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smoothaise 02-05-2012 01:17 PM

Say Goodbye to the Desperate Housewives Board (Closing Sunday Feb. 12th)
This was not an easy decision. But it's the one that makes the most sense. Simply put, the board has been suffering from a lack of posting and community. On top of that, I started to feel the Moderator position turn into an obligation. I made the call to remain a Mod until May when the series ends. However, due to missing the Monthly post count and being put on the "48 hour w/o a post" list, I think it's fair to say that we could end up losing the board before May. So I wanted the board to go out on top, on it's own accord. I just want to truly thank all of the posters who've come and participated, and joined our tight-knit community. I want to thank my lovely co-mods throughout the years: Katie, Shar, Suz, and Melis. Just, from the bottom of my heart, Thank you! And also to the Moderator Managers/Staff for always lending a helping hand via. MST or just friendly advice or assistance. I love this show and my love for the show has in no way faltered, I am still a DH-Wisteria Lunatic :goof: As of Sunday, Feb 12th, the board will be closed and we'll open up a thread on the TV board. Truly, thank you. Love you all. :hug: :love:

MrღMrsStinsbatskys 02-05-2012 01:55 PM

Aw, this makes me sad on a day that makes me happy and excited. :bawl: :( I'm going to truly miss this board it was tthe reason I came to :ff: but I can always go back to other online DH sites. But, I want to thank Ken for trying to keep the board from closing I know it's hard to mod alone and you did a great job for the last few months. So, thank you Ken! :hug: :)

Goodbye DH board! :wave: :(

Jerry D 02-05-2012 02:25 PM

Ken, you did a great job here, but I do feel that you made the right decision, and I think it's much better to go out on your own terms than to be closed down due to lack of posts. My thanks to you and to everyone that posted here over the years, and my thanks to all of the people that moderated this board.

ride the lightning 02-05-2012 03:50 PM

Aw Ken :hug: Sorry that you had to make this decision but I can see it's for the best. I know you've been a fabulous mod!

*Kaylee* 02-05-2012 08:09 PM

:bawl: I think you made the right decision :hug:

TheFairviewHerald 02-05-2012 08:40 PM

Ken you've done a wonderful job with the board and I know as one DH board owner to another I'm very proud to see everything you've accomplished with it. I gave up on the DFO board long ago and it was great to see you trying to keep this one going strong.

MrღMrsStinsbatskys 02-06-2012 07:26 AM

We should start posting on the DH thread in the tv board.

smoothaise 02-06-2012 07:37 AM


Originally Posted by Sparkleyღ
We should start posting on the DH thread in the tv board.

We have the board until Sunday so I'd hang here until then. I'll open a "General discussion thread"

*Brenda* 02-08-2012 07:41 AM

So sad :(

Queen of Babble 02-08-2012 11:29 PM

Aw that is sad :( Ken you did a great job.. I know how hard it is in lack of posts times to do the best you can to keep the boars alive.. I wasn't here much.. Only a brief time if I remember right. But it's always sad to see a board go :(

Melis 02-10-2012 06:19 PM

Thanks for everything, Ken.

funky_chick 02-10-2012 11:44 PM

So sad :( But I think everyone saw this coming a mile away.

Chris 02-11-2012 06:05 AM

I know this was a difficult decision, but as you say, it's really hard to keep things going when the interest just doesn't seem to be here.

Thanks for the leadership you've provided to this board over the years Ken. :hug:

smoothaise 02-11-2012 10:29 AM

Thank you guys for all the kind words and sentiments. I truly appreciate it. Tomorrow, I will start a thread in the Television board where we can go forward. And if you decide to open any threads on the Male/Female Celebrities boards, please link over to our TV board thread.

Madame Regal 02-11-2012 12:20 PM

I just read this :( I am sorry to see this board go but I can understand your decision Ken. Sorry that I havent been around much but somehow the last season of the show didnt get my full attention anymore :( I had an amazing time modding this board tho and it was always a friendly and warm place with great posters. I have been around when this board opened and I am glad that i caught this thread in time before the board got closed.

Ken I hope to see you as a moderator again for some other board because you are doing an amazing job

Logan 02-11-2012 12:57 PM

Sorry to see the board close before the finale of a great Tv series . But like all of us mods we can only put in so many hrs and so many posts . When it becomes a job and not fun , then you know it is time to walk and close .

Perhaps a few DH fans will keep up some posting on TV board until the finale .

Aurora Cormier 02-11-2012 01:38 PM

Always so sad to see a board closing, I'm so sorry :( :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug:

shattered jewels 02-11-2012 02:32 PM

Sorry to see the board go. :(

sweet creature 02-11-2012 03:30 PM

It definitely makes me sad to see this board close, since DH is such an amazing show. :( I never had the chance to post here much, but it seemd like a really great board. :love:

In My Blood 02-11-2012 05:00 PM

So sad to see the DH board closing. :( I'm sure that was a tough decision to make, but it was the right one. Good luck to all the DH fans in the future!

Drunk On You 02-11-2012 10:43 PM

Sad to see the board closing. I never got the chance to post on here, which is probably because I never watched past s2 for various reasons. But I'm re watching the show on Netflix and it's a wonderful show.

this new sun 02-12-2012 06:26 AM

Sorry to see the board go. :( I haven't been able to post much on here because I never got around to catch up on DH, but it's such a great show and this board was great and the posters always were welcoming and friendly.

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