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B/S Fanfic Thread Because Spuffy lives on in fanfic.

Warning some fiction may be NC-17 so please read responsibly.
All individual fanfiction stories are completed.

Couple Fanfiction
Buffy & Spike Diaries Buffy/Spike
Sinister Attraction Buffy/Spike
The Bloodshedverse Buffy/Spike
The Spuffy Realm Buffy/Spike
Elysian Fields Buffy/Spike
B/S Fanfiction by Sabershadowkat Buffy/Spike
The House of Bloodshed Buffy/Spike
Forbidden Love Buffy/Spike
Sinfully Yours FictionsBuffy/Spike
Musing Past Midnight Buffy/Spike
NautiBitz Buffy/Spike
Jaime Bee Buffy/Spike
RipeWicked Plum Buffy/Spike
Moscow Watcher's Recommendations Buffy/Spike
Sweet Temptation Buffy/Spike
Nocturnal Light Buffy/Spike
Seasonal Spuffy Buffy/Spike
Buffy/Spike Central Buffy/Spike
Spuffy Awards Buffy/Spike
Spuffy Lovin: Spike & Buffy Fanfiction Recs Buffy/Spike
Vampire's Kiss Buffy/Spike
Death-Marked Love Buffy/Spike
The Poker Game by Caitlin Buffy/Spike
Behind These Walls by Caitlin Buffy/Spike
Plea by Caitlin Buffy/Spike
Anchor by Evette Buffy/Spike
Getting Pumped by Kaz Buffy/Spike
Tooth And Nail by KJ Draft Buffy/Spike
For The Dark by Sandra S Buffy/Spike
Bitter Business by Sandra S Buffy/Spike
Dinner Interupted by Saber Shadowkitten Buffy/Spike
The Lucky Ones by Slade Buffy/Spike
A Ruination In Red byAnnie Sewelle-Jennings Buffy/Spike
Green Card by Ripe Wicked Plum Buffy/Spike
Pleasures From The Past by Meredith Buffy/Spike
Anniversary by Jericho Buffy/Spike
Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me by Jenn Elise Buffy/Spike
The Fireman Series by Paradox Buffy/Spike
Nothing To Lose by BabyWillow Buffy/Spike
Uncle Xander Screams Like a girl by Babylikestoplay Buffy/Spike
All In A Whisper by Babygirl Buffy/Spike
Surreal by Kereia Buffy/Spike
When The Dust Settles by Chelle Buffy/Spike
Story Book by Chelle Buffy/Spike
Twice Upon A Time by Ashlee and Allison Buffy/Spike
Over The Summer by SlayerFan Buffy/Spike
Guilty Pleasures by Ashlee Buffy/Spike
I Need You by TammyAsh666 Buffy/Spike
Mr. William by pepperlandgirl4 Buffy/Spike
Daylight and it's sequel When The Day Breaks by Addie Logan Buffy/Spike
Blame It On The Boogie by Cass Buffy/Spike
Every December Sky by Doyle Buffy/Spike
Pigs In Space Part 1 and Part 2 by Salieri Buffy/Spike
With All My Heart by Spikeslovebite Buffy/Spike
Careless Memories by Peta Buffy/Spike
The Slave Series by JodyorJen Buffy/Spike
Happyverse Series by JodyorJen Buffy/Spike
He's Back by Lisa Y Drexel Buffy/Spike
Measure Of A Man by Kereia Buffy/Spike
Shades of Grey by Dee B Buffy/Spike
Man In Motion By Soulvamp Buffy/Spike
Behind These Walls by Caitlin Buffy/Spike
Last Summer by Annie Sewelle Jennings Buffy/Spike
The Blood Remembers by By Meredith Buffy/Spike
Hallelujah by Holly Buffy/Spike
Atonement by Katrina Buffy/Spike
Hoping Very Fears by enigmaticblue and its sequel Sorrow's Own Joys by enigmaticblue Buffy/Spike
Replay by SinisterChic Buffy/Spike
Life's Like That by Pipergirl Buffy/Spike
BackTrack by Nebula Buffy/Spike
