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The Journal #14 - WELCOME! {Introduction, Rules & Board Guide}

Saving people, hunting things.
The family business.

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Hey everyone!
Welcome to the Supernatural Board!

Welcome to our little corner of Fanforum. We are very happy that you decided to join us and have some fun. This board has anything and everything you would need to gush about Supernatural, threads from the boys to the car, to even Eric himself. Plus we have a couple of threads where you can vent about that character that you just don't like so much, even if they are part of your favorite show. So we hope you take a minute to introduce yourself, and take a look around. We have a fantastic bunch of people here who are looking forward in making a new friend in you. So don't be shy, jump right on in and start gushing! ...if there is anything you need or questions you need answered, please feel free to ask. One of us will be more then happy to help you.

Have fun!

Amy and Gelly


We hope you all enjoy posting here and have fun, however there are a few rules you need to take note of and make sure to adbide by:

Please read the Fan Forum Rules and Guidelines before posting.

There is to be absolutely NO bashing on this board whatsoever! This goes for bashing against actors, FF members, anyone. And lurking in threads you do not support the character or ships of and then going back into the ones you do, and talking about what was said is also NOT allowed on this board.

If you are having a problem with another poster please contact one of the moderators to explain the problem. Keep all issues off of the board and contact the poster if you feel the need to, via PM.

No spoilers about any new or current television shows are allowed on the television show forums, and they should only be posted on the Spoilers Board. Information is considered to be a spoiler if it details something that has not yet been broadcast anywhere in the world. Promos that have already aired on television and small episode descriptions are not considered to be spoilers.

Downloading of episodes is strictly against Fan Forum rules. Links to any download sites will be edited out. Do not advertise websites that allow downloading of episodes. If you’d like to ask/answer this stuff, please do so via PM.

After discussions on this subject we have agreed that we will allow Anti threads on this board but with exceptions. NO anti threads for either Dean or Sam, either by themselves or together. However we will allow anti threads such as - Dean/Jo, Sam/Jess for example. At no point in time will actor bashing be allowed. If you choose to take part in an Anti thread then keep all negative thoughts strictly for the character and not the actor. Please don't go into an Anti thread defending a character you like, an Anti thread is a place for the people who don't think the character is that awesome to have some place to vent. but same goes for the Anti people, do not go into a pro thread and bash the character.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Now, please feel free to fill out the "Getting to know you" info.


HTML Code:
[b]Favorite SPN Character[/b]:
[b]Favorite SPN Relationship/Friendship[/b]:
[b]Anything else you'd like to add[/b]:

Board Guide

New to the Supernatural board? Not sure where to start? Well, check out this thread for a list of EVERY thread on the board. Start by introducing yourself on this thread and then jump right in by choosing a topic from the list of current threads and start posting! If you don't see a place for something you want to discuss go ahead and start a new topic!

News & Information
FanForum Rules
Save Supernatural
News Thread
Dictionary of Terms
Q&A Thread
Help! Which Episode Is This From?
Post Count
Episode Spoilers (On the Spoiler Board)

General Show Discussion
Picture Thread
Website Thread
Music Thread
Supernatural Novels Thread
Supernatural Comic Book Thread
Supernatural Anime Series Thread
Supernatural Twitter Threads
Urban Legends
Quotes Thread
Funny Screencaps
Props Discussion
The Debate Thread
Supernatural Merchandise Thread
Supernatural Miscellaneous Thread
Spoiler Free Discussion
Why Do You Love Supernatural?
Spoiler Thread (On the Spoilers board)

Episode Discussion
Season Fourteen

14x01: Stranger in a Strange Land | 14x02: Gods and Monsters | 14x03: The Scar | 14x04: Mint Condition | 14x05: Nightmare Logic | 14x06: Optimism
Season Thirteen

13x01: Lost and Found | 13x02: Rising Son | 13x03: Patience | 13x04: The Big Empty | 13x05: Advanced Thanatology | 13x06: Tombstone | 13x07: War of the Worlds | 13x08: The Scorpion and the Frog | 13x09: The Bad Place | 13x10: Wayward Sisters | 13x11: Breakdown | 13x12: Various & Sundry Villains | 13x14: Good Intentions | 13x15: A Most Holy Man | 13x16: Scoobynatural | 13x17: The Thing | 13x18: Bring ‘em Back Alive | 13x19: Funeralia | 13x20: Unfinished Business | 13x21: Beat the Devil
Season Twelve

