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jakesprincess 10-31-2011 06:22 PM

TPBM thread #4: TPBM wants a new Jake photoshoot!

Originally Posted by teena1013 (Post 59337738)
TPBM grew up in LA and NY like Jake


TPBM wants a new jake photoshoot

Street Spirit 10-31-2011 09:19 PM

Thanks for the new thread, Marian. :hug:

I do!

TPBM loves Jake in glasses?

teena1013 11-01-2011 05:49 AM


TPBM likes to cook like jake


Street Spirit 11-02-2011 01:45 AM

I do.

TPBM loves ties or bow ties on Jake?

teena1013 11-02-2011 03:56 AM

i do

TPBM does yoga like Jake


Street Spirit 11-02-2011 04:09 AM

I've never tried yoga, actually.

TPBM loves Jake's jogging attire?

teena1013 11-03-2011 10:43 PM

i do

TPBM likes Jake in tight cycling shorts


Street Spirit 11-04-2011 12:57 AM

Haha, yeah. He looks good in them.

TPBM likes Jake with a beard or a scruff?

jakesprincess 11-04-2011 03:42 AM

love the scruff!

TPBM wants a new picture of jake smiling

Street Spirit 11-04-2011 07:41 AM

Yes! He should show that smile off.

TPBM has watched every Jake movie so far?

teena1013 11-05-2011 07:59 PM

Not all

TPBM drives an Audi like Jake


jakesprincess 11-07-2011 04:57 AM


TPBM wears glasses like jake

Street Spirit 11-07-2011 06:22 PM


TPBM has a favorite Jake outfit?

jakesprincess 11-09-2011 05:23 AM

i have many!

TPBM thinks jake look cool in shades :cool:

Street Spirit 11-10-2011 01:30 AM

He looks really cool and handsome.

TPBM loves Jake in blue jeans?

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