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xlennie 06-01-2015 05:17 AM

Dr. Will Halstead | Nick Gehlfuss #1: Because he is the only one crazy enough to mess with Platt!
Welcome to the first thread for
W i l l H a l s t e a d

( N i c k G e h l f u s s )

01. xlennie
02. Chastidy
03. Roswell Dream Girl
04. Walt Reynolds
05. Davis-Scott
06. Lexipedia
07. nicky83
08. scorpio_chick
09. KeepThisaSecret
10. Donna L. Crawford
11. simy

Chastidy 06-01-2015 05:59 AM

Thanks for starting please add me :)

xlennie 06-01-2015 06:02 AM

Of course. ;) Any thread title ideas? I can't seem to think of one.

Roswell Dream Girl 06-01-2015 05:29 PM

I love their interaction, lol. Add me!

Simon Spier 06-01-2015 05:53 PM

Add meeeeeee!

xlennie 06-02-2015 06:59 AM

Yay, adding you both!

Roswell Dream Girl 06-02-2015 08:34 PM

Thanks Heleen!

xlennie 06-03-2015 11:39 AM

No problem. ;)

Davis-Scott 06-03-2015 11:59 AM

Please add me :-)

xlennie 06-03-2015 12:00 PM

Will do. :D

lafcia 06-03-2015 12:33 PM

So excited to be able to see more of Will and with Chicago Med happening I hope for him appearing on CPD and Jay on CM. :D

One thing though....I can't seem to see him as Jay's YOUNGER brother. He looks older imo.

SoFeelingTheLove 06-03-2015 01:11 PM

I love Will so far so can't wait to see more of him and his dynamic with Jay!

Isn't he the older brother? There was some confusion but I think Derek said he was supposed to be older. Jay looks like the baby brother indeed

xlennie 06-03-2015 02:26 PM

Yeah Jesse said he was younger but Derek cleared that up later saying Will was supposed to be older... I think. :p

Lexipedia 09-01-2015 05:50 PM

add me please

nicky83 10-13-2015 05:03 AM

I forgot about this man! Can I be added too, please? :flowers:

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