Normal?Never by Dear One and its sequel Normal Why Not? By Dear One Buffy/Spike
You Don't Know Me by Sophie Buffy/Spike
London Calling by Spikes Bint Buffy/Spike
La Colombe by Jessyca Buffy/Spike
Consequences by Forever Me Buffy/Spike
Wild, Wicked Wishes by Fauvistfly Buffy/Spike
Child Of Mine by Spikesbabyblues Buffy/Spike
Kiss-a-gram by Vampirische Buffy/Spike
Miss Congeniality by Buffy Williams Buffy/Spike
Hold On To Me by Chelle Buffy/Spike
Returning Home by JeN Buffy/Spike
A Changing Constellation by Buffyx Buffy/Spike
Double Spiked by Kantayra Buffy/Spike
Still Life in Sunnydale by KJ Draft Buffy/Spike
The Ballad of Randy and Joan by Annie Sewell-Jennings Buffy/Spike
The Bowiehabarata by MustangSally and RivkaT Buffy/Spike
The Evil Hairdresser Strikes Back By Ozfan Buffy/Spike
Ketchup Blood By Kalima Buffy/Spike
Sound of Your Voice by Carolyn Claire Buffy/Spike
Glimpses by HarmonyFB Buffy/Spike
Mortal Enemies by Laure Alexander Buffy/Spike
The Keeper of Truth by Trisha Buffy/Spike
Fly Me to the Moon by Megan/Peta Buffy/Spike
All My Heart This Night Rejoicing by enigmaticblue Buffy/Spike
Just a Teenage Crush… by Addie Logan Buffy/Spike
Baby, It's Cold Outside by Addie Logan Buffy/Spike
Consequences by Forever Me Buffy/Spike
Our Little Secret by Ultrawoman and its sequels Our Little Family and Our Little Family: The Christmas Special Buffy/Spike
Lost Without You by Enchantress Buffy/Spike
Settling The Score by Babygirl Buffy/Spike
Wild Things by NautiBitz Buffy/Spike
Divine Madness Series by Laure Alexander Buffy/Spike
Rhapsody In Oil By Eurydice Buffy/Spike
The Hunt By Eurydice Buffy/Spike
Walking After Midnight By Chelle Buffy/Spike
Wet And Wild by Chelle Buffy/Spike
A Friendship Found by Nicla Buffy/Spike
The Adventures Of Spike And Buffy Series by Crazy Evil Dru Buffy/Spike
Denial by Echidna Buffy/Spike
Breaking Free by Kereia Buffy/Spike
Nolens Volens by Sandra S Buffy/Spike
Arizona by Jypzrose Buffy/Spike
Inhuman Hearts by Echidna Buffy/Spike
Let's Get Lost by Herself Buffy/Spike
Dreamscape by HollyDB Buffy/Spike
The Point by Melissa Buffy/Spike
What You Wish For by Fer1213 Buffy/Spike
Mortal Questions by Night Nymph Buffy/Spike Warning some Mary Sue
My Life Closed Twice by Anaross Buffy/Spike
Domino Effect by Anaross Buffy/Spike
Indigo Overture by Rikki_oko Buffy/Spike
Smoke & Mirrors by Rikki_oko Buffy/Spike
Tainted Innocence by Peroxide_dreams Buffy/Spike
Viewpoint by Salieri Buffy/Spike
Recalled To Life by Salieri Buffy/Spike
Something New by Salieri Buffy/Spike
Telly Time by Salieri Buffy/Spike
Aqua Vitae by Salieri Buffy/Spike
Ain’t No Sunshine by Mrs Muir Buffy/Spike
Angels in the Rain by Mrs Muir and its sequel Broken Wing Of an Angel Buffy/Spike
My Baby's Daddy by Mrs Muir Buffy/Spike
Not The End Of The World As They Know It by Lara Buffy/Spike
The Road To Return by Eurydice Buffy/Spike
Might As Well by BTVSLOVER82 Buffy/Spike
Reunion by Tranquility Buffy/Spike
Who's The Doctor by missmurchison Buffy/Spike (BtVS/Doctor Who/Torchwood crossover fic)
