 06-30-2008, 11:54 PM
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BA is a must! i need to read fics too
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i used to read alot of them but i didn't save any titles.

i read a really good Angel/Darla one one time... i wish i could find it again.
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I'm an obsessive Cordy/Angel fan so I haven't read that many B/A - but I remember reading an amazing one where Buffy 'wakes' up in the future with other notable slayers from the past to find the world completely changed and Angel still alive. I'd love to be able to find that one again!
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Old 07-02-2008, 12:51 AM
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i'm an obssessive Buffy/Angel fan, same here!
I remember reminding myself that beauty is an opinion, not a f a c t.
And it has always made me feel better.
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Old 07-02-2008, 01:05 AM
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i'm an obsessive spike/buffy and cordy/angel fan. any recommendations?

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ouch can't help you
I remember reminding myself that beauty is an opinion, not a f a c t.
And it has always made me feel better.
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Old 07-02-2008, 04:14 AM
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I think good Buffy fanfic is hard to find. Especially het, there used to be tons of amazing BA fic out there but all the sites dont work anymore :/ I've found these days, that slash is a lot better written in this fandom then het.
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Old 07-02-2008, 04:29 AM
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and on

I remember reminding myself that beauty is an opinion, not a f a c t.
And it has always made me feel better.
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Old 07-02-2008, 04:53 AM
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Posts: 151,563 is the worst place to look for BA fic. I can never find any good stories on there. I mostly find slash fanfiction at LJ and most of its NC-17 rated.
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Old 07-02-2008, 04:59 AM
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i would love to read!
I remember reminding myself that beauty is an opinion, not a f a c t.
And it has always made me feel better.
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Old 07-02-2008, 01:00 PM
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Good to know when I've gone on, there are thousand and thousands of stories for BtVS, its hard to filter through them all.
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Old 07-03-2008, 08:47 PM
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Originally Posted by gizzie_fan (View Post)
i'm an obsessive spike/buffy and cordy/angel fan. any recommendations?
Rachel from the Charisma board recommended a fantastic Cangel/Spuffy that's complete and so well-written it's unbelievable - it's called Bad Timing , actually anything from that author is fantastic! (The other fics are mostly C/A though)

I'm a Cordy/Faith shipper in the slash world, I started out as a Fuffy but then CF won me over I used to have an obsession with Angel/Oz, or Giles/Oz, something about the latters love of music dragged me in.
♠ in the darkness I
will meet my creators;

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Old 07-04-2008, 07:19 PM
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Im a BA shipper but I dont read much BA fics these days, as for slash I tend to lean towards Spike/Angel, Spike/Xander, Angel/Xander. I dont really read femslash.

As for UC I tend to lean towards Spike/Faith.

If your into slash, I'd recomend Jans Intentions Fics on LJ. Her writing is incredible and there is a lot of variation with ships. Mostly NC-17 work. I dont think its locked but some of it might be. Also a few Jossverse crossovers. eta: forgot to add there is a lot QAF fics int hat list as well so just scroll down to the Buffy section.
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