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spacekru 11-01-2017 04:08 AM

Holiday Fan Art Competition 2017
Banner by Jessie (4N6 DNA)

FanForum Holiday Board Art Competition
Get into the holiday spirit! Work together, and show us what your board can do!
Create a holiday themed piece of artwork on the topic of the board to submit to the competition. :glow:

Anyone can participate! Whether it be creating a fan art or supporting your fellow board members. Visit any of the participating boards and post your submissions. If you are browsing FF and notice that someone's fanart is good and you like their style, I encourage you to send them a PM! Ask them if they know about the holiday competition :D Together, we can make this a really fun and a successful holiday competition!

Please read all of the rules before submitting an art.

  • Each participating board will have a thread dedicated to the competition and it will be the place to discuss and post your arts. It's also a great place for suggestions. Each thread is linked above here in this post.
  • The art must be holiday themed and have the board name clear anywhere on the artwork. You are free to use any technique (brushes, textures etc...). For help and tutorials, the Fan Art board is a great place to find it.
  • The artwork you submit must be exactly one of the following 3 sizes in pixels and in JPEG or PNG format; 400x300, 800x600, or 1024x768.
  • Art should include your username on the bottom left of all artwork in Verdana, font size 12 (72 pixels per inch).
  • You will have to include a separate 200x150px thumbnail in JPEG or PNG format along with your art to be used in the voting. Please do not add a border to the thumbnail.
  • Final submissions should be a separate post in the thread marked with the words "to submit it for the competition" in red. This way, we will know that it is the final version of the art you would like to submit. It will be linked on the beginning post of the thread, updated frequently. If you do not see your art on that post a few days after you post it, please PM running wild.
  • The deadline for art submission is December 21st, 2017 6pm EST. You must have your artwork posted by that time to be considered. No exceptions. Please make sure that your upload site is reliable.
  • You may submit no more than 1 art per board. You may most certainly make more than one for each board and post it on the thread for people to see, however you may only submit one for the competition per board. There is no limit to how many boards you can submit an art for.
  • Special notes:

    For TV, Celebrities and Music, you may only submit an art on a topic that does not include one in which there is a separate board participating. For example (hypothetical):

    - If you make a One Direction art you would submit it to the One Direction board and not the thread for Music on Fan Art if One Direction is participating in the competition.
    - If you make a Kate Voegele art, the proper place to submit it would be the Music thread on the Fan Art board because even though she has a board here at :ff:, it is not on the list of participating boards. (again hypothetical)

    With regards to Couples submissions, you may not submit an art with a movie or TV couple that is from one of the shows participating in the competition unless it features a variety of couples from different boards. For example (hypothetical):

    - If you make a Luke and Lorelai art, it must be submitted to the Gilmore Girls board if it is participating.
    - If you make a Rose and The Doctor art, it must be submitted to the Doctor Who board if it is participating.
    - If you make a Luke and Lorelai art that also includes Rose and The Doctor, you should submit that to the Couples board.
  • Please make sure to keep your artwork PG-13 and stick to the Forum rules.
The voting will be as follows:

1. Favorite for each participating board: This will take place within a few days after the submission deadline in the form of polls, topped in each participating board. If you want to vote for a particular board, please visit that board and vote. The winners will be announced the next day.

2. Favorite Overall per Category: This will be held on the Fan Art board starting after the first round winners are revealed and will be open for voting. Everyone is encouraged to vote. Winner of the overall competition will be announced very soon after.

3. Favorite Among the GT: The Graphics Team will vote on a set of categories. We will hand pick what we feel best fit the categories. In case you are wondering, here are the categories:

Best use of text
Most Festive
Best composition
Best use of textures/brushes
Most Creative
Best Use Of Color
Best Use of Black and White

The Graphics Team will also make the final winners and special category Graphics. :nod:

This competition is made possible by members of the Graphics Team, Administrators and the Info Center board Moderators. More importantly, the participants! We hope that you have a fun and safe holiday season!

If you have any questions, please ask here. And please keep looking back at this thread since it will be updated with new boards. :)

Participating Boards:

General Discussion
Off Topic
Reality TV

Female Celebrities
Alycia Debnam-Carey
Eliza Taylor
Emilia Clarke
Evangeline Lilly
Gal Gadot
Jennifer Morrison
Jessica Chastain
Katie Cassidy
Lana Parrilla
Lea Michele
Shiri Appleby
Sophia Bush
Stana Katic

Male Celebrities
Chace Crawford
Chris Evans
Chris Hemsworth
Colin O'Donoghue
Dylan O'Brien
Jared Padalecki
Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Jensen Ackles
Joseph Morgan
Josh Holloway
Kit Harington
Matthew Daddario
Misha Collins
Patrick Dempsey
Sebastian Stan
Stephen Amell
Tom Hiddleston
Tom Welling
Tyler Hoechlin
Wentworth Miller

Music Artists
Avril Lavigne
Delta Goodrem
Fifth Harmony
Kelly Clarkson
One Direction

Tv Shows: Present
Iron Fist
NCIS Franchise
New Girl
Once Upon A Time
Prison Break
Stranger Things
The Big Bang Theory
The Blacklist
The Flash
The Vampire Diaries
This is Us

Tv Shows: Past
Beauty and the Beast
Gilmore Girls
Queer As Folk
That '70s Show
The O.C.

Agent Carter
DC Extended Universe
Doctor Who
Game of Thrones
Harry Potter
Star Trek
Star Wars
The Avengers

Chris 11-01-2017 06:07 AM

Thanks for getting this started Mel.:)

One Thing Remains 11-01-2017 12:33 PM

:yay: thanks for getting this started Mel! I can't wait to see all the submissions :D

shinebrighterxx 11-02-2017 01:19 AM

Thanks for getting this started Mel :hug:

Chris 11-02-2017 06:36 AM

I'm going to top this for now.:)

spacekru 11-02-2017 08:42 AM

There's already quite a few boards listed so if you want to participate, nothing is stopping you. ;)

L i N d $ @ y 11-15-2017 07:38 PM

Thanks for getting this started. Looking forward to seeing all the lovely fanarts that everyone will submit. :)

lizzybug57 11-15-2017 10:16 PM

I'm so excited to see the entries!

beyond insane 11-24-2017 02:35 AM

Excited to see how many I make this year :clap: finally foundm my muse :thud: was stuck earlier but now think got something going - made 2 yesterday

Chris 12-23-2017 07:12 AM

I hope everybody has noticed the Announcement with links to the first round polls. :) Have fun checking out the lovely entries from our talented artists and deciding how to vote. Thanks to Catia, Chelle and Mel for getting all the polls up.

beyond insane 12-24-2017 11:01 AM

Just about done voting :thud: also sad at myself that I only made 9 this year :cry:

spacekru 12-28-2017 04:15 AM

Thanks to everyone who voted in Round 1! :glow:

Below is a list of Round 2 polls. These are the final polls for the competition; please take your time to vote for your favorite entry from each category. Also please go and say your congrats to the winners of round 1! :)

General Discussion
Female Celebrities
Male Celebrities
Music Artists
TV Shows: Present
TV Shows: Past

Voting closes on January 2nd. :)

Chris 12-28-2017 07:25 AM

Congratulations to all of our round 1 winners.

Thanks for getting all the polls started Mel.

Miranda 12-28-2017 11:30 AM

Congrats to all the round 1 winners. :)

Going to vote for round 2 now. :)

cry pretty 12-28-2017 11:58 AM

Congrats to our round 1 winners. :woot:

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