Hey Mister Wrong by dollsome Buffy/Spike
The Dimming of the Day by enigmaticblues Buffy/Spike
Cumulari by constance_b Buffy/Spike
Equal Opportunities by constance_b Buffy/Spike
A New Bird by Jnharrow Buffy/Spike
Falling by Kallysten Buffy/Spike
The Public Face by Quinara Buffy/Spike
Always Wait For You by Slaymesoftly Buffy/Spike
Heroes In Hell by Shapinglight Buffy/Spike
Older by Nautibitz Buffy/Spike
Forget and Smile by Miss Murchison Buffy/Spike
Untitled by hello_spikey Buffy/Spike
Lost In Time by SpikesKat Buffy/Spike
Fix You by Enigmaticblue Buffy/Spike
Beneath by Herself Buffy/Spike
Unreal Together by Dawnofme Buffy/Spike
Alternative Season 8 by callace Buffy/Spike
The 85 Notes and Rules to Dating Buffy Summers, Slayer by authoressnebula Buffy/Spike
Hearts Don't Lie and its sequel At It Like Bunnies by Nautibitz Buffy/Spike
Beer Foamy by Spikez_tart Buffy/Spike
Calling by snowpuppies Buffy/Spike
I Declare a Tongue War by st_salieri Buffy/Spike
The Wonder-Worker by winsomeone Buffy/Spike
Valentine's Day Special by Slaymesoftly Buffy/Spike
At Rest by coyote_william Buffy/Spike
Just A Crush by enigmaticblues Buffy/Spike
One In A Billion by powerofthebook Buffy/Spike
BTVS/ATS Prompt by stultiloquentia Buffy/Spike
Happy Valentine's Day by Miss Murchison Buffy/Spike
Mama Done Told Me by By Barb C Buffy/Spike
Universal Vampire by Mabel Marsters Buffy/Spike
The End in Pain by callace Buffy/Spike
Slay Belles by eowyn_315 Buffy/Spike
Until Then by maryperk Buffy/Spike
The Caseus Prize by Philips Buffy/Spike
The Grundy Affair by winsomeone Buffy/Spike
Fireflies by boschette Buffy/Spike
Zombie Barbie Says You're It by Barb C Buffy/Spike
How Many Blonds Does it Take to Screw in a Light Bulb by ClawofCat Buffy/Spike
A Sort of Homecoming by Cindy Buffy/Spike
The Side-Effects Of Living On The Hellmouth by Moscow Watcher Buffy/Spike
Distance by Herself Buffy/Spike
Buffy vs. the TeeVee by st_salieri Buffy/Spike
Nocturnal Emissions by Miss Murchison Buffy/Spike
Hero's Reward by pfeifferpack Buffy/Spike
Mothers' Day by Barb C Buffy/Spike
Attack of the Cookie Monsters by Barb C Buffy/Spike
Leigons by Elinora Buffy/Spike
And Then Begin Again by tesla321 Buffy/Spike
Will You Remember Me and its sequel Girl Talk by Isabel Buffy/Spike
Let's Go Kill Something by spikeNdru Buffy/Spike
The Sunnydale Files by redeem147 Buffy/Spike X-Files Crossover
Backwards With Time by crackers4jenn Buffy/Spike
Princess of Hollywood Way by pepperlandgirl Buffy/Spike
Just One Wish by lilachigh Buffy/Spike
Kaleidoscope by Lirazel Buffy/Spike
Not Really There by calypso woodhaven Buffy/Spike
Back Porch by penny_lane_42 (Lirazel) Buffy/Spike
The Secret Ingredient by fandomcorner Buffy/Spike
A New Dawn by Kallysten Buffy/Spike
Every Silver Lining’s Got a Touch of Gray by Barb C Buffy/Spike
Testament by Beer Good Buffy/Spike
In Harm's Way by dawnofme Buffy/Spike
As I'm Leaving by Heather (Spinning _Yarn) Buffy/Spike
Five Times Buffy Didn't Kiss Spike (And One Time She Did) by enigmaticblues Buffy/Spike
