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BlondieLeigh 04-04-2020 09:40 PM

Anchors {Halstead & Upton} #5: "He's an anchor in all aspects of her job and her life. I think she sees him as that."
01. BlondieLeigh
02. Jesse's Love 84
03. dh23

Future Titles;
"You gotta trust me."
"It’s over, Hailey. You got him."
"No offence, but this is the first time in the back of your van."
"If there's anything you need, please let me know."
"Hailey, I appreciate you looking out for me. I do, really."
"This... is too dangerous." "It's part of the job!"
"Just tell me everything. I wanna help, okay? I promise."
"You are incredibly aloof about your personal life." "I'm not aloof, I just don't have one."
"I thought he was dead!"
"We're good, and we're always gonna be good."
"You were right to trust your instincts."
"You looked at me. You looked at me, and I got it."
"I trusted you. I've trusted you from the day I met you."
"If I was gonna follow someone blind, I'd follow you."
"I'm going where you go."
"It's hard to find a good partner."
"I know you want to be alone, but this is just part of the thing, so."
"One of us doesn't want the other one around. The other one stays anyway."
"We talk. We feel better, and we're able to go to work the next day."
"I wanna make sure you're okay."
"Are you sure you're okay?" "Yeah, I'm okay."
"Let me know if you need anything."
"You know she's with me, right?"
"I know you don't wanna talk about it." "That's a terrible way to start a sentence."
"You did it right." "Maybe." "No, definitely."
"She's my partner, so if you know something that's putting her in danger, I need to know, now."
"Hailey, I'd follow you anywhere."

"The two characters care about each other so much, work well with each other."
"I think if you ask both of them, they’d go, 'Yeah, I love the other one.'"
"She and Halstead are in love."
"We still wrote Halstead and Upton like they were in love."
"It's been lingering and burning now for awhile."
"They do have really strong feelings for each other."
"I think the partnership, they only get closer and closer as the time goes on."
"We've gotten to see them grow so much and not only are they partners but they're best friends."
"I think she sees him as an anchor for most everything."
"I think he's her partner, he's her best friend, he's her everyday."

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LoyalFreakLisa 04-04-2020 10:23 PM

TFTNT! :hug:

BlondieLeigh 04-05-2020 09:27 PM

No problem :)

LoyalFreakLisa 04-05-2020 10:42 PM

:love: that gif set!

Jesse's Kitten 84 04-06-2020 04:17 PM

TFTNT. :) :hug:

Love the gifset.


BlondieLeigh 04-06-2020 07:32 PM

LoyalFreakLisa 04-06-2020 10:06 PM

:love: that gif set!

BlondieLeigh 04-07-2020 07:49 PM

Her smile :love:

LoyalFreakLisa 04-07-2020 09:40 PM

IKR?! :love: :love: that video! :lol:

Jesse's Kitten 84 04-08-2020 02:38 PM

:lol: Love the video.

Wonderful gifset. :love:


BlondieLeigh 04-08-2020 08:32 PM

LoyalFreakLisa 04-08-2020 09:53 PM

:love: that gif set!

BlondieLeigh 04-09-2020 07:44 PM

LoyalFreakLisa 04-09-2020 10:14 PM

:love: that parallel scenes gif set! Even Trudy knows that Jay is in love with Hailey!

Jesse's Kitten 84 04-10-2020 04:59 PM

Trudy knows everything. I wish that they would finally tell one another how they feel.


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