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lasertagandcigars 05-18-2020 09:49 PM

Ron Weasley #48 ~ “From now on, I don't care if my tea leaves spell, 'Die, Ron, die,' I'm chucking them in the bin where they belong.”
Banner made by the wonderful Laura!

Welcome to the Ickle Ronniekins Thread #47

Another banner by Sandra (a friend of Jennifer's)


Ronald “Ron” Bilius Weasley was born March 1, 1980 to pureblood wizard Arthur and witch Molly Weasley. He is the sixth of seven children but the youngest son. He has a younger sister, Ginny, the first girl to be born in many generations. The Weasleys distinctive trait is their flaming red hair and freckles. They live at The Burrow, near the village of Ottery St.Catchpole. To most everyone’s surprise, Ron’s life has been anything but ordinary since the day he set foot in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, but before that, he was quite a normal and ‘typical’ boy.

Endlessly teased, annoyed and harassed by his older brothers, Ron grew up in the shadow of achieving male siblings in a large, poor family. The Weasleys were full of love and pride however, and no matter his shame or disappointment in his own life, Ron has been and always will be fiercely loyal to his family.

Ron is someone who wants to be noticed and fit in, but despite that ambition, he’s really an all-around good guy. Throughout his life he’s been overshadowed by his five older brothers and found it hard to make himself stand out to his mother and others. This has put a damper on him, but once he befriended Harry, he lived somewhat off of the limelight that Harry constantly found himself in. This, however, is not to be confused with worshiping “The Boy Who Lived”.

Despite his lack of self-assertiveness and confidence, he has a mind of his own and strong opinions that many times finds him in awkward conversations and unwanted situations. Overall, Ron is friendly, somewhat outgoing (although he gets a bit nervous when the attention is on him), quick-tempered and a fiercely loyal friend.

Ron befriended the one and only Harry Potter, on their way to their first year of school at Hogwarts, on the Hogwarts Express, and after a small tiff became friends with Hermione Granger as well. Together, the three have managed to get themselves into more trouble than even Ron's older twin brothers get into… and that's saying a lot!.

First year proved to be interesting, getting to know Harry and Hermione and trying to solve the mystery of the Philosopher's Stone. At the end of this year, Harry, Ron and Hermione were forced to go through several rigorous tests to advance on the stone. Ron's incredible skills at chess helped Harry pass through McGonagall's enchanted chess set when he made a sacrificial movie in order for Harry to go ahead on his own, to get to the stone. It is by the end of this year that the three were tried and tested in their friendship and set to be friends for as long as time would permit.

Second year had Ron facing his worst fears--somewhat larger than life, as well. When Ron was three, he broke Fred's toy broomstick, and Fred retaliated by changing Ron's teddy bear into a giant spider, while Ron was holding it. Ron's been terrified of spiders ever since, although he can tolerate working with dead ones in Potions. After encountering Aragog in the forest, Ron was so afraid he threw up in Hagrid's pumpkin patch. It was in this year that his younger sister Ginny, a first year at the school and who felt a shadow to her brother and his two best friends, was possessed by Voldemort and almost died inside the Chamber of Secrets. Harry saved her in time, however and the trio once again survived another trying year of school in the mists of a battle between good and evil.

Their third year was definitely not scarce of adventure, getting Hagrid as a teacher and seeing Hermione in a bit of a different light as she overloads herself with work. After Hagrid lost Buckbeak's case, Ron took over responsibility for the appeal from Hermione, who was strained to the breaking point from her classload and he was deeply offended over the Committee's unjust handling of the final hearing. Ron found out that his pet rat who they'd named Scabbers was actually Harry's father's old mate Peter Pettigrew, who had sold out the Potters and gotten them killed by Voldemort. Ron also met Harry's godfather Sirius Black who was best friend's with James Potter, as well as another friends of Harry’s father, Remus Lupin who was their DADA teacher.

Fourth year struck a somewhat new cord in Ron's life: romance. Throughout his fourth year the bickering with Hermione intensified. He was highly annoyed that Hermione went to the Yule Ball with Krum, but never got around to asking her himself. He ended up going to the Ball with Padma Patil, but he was so busy glowering at Hermione and Krum that Padma abandoned him to dance with some boys from Durmstrang. Ron didn't seem to mind in the least. Ron and Harry also had their first major fight, not speaking to each other for a while until the second task when the thing Harry would miss most was revealed as none other than Ron.

Fifth year brought a turning point in the war, not to mention a turning point in Ron's life. After Percy's sworn allegiance to the Ministry and defiance of his own family, Ron was learning quickly that this war was definitely going to affect everyone. At the beginning of the year, Ron was made Prefect and got a new broom from his mother, as a reward: a Cleansweep 11. That Fall he tried out for the Gryffindor Quidditch team and was made Keeper.

Ron joined Hermione and a group of other students in forming a group to study Defense Against the Dark Arts from Harry. As a member of Dumbledore's Army, as they called themselves, Ron fought in the Battle of the Department of Mysteries. He was wounded in that battle and spent a few days in the hospital wing recovering.

In sixth year, Ron resumed playing Quidditch. He and Hermione spent a lot of time dancing around their growing feelings for each other and things seemed to be shifting slightly when Hermione asked him to Slughorn’s (the DADA teacher) Christmas party. However, it was short lived and everything came to a head when Ron caught his sister Ginny snogging Dean Thomas, and when he tried laying down the law, she teased him about being the only one of their friends who had no snogging experience. She went even as far as angrily telling him that even Hermione had seen some action. Needless to say Ron was deeply hurt by this, despite it having taken place two years before, his already low self-confidence took an even greater beating so when Lavender Brown, another Gryffindor student, started flirting with him and paying attention to him, he impulsively started a relationship with her.

