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Old 10-11-2005, 08:34 AM
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LittleMilkJug- You brought up and interesting point. The movies have an annoying knack for giving other characters lines to Hermione. I can think of at least 1 occassion in SS/PS and another in POA where the script writer gave Ron's lines to Hermione. And I like Hermione, but please, leave Ron's line's alone and stop giving them to Hermione. Poor boy has few enough. Plus I am a little annoyed with how they portray Ron in the movies verses the books.

Take COS for example. In the movie after Ron & Harry find out that the monster has taken Ginny in the COS, the movie portrays Harry as the main one who wanted to go down into the Chamber. Now its great as an H/Ger that Harry was the one to think of going to Professor Lockhart and so forth. But it made Ron seem like a tag along to go and rescue his own sister. I thought the book version was more realistic in that Ron was the one to question whether or not Ginny was still alive and Ron was the one to think of going to look for her and Harry went with the flow.

Its minor things like that which annoy me in how they try and reduce the importance of Ron in the movie in favor of beefed up roles for Hermione and others. Hell, Hermione even overshadowed Harry in POA movie. She lead and Harry just followed.

So ITA in that I hope OoTP takes it down a notch on Hermione and even Ron in favor of Ginny, Neville and Luna screentime. I mean the audience has to get to know these characters and what they are made of.
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Old 10-11-2005, 03:36 PM
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Originally Posted by Houston
So ITA in that I hope OoTP takes it down a notch on Hermione and even Ron in favor of Ginny, Neville and Luna screentime. I mean the audience has to get to know these characters and what they are made of.
WORD. This is the exact formula they need to use. No doubt about it.

I also completely agree on Ron in the movies. I have been severely irked with how they portray him at times. I was fuming whenever Hermione was taking his lines. It's just not right and completely unnecessary.

And Houston, excellent point about Hermione even taking over Harry's position in the PoA movie where she was leading and Harry was following. I couldn't agree more. That's exactly what I thought. Totally frustrating.

I also think that non-readers could get a bit confused as to what is in Hermione's heart regarding her romantic feelings..

In the books, it is crystal clear that she has feelings for Ron. In the movies, it's less obvious and the ridiculous, added scenes they put in there to show off Dan/Emma does irk me because it's NOT H/Hr.

Hollywood wants to pimp "pink Hermione" because Emma is pretty. Same with handsome Dan.

It doesn't matter if in reality, Hermione is average looking.. Emma is above average looking and they want to use that in the movies.

I don't care how pretty Dan/Emma look together, I don't want to see it in the movies in a false portrayal of H/Hr. This bothers me so much.

In all true honesty, the way they portray Hermione in the movies is the sole reason as to why I cannot take the movies so seriously. It's way off from the books and it works my last nerve.

They certainly need to take Hermione down a notch or two and display Hermione in a more believable way if they want to come close to being successful in the next three movies.
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Old 10-11-2005, 04:46 PM
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I think the biggest thing I have with film-Hermione is her confidence. She's too self assured. Too together and way way way too girl-power (to use Emma's own words). I don't have any issues with Emma's looks because it's really only from Harry's POV that has described Hermione as average or less attractive. Yes, she has buck teeth and bushy hair but maybe that was a Harry thing and not so much a Hermione in general thing.

But what I haven't seen in the movies is the insecure Hermione who uses her booksmarts to compensate for her insecurity about Ron and her social skills. We see Ron's insecurity everywhere in the films. At times almost too much. It's a given that Rupert does comedy so well the film-makers take full advantage of that. To a fault. It a shame that it isn't as evenly balanced with these two. In GOF I fear that we're going to get a good dose of immature/insecure/jealous Ron and not enough jealous/insecure Hermione. Once again we'll get the POV that the boy is the only one at fault here and Hermione comes off as squeeky clean as always. JKR modelled Hermione after herself as a teenager so I hope the film-makers put back Hermione's weaknesses into GOF.

So yeah, I agree that Hermione's character needs to be scaled back a bit and hopefully with the addition of Luna, Ginny and Neville to the group, the dynamic will be improved.

I'm pleased that Luna's is being cast for OotP. It was her character that really showcased how different the girls were from each other. JKR labeled her the anti-Hermione and boy is she ever. Hopefully seeing these two work off one another will highlight more of Hermione's insecurities and faults as they really are as much as I adore her, she's not perfect.
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Old 10-11-2005, 05:53 PM
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GoF is "the book" where you start to clearly see that R/Hr have mutual feelings for each other. Of course, you see signs and hints of this in the previous books but GoF is the book where, without a doubt, you see that these two are "feeling each other" in a huge way. So, if they are going to further hightlight this point, it better be mutual and not appear one sided because that would be totally unrealistic.

I also completely agree about Hermione being too self assured in the films. Very, very true.

In general, I just want to see more of the real Hermione in the films. Because I miss her on the screen. I really do.
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