Those Who Wait by enigmaticblues Buffy/Spike
Domestic Bliss by enigmaticblues Buffy/Spike
Switched by Mabe Marsters Buffy/Spike
Latter Days by Enigmaticblue Buffy/Spike
Where In The World Is Buffy Summers by Missus Grace Buffy/Spike
Tuesday Bloody Tuesday by Moscow Watcher Buffy/Spike
And now for something a little lighter by Colleen Buffy/Spike
Through a Mirror, Darkly by Colleen Buffy/Spike
Closure by eowyn_315 Buffy/Spike
Trusting The Enemy by 3xcereal Buffy/Spike
Corrected Vision by Deborah Buffy/Spike
The Five Demons that You Meet in Heaven by confusedkayt Buffy/Spike
La Meilleure Revanche by caia Buffy/Spike Warning a hint of Spike/Anya
Spellbound by Shadowlass Buffy/Spike
Things That Go Bump by Slaymesoftly Buffy/Spike
A Baby Steps Verse Fic by kallysten Buffy/Spike
One Little Dance by Holly Buffy/Spike
Gordian Knot by slaymesoftly Buffy/Spike
And It Felt Like Breathing by megan_peta Buffy/Spike
One Little Dance by Holly Buffy/Spike
It's a Maybe by Avoidingnemo Buffy/Spike
Turnabout is Fair Play by Avoidingnemo Buffy/Spike
The Widening Gyre by Cindy (cindergal) Buffy/Spike
Obstacles by shapinglight
The Worst Thing by penny_lane_42 Buffy/Spike
Do You Believe? by Rebcake Buffy/Spike
Lawful Impediment Part 1 Part 2 by spikesdeb Buffy/Spike
I Thrice Presented Him a Kingly Crown by Quinara Buffy/Spike
Where's The Doctor and its sort of sequel Pining For The Fjords by missmurchison Buffy/Spike
Keystone by Winsomeone Buffy/Spike
Does It Have to Mean Anything? by Pfeifferpack Buffy/Spike
Primal by Pfeifferpack Buffy/Spike
Law of Diminishing Returns by Pfeifferpack Buffy/Spike
Acceptable Substitute by Pfeifferpack Buffy/Spike
Passo Doble by Pfeifferpack Buffy/Spike
Crushed Spaiku by mere_ubu Buffy/Spike
Four Times Buffy Called Out For Spike, and One Time That He Answered Back by OKDeanna Buffy/Spike
Like Mice in a Cornfield by Denny Buffy/Spike
Just The Once by Salieri Buffy/Spike
The Devil and William Pratt by Barb C Buffy/Spike
Lingering by gabrielleabelle Buffy/Spike
Don't Stop by Nautibitz Buffy/Spike
Through Time To Me and its sequel A Gift From The Past by ilachigh Buffy/Spike
More than That by OKDeanna Buffy/Spike
Twelve Days by Bogwitch, Calove & Hesadevil Buffy/Spike
Let Your Heart Be Light by Barb C Buffy/Spike
The Gift That Keeps On Giving by enigmaticblue Buffy/Spike
Snow Angels by enigmaticblue Buffy/Spike
All That Sparkles by enigmaticblue Buffy/Spike
The Silent Stars Go By by penny_lane_42 Buffy/Spike
A Bumpy Christmas by Slaymesoftly Buffy/Spike
In Fire and Blood by Kallysten Buffy/Spike
Lookie! My Spuffybots Have Arrived by red_sunflower Buffy/Spike
The Island of Galleno by Isabelle Buffy/Spike
The Best Kind Of Story by angelus2hot Buffy/Spike
It's Curtains For You, Slayer by stormwreath Buffy/Spike
Nightlights by penny_lane_42 Buffy/Spike
Piano Lessons by PaganBaby Buffy/Spike
Every Silver Lining’s Got a Touch of Gray by Barb C and its companion Mea Culpa Buffy/Spike
Something to Sing About by Lilachigh Buffy/Spike
Alone, Lost, and Found by LadyYashka Buffy/Spike

