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Meant to be {SloanღGrey} 225: because they were end game


Welcome to the Mark Lexie Appreciation Thread

They came from two completely different worlds. L e x i e G r e y came from a loving and Caring World. M a r k S l o a n came from a world full of Terror and Abandoment. They couldn't have been any more different. Their relationship started off as platonic coworkers but once Mark set his eyes on Lexie, the girl didn't stand a chance. It was their differences and their love that made them work. Their worlds collided from the night she showed up at his hotel room asking him seductively to Teach her and that was only the begining of their love Story

There came the day they realized there was something more to the relationship. No one understood their relationship and most thought it was d o o m e d from the beginning. They shared a love no one could explain and sometimes they couldn’t explain it either. But Lexie and Mark saw each other for who they really were. She saw Mark as the guy who put up a façade to protect himself but still had the depth and gentleness to him. He saw the kindness,love and acceptsance in her that was unlike any other girl that he was with before. Together they changed each other for the better. then Mark broke Lexie's heart without even realizing it until he realized how much damage he had done.

"You Can Have a Husband"

As time moved on, the two started anew and became friendly again. He was still in love with the girl who showed him so much before but he never really appreciated it until she wasn't there anymore. He gave her all of his heart hoping for another chance, and she was afraid to open back up like before, so he waited. It took a couple mistakes on both of their parts, but when she did open her heart up again, they were reunited. They were
c o m p l e t e l y
in love with each other and became each other’s world. It was as if they never broke up at all. But then the news came that his best friend was pregnant with his child, the girl left him despite how she was really feeling and the man was crushed. He waited for the girl to come back to him; and in his heart he's still waiting and so is she.

These two are able to understand and believe in each other better than anyone else can. They’ve always been there for each other and always will be; they save each other equally. It is together that everything is better. Lexie and Mark have been through everything – The heartache, love, Break up, make up and baby Drama. But it's their journey, and in the end it is that journey that is their destination. The love between Lexie and Mark is undeniable and true, it is that very love that is bring them back together.

"I don't hate you"

"Love comes in threes"

265.Kate-Lexie mom
274. bubblie1987
275. LeytonForEver
276. rachade
277. Mary4roses
278. AlwaysCB
279. For You to Notice...
280. I love Japril
281. *Amethyst*
282. maracats
283. Si_Crazy
284. lulu-144
285. Echo752
286. sweethallows
287. Captivating
288. Davis-Scott
289. sourburst
Eric Dane
Chyler Leigh
Krista vernoff
Wet paint
People's magazine
Spoiler Tv
Meredith Grey
Derek Shepherd
Richard Webber
Kristin dos Santos
Alex Karev
Patient Justine
Mrs. Shepherd

You and I are so entwined

399. Because she wanted to stay in bed with him longer and go late into work
400. Because their eyes sex makes up Sqeeee
401. Because she got jealous over him kissing another girl
402. Because they are soul mates
403 Because they are made for each other
404. Because They are written in the stars
Full List|Comment to add one
"I'm always going to love you"
"For Lexie it was never a matter of whether or not she loved Mark but,
Hey, I’m young, trying to get an edge in the field I’m in and trying to
figure my life out. So yes, I love you, but I don’t know that I’m ready
for all that yet”. He’s older so he’s ready for commitment and marriage
and kids at some point, and Lexie is not there yet. Ultimately it becomes
a question of when she will be ready for something like that – and whether
he’ll still be around then."
Chyler Leigh

"I think Sloan’s really serious about [Lexie]. And
I don’t think it’s because of fear that he may lose her forever or fear that
she may be the one that got away. I feel like he’s really sincerely in love
with this girl and that he really sincerely wants to start a life with her. And
now she wants nothing to do with him.” -
Eric Dane

"I know we’re B e a u t i f u l ."

