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Jerry D 10-25-2013 05:31 PM

Message Board Closure Notice
Hi everyone. This announcement is to inform you that this message board will be closed and moved into the Closed Forums category on November 3, due to the fact that we were unable to find anyone to permanently moderate this board. We encourage you to start a discussion topic about Alexis Bledel on the Celebrities Forum here at Fan Forum after this board has closed, so you can continue to discuss your favorite actress here. We regret the necessity of having to do this, but no one stepped up to apply to moderate this board and we can't have our Moderator Support Team Members moderating boards indefinitely. Thanks for understanding.

Jerry D

Maité 10-25-2013 07:43 PM

Sad news :(

your creation 10-26-2013 02:40 AM

I'm sorry to see this :(

I've reopened the Alexis Bledel thread at Celebrities for you.

daretomove 10-26-2013 02:10 PM

very sad to hear this, but I'm not surprised :no:

Make Them Laugh 10-26-2013 02:54 PM

sad to see this :(

flightless♥bird 10-26-2013 05:50 PM

So sad :( It's gonna be missed.

Summer Falls 10-27-2013 06:18 AM

sorry to hear this but we did try :nod: hopefully her new show gets picked up and you can discuss her role on that show soon

quin0611 10-27-2013 07:57 AM

Sad news sorry to hear this. :(

Chris 10-27-2013 08:08 AM

This is sad news.:(

spacekru 10-27-2013 09:02 AM

This is indeed sad news. :( :group_hug:

Vanessa Lapierre 10-27-2013 03:41 PM

I would have applied to be a moderator if I had seen this before. But maybe I wouldn't have had enough posts or something like that?

Aurora Cormier 10-27-2013 03:57 PM

Nooooo, I'm so sorry to read this :( :( :( :( :( :(

blaↄkpink 10-28-2013 12:17 PM

I don't really know what to say :( I didn't think this would happen when I stepped down. It's definitely sad.

Hot Rod 10-28-2013 03:24 PM

I`m very sorry to see this board is going to be closing after so many years. :(

flightless♥bird 10-28-2013 04:15 PM

It's so sad to see, one last week :( I wish more people had been here to keep it going.

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