Character Based Fanfiction Sites
All About Spike
Fists and Fangs Spike

General Fanfiction Sites
The BtVS Writers' Guild
Fonts of Wisdom
Buffy Fiction Archive
Buffverse Top 5
Twisting The Hellmouth: BTVS Crossover Archive
Just Rewards
Find Buffy Recs
Seeking_Spike: A BtVS & AtS Fanfic Search Community

If a link doesn't work, or a story is not completed please let the thread starter know.

Feel free to suggest others you've come across

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Here is some B/S Fics sites

Forever Devoted

Spuffy Realm

Welcome to the Bloody Awful Sandlot


One Good Lay NC-17

Fonts Of Wisdom: The Crypt(BTVS FanFiction)

Blondie Bear

B/S fanfic authors sites

Fangs and Fairytales

Forbidden Love: Kantayra's BTVS fanfics


Musing Past Midnight(Limerickgirl)

Beautiful Freak

Gifted Shadows

Buffy and Spike Ever After

Beyond Surrender

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Great picks LuvsSpike
Go check them out guys [img]smilies/biggrin.gif[/img]
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Hey Guys!

I must be really obsessed with Spuffy cause I have been to all those sites lol.

Well here are some more. [img]smilies/wink.gif[/img]

The last link is where my all my fic is but one of them is archived at Sinister Attraction. [img]smilies/smile.gif[/img]

Oh princess8 I loved your fluffy Spuffy story and I hope that there will be more; even though it said the end. [img]smilies/biggrin.gif[/img]

[ 01-22-2004: Message edited Jaime Bee ]

"I think Spike and Buffy are the ultimate pair. "- James Marsters

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Thanks [img]smilies/biggrin.gif[/img]
I'm not sure if I'm gonna do a sequel....right now kinda sucks so I'm sort of preoccuiped with that.
We'll see later on in time.
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Originally posted by princess8:
<STRONG>Thanks [img]smilies/biggrin.gif[/img]
I'm not sure if I'm gonna do a sequel....right now kinda sucks so I'm sort of preoccuiped with that.
We'll see later on in time.</STRONG>
I know how it is. I need to write but I don't have inspiration right now. Right now kinda sucks for me too. lol

By the way Love your AV! So cute. [img]smilies/wink.gif[/img]

I gotta thread title idea. How about because Spuffy lives on in fanfic? [img]smilies/biggrin.gif[/img]

"I think Spike and Buffy are the ultimate pair. "- James Marsters

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Hi, hope someone could help me, I don't know if this is the right place to post but I'm searching for a fic. It's called "Baby Carriage" by Betty Lou.

If this is not the right place to ask for please ignore my post [img]smilies/rolleyes.gif[/img]

By the way thank you for starting a new thread [img]smilies/smile.gif[/img]
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Ossi wrote
Hi, hope someone could help me, I don't know if this is the right place to post but I'm searching for a fic. It's called "Baby Carriage" by Betty Lou.
If this is not the right place to ask for please ignore my post
I found it at Always You but its unfinished http://www.always.friday-mourning.or...carriage1.html
Jack Sparrow: [singing] And really bad eggs...drink up, me hearties, yo ho!---- Pirates Of The Caribbean
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Originally posted by Jaime Bee:
I know how it is. I need to write but I don't have inspiration right now. Right now kinda sucks for me too. lol

By the way Love your AV! So cute. [img]smilies/wink.gif[/img]

I gotta thread title idea. How about because Spuffy lives on in fanfic? [img]smilies/biggrin.gif[/img]
Life can only get better right? [img]smilies/lol.gif[/img]
Thanks, I actually just changed my av.... [img]smilies/biggrin.gif[/img]
I like the title, I'll go and try change it now.
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Originally posted by LuvsSpike:

