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{Professor Agos} Cary Appreciation #51- Can't think of a title, but we were always team Cary!

Welcome to the 51th Cary Agos
Appreciation Thread

The Story

Cary is introduced as a young and ambitious lawyer at Lockhart/Gardner. He is described as an overachiever and studied at Harvard University. Like Alicia Florrick, Cary is a new associate at the law firm in 2009.
At first, he comes across like a passive aggressive foil for the show's main character.
While he still competes with her for a second-year associate position, Cary actually has a lot to offer, he's adept at research and is eager to learn. He and Alicia have teamed up on multiple occasions.
In "Hi", Cary is under the influence of hallucinegenic mushrooms with "an old friend from the Peace Corps" believing he has the day off, but is not ratted out by Alicia, thus gaining new respect for her, and states, "It's in my nature to be competitive, but I don't want you to lose."

At the end of the first season, Cary has joined the State's Attorney's office under Glenn Childs.
He is asked to obtain information on previous co-worker Kalinda Sharma, but instead opts to tell her that she is being investigated.
Cary is the one who first finds out of Peter and Kalinda's one night stand, but does not tell anyone about it.
He is re-hired by the new State's Attorney Peter Florrick. Later he is promoted to Deputy State Attorney but quickly learns that there is a downside to his job,
especially when he has to go against his former bosses and co-workers, or Peter Florricks and Wendy Scott Car's personal vendettas.
After struggling with his co-workers and several new problems he admits being in an in-office relationship with a fellow ASA, which results in him demoted.
Being stuck in a small cubicle, fighting for his believes and failing miserably,
his unhappiness is notices my former nemesis and co-worker Alicia which results in her suggesting him to her bosses when his old firm is looking into hiring someone.
In the middle of being in talks with Lockhart-Gardner to get re-hired he gets fired by Peter after he found out that Cary was looking for another job.
But for once the luck is on his side because a few days later he indeed is Welcomed back to the Dark Side, as Alicia refers to his return to the firm.

Soonish through, he starts to realize that his timing was once again off as the firm gets into huge financial troubles. After losing a complete floor, he doesn't even get an office but later, thanks to Clarke Hayden gets to share an office with Alicia. When everything, financial troubles aside, seems to go back to normal he runs into his father, with whom had no contact in a very long time.
But just when he finally lets his guard down he has to come to realization that his Dad was once again just using him, Life for Cary Agos, apparently never was as easy as it might look.
A few months later the firm is offering all the 4years partnerships to save the firm, but with disagreements and doubts, Alicia and Cary team up against their bosses in a mock trial and their real feelings about everything that has happened at the firm comes out and Cary even suggest at a secret meeting if it wouldn't be for the best if they both left and do their own thing: Florrick, Agos & Associates.

A few days later though, Alicia admits to Cary that they did offer her the partnership after all and that she took. Once again Alicia got everything while he only got a front row seat to her success.
Followed by the events of Alicia being named partner, Cary stills plays with the idea with starting his own firm but gets caught by Kalinda, to his surprise though she won't tell everyone about it and for the first time, he realizes,
Kalinda is really on his side and he is ready to take everything that the future throws at be continued

Supporters list
1. Eternal Flame
2. catkirk7
3. even angels fall
4. AllieCat60
5. ACE732
6. Full Throttle
7. sLomo
8. ln1
9. snatches of sunshine
10. AlwaysHoldingOn
11. I Love Blondes
12. A-Luv
13. Starli
15. DizzyLizzy
16. Megan
17.Ace Of Hearts

Cary Facts
* Cary's Dad is a Lawyer
* Graduated on Harvard
* Cary had a girlfriend in college that wanted to marry him but he didn't want to marry her
* He was in the Peace Corps
* He worked on the Innocent Project
* His Father is friends with Barry Schleck
* Because he plays Poker on Tuesday Night
* He met his PI friend Andrew when they worked together on the Innocent Project

Our Season 4 Wishlist:
Seeing more of him in Court 4x14
Him back in court with Diane
Cary getting his own storyline 4x16
Cary with stubble
More information about Cary's past
Cary maybe getting another love interest
Cary gaining respect from his co workers
Cary interacting with more people than Kalinda, Will, Diane and Alicia at the firm Numerous episodes, interaction with Clarke, David, Howard, Robyn
Metting Cary's family 4x07
Seeing Cary's life outside the firm


TVFanatic: With apologies to Damon Salvatore,
he may now be my favorite character on TV.
Played brilliantly by Matt Czuchry - with just the right combination of swagger,
self-confident and the occasional vulnerability -
he's epitomizes what The Good Wife does so well:
portray layered characters who excel at their jobs
and reside permanently in the grey.

AvClub : But I've very appreciative of Matt Czuchry's performance
and he acquitted himself well in the spotlight tonight. I’m sure all will become clear in upcoming episodes, but as to this week,
if I had to choose a stand-out performance,
I would nominate Matt Czuchry as Cary…
As Cary is currently the only ADA who’s assigned to Lockhart Gardner cases,
that meant that this week, Matt took centre stage –
and did brilliantly – in every regard. I hope he’ll carry on being very much
in the spotlight, because it’s where he deserves to be. Cary Agos — “The Good Wife”: Originally cast as a smarmy, yuppy antagonist to the titular Good Wife, Alicia Florrick, Agos has since grown into a fully formed and fully lovely character. I hate Matt Czuchry on “Gilmore Girls” so was prepared to hate him forever here. Damnit. He’s too great. Sporting excellent sexual tension with Archie Panjabi and a lovely (though sometimes tenuous) camaraderie with Alicia, he’s become one of my favorite in a show of packed to the rafters with monstrously talented actors. I have to add that Matt Czuchry is superb in this role
because he never overplays anything;
his performance is subtle, powerful and memorable.
And here I thought I could only see him as Logan Huntzberger.

