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 02-04-2021 until 03-11-2021
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Graphics Team Member Opening Announcement

Hi everyone,

The Fan Forum Graphics Team is again looking for new members.

We are a group of users that are in charge of the design of each individual message board here.

How do we do this, you may be wondering? We open a board customization thread on three separate boards for two weeks, either boards that are getting a new banner because it's been a while or a new board that has yet to receive some colours. Then we get to work! With the feedback from the posters of those boards, we give each team members three weeks time to design two banners (so two boards). You will get feedback on those and we constantly give each other advice to make each other better and improve our skill level. After those three weeks have passed, we put all the designs into a poll and we vote on which banner we believe to be the best for the board. (If you have any questions about this process, feel free to let one of the GT Managers know).

What are we looking for? We're looking for motivated members of the Fan Forum community who want to help make this a beautiful place on the internet. We're looking for people that show potential and can handle (and know how to work with) feedback when given to them. Mostly, we're looking for people who would love to be a part of our team and get a chance to know you better. The graphics team is a close bunch of people, and we love nothing more than welcoming others into it.

It should also be mentioned that there are some perks to being a graphics team member, for example the opportunity to change your username and you can help influence which boards will be customized next.

If you would like to join and become a member of the team, please apply by sending me (via PM) two 230px X 100px audition graphics. Ideally, we would like to see one single celebrity graphic and one television show graphic (of your choice). We will make a decision as a team whether to let you join or ask for addition designs (for which you will at that point receive tips). You will get a reply from me as soon as I feel I've gotten enough opinions, we try to do this as fast as we can so if you haven't heard back from me within a week, please send me a follow-up PM.

In addition, please see Jen's, Mel's, Rae's, and Soph's tutorials (and general tips) for some advice on how to make them. It could also be useful to look at some graphics of the more recent boards that have been customized so that you can see what we're looking for.

If you're not quite certain about becoming a graphics team member just yet, check out our mentoring program. There you will be assigned a graphics team member who will give you advice on your banners, techniques and prepare you for applying. That way you kind of have a personal coach, and isn't everything so much easier when you do not have to do it alone? We are here to help you! We've all been through the application process and know how nerve-wrecking it can be. We do encourage everyone who has thought about applying to sign up for this as we do see how it helps people. A one-on-one mentorship like this is a great way to go deep in the details, and your chances are not getting in are significantly smaller, which is a big plus in my book.

If you have any questions, please let me know via PM or post in our mentoring or information threads.

Good luck to all,
Graphics Team Manager
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