12x01: Keep Calm and Carry On | 12x02: Manna Mia | 12x03: The Foundry | 12x04: American Nightmare | 12x05: The One You've Been Waiting For | 12x06: Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox | 12x07: Rock Never Dies | 12x08: Lotus | 12x09: First Blood | 12x10 : Lily Sunder Has Some Regrets | 12x11: Regarding Dean | 12x12: Stuck In The Middle (With You) | 12x13: Family Feud | 12x14: The Raid | 12x15: Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell|
Season Eleven

|11x01: Out of the Darkness, Into the Fire | 11x02: Form and Void | 11x03: Bad Seed | 11x04: Baby | 11x05: Thin Lizzie | 11x06: Our Little World | 11x07: Plush | 11x08: Just My Imgination | 11x09: Oh Brother, Where Art Thou? | 11x10: The Devil in the Details | 11x11: Into the Mystic | 11x12: Don't You Forget About Me | 11x13: Love Hurts | 11x14: The Vessel | 11x15: Beyond The Mat | 11x16: Safe House | 11x17: Red Meat | 11x18: Hell's Angel | 11x19: The Chitters | 11x20: Don't Call Me Shurley | 11x21: All in the Family | 11x22: We Happy Few | 11x23:Alpha and Omega|
Season Ten

|10x00: A Very Special Supernatural Special | 10x01: Black | 10x02: Reichenbach | 10x03: Soul Survivor | 10x04: Paper Moon | 10x05: Fan Fiction | 10x06: Ask Jeeves | 10x07: Girls, Girls, Girls | 10x08: Hibbing 911 | 10x09: The Things We Left Behind | 10x10: The Hunter Games | 10x11: There's No Place Like Home | 10x12: About A Boy | 10x13: Halt & Catch Fire | 10x14: The Execution's Song | 10x15: The Things They Carried | 10x16: Paint It Black | 10x17: Inside Man | 10x18: Book of the Damned | 10x19: The Werther Project | 10x20: Angel Heart | 10x21: Dark Dynasty | 10x22: The Prisoner | 10x23: Brother's Keeper|
Season Nine

|9x01: I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here | 9x02: Devil May Care | 9x03: I'm No Angel | 9x04: Slumber Party | 9x05: Dog Dean Afternoon | 9x06: Heaven Can't Wait | 9x07: Bad Boys | 9x08: Rock And A Hard Place | 9x09: Holy Terror | 9x10: Road Trip | 9x11: First Born | 9x12: Sharp Teeth | 9x13: The Purge | 9x14: Captives | 9x15: Thinman | 9x16: Blade Runners | 9x17: Mother's Little Helper | 9x18: Meta Fiction | 9x19: Alex Annie Alexis Ann | 9x20: Bloodlines | 9x21: King Of The Damned | 9x22: Stairway To Heaven | 9x23: Do You Believe In Miracles?|
Season Eight

|8x01: We Need To Talk About Kevin | 8x02: What's Up, Tiger Mommy? | 8x03: Heartache | 8x04: Bitten | 8x05: Blood Brother | 8x06: Southern Comfort | 8x07: A Little Slice Of Kevin | 8x08: Hunteri Heroici | 8x09: Citizen Fang | 8x10: Torn And Frayed | 8x11: LARP And The Real Girl | 8x12: AS Time Goes By | 8x13: Everybody Hates Hitler | 8x14: Trial And Error | 8x15: Man's Best Friend With Benefits | 8x16: Remember The Titans | 8x17: Goodbye Stranger | 8x18: Freaks And Geeks | 8x19: Taxi Driver | 8x20: Pac-Man Fever | 8x21: The Great Escapist | 8x22:Clip Show | 8x23: Sacrifice|
Season Seven

|7x01: Meet The New Boss | 7x02: Hello, Cruel World | 7x03: The Girl Next Door | 7x04: Defending Your Life | 7x05: Shut Up, Dr. Phil | 7x06: Slash Fiction | 7x07: The Mentalists | 7x08: Season Seven, Time For A Wedding | 7x09: How To Win Friends And Influence Monsters | 7x10: Death's Door | 7x11: Adventures In Babysitting | 7x12: Time After Time | 7x13: The Slice Girls | 7x14: Plucky Pennywhistle's Magical Menagerie | 7x15: Repo Man | 7x16: Out With The Old | 7x17: The Born-Again Identity | 7x18: Party On, Garth | 7x19: Of Grave Importance | 7x20: The Girl With The Dungeons & Dragons Tattoo | 7x21: Reading Is Fundamental | 7x22: There Will Be Blood | 7x23: Survival Of The Fittest|
Season Six