"The sex, that was... a joke."
"When I like somebody I make sure they know it.
Life's too short to live any other way.
"He's fun and he's funny. Even with no sex
we just laugh and we talk.
"A story about, first loves, second chances,
and the moments in life that leads you back
"You're Meredith Grey's little sister.
You are forbidden fruit.
"“I love you. I don’t ever want to live without you. You changed my life.
Did you say it? It might all be gone tomorrow.”
"i love you, Mark."
"i am here in your heart
i was here from the start
"i don’t have a choice,
but i still choose you.
"I know that I am supposed to not care,
but how? How do you not care?
"I love you still for all my life and I always will"
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" She makes me happier than anything I've ever known"
"I wouldn’t mind spending the rest of my life with that guy."
"I know you hate me
I don't hate you
"I have everything i ever wanted, almost"
"I can't think of anything but you"
The Fans.

It's hard to put into words way I love Mark and Lexie on Grey's. They just have that IT factor. That soulmate thing. It's something that I noticed at the beginning of the season and have been intrigued by every since. Lexie and Mark are a unique and bewitching love story. Eric Dane and Chyler Leigh have sizzling chemistry together.They have that rare chemistry that can be expressed in looks and body language, like a silent film. Their chemistry reaches their eyes. They have IT. They can convey so much in the way they look at each other. They play off each other like nobody's business. I noticed Mark and Lexie's potential in the season five premiere and have enjoyed the slow build to their pairing. The banter and looks were wonderful. I liked that Mark really paid attention to things like her photographic memory and she sees the value and brilliance in his specialty and in as a man. What I like is that they understand each other and really see the other. They have the maturity to talk to each other and listen and respect the other. They are real. They deal with real internal issues. They bring out the best in each other, they are themselves with each other without trying to change the other. They really love each other. Enough can't be said about their chemistry and the looks they share. That cannot be manufactured. It's magic and they have the potential for a great lasting love story and a pairing I am rooting for in the long haul. -Brenda Corinthos.

They complete and balance each other. Thanks to her, Mark has changed and is now a one woman man. She sees in him the real Mark, not the McSteamy or womanizer or even the Manwhore. She believes in him. With her he's showing more of his softer side and knows that for the first time, he can be committed to a relationship.He has also helped Lexie grow, she's more confident, feisty and of course she forgot her crush (George, praise the Lord). And the more they looked at each other, they have both noticed something in each other, nobody else has. Plus, they are a hot, sizzling, and sexy couple and the next big couple on GA-

I saw a spark in Mark and Lexie right from the start. I got all excited and started shipping them immediately.
I gathered all their wonderful scenes and uploaded them to YT. That’s when the movement begun.Shippers began to come from all over the world and Little Big Love was born.We started off as a tiny group who were all so excited when we reach our 10th thread (haha).Now we’re bigger and stronger and our passion for ML is still burning. What I adore about ML the most is there absolute admiration for each other.Lexie is Mark’s exquisite beauty and Mark is Lexie’s funny, romantic hunk.They see pass each other flaws and straight into the depths of each other’s hearts.Mark brings forth his woman’s sometimes hidden voice. Lexie brings forth her man’s guarded feelings.Together they are the perfect blend of naughty and nice. Who can seriously resist that combination?Although they may face a hostile environment, ML and their shippers know they will float over those tidal waves…together.That’s why they’re beautiful.
- Gabby

Lexie is the new leaf that Mark needed to discover himself.
She entered his life when he didn't have anyone.She raised his expectations and she helped him to understand that he deserves happiness.Mark is the only one person that really cares about Lexie.He save her from her loneliness. He helped her through her probation, and he let her knew who he's really is. But the most important thing is that they are in love and we can see this in every episode

Why do Mark and Lexie have potential? They are (or at least were) shown as, ultimately, lonely people. Mark never had the love of his parents while Lexie lost her mother and, in a way, her father who drifted into the world of alcohol. The only person Mark honestly cared about in the past did not sharethe feeling in that way. Lexie shared with him the same fate when it came to relationships. Forgotten by some and unnoticed by others, when it came to Mark neither happened. The way Mark treats her and looks at her just shows how much he’s already began changing and how he finally feels like sharing something like this might be worth it. And Lexie has already shown care by doing stuff for him when he was injured that goes back to the way she deals with pain herself.They have potential because they finally found someone to reciprocate their feelings. There is just a natural balance. She brings out the sweetness nobody thought he was capable of having and he brings out the fierce nobody imagined existed behind that naïve face.-Lari

"I miss you"

I think that Mark and Lexie make a great couple simply because it's so new to both of them.He is not what she is used to, and she is not what he is used to.I think that, in the future, their relationship will be mutually beneficial in
that they will be able to help each other grow. Also, Mark holds her in such high esteem that he actually stood up to Derek to keep,which is a major leap for his character. The fact that they have amazing chemistry doesn't hurt either.