I found it at Always You but its unfinished http://www.always.friday-mourning.or...carriage1.html</STRONG>
Thank you *big hug*
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princess8I love your story too [img]smilies/love.gif[/img] I hope you'll do a sequel [img]smilies/smile.gif[/img]
Spuffy Forever!!
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Thanks, I appreciate the compliment [img]smilies/biggrin.gif[/img]
Right now, I have a lot on my plate, but prehaps in the future I`ll do a sequel. I`m one of those people that likes to think about can or will happen after a fic ends. So I usually leave it up to the readers to daydream about it too. But we shall see in the future. [img]smilies/biggrin.gif[/img]
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I have lots of B/S fic on my site [img]smilies/biggrin.gif[/img]

Please read mine and tell me what you think.
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Hey Guys! Well tommorow is Valentine's Day. I wrote a Spuffy ficlet.
Title: Bloody Valentine
Author: Spuffygirl
Rating: PG13
Spoilers: Season 6 Between Double Meat Palace and Dead Things.

A/N Well I just wrote this off the top of my head. lol No beta and intended
for it to be just a drabble but it turned into a short ficlet
"What am I doing? slayer won't want a bloody valentine from me." Spike
thought sadly standing in front of the same tree; he had last year. He smoked his
third cigarette as he waited for her to get home from her dreadful job at the
Double Meat Palace.
Buffy walked slowly to rovello drive. "Why does my life suck? I've saved the
world how many times now? Don't I deserve some happiness?" She thought with a

"Hello Buffy." Spike said shyly; not sure how she would react to him. Instead
of answering she pulled him to her by the lapels of his duster; ravaging his
mouth with her own. He wrapped his arms around her with equal fervor. Buffy
only pulled away when she needed to breathe. Spike looked up at her in shock;
staring deeply into her emerald eyes.

"Nice way to say hello pet." He said smirking. She didn't answer and looked
down at the ground. There she saw a red heart shaped box. Buffy smiled to
herself. "Why does he have to be so sweet sometimes?"
Spike noticed what she was looking at and quickly picked it up.

"I know you probably don't wanna sodden valentine gift from me." He muttered
not wanting to look at her. "Could I be more of a wanker? Romance isn't what
she wants from me; just a bit of cold comfort." Spike thought solemnly.

"Is that chocolates?" She asked curiously.

"Oh yeah they are." Spike answered as Buffy took the box and opened it. She
picked one out and popped it in her mouth.

"Yummy I love chocolate." She said unconsciously licking her lips.

"Come on let's go to your crypt so I can give you your valentine." Buffy said
with an impish grin.

"You got me something?" He asked tilting his head.

"Let's just say that I have some idea of what you would like to unwrap." She
said kissing him and rubbing herself against him. Spike quickly picked her up
as she squealed with delight and kissed her softly but soon turned passionate
as their desire for each other overwhelmed them. Maybe my life doesn't suck
that much after all was her last thought as they ran for his crypt.

Well I hope you liked it. lol Feedback Please! Especially
since I didn't use a beta.

My fanfic Sex with My Mortal enemy is updated link in my sig. Review for more!

"I think Spike and Buffy are the ultimate pair. "- James Marsters

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I love Ripe Wicked Plum's fics - especially Pride and Prejudice and Wizard's Glass. I felt that both of these fics had that something that made it completely unique from other fics.

So, what I want to know, is if anyone can suggest any SPUFFY fics that are comparable to RWP's stories? Something that makes you breathless with anticipation or teary eyed?

I've read several Spuffy stories recently, but they all seem to be on the same level (well writtten, but with nothing to make it stand out!) There's got to be some fantastic classic stories that are loved by most Spuffy fans (I say this because I'm usually into Roswell fanfic and there are several staple Candy fics that are must reads for any self-respecting Candygirl.) They're have got to be some Spuffy fics like this.

If you could make any suggestions, I would love you forever and ever. I just do not have time look through all the stories looking for that one perfect treasure.

If at all possible, I would like stories with plots - not just sex - and not too much fluff. I've read lots of those already.

Thanks in advance -


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