|6x01: Exile On Main Street | 6x02: Two And A Half Men | 6x03: The Third Man | 6x04: Weekend At Bobby's | 6x05: Live Free Or Twihard | 6x06: You Can't Handle The Truth | 6x07: Family Matters | 6x08: All Dogs Go To Heaven | 6x09: Clap Your Hands If You Believe | 6x10: Caged Heat | 6x11: Appointment In Samarra | 6x12: Like A Virgin | 6x13: Unforgiven | 6x14: Mannequin 3: The Reckoning | 6x15: The French Mistake | 6x16: And Then There Were None | 6x17: My Heart Will Go On | 6x18: Frontierland | 61x9: Mommy Dearest | 6x20: The Man Who Would Be King | 6x21: Let It Bleed | 6x22: The Man Who Knew Too Much|
Season Five

|5x01: Sympathy For The Devil | 5x02: Good God, Y'All | 5x03: Free To Be You And Me | 5x04: The End | 5x05: Fallen Idols | 5x06: I Believe The Children Are Our Future | 5x07: The Curious Case Of Dean Winchester | 5x08:Changing Channels | 5x09: The Real Ghostbusters | 5x10: Abandon All Hope... | 5x11: Sam, Interrupted | 5x12: Swap Meat | 5x13: The Song Remains The Same | 5x14: My Bloody Valentine | 5x15: Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid | 5x16: Dark Side Of The Moon | 5x17: 99 Problems | 5x18: Point Of No Return | 5x19: Hammer Of The Gods | 5x20: The Devil You Know | 5x21: Two Minutes To Midnight | 5x22: Swan Song|
Season Four

|4x01: Lazarus Rising | 4x02: Are You There, God? It's Me Dean Winchester | 4x03: In The Beginning | 4x04: Metamorphosis | 4x05: Monster Movie | 4x06: Yellow Fever | 4x07: It's The Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester | 4x08: Wishful Thinking | 40x9: I Know What You Did Last Summer | 4x10: Heaven And Hell | 4x11: Family Remains | 4x12: Criss Angel Is A D****ebag | 4x13: After School Special | 4x14: Sex and Violence | 4x15: Death Takes A Holiday | 4x16: On The Head Of A Pin | 4x17: It's A Terrible Life | 4x18: The Monster At The End Of This Book | 4x19: Jump The Shark | 4x20: The Rapture | 4x21: When The Levee Breaks | 4x22: Lucifer Rising|
Season Three

|3x01: The Magnificent Seven | 3x02: The Kids Are Alright | 3x02: The Kids Are Alright Thread 2 | 3x03: Bad Day At Black Rock | 3x03: Bad Day At Black Rock Thread 2 | 3x04: Sin City | 3x05: Bedtime Stories | 3x06: Red Sky At Morning | 3x07: Fresh Blood | 3x08: A Very Supernatural Christmas | 3x08: A Very Supernatural Christmas Thread 2 | 3x09: Malleus Maleficarum | 3x10: Dream A Little Dream Of Me | 3x11: Mystery Spot | 3x12: Jus In Bello | 3x13: Ghostfacers | 3x14: Long-Distance Call | 3x15: Time Is On My Side | 3x16: No Rest For The Wicked|
Season Two

|2x01: In My Time of Dying | 2x02: Everybody Loves A Clown | 2x03: Bloodlust | 2x04: Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things | 20x5: Simon Says | 2x06: No Exit | 2x07: The Usual Suspects | 2x08: Crossroad Blues | 2x09: Croatoan | 2x10: Hunted | 2x11: Playthings | 2x12: Nightshifter | 2x13: House of the Holy | 2x14: Born under a Bad Sign | 2x15: Tall Tales | 2x16: Roadkill | 2x17: Heart | 2x18: Hollywood Babylon | 2x19: Folsom Prison Blues | 2x20: What Is And What Should Never Be | 2x21: All Hell Breaks Loose Part One | 2x22: All Heall Beaks Loose Part Two|
Season One

|101: Pilot | 102: Wendigo | 103: Dead in the Water | 104: Phantom Traveler | 105: Bloody Mary | 106 - 118 Discussion | 110: Asylum | 119: Provenance | 120: Dead Man's Blood | 121: Salvation | 122: Devil's Trap|
Creative Team Appreciation
Eric Kripke
Kim Manners
The Writers Room
Characters And Actors

