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The Speedwagons (Dean/Jo) #31 ~ "You deserve better. No, You did. You deserved better Jo"

Banner made by pruedens_!!

A small request
People who don't like the character and the pairing are kindly asked to not post anti-Jo/anti-DeanJo comments here. There is a thread for that purpose on the board already. So please be so kind as to take it over there.
Thank You in advance



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The Official Dean&Jo Of "Supernatural" Thread

Banner #1 made by ??? - Banner #2 made by Volek_Scofield

as voted by us

Jo cleans up after hours and plays 'Can't Fight
This Feeling' on the jukebox. Dean's face shows horror
at her taste. He gives her crap and she defends
REO, saying Kevin Cronin sings it from the heart. Dean,
amused, says he sings it from the hair. Getting serious,
Jo offers to help him with his mission, but Dean declines.
She asks him if he's afraid of her mother. Laughing, he
says he thinks so.

Unable to resist Jo's charms and tight jeans, Dean follows
her into Bobby's kitchen. He corners her and tells her tomorrow
is a dangerous mission and they should eat, drink, and make
merry. Calling his bluff, Jo asks, incredulous, if he's giving her the
last night on Earth speech. Dean, stammering, asks if it would
work. She leans in close, holding his face, teasingly close to lips.
Just as they're about to kiss she pulls back and says no. She would
rather spend her last on on Earth with a little self respect. She
leaves, laughing, and Dean tries to shrug off his disappointment.

When Dean follows a mysterious message on his dad's
phone to a bar in Nebraska, he has no idea what he's going to
find. Once there he breaks in only to feel something hard
pressed against his back. He quips that he hopes it's a rifle,
and the young woman behind him quips back that she's just
happy to see him. Thinking her unskilled he quickly disarms
her. Proving she's not, she punches him in the face. He calls
for help from Sam only to discover his brother equally subdued
by another woman. The women are Jo and Ellen Harvelle.
Though they are allies, Dean, still in pain, fearfully asks Jo if
she's going to hit him again.

After pulling Dean from the river, Jo bandages his wounds.
Still reeling from her conversation with the possessed Sam,
Jo asks him if demons ever tell the truth. He tells her yes,
if it will mess with your head. There's no time to dwell as
Dean must rush to save Sam. Though she wants to help,
Dean declines. This is his fight and he will not get her
blood on his hands. She gives him painkillers and says
he'll call her. Jo knows him better than that.

Jo lays dying and Dean gives her the detonator that will save
everyone else. He tells her he'll see her on the other side,
probably sooner than later. She tells him to make it later.
They look at each other, a world of unrealized possibilities passing
between them. He leans forward and kisses her forehead, her lips.
He holds her face gently and rests his head against hers.
Finally they pull apart for the last time.
Banners and descriptions by karate0kat



Because she wouldn't hate seeing him again.
Because "even as I wander I’m keeping you in sight."
Because they're both a little twisted.
Because she'll always be there to pick him up when he's down.
Because he promised to call...
Because we're dying for some fluff.
Because Dean saved Jo's life twice
Beacause she looked for him and helped him.
Because both lost their dads to evil.
Because she constantly wants to help him.
Because he "doesn't want to get her blood on his hands."
Because she "gets it." (that he needs time)
Because he doesn't want her in danger.
Because they have a lot of chemistry.
Because they are on the same side.
Because thinking about Jo makes Dean sing it just like Kevin Cronin, from the heart.
Because they were perfect for each other.
Because they fit together.
Because she could have been his better half.
Because he respects her.
Because they understand each other.
Because they challenge each other.
Because every great love story begins with a punch in the face.
Because he could sense her.
Because he was impressed by her skills.
Because when Jo needed saving, Dean was there.
Because Jo/s cute, Dean 's hot and, it's okay to be superficial every now and again.
Because "Hey Jo. - Hey..." *ackward silence*
Because we finally get our wish, they kiss.
Because even if Kripke & Co. thought she came off as a little sister, we saw their connection and know they scerectly want eachother.
Because we know that she's been on his mind.
Because she was the only one that turned around to see if he was still running.
Because she died for him.
Because only he understood what "we've got everything we need" meant.
Because she saved his life.
Because he checked her out... twice.
Because he tried to stay calm and not show how worried he was, when he was around her.
Because she died to save his life.
Because she knew he was in danger.
Because they both know what a Hellhound attack feels like.
Because we have 113 people (and counting) who love them.
Because "wrong place, wrong time" FINALLY became "right place, right time."
Because Jo has always been Dean's girl.
Because now he would give everything to see her again.
Because when Jo died, Dean's soul died with her.

Jo Harvelle Back to S7!

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- Blood, Water and Whiskey

By dark_red here

By sort of beautiful here

By FreedomsBullets here | More

By feel_the_fire here

By fantasticangel here

By karate0kat here | More

By Folie here | More


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- Jo/Alona Thread


And if you're a ghost I'll call your name again.
Would you lie with me and just forget the world.
Safe inside myself...are all my thoughts of you.
I forgive you after all, anything is better than to be alone.
If you had not have fallen, then I would not have found you.
When the roof caved in and the truth came out, I realised one thing: It's you.

01. Because She Wouldn't Hate Seeing Him Again
02. Because "even as I wander I’m keeping you in sight."
03. Because they're both a little twisted
04. One day it will be the right place and the right time.
05. If Dean-o likes her she's more than good enough for us.
06. Looks speak louder than words.
07. "Just can't stay away!"
08. She's sexy + He's hot = Match made in heaven!
09. One day... he *will* call!
10. 2 years, 10 threads, 3000 posts! | CELEBRATION POST
11. On to the next landmark thread!
12. With Lucifer rising, Jo has good reason to be waiting for that call
13. The 2 year wait warrants at least a 2 minute scene
14. "Hi Jo - Hey..."
15. The long awaited Kiss, FINALLY!!!!!
16. Less than a day away....
17. 3 threads in one week? We *are* excited!
18. "I'll see you on the other side"
19. Soulmates. They seem to get each other in a way that no one else does.
20. Always the wrong place, wrong time.
21. We're two of a kind, we'll find a way, to do it like no one else has done.
22. You changed the world... for me
23. If I had just one more day.
24. Its been you all along, and now I've lost you.
25. Jo was Dean's girl
26. When they look at at each other, the whole world seems to stop and no one else exists.
27. Only she looked back for him.
28. "She truly wanted to go in the other room and go crazy with him."
29. For us they will always live on.

Jo Harvelle Back to S7!
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TFTNT! Love the title!
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TFTNT, I second that on the title xDD
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What a lovely thread title for a lovely couple. Sooo glad the real Jo was the one who appeared; not some evil apparition wearing her face to torture Dean. I really did miss Jo and I really liked her bittersweet scenes with Dean when she's forced to kill him. You know what? Put me up in the OP list. Gotta represent the Dean/Jo love.
My fandoms are frustrating, angsty, and full of reboots... and yet I keep going back to them.
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dean/jo were awesome last episode! so happy to see her again and to get new scenes!
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Glad to see jo back
Feeling unwell i wish i get bettr soon
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Add me, please
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