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ICoNicღ 11-15-2018 09:17 AM

Namaste [Conrad & Devon] Thread #3 - "That's too bad, Conrad. Oops, I mean Devon. " - Irving
Welcome to the 3rd
CONRAD | Devon
Friendship Thread

This thread is about the Harvard graduate Dr. Devon Perish and
his 3rd year Resident Dr. Conrad Hawkins.

Favorite Moment


#1 - "I need a new resident. Mine's a psychopath." "I see you got Conrad. Watch and Learn!"
#2 - "Cut me. Right now, right here. End my career. I am not your slave, your shadow or your echo"

a thousand kisses 11-15-2018 02:39 PM

Thank you :hug: Title rocks :D

ICoNicღ 11-16-2018 11:58 PM

Figured we should go with that one.

a thousand kisses 11-17-2018 09:01 AM

It was a good one to go with. :)

ICoNicღ 11-17-2018 09:45 AM

Didn't find the gif set from that scene though. :(

a thousand kisses 11-17-2018 10:25 AM

Was there a gif set somewhere of it?

ICoNicღ 11-18-2018 04:58 AM

from the Conrad 2.0 scene.

a thousand kisses 11-18-2018 08:15 AM

I don't remember seeing that. My memory isn't what it used to be though :lol:

ICoNicღ 11-18-2018 02:15 PM

I am pretty sure there was one, but maybe I am imagining things. :lol:

a thousand kisses 11-19-2018 08:06 AM

Maybe it will pop up eventually then :lol:

ICoNicღ 11-19-2018 01:17 PM

Maybe. :lol:

a thousand kisses 11-19-2018 03:52 PM

This sounds horrible, but it is nice for Matt's character to not be involved in a cheating storyline for a change :lol:

ICoNicღ 11-19-2018 06:03 PM

a thousand kisses 11-19-2018 06:23 PM

HIgh praise. It is a great episode so far :)

ICoNicღ 11-19-2018 06:25 PM

Makes me wonder what is still to come.

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