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LoyalFreakLisa 06-15-2020 04:45 PM

Brian "Otis" Zvonecek | Yuri Sardarov #06: "No amount of paint is going to ruin our two-week high. Cubs, baby!"

Roswell Dream Girl
Walt Reynolds

"My breakfast is a federal case, but that we're just going to ignore"
"You ladies looking for some hot spots, cause I'm your resource"
"Brother, I will be with you always."
"Have you been dating a stock broker when I wasn't looking?"
"I'm glad you get it. Not everybody does."
"That's their problem! They need you managing their portfolio, Herrmann."
"Guess I didn't think it would go so slow."
"Hey, you know what, his name means half man, half couch."
"Yeah, I'm sure Denny's has a Grand Slamigan."
"What just happened?"
"You bid $50 more than the next highest bidder."
"So, I've stopped asking Brett who this mystery guy is."
"I gotta lock up the robot. I can't risk the other shifts mishandling it."
"I'm not sure. Probably contemplating the futility of his own existence."

BlondieLeigh 06-15-2020 07:18 PM

tftnt :)

LoyalFreakLisa 06-15-2020 11:42 PM

YW Leigh! :D I found some more titles and put them in OP! :D

BlondieLeigh 06-16-2020 06:26 PM

:yay: for that.

LoyalFreakLisa 06-16-2020 11:34 PM

:D :yay:

BlondieLeigh 06-17-2020 07:57 PM

We need alllll the titles.

LoyalFreakLisa 06-18-2020 03:50 PM

Yes, we do! :D

BlondieLeigh 06-18-2020 07:32 PM

Always will.

LoyalFreakLisa 06-18-2020 11:40 PM

Yes, we will!

BlondieLeigh 06-19-2020 07:42 PM

Wish we were still getting more.

LoyalFreakLisa 06-19-2020 10:25 PM

so do I!

BlondieLeigh 06-20-2020 06:28 PM

We should be.

LoyalFreakLisa 06-20-2020 11:20 PM

Yes, we should!

BlondieLeigh 06-21-2020 07:47 PM

But we're not :(

LoyalFreakLisa 06-22-2020 04:36 PM

No, we're not :(

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