Obviously, this profoundly upset Hermione and to put it mildly, they had a huge fallout, they spent several months not talking nor spending time together. Until, Ron had a small brush with death when he was almost poisoned by a drink of mead on his 17th birthday. Thankfully, Harry saved him in the nick of time. However, this incident allowed Ron and Hermione to reconcile. Shortly after this episode, after realizing that Lavender wasn’t really who he wanted to be with, they broke up. Ron and Hermione grew steadily closer and more fond of each other over the remaining months at Hogwarts. It is at Dumbledore’s funeral when the Death Eaters had managed to infiltrate the school did their closeness come to bear when they held each other at his funeral.

Interesting Facts:

Nicknames: Ron, Ronnie, Ronniekins, Won-Won
Family: Arthur, Molly, Bill, Charlie, Percy, Fred, George and Ginny
Wife: Hermione Granger/Weasley
Children: Rose and Hugo
Wand: 14 inch, willow, unicorn tail hair
Favorite things: Quidditch, The Chuddley Cannons, sweets, brooms
Patronus: a small dog like a Jack Russell Terrier
Appearance: Tall with red hair, freckles and a long nose. His ears go red when he is embarrassed. He has blue eyes
Zodiak sign: Pisces
Pets: Scabbers, a rather mangy rat, like everything else he owns was handed down to him through his brothers, but until it was discovered he was actually the Animagus Peter Pettigrew, servant to Lord Voldemort. Now however he has a small excitable owl called ‘Pigwidgeon’ or ‘Pig’, which was given to him by Sirius Black, Harry’s godfather, and named by Ginny

Ron Weasley Fanart:
  • By Laura- 1, 2, 3
  • By Orion (Six)- 1

Reasons We Love Ickle Ronniekins:

1. Because of his great sense of humor
2. Because he's fiercely loyal
3. Because he's sexy
4. Because he's strong
5. Because he loves his family
6. Because he's human
7. Because he wears his heart on his sleeve
8. Because he loves Hermione
9. Because he's a great friend
10. Because he's a redhead
11. Because he's funny
12. Because he's clueless
13. Because he's Harry's best friend
14. Because he's who Harry would miss the most
15. Because he's protective of the people he cares about
16. Because he comes from a huge, tight-knit family
17. Because he's average
18. Because he's insecure
19. Because he gets hand-me-downs
20. Because he's scared of spiders
21. Because he says "Bloody Hell!"
22. Because he thinks everything he owns is rubbish
23. Because he's brave, even if he, or anyone else doesn't think so
24. Because he's unbeatable at Wizard's Chess
25. Because he's a good Quidditch player
26. Because he has blue eyes
27. Because he has freckles
28. Because he's tall
29. Because he stood up, on a broken leg, to face Sirius who he thought was trying to kill Harry
30. Because he ended up coughing up slugs after trying to hex Draco with a broken wand, when he called Hermione "mudblood"
31. Because he was ready to sacrifice himself on the gigantic charmed Chess Board
32. Because he loves sweets
33. Because he's impulsive
34. Because he thinks with his heart
35. Because he pretends to not love his little owl 'Pig'
36. Because he read Twelve Fail Safe Ways to Charm Witches
37. Because he wanted to be taken and tortured instead of Hermione
38. Because he wanted to come back the minute he left
39. Because he faced his fears and destroyed the Horcruxed locket
40. Because he was no longer afraid to comfort and be affectionate with Hermione
41. Because he was brilliant facing Death Eaters when escaping Little Whinging
42. Because he danced with Hermione
43. Because he had the idea of using the ghoul to fool the Ministry
44. Because he can speak Parseltongue, too!... well... sort of...
45. Because he's the one that came up with the plan to get the Basilisk fangs
46. Because he saved Harry from the icy pool
47. Because he's a true Gryffindor

Ickle Ronniekins' Supporters:

1. darcybennett/ Darcy
2. L i N d $ @ y/ Lindsay
3. Oº°‘¨Laura¨‘°ºO/ Laura
4. **ellie**/ Eleanor
5. ordinaryday/ Jennifer

6. Corrsfanre/ Regina
7. dicey/ Becca
8. quaist/ Christina
9. Living Dead Girl
10. Anique

11. ocfan27/ Lauren
12. gilmore-girl123/ Mel
13. onetreehill1216
14. Orli'sALF/ Ashley
15. Sternbetrachter/ Trude

16. RenLucy/ Lucy
17. Hermione Weasley/ Lisa
18. Ginevra_Girl/ Meghan
19. rupertmylove/ Paola
20. sternebibliotek

21. Orion
22. Ellipsis / Ashlie
23. Virginie_GW/ Virginie
24. Maria102375/ Maria
25. Amy_UK/Amy

26. Chareey/Charlotte
27. crashintoyou/Des
28. Miss Fate/Gladys
29. thepoison/Brooke
30. bickering love/ Katie

31. blue sky blues
32. Phoenix
33. snatches of sunshine/ Yvonne
34. Bella Grint
35. tatibsblp

36. suddenly
37. slowly fading
38. AbsyntheMinded
39. eleonor
40. olderroswellfan

41. mockingjay
42. Bec = )
43. sourburst

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Thanks for the new thread

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aw, he looks downhearted.

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yeah well, he broke his wand (thank god, just the wooden one :P )

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Originally Posted by Sternbetrachter (Post 100727287)
yeah well, he broke his wand (thank god, just the wooden one :P )


those are his wedding clothes aren't they?

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yep :)

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Nice photo

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