There are a lot of reasons that draw me to Mark and Lexie.Chemistry is obvious, but it goes deeper than that.There's some raw emotionthat they share with one another that they haven't expressed with anybody else. When Mark looks at Lexie, it's like she's the only one in the room and nothing else matters.The way she respects him and looks at who he is as a person instead of his bad boy reputation. They bring out something different in each other, something they both thought wasn't possible. That is what makes me love Little Big Love-Kai

ML have so much potential because they complete and balance each other.I mean thanks to her, Mark is a changed and a one woman man.
She sees him for the real Mark not the McSteamy or womanizer or even the Manwhore.She believes in him. With her he's showing more his softer side and know that whit the her by his side he can't really be commited.
And about Lexie, she's more confident, feisty and of course she forgot her crush.
But more than that he noticed her when nobody didn't,he remembered her when everyone forgot about her. they balance each other, they hot, sizzling, sexy couple and they are the next big couple on GA.


From the moment that he came to Seattle, Mark has seemed to put up this wall to everyone. He said he came for Addison and Derek, but he still held himself apart from both of them. He did it with everyone, making his way through the hospital staff, keeping every one at a distance.When Lexie started at Seattle Grace, she was alone. She wanted to create a relationship with her sister, but she never could seem to break through Meredith's barriers. And despite making a friend in George, their friendship was one-sided and Lexie remained on her own.
This changed for both of them when they found each other. They both seem to see the good in the other, and when they are with each other, it feels like two lost souls finally coming together at last.This is why they have potential and what they do for each other. Together, they are no longer alone.Together, they fit.


First it was their interaction, the bantering back and forth that hooked me in. It was the twinkle of mischief in Mark's eye, and how easily he slipped into teasing Lexie without even knowing her. Then it was how it was about sex, and yet it was more than just the sex. It was the talking and laughing afterward, and it made him come back for more. It was the way Lexie slowly pushed her way into his life, how he eventually let her in and how he felt so strongly for someone that it is not about the sex anymore, to him it is true. Lastly, it is their 3% survival rate. Because 3% is better than nothing and she's willing to take her chances on those odds. It is his belief in her, and her in him, it's their belief in each other is the reason why I love them and believe in them too.- Rinslet

Little Big Love is my powercouple, they are perfect for each other. She put him back together, he took care of her when no one did. And she loves him, so yeah we will wait untill we see it- Saar

1. Marriage
2. Grey-Sloan baby
3. A Small Wedding
4. Slow Dancing
5. After Glow Scene
6. Trip to New York
7. Buy a House
8. Holding hands
9. Zola, Sofia mark and lexie Scenes
10. Rain Dance
11. Straddling Scene
12. Mark carrying Lexie
13. PPD Storyline

The Music.

Back Cover Download Soundtrack



YouTube - Lexie&Mark -Little big love
YouTube - Mark/Lexie - I'm on fire
YouTube - Mark & Lexie - Everything
YouTube - Lexie/Mark - poker face
YouTube - Mark/Lexie [Wonderful]
YouTube- Mark & Lexie - Little Big Love Vol2


Rediscovering Lexie Grey
Love is not a Victory March
More Then They Bargained For
Picking Up The Pieces
Nothing Else Matters
Falling Slowly
Tactile Learning
Be With Me
Moved By You
How I Got Where I Am
Everything Is Better When It's You
Drive Away My Heart Tonight
Under The Mistletoe
Family Ties
Tangled Up In You
Past And Present Danger
Something More

Because Their wedding is going to be Epic
Four years is long enough Reunite them already
Mark’s apart of me, He’ll always be
In the face of true love, you never give up even if the object of your affection is begging you to.
You’re the love of my life, my first, my last my always
We turned into something more, something wonderful and unexpected
First love, true love, lost love, second chances, eternal love
Sometimes one moment can change your whole life
Because he sacrificed his on happiness for her.
Forever is only the beginning
Lexie isn’t the love of Mark’s life, She the love of his existence
Mark waited his how life for her, he couldn’t give up now
And the kindest of kisses break, the hardest of hearts
Because mark smiles the most when he’s around Lexie
Every breath every hour has come to this
Your love is my turning page
I see your true colors and that’s why I love you
There nothing special bout this place , without him.
No that he’s gone, it’s like a whole through my chest
I can’t breathe without you
Closed my eyes, found comfort in your smile
I gave my heart away a long time ago and never got it back
“I don’t want to feel this, but I’m so tired of missing you” - SF
No one ever said it would be this hard, take me back to the start
Forever and a thousand more
We belong together, don’t ever doubt that
It’s been a long time coming
I want you but I can’t have you, and that’s what hurts the most.
Mostly I dream about being with you forever
I promise to love you forever, every single day of forever
If you walk away again all it would do is rain, rain rain
With every fiber of my being I ached to be with him
Would you hold it against me, if I told you I Want us back
Once upon a time We had a fairytale love
Sorry We can’t hear you over our OTP getting back together
You make all my dreams come true
Because he Was Willing to take a bullet for her
They are lighting in a bottle
Mark and Lexie Were always suppose to end up together it’s Written in the stars
The day I met you Was the day I started to live again
Three Words, say it and I’m yours
They say the World Was built for tWo, it’s only Worth living With you
I destroyed the only thing I ever loved, you
I’ll never be able to live in a World Without you
Someone does love you, so stop running from true love
I don’t need anything else, I have you it’s all I need
Your all I have ever dreamed of having, I just need you to fight for us
It Wouldn’t be my world without you in it.
If tWo people are meant to be together, they’ll alWays fine a Way
Your all I need, I’ll give my soul to keep
I’d be lost, so lost without you
We’re perfect together
My heart will always choose you
You must give up the life you planned in order to have the life you never knew existed
Lets set the world on fire, we can burn brighter than the sun
You have to promise you won’t hurt me, again, you couldn’t possibly know how much I love you
Unless you can see in my heart,
We'll Stop Shipping them when they stop being Perfect for each other
scars remind us where we've been
I'd be lost, so lost without you
it’s time these two hit the on-call room, stat!” — wtaq
Eric Dane and Chyler Leigh have incredible chemistry - EX

10 | 50 | 100 | 150 | 200

• OP Gif Credit to Vicky and Myriam
"I love you still for all my life and I always will"
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TFTNT! Fitting title.
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no pb the OP is amazing
"I love you still for all my life and I always will"
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Yeah, it is. If only it contained S8 too...
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maybe someone will make a new OP someday
"I love you still for all my life and I always will"
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Maybe. But I'm perfectly fine with the OP that is currently on.
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or add to it so it shows their journey til the end
"I love you still for all my life and I always will"
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Could you do that?
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I do make OPs but I'm busy right now and I wouldn't know what to do too since I like them but not a big shipper like crazy so I wouldn't know what to choose and how to make something like that. Plus, I don't have the caps and things to do with it
I usually do a whole OP not part of it I'm not good like that.
"I love you still for all my life and I always will"
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Ah it's okay. Maybe one day there will show up this one person that's gonna make the missing parts.
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do we know who made the original OP?
"I love you still for all my life and I always will"
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Originally Posted by TogetherღUnashamed (View Post)
no pb the OP is amazing
Thank you, I remember making it thinking we would have moments to come which is why I had a season 9 moments code ready ....

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it's beautiful, there is a lot of graphics and I know how hard it is to choose moments to put in.
"I love you still for all my life and I always will"
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The hard part was cutting out the background of images to get the color right. what a nightmare.
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