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Old 08-06-2008, 07:28 AM
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Brain Picking...moved

Hello everyone!

This was originally posted in the Twilight fan area, but informered it was better fitted here.

I'm a newbie and I stumbled on this site while researching for a novel I will be working on inspired by the Twilight series. I appreciated the way vampires were portrayed in the novels and I also became fascinated by the idea of newborns and their adjustment period. So here is the book idea:

A young woman is changed to a vampire after a mugging that nearly kills her. The coven she is born into (I'm thinking of making the coven small...probably a couple and another male, the main character supposing to be the mate to the other male) only feed on the scum of the earth (muggers, thieves, rapists, etc.) They live on the outskirts of a major city (I'm thinking Portland, b/c I liked the vampire need for overcast.)

Despite her "food" being only lowlifes, she is torn from killing humans and her intense desire to feed. After a disturbing episode with her "food" she escapes from her coven to feed on lesser animals. While searching and pondering, she comes across a small town where a high school age boy is arguing with his mother that works nights. She immediately becomes fascinated with the boy, but afraid that she might eat/ hurt him she observes from afar. Through the days of observing, the boy runs off into the nearby forest area only to be faced with a wild animal. On reflex she saves the boy from the animal, but instead of the boy becoming afraid of her, he too is enthralled by her.

Later her coven comes to look for her, to discover the human boy that knows their secret and give the most difficult choice for any vampire in love with a human: kill him or turn him.

Main Character: I'm thinking 19-20yrs old. Blond or a red head. Something striking. She's gonna be lanky and fluid, but I want her flawed. As if to be such a sophisticate vampire takes time, something a newborn won't immediately;y get a handle on. Thinking piercing blue eyes. Debating on how much she will remember from her human life. Edit: name ideas-Charisse or Inaya (both mean kindness and grace )

Human boy: prolly 17-18yrs old. Gonna be an nerdy outcast. No friends, hard relationship with his mother, father skipped out at an early age. Just been dieing to move out of the house and live on his own.

Male Vampire with Mate: I'm thinking turned mid 18th century, early 19th century. (visual age mid 30s) Very Carlisle inspired, but a little more forceful in his opinions. Strict on Vampire laws. Not decided on physically description yet

Female Vampire with Mate: Turned early 20th century. (visual age mid-late 20s) Esme sensitivity, but a little more vivacious in personality. I visualize as warm and curvy. Chestnut brown hair and wild violet eyes. Might be an old jazz club singer in her human life.

Other Male Vampire: Turned mid 19th century. (visual age 22). Very composed, but kind. He will be the main vampire in training the main character on what it means to be a vampire. Thinking jet black hair, red eyes?

Now brain picking time:

-I like that vampires can't be killed by sunlight, but instead become very conspicuous. I obviously can't make them glow like in Twilight (I'm thinking the author came up with that) so I'm thinking of maybe more iridescent with a shine, like the inside of a sea shell. What do you all think?

-Names. I need names! I am terribly unclever when it comes to names. Help!

-Obviously your opinion on the concept. Too much borrowing?

-I plan to post my chapters on and I would love feedback from all of you. What better feedback than from the fans of the books that inspired me in the first place?!

If I'm annoying and you just want me to go away, let me know. I don't want to stampede all over your forums.

Thanks for any help you give me

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Old 08-06-2008, 07:30 AM
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Dear god...didn't mean to make that post so long...hehe. Anywho, I have the preface can check it out at:

Writing.Com: RazorBlade's (razor_blade) Item List

It's the only thing in there...hehe. Or is it better to post the chapters/preface here?

Which also reminds me...I need help with if anything strikes anyone in the course of reading lemme know.

Thanks again!

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Old 08-06-2008, 06:50 PM
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Hi there.

We already have a few threads that are aimed at helping people with their writing. So instead of opening a new one, you might want to try maybe our Beta Thread, Writer's Block Thread, the Constructive Criticism and Brainstorming Thread or the Twilight Fanfiction Thread #1.

I'm going to close this thread now, but feel free to repost this in whichever thread you think suits your needs above.
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