Sam Winchester / Jared Padalecki
Dean Winchester / Jensen Ackles
Adam Milligan / Jake Abel
Baby (The Impala)
Bobby Singer / Jim Beaver
Henry Winchester / Gil McKinney
Gwen Campbell / Jessica Heafey
John Winchester / Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Teen!Dean / Brock Kelly
Weechesters! - Ridge / Colin / Alex / Dylan
Young John / Matthew Cohen
Young Mary / Amy Gumenick

Friends and Hunters

Andy Gallagher / Gabriel Tigerman
Ash / Chad Lindberg
Becky Rosen / Emily Perkins
Ben Braeden / Nicholas Elia
Benny / Ty Olsson
Charlie Bradbury / Felicia Day
Claire Novak / Kathryn Newton
Cole / Travis Aaron Wade
Ellen Harvelle / Samantha Ferris
Garth / DJ Qualls
Gordon Walker / Sterling K Brown
Jessica Moore / Adrianne Palicki
Jo Harvelle / Alona Tal
Missouri Moseley / Loretta Devine
Pamela Barnes / Traci Dinwiddie
Sheriff Donna Hanscum / Briana Buckmaster
Sheriff Jody Mills / Kim Rhodes
Teddy Bear
The Ghostfacers

Angels and Other Hevenly Helpers

Castiel / Misha Collins
Anna / Julie McNiven
Balthazar / Sebastian Roche
Chuck / Rob Benedict
Ezekiel / Gadreel / Tahmoh Penikett
Gabriel / Trickster / Richard Speight Jr.
Jack/Alexander Calvert
Kevin Tran / Osric Chau
Lucifer / Nick / Mark Pellegrino
Tessa The Reaper / Lindsay McKeon
Uriel / Robert Wisdom
Angels in General

Demons and Other Badies

Crowley / Mark Sheppard
Alpha Vampire / Rick Worthy
Abaddon / Alaina Huffman
Bela Talbot / Lauren Cohan
Cain / Timothy Omundson
Casey / Sasha Barrese
Crossroads Demon / Sandra McCoy
Donald / James Marsters
Meg / Nicki Aycox
Rowena / Ruth Connell
Ruby / Katie Cassidy
Ruby / Genevieve Padalecki
The Horsemen
The Leviathan Underlings


Regular Cast (Jared, Jensen, Jim, Misha & Mark (J3M2)
Female Characters
Guest Stars Appreciation
Sister Jo/Danneel Ackles
Relationships (Ships, Family, UC, etc.)
Sam/Dean & Jared/Jensen
Sam/Dean & Jared/Jensen (SLASH)


|Anna | Bela | Benny | Bobby | Castiel (slash) | Castiel (non-slash) | Charlie | Crowley | Jo | Lisa | Ruby | Starla | Tessa | The Darkness|


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Real People

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We will do our best to update the thread links as we close the old threads, but if you notice an old link just let us know and we'll update it.
"I love Jensen and
Sam loves Dean
" - JP
s o u l m a t e s

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You're welcome Chris and Quin.
"I love Jensen and
Sam loves Dean
" - JP
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Supernatural Conventions Thread #6 - Doesn't matter if you go for J2, R2, M2...An SPN con is the place to be Wayward AF!
"I love Jensen and
Sam loves Dean
" - JP
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The Roadhouse {OT} #31 - Dean & Sam walked into a bar...WHAT?!...You try not talking about Supernatural!
"I love Jensen and
Sam loves Dean
" - JP
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The Hero (Sam/Jared) #55: Padafamily has grown once more
Chris ~Moose-aholic~

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"I love Jensen and
Sam loves Dean
" - JP
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Thanks for the new thread.

Should we start an Anti BMOL thread?
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If you were to start one Quin, I'm pretty sure you'd have a few people joining you.
"I love Jensen and
Sam loves Dean
" - JP
s o u l m a t e s
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Tftnt ladies!

Anti-The British of Men Letters #1 : We are glad they are gone & hope they never come back!
Bucky Barnes ♡ Sebastian Stan
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Name: Cheyanne
Birthday: May 25th
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Interests: Reading, Video Games, Writing, Old Movies...
Favorite SPN Character: Dean Winchester
Favorite SPN Relationship/Friendship: Castiel and Meg
Anything else you'd like to add: Super excited I found this forum. I joined the family in 2016!
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