Matt Czuchry about Cary

"He’s very ambitious. He’s willing to do what it takes to get to the top." November, 2009

"I will say that there are certain storylines where Cary falters under the pressure and where [he] rises above the pressure.
A first associate is going to make mistakes, but you can also see his potential." January 2010

"I wouldn’t necessarily say that Cary’s gonna turn bad,
although that is part of the fun of that character —
it’s not a complete surprise that he would turn so quickly. But even Darth Vader’s got a little bit of good in him.
He throws the Emperor over in the end. So I would say that even if Cary goes bad,
he can still be like Darth Vader and still have a little good in him.
He is gonna be a little bit different making that change,
at least for the beginning of that storyline, because he is still feeling that loss and that burn.
That drives his ambition, which comes back in a big way here" May, 2010

"He’s a guy who knows success. He went to the best schools. He had the best job. He was fired from that job and immediately got another one.
He’s always been able to navigate his way through life and
he’s confident he knows the law.
He also sees the benefit of representing innocent people.
As he says, “I like the moral clarity.” " February, 2011

"With Cary, what we've learned is his sense of maturity. Losing the competition humbled him ... So I think all those things are going to be important,
whether he goes back to the firm or not, he has to take all that he's learned with him
and that will keep it new and interesting and fresh." February 2011

"I love trying to capture all of Cary’s different shades of vulnerability, cockiness, and ambition. You’re never quite sure what his motives are.” April, 2012

"I believe [the change came] when Cary’s father came in and tried to use him for some help with Diane,
and Cary stood up to his father and said, “No, I’m not going to help you.” That was really a turning point for Cary
in terms of realizing that he has to make his own way [regarding] what he wants for his own life…
So there’s a new confidence in Cary and that is something
that is going to continue to grow throughout the rest of the season." February 2013

title suggestions:
-From smarmy, climb-over-dead-bodies-to-get-ahead Cary to one of the show's most likable characters!

Previous threads:
#1 - Look out for Matt back on TV this fall!
#2 - Who needs Cary Grant if you can get Cary Agos?
#3 - 'Cause starting Sept. 22nd, Matt Czuchry is showing off his talent again!
#4 - We're dying to know more about Cary's life!
#5 - Because he is our Knight in shining Brioni!
#6 - 'Cause Harvard is so much better than Yale!
#7 - 'Cause he will do everything to get the job!
#8 - *Sing* Cary is high on mushrooms, Cary is high on mushrooms, lalala!
#9 - HO HO HO!
#10 - No one could have handled Cary better than Matt!!
#11 - 'Cause hell hath no fury like Cary Agos!!
#12 - 'Cause we can't wait seeing him going all Darth Vader on Alicia and the firm
#13 - Cause why should we be worried if our guy tells us not be...
#14 - Because Team Peter or Team Will? Who Cares?? 100% Team Cary!
#15 - Because the SA Office seems to agree with him. He looks taller.
#16 - Because the SA Office seems to agree with him. He looks taller.
#17 - "Because he is a someone you can't help but love, root for and fear" - Archie
#18-With apologies to Damon Salvatore he may now be my fav. character on TV. Played brilliantly by Matt Czuchry
#19 -We'll Be Happy to Relieve His Stress Any Way We Can
#20-Whether Cary ends up back at LG or not we still support him!
#21-When it comes down to it Cary will take care of Cary!!
#22-Because we hope he will finally stop pretending he's happy at the SA office!
#23-Because he is a chameleon, smarmy one moment, sympathetic in the next
#24- Hopefully soon appreciated by Peter!
#25 Because in season 3 we hope he has more screentime then 3 minutes per episode!
#28 Its about politics, secrets, ambition- Matt Czuchry
#29 - Because he finally got what he deserved, a promotion and a bigger office
#30 Because we would really like for Cary to stop being so passive aggressive
# 31 No one listened to him, and it ended in disaster
#32 Welcome to the darkside after all!
#33 Im happy to be back, absolutely its the right time
#35 Here’s to a new year and a new beginning for Cary Agos!
#36 - Because it is impossible to resist Cary's head tilt!
#37 "Matt has always been off by his own or he's just been on the out.Hes going to be kicking ass this year"
#39 - "I think they're definitely trying and Cary's heart is in the right place" Julianna
#40 - Because he is the cute-as-a-button Managing Partner of Florrick Agos & Associates
#41 - "I wanna let out my aggression and anger by destroying your client. Now sit down. I SAID SIT THE HELL DOWN!"

#42 - "As the camera zooms in on Cary it’s not just a nice directorial flourish but a manifestation of how he feels at that moment - alone"
#43 - "When the going gets tough, Cary ends up alone.”
#46 - All hell broke loose last season, what the hell will happen next?
#47 - "My whole life I wanted to be one thing, a lawyer. Now I can't figure anything out"
#49 - The show may be wrapping up, but our love for Cary will never die

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"Czuchry radiates as the innovative, Daring Rebel.
Matt Czuchry is the epitome of perfection
intertwined with complication in his role as Dr. Conrad Hawkins"
{9/27 08 & 5/11 15}
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I miss this show so much
even if we try to fight it, you know that the sparks will fly
'cause in the end we're just two people
d e s t i n e d to collide || LP ♥
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i miss certain aspects of the show.
"Czuchry radiates as the innovative, Daring Rebel.
Matt Czuchry is the epitome of perfection
intertwined with complication in his role as Dr. Conrad Hawkins"
{9/27 08 & 5/11 15}
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cary agos, matt czuchry, the good wife

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