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rocky845 05-12-2017 01:23 AM

Shawn & Jack Appreciation #2: Because Shawn didn't like that he didn't know his brother while he was growing up.
Talk about the two brothers Shawn & Jack Hunter here!

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Awesome Nerds 05-12-2017 09:33 PM

I think we both need to be on that list :lol:

rocky845 05-13-2017 12:48 AM

^ We are now on the list. :read: :fist_bump:

Aw, the Hunter brothers are great! Rider Strong and Matthew Lawrence being cast as brothers is my idea of fangirl heaven. :melt: :abduct: :angel: Do you think they ever talked about the fact that they both had brothers who were also in the business? :)

Awesome Nerds 05-13-2017 11:30 AM

Hurray for us! :fist_bump:

hahaha well then well done casting department! And it's possible ;)

rocky845 05-16-2017 11:11 PM

^ Huzzah! :party: :cheers: :lol:

Indeed. Thank you, casting department, for giving me not one but two Hunters to fangirl over. :thumbs_up: :clap: :in_love: :slinkie: :in_love: :yay: It's probably my own imagination, but I have this feeling that they wanted to be just like their older they followed them into the world of acting. :sailboat: Oh, what I wouldn't give to find out about some of their off-screen interactions. :pinkie: :thud:

Awesome Nerds 05-17-2017 08:53 PM

Like "Hey, you thought you were obsessing enough with one Hunter brother? Check this out..."

rocky845 05-21-2017 01:03 AM

^ That is EXACTLY what I think the casting department's goal was by casting Matthew as Jack. Talk about the yummy gauge hitting red-hot with the Hunter brothers with that decision. :slinkie: :hotpinkie: :slinkie: :thud:

Awesome Nerds 05-21-2017 04:49 PM

Just dropped that guy on us, sat back and laughed like 'dance, puppets, dance!'

rocky845 05-23-2017 06:36 PM

^ They definitely knew what they were doing. :melt:

How often do you think these guys check in with one another? Phone calls once a week? Biweekly e-mails? Dinners once a month? :)

Awesome Nerds 05-23-2017 09:56 PM

I don't know, I mean where does Jack live usually?

rocky845 05-25-2017 06:37 PM

^ Not a clue! :lol: There wasn't exactly a wealth of information in his one appearance on Girl Meets World. :pout: :thud: I would think that he's in New York so that he can be close to Shawn and his family...but that's just my headcanon. :read: :thumbs_up:

Awesome Nerds 05-26-2017 07:27 PM

I will accept it, not that there's another option;)

rocky845 05-27-2017 03:41 PM

^ There is always two sides to my speculations. :evil_lol: Jack could be living in...:idea: Los Angeles, and he could drop by New York once every...:idea: two months to check in with Shawn. :snail: :shrug: I like my first headcanon better though. It gives me more scenarios where Shawn and Jack see each other. :slinkie: :in_love: :slinkie: :thumbs_up:

Awesome Nerds 05-27-2017 04:45 PM

Well we always need those... always, always...

rocky845 05-30-2017 01:54 PM

^ The more scenarios with the Hunter brothers I can imagine, the happier I am...even if almost all of them are my headcanon. :idea: :blah: :read: :yay: They had a different dynamic compared to Eric and Cory, and it was fun to watch them try to make up for all of the years that they lost out on by not growing up together. :